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July 3, 2024

Key Strategies to Optimize Industrial Deliveries

Discover key strategies to optimize industrial deliveries, reduce costs, improve efficiency and wow your customers with advanced logistics.


If you work in industrial logistics, you’re always seeking ways to optimize your deliveries. Even if your industrial supply chain is relatively efficient, there’s always room for improvement. But where do you start? To optimize industrial deliveries, you need to implement effective strategies, iterate on what’s working and use the right tools and software to help you improve.

That’s where advanced delivery logistics platforms like Curri come in. Once you have a platform like Curri in your tech stack, you’ll be able to implement top best practices for industrial supply chain optimization so you can save time, resources and money. All while making clients and customers happier. So, let’s dive into some of the key strategies for optimizing industrial deliveries and find out how Curri can help.

Understanding Industrial Supply Chain Requirements

Before you can implement best practices for your routes and dispatches, it’s essential to understand the requirements of the industrial supply chain. From raw material procurement to the final delivery of finished products, every stage matters, and every stage can be optimized. Optimizing the entire supply chain can help products flow seamlessly and ensure a better process for everyone, including both employees and customers.

Understanding the requirements of your company’s supply chain involves identifying key processes, finding weaknesses, capitalizing on strengths and mapping out your supply chain to see where these areas of improvement are. In short, taking a holistic and comprehensive approach to improving the industrial supply chain is the best way to allocate resources effectively and ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Once you have your supply chain mapped out, you can start implementing best practices to improve and optimize it. Let’s take a look at some of these best practices next.

Best Practices for Route and Dispatch Management

Route and dispatch management is a key aspect of the industrial supply chain. Optimizing route and dispatch management can significantly save time and resources by reducing transit times, reducing fuel consumption and improving the delivery process overall.

But, optimizing your routes and dispatches is easier said than done. It helps to have powerful software tools to analyze the factors that affect your routes and dispatch and gives you actionable solutions to improve them.

Driver Training and Safety Programs

One of the best ways to improve and optimize deliveries is by investing in driver training and safety programs. This ensures that drivers have processes for ensuring reliable deliveries while also keeping themselves safe. Well-trained drivers know how to tackle complex routes, manage heavy loads and be prepared if something goes wrong.

Some of the skills drivers can learn from training and safety programs include defensive driving, how to properly secure loads, checking vehicles for issues and much more. In addition to ensuring your drivers stay safe and that deliveries make it on time, well-trained drivers also mean fewer accidents and a better reputation for the company. Reduced accidents and consistent deliveries also mean happier customers and lower insurance rates.

Efficient Scheduling and Load Management

Efficient scheduling and load management can also significantly improve your industrial supply chain. If routes aren’t scheduled efficiently, deliveries can fall behind and drivers can quickly become overworked. Efficient delivery schedules prevent these bottlenecks and ensure that products and materials reach their destination on time.

Load management involves properly balancing loads to avoid overloading vehicles. Overloaded vehicles can lead to high fuel consumption and increased wear and tear on the vehicle. More importantly, overloaded vehicles can cause safety issues, which should be avoided at all costs. With the right software tools, you can optimize scheduling and manage loads effectively to reduce transit times and ensure vehicles are being used to their optimum capacity without overloading them.

Platforms like Curri can also offer flexible fleet options, like final-mile and hotshot deliveries. By implementing this into your scheduling, you can take these tricky deliveries off your fleet and optimize their schedules while still meeting customer expectations.

Driver Route Optimization

When drivers start their route, there are often numerous different paths they can take. Simply following a GPS or map app often isn’t the most efficient way to get to the destination. That’s where route optimization software can make a huge difference. Route optimization software, like Curri, can intuitively determine the best route that minimizes travel time, delays and fuel consumption.

You can also get in-depth metrics about your fleet, allowing you to get insights to further improve routes. Real-time notifications can also keep your customers in the loop, so they know exactly when to expect their delivery. Overall, route optimization not only improves delivery speed, it also enhances customer satisfaction and gives drivers the ability to make more deliveries. You can shave hours off delivery times by using data-driven software to make deliveries in the most efficient way possible.

Leveraging AI for Vehicle Routing

Artificial intelligence is now being used in nearly every modern industry, and it’s only becoming more accessible. AI can be used in the industrial supply chain in various ways, like vehicle routing. Leveraging AI for vehicle routing can help generate the most efficient routes based on data like traffic patterns, road conditions, historical delivery times and much more. AI is incredibly useful for analyzing and finding patterns in large amounts of data, making it the perfect addition to any supply chain software stack.

Leveraging AI in vehicle routings allows businesses to respond quickly to changes in delivery conditions, optimize routes, reduce fuel usage and much more. AI can also offer predictive analytics to help you stay on top of fleet maintenance and increase delivery reliability.

Platforms like Curri can also offer AI suggestions to utilize our hotshot services. AI can identify when a hotshot is a better and more efficient option than sending someone from your fleet who doesn’t have time for a final-mile delivery.

Sustainable Fleet Operations

Sustainable fleet operation should be prioritized by all modern industrial businesses. Along with helping reduce impact on the environment, sustainable fleet operation also increases operational efficiency while reducing costs. Using more fuel-efficient vehicles can save companies thousands of dollars in fuel, and optimized routes can reduce emissions while also reducing delivery times.

Alternative fuel options, like electric or hybrid vehicles, can further reduce emissions and delivery costs. Curri’s flexible fleet can also save you emissions and miles, deploying final-mile and hotshot drivers when needed.

Reduce Costs with Optimized Transport

You may have noticed a trend from all of these best practices – they save your business money, especially in the long run. Optimized transport is a significant cost-saving effort that quickly adds up. Fewer vehicle breakdowns, route optimizations, reduced fuel consumption, minimal wear and tear on vehicles and all of these other factors can save a company a lot of money. 

If you want to identify inefficiencies in your industrial delivery supply chain, improve your overall delivery operations and lower your operational costs, then it’s time to use a delivery logistics platform like Curri.

Learn More About Curri

Curri is an advanced, AI-powered delivery logistics solution that can help enterprises and local businesses alike. Curri offers full-featured logistics software paired with a nationwide network of carriers who can fill in the gaps in your delivery operation instantly. With an elastic fleet at your fingertips and logistics that give you in-depth metrics and insights into your operations, you’ll have everything you need to optimize your deliveries and dispatches. Ready to learn more? Book a demo with Curri today.


July 1, 2024

Sustainable Operations for Industrial Transportation and Logistics

Deploy eco-friendly industrial logistics to reduce costs and environmental impact while increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Sustainability has become a nonnegotiable in the modern industrial transportation and logistics industry. In addition to its positive impact on the environment, sustainability has real, long-lasting benefits for businesses too. With sustainable practices, businesses can reduce waste, save time, save resources and improve profitability overall.

Making industrial transportation and logistics more sustainable can be made much easier with the help of technology, such as delivery logistics platforms like Curri. Book a demo with Curri today to find out how it can help your business be more sustainable. In the meantime, read on to learn more about the benefits of eco-friendly industrial logistics and strategies you can implement.

Why Sustainability Equals ROI

When the topic of sustainability is broached, the first thought that may come to mind is additional costs. After all, won’t you need to implement new technologies and processes to achieve a more sustainable business? The answer isn’t so straightforward. While there are sometimes upfront costs associated with sustainable practices, the long-term benefits and cost savings make these expenses well worth it. Also, it’s not necessarily the case that sustainability always has to have big upfront costs. For instance, changing delivery routes to ensure the shortest route possible saves fuel costs and reduces wear and tear on vehicles. Implementing a platform like Curri helps you optimize routes quickly and efficiently.

Whether the investment is minimal or significant, the initial investment in green technologies has proven to be the best way to go. As the world moves toward sustainability, companies that are slow to evolve get left behind. They’ll be spending more on resources than companies that have made the change. In other words, sustainability ensures you stay competitive. Additionally, eco-friendly practices can lead to better relationships with customers and stakeholders who value sustainability, which helps to foster long-term business growth and relationships. It’s also worth noting that there are sometimes regulatory incentives for sustainable practices, such as tax breaks.

But more than that, sustainability equals ROI. These practices and technologies can optimize your industrial supply chain in a myriad of ways. From optimizing routes to saving fuel to predictive analytics for maintenance, implementing eco-friendly practices is becoming the norm, and for good reason.

Eco-Friendly Strategies in Logistics

We now know the value of eco-friendly practices and how many companies have a notable return on investment after implementing these practices. But where do you start if you want to implement eco-friendly strategies of your own in your industrial transportation and logistics business? 

Let’s go over some common strategies, including optimized routing, load consolidation, fuel efficiency, fleet right-sizing, delivery vehicle variety and eco-friendly driving practices.

Optimized Routing

Optimized routing is one of the best strategies for sustainable logistics. Using advanced route planning software like Curri ensures your drivers can minimize travel distance, reduce fuel consumption and lower emissions. By taking into account various road and route factors, such as traffic congestion and delivery constraints, our platform can show your drivers the best route possible to make the delivery.

This also helps to improve delivery times and customer satisfaction. Plus, Curri takes things a step further with a nationwide network of dedicated delivery drivers to fill in the gaps in your fleet. If you need a specialty vehicle or if demand spikes, Curri can step in for full deliveries, final-mile deliveries and whatever else you might need. On top of all this, you’ll have access to a unified dashboard that gives you data and metrics on your fleet, allowing you to see how sustainability has improved over time. See our route planner page to learn more about this feature.

Load Consolidation

Load consolidation is another effective strategy for improving sustainability. This strategy involves maximizing your vehicle utilization by combining multiple shipments into a single load. This helps reduce the number of trips needed for delivery and improves overall operational efficiency.

Load consolidation can also be improved through logistics software. Using technology, you can estimate the optimal capacity for your vehicles and determine the best routes for delivering multiple shipments. By optimizing load capacity, you can avoid overloading your vehicles while also ensuring they can deliver as many shipments as possible.

Fuel Efficiency

Investing in fuel-efficient vehicles helps to immediately reduce your environmental impact and can result in significant cost-savings in the long run. Fuel-efficient vehicles tend to be more reliable and, of course, they use much less gas than non-hybrid and non-electric vehicles. They also emit fewer emissions and pollutants. 

It’s also important to invest in regular maintenance for any current vehicles in your fleet, whether they’re fuel-efficient or not. Ensuring your vehicles are in top working order also helps to reduce emissions and prevents more costly repairs and breakdowns in the future. 

Curri can also help with fuel efficiency by filling in the gaps for final-mile and hotshot deliveries. Instead of adding another route to your drivers’ schedules, Curri can simply make that quick last-mile delivery with the perfect vehicle for the job. This allows your drivers to stay on their optimal routes and lets you get those last-minute deliveries in that make your customers happy.

Fleet Right-Sizing

Fleet right-sizing is a strategy that looks at your current fleet and determines if it meets your operational needs. If you have an oversized fleet, the cost of maintaining the excess vehicles can become unsustainable and costly. You may have too many vehicles, or you may have specialty vehicles that rarely get used. If this is the case, you can downsize to a more manageable fleet size that doesn’t cost more than it needs to.

Fleet managers may hold on to these oversized fleets in case of demand spikes or if those specialty vehicles are eventually needed for a job. However, that’s where a flexible fleet like Curri can step in. Rather than paying the insurance and maintenance cost on vehicles that are typically on standby, you can simply have a flexible fleet step in when need be.

Diverse Delivery Vehicle Variety

Building off the fleet right-sizing strategy, it can be helpful to have a diverse fleet with vehicle variety too. This means having enough vehicles to do the job, but also having vehicles like hybrid and electric vehicles or smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles for smaller deliveries. For instance, it’s not sustainable or cost-efficient if every small delivery is made using a huge truck. Having the right vehicles for the right tasks can significantly improve sustainability and save money in the long run.

Eco-Friendly Driving Practices

Optimizing your routes and your fleet are some of the best things you can do to improve sustainability, but your drivers can help too. Training drivers in eco-friendly driving practices can help reduce fuel consumption, emissions and maintenance costs. Techniques such as smooth acceleration, maintaining consistent speeds and minimizing idling can all add up to big cost and emissions savings over time, especially when you have a large fleet.

It’s also good to ensure your drivers are trained in basic maintenance checks, so they can report if there are any issues with a vehicle as soon as possible. Most importantly, in addition to improving sustainability and costs, eco-friendly driving practices can also help improve driver safety.

Efficient Operations Reduce Environmental Impact

Implementing sustainable and efficient operational practices is a win-win scenario for businesses. Not only do these practices improve delivery times and reduce costs, but they also help minimize waste and lower a company’s overall environmental footprint.

Eco-friendly technologies are becoming more advanced and affordable, making it feasible for businesses of all sizes to adopt sustainable practices. This democratization of green solutions means that even smaller companies can reap the benefits of improved efficiency and cost savings while contributing positively to the environment.

Now that you have the top eco-friendly logistics strategies in hand, the next step is to implement and iterate on these practices. Taking a continuous and iterative approach to sustainability ensures your company is always prepared for the future, and that you continue to improve your environmental impact and overall operational efficiency over time. If you’re ready to tap into the power of delivery logistics technology, Curri is here to help.

Get to Know Curri

Curri is an advanced, sustainable logistics platform tailored to construction and industrial supplies distributors. With Curri, you get access to numerous features such as route optimization, a nationwide flexible fleet network and much more, all designed to optimize your delivery logistics operations. In short, Curri can help you save time, money and make your business more sustainable, all in one intuitive platform.

Discover how Curri can help you achieve your sustainability goals and transform your logistics operations for a greener future. Book your demo today!


June 11, 2024

How On-Demand Delivery Drivers Reduce Costs and Improve Operations

Learn how on-demand delivery drivers cut costs and improve operations. Boost your business with Curri’s temporary delivery drivers.


Running a business that’s growing is great, but it also comes with increased costs. As you grow, things like delivery costs increase too and it gets harder to maintain tight operations. Managing a fleet of drivers can feel like juggling too many balls at once. And unexpected demand spikes and scheduling headaches eat into profits.

It’s not just you. Many businesses face these same hurdles. The high labor costs, fuel expenses, and vehicle upkeep can quickly add up.

On-demand delivery drivers are the solution. They’re a flexible, ready-to-go workforce that can step in whenever needed. In this article, we’ll discuss how on-demand delivery drivers can improve your business. 

What Do On-Demand Delivery Drivers Do?

On-demand delivery drivers are independent contractors with their own vehicle. On-demand delivery drivers step in whenever needed.  But these drivers are not just occasional extra help; they can handle all of your delivery needs.

When you have deliveries to make, instead of relying solely on a fixed fleet, you call on on-demand drivers. On-demand drivers handle everything from picking up items at your warehouse to making sure they reach their destination without issues. 

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Collecting items from your warehouse or storage location.
  • Driving specialized vehicles for safe transportation.
  • Making sure deliveries are made on time, every time.
  • Managing any specific delivery needs, like handling sensitive equipment.
  • Keeping you informed with real-time tracking and status updates.
  • Staying in touch with your team to coordinate smooth deliveries.

On-Demand Delivery Driver Use Cases

On-demand delivery drivers can change the way businesses handle logistics. Let's discuss some key use cases for on-demand delivery drivers in both first-mile and last-mile delivery.

First Mile Delivery

The first mile involves transporting materials from the supplier's warehouse to the initial distribution point.

Suppose a manufacturer needs to transport heavy equipment to a regional distributor. Using on-demand drivers allows manufacturers to increase deliveries during busy periods without straining their own fleet. Additionally, the ability to adjust to varying delivery volumes helps the company manage inventory better. 

Last Mile Delivery

During last-mile delivery, on-demand delivery drivers move materials from the distribution hub to their final location. Timing is crucial here because any delay can halt the entire project.

Suppose a construction crew suddenly requires additional supplies to meet a tight deadline. On-demand delivery drivers can quickly respond to these urgent requests. The use of on-demand drivers reduces downtime caused by waiting for materials.

Industries That Benefit From On-Demand Delivery

Here’s a look at some of the industries that benefit from on-demand delivery.

  • Tires: Delivery of tires to auto repair shops, tire dealers, and directly to customers for tire replacement services.
  • Auto Parts: Transporting engine components, transmission parts, and other critical auto parts to mechanics, dealerships, and parts stores.
  • Home Improvement: Delivering tools, paint, lumber, and other home improvement supplies to hardware stores and construction sites.
  • Roofing: Supplying shingles, roofing tiles, and other roofing materials to construction sites and roofing contractors.
  • HVAC: Transporting air conditioning units, furnaces, ductwork, and other HVAC components to installation sites and repair shops.
  • Building Materials: Delivering concrete, bricks, steel beams, and other essential building materials to construction sites and storage facilities.
  • Electrical: Supplying electrical wiring, circuit breakers, lighting fixtures, and other electrical components to electricians and construction sites.
  • Plumbing: Transporting pipes, fittings, water heaters, and other plumbing materials to plumbers and construction sites.

Curri’s On-Demand Delivery Drivers: How it Works

Here’s how on-demand delivery works on Curri:

  • Create an account with Curri.
  • Tell us what you need to deliver and where it needs to go.
  • We'll match you with an on-demand delivery driver to get it there.
  • Everything is tracked in real-time and insured.

Once you make a request, drivers:

  • Head to the pickup location.
  • Load and secure items correctly.
  • Use our app for the most optimized route.
  • Take photos of items before and after delivery.
  • Obtain customer signature and update the app.
Screenshot of the Curri app showing the vehicle selection screen for delivery. 
Choosing your vehicle and route in Curri’s on-demand delivery platform

Curri offers:

  • Fleet Elasticity: Curri’s network includes vehicles of every size and function.
  • Priority Service: With Curri, you get rush, same-day, or scheduled hotshot service, making sure your deliveries are on time every time.
  • Cost Reduction: Using Curri helps you save money, make customers happier, and reduce the time spent on moving materials.
  • Simple Process: Input your locations, choose a vehicle, and fill out some info about your delivery. Curri assigns an expert driver to get your delivery done fast and reliably.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Choose your preferred delivery time to complete your work quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of On-Demand Delivery Drivers

On-demand delivery drivers offer a lot of advantages for businesses. They provide flexible and efficient solutions that save time, reduce costs, and improve operations. Let's explore some of the key benefits and how they impact businesses.

On-Demand Drivers Provide Immediate Staffing Solutions

One of the biggest benefits of on-demand delivery drivers is that they offer immediate staffing solutions. If you suddenly have a surge in orders or an urgent delivery need, on-demand drivers can step in quickly. This flexibility helps you handle peak times without the hassle of hiring permanent staff.

Temporary Delivery Drivers for Flexible Staffing

Imagine if one of your delivery drivers quit tomorrow. You have the fleet ready to go, but if you’re short on drivers, it doesn’t matter. So you need to bring another driver on staff. The hiring process takes too long though. In the meantime, you have customers expecting a delivery. They’re  not interested in hearing about your shortage of delivery drivers.

Our on-demand driver service provides a flexible staffing option for your business. You can use on-demand drivers when needed instead of maintaining a large fleet of permanent drivers and vehicles. 

With temp driver staffing, you can reduce labor costs and avoid the overhead associated with full-time employees.

Expanding Your Delivery Fleet with On-Demand Drivers

Fleets are expensive. On-demand delivery drivers allow you to scale up your operations without investing in new vehicles or staff. You get access to a wide range of vehicles and drivers as needed. Curri's fleet elasticity enables you to grow your business and meet increasing demand without the financial burden of expanding your own fleet.

Long-Term Partnerships with On-Demand Delivery Services

Building long-term partnerships with on-demand delivery services can provide consistent and reliable support for your business.

Curri offers dedicated trucking services, which provide a dedicated truck and driver exclusively for a single customer, typically for a specific route or set of routes.

Curri’s Fleet Capabilities

Curri's nationwide fleet of on-demand drivers and vehicles can meet a wide range of delivery needs. 

On-Demand Vehicle Variety

Curri offers a wide range of vehicles, from sedans to flatbed trucks. This means our drivers can deliver materials of all sizes. Our vehicles are equipped with tools like lift gates, landolls, moffetts, goosenecks, dovetails, and pipe racks to handle any delivery safely and efficiently.

Screenshot of Curri's vehicle selection options for delivery.
Vehicles available on Curri’s on-demand delivery platform

Whether you need a small car for light deliveries or a heavy-duty truck for large items, Curri has you covered.


Curri's fleet can scale to meet your demands. We serve the entire lower 48 states, so no matter where you are, Curri can help. You can schedule a delivery last minute via the Curri desktop app and specify the vehicle type you need. Our extensive fleet network will service your requirements quickly.

Book an On-Demand Delivery Driver with CurriAre delivery delays costing you money and upsetting your customers? Do you struggle with last-minute delivery needs? With Curri, you can solve these problems easily.

Experience the peace of mind of knowing your shipments will arrive safely and promptly. Save time, reduce costs, and keep your customers happy with Curri's on-demand delivery drivers.

Reserve a Curri driver today and watch your worries disappear.

FAQ About On-Demand Delivery

What is on-demand vs scheduled delivery?

On-demand delivery allows businesses to request deliveries as needed, often on short notice. Scheduled delivery, on the other hand, involves planning deliveries in advance at specific times or intervals. Curri offers both.

Scheduled delivery is ideal for regular, predictable delivery needs, while on-demand delivery offers the flexibility to handle last-minute or irregular requests.

Can Curri handle last-minute delivery requests?

Yes, Curri specializes in handling last-minute delivery requests. You can book a delivery at the last minute and our extensive fleet network will ensure your needs are met quickly.

Are on-demand delivery services available 24/7?

Curri provides around-the-clock service, ensuring that deliveries can be made at any time, day or night.


May 31, 2024

Last Mile Delivery Tracking: The Secret Weapon for Customer Satisfaction

Learn about last-mile delivery tracking and its benefits. See how Curri's final mile carrier tracking can help improve your operations.


Is your business having trouble with deliveries? Are packages arriving late or getting lost? These issues can be tough to handle and hurt your business.

The last part of the delivery process, known as "last mile delivery," is often the hardest. This is when packages go from a warehouse to your customer’s door. Problems like traffic, wrong addresses, and unpredictable delivery times can make it challenging.

Last-mile delivery tracking can help by showing where your packages are in real-time, helping you solve problems quickly.

In this article, we’ll talk about how last-mile shipping tracking can benefit your business. We’ll also share last-mile tracking solutions that can work for businesses of any size. 

What Is Last-Mile Delivery Tracking?

Last-mile delivery tracking is a system that helps businesses keep an eye on their packages from a warehouse or a distribution center to the customer’s door.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Real-Time Updates: The system provides real-time updates on the package's location. You and your customers can see where the delivery is at any time.
  2. GPS Tracking: Delivery vehicles have GPS devices that send location data to the final mile logistics tracking system. This helps in monitoring the exact route and status of the delivery.
  3. Notifications: Customers receive notifications about their delivery status via email/SMS. They might get real-time updates on a package's location, delivery status, and estimated arrival time.

Let’s say you manage a construction company. You can use a last-mile delivery tracking system to make sure your team knows when to expect materials and equipment. The tracking system kicks in once the shipment leaves the supplier's warehouse.

  • Order Shipped: The site manager gets a notification saying the materials have shipped.
  • Out for Delivery: On the delivery day, the team receives a text alert that the materials are out for delivery.
  • Delivery Update: The tracking link shows the delivery truck moving towards the construction site.
  • Delivered: Finally, the team gets notified that the materials have been delivered to the site.

Why Last Mile Tracking Matters

There are 2.64 billion online buyers as of 2024. With such a large customer base, reliable delivery becomes even more critical. 

85% of online shoppers say a poor delivery experience would prevent them from ordering from that retailer again. B2B materials and construction deliveries are no different. If your customers receive late packages or damaged goods, they might not return. With last-mile tracking, you can monitor each step of the delivery process, address issues as they arise, and make sure packages are delivered in perfect condition. 

When a delivery is late, or a product arrives damaged, the problems compound. If your business has a no-refund or no-return policy, your team might need to send a new package to dissatisfied customers. This adds extra costs for shipping, handling returns, and dealing with damaged items. 

Poor delivery services can also undermine your marketing and sales efforts. You work hard to attract customers through ads and promotions, but if the delivery experience is bad, all that effort goes to waste. The entire cycle—from marketing and sales to delivery—suffers when deliveries are mishandled. 

The Benefits of Last-Mile Delivery Tracking: Keeping Everyone Happy

Last-mile delivery tracking creates a smooth, reliable experience for businesses and their customers. Let's discuss how this powerful tool can keep everyone happy.

Enhanced Transparency for Customers

When customers know exactly where their package is at any given moment, it reduces anxiety and builds trust in your business. 

Here’s what customers get with last-mile delivery tracking:

  • Instant notifications about the status of their delivery.
  • Ability to see where their package is at any given moment.
  • Accurate predictions of when the package will arrive.
  • Alerts when the package is out for delivery and when it has been delivered.
  • Reduced worry about lost or delayed packages.
  • Customers can organize their day around the expected delivery time.

When customers feel in control and well-informed, they are more likely to have a positive impression of your business and return for future purchases.

Streamlined Operations and Reduced Costs for Businesses

Last-mile delivery tracking helps businesses plan their operations more efficiently and cut down on unnecessary costs.

For instance, in the construction industry, knowing exactly when materials or equipment will arrive on-site is crucial. 

Late deliveries, redeliveries, lost orders, and refunds add an average of $17.20 per order. With final mile carrier tracking, construction teams can plan their tasks around the delivery schedule. This means less downtime and more efficient use of labor and resources. If the materials are set to arrive at 10 AM, the team can be ready to start work immediately.

Curri’s advanced route planning tools allow drivers to avoid traffic, find the quickest paths, and make multiple stops more efficiently. It speeds up deliveries, saves fuel, and reduces vehicle wear and tear. Efficient routing makes sure that drivers spend less time on the road and more time delivering, which boosts overall productivity.

Curri’s Last-Mile Delivery Tracking Platform

Screenshot of the Curri app showing the address entry and route planning screen. Users can add multiple stops with addresses, displayed on the left, while the map on the right outlines the delivery route. 
Curri App Address Entry and Route Planning Screen

Curri offers on-demand last-mile delivery solutions with built-in tracking. We have 2M+ drivers and vehicles nationwide that are available to make on-demand deliveries for your company.

We’ve helped our users:

  • Save over 30% on operational costs
  • Convert 24% more sales
  • Increase customer retention by 25%.

Managing deliveries with multiple stops can be a logistical nightmare. It can take hours to plan the best route and delays drivers from getting on the road. Curri simplifies this with on-demand deliveries of industrial and construction goods. The platform offers built-in tracking, ensuring efficient and reliable deliveries every time. Check out the demo!

Beyond Tracking: The Power of Curri's On-Demand Delivery

Curri's platform goes beyond just last-mile logistics tracking. It's designed to make your deliveries smoother and more efficient. With Curri, you get a powerful on-demand delivery service that fits your needs perfectly. 

Scalable Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes

Curri offers scalable solutions that work for businesses of all sizes. Need a small van for light materials? Or a large truck for heavy equipment? We’ve got you covered.

No matter the size or type of delivery, Curri has a wide range of vehicles to choose from. Our fleet network includes everything from small vans to large trucks.

Check out the large array of vehicles we have available on-demand.

Image comparing various delivery vehicles available (with their dimensions) through Curri, including cargo van, sprinter van, box truck, flatbed, stakebed, hotshot trailer, flatbed trailer, and dry van. 
Comparison of Curri's Vehicle Options for Heavy Equipment Delivery

Reliable Network Meets Your Delivery Needs Every Time

With Curri, meeting your delivery needs is easy and reliable. Simply input your locations, choose a vehicle, and fill out some info about your delivery. We will assign an expert driver to make sure your delivery is fast and reliable.

Our platform is designed to eliminate issues before they become logistical nightmares. You can trust Curri to handle your deliveries with care and precision. And when you need a human touch, our success team is just a call away, ready to help you.

Coburn's HVAC, electrical, and plumbing branches saved $150K annually and reduced operational costs by 15% using Curri's on-demand delivery services. 

Seamless Integration with Your Existing Systems

Curri makes it easy to connect with your current systems. It works with TMS, ERP, financial processes, eCommerce platforms, single sign-on, or custom solutions. 

Curri: Your Partner in Final Mile Delivery Tracking

Want to make your deliveries smoother and keep your customers happy? Curri can help! With our advanced last-mile courier tracking solutions, you’ll know where your deliveries are at all times. 

We offer real-time tracking, smart route planning, and a wide range of vehicles to handle any delivery. 

Join the many businesses that are saving money and improving their delivery service with Curri. Try a demo today!

FAQs about Last Mile Delivery Tracking

Who is the last-mile carrier?

The last mile carrier is the company or service responsible for delivering packages from a local hub or warehouse to the customer's doorstep. They handle the final part of the delivery process, ensuring that packages arrive safely and on time.

How long does last-mile delivery take?

Last-mile delivery typically takes one to two days. But it can vary depending on factors like distance, traffic, and the efficiency of the delivery service. With Curri, we offer a rush, same-day, or scheduled hotshot service. 

What are the KPIs for last-mile delivery?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in last-mile delivery include:

  • Delivery Time: How long it takes for packages to reach the customer.
  • Delivery Success Rate: The percentage of deliveries completed on the first attempt.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Feedback and ratings from customers about their delivery experience.
  • Cost Per Delivery: The total cost associated with each delivery.
  • Order Accuracy: Ensuring the correct items are delivered to the right address.

May 27, 2024

Heavy Equipment Delivery Guide: Managing Construction Equipment Delivery Efficiently

Learn about heavy equipment delivery services. Everything you need to know about heavy equipment shipping and how to choose the right delivery partner.


Are you struggling with delivering heavy construction equipment on time and in good condition? Delays, damage, and scheduling conflicts can disrupt your customer’s projects and cost you money.

Without careful planning and reliable transport, you risk missed deadlines and increased costs. You need to make sure your equipment arrives on time and intact.

In this article, we’ll  discuss the different types of heavy equipment delivery services. We will also mention some key considerations and best practices for managing construction equipment delivery. 

Understanding Heavy Equipment Delivery

Heavy equipment delivery means transporting large, bulky machinery and tools essential for various industries. The industries needing this type of delivery include oil and gas, construction, agriculture, and more.

Unlike regular deliveries, heavy equipment delivery requires specialized vehicles and handling techniques due to the equipment's size, weight, and value. 

When it comes to heavy machinery transport, there are two options: less than truckload (LTL) and full truckload (FTL).

LTL Freight

LTL (Less Than Truckload) freight refers to transporting small quantities of goods that do not require a full trailer. LTL freight carriers consolidate multiple LTL shipments from different shippers and transport them together.

FTL Freight

FTL (Full Truckload) freight involves transporting a full trailer of goods. FTL carriers handle shipments for a single shipper, moving goods directly from the origin to the destination without any consolidation.

Types of Heavy Equipment Delivery Services

Moving heavy equipment is a big job that requires special handling. Various machine transport services depend on the type of heavy equipment you need. Here are some of them:

Equipment Delivery Services

Equipment delivery services handle the transportation of large and heavy items that regular delivery trucks can't manage. These services use specialized vehicles and handling techniques to move equipment safely.


  • Agricultural tractors
  • Bulldozers
  • Cranes
  • Forklifts
  • Mining equipment

Construction Equipment Delivery

Construction equipment shipping must be timely and secure to keep projects on schedule and within budget.

Common construction equipment transported:

  • Excavators
  • Backhoes
  • Concrete mixers
  • Skid steers
  • Compactors

Industrial Equipment Delivery

Industrial equipment delivery services are tailored to transport heavy machinery used in manufacturing and industrial settings. 

Many industrial machines, such as CNC machines and injection molding machines, are highly sensitive to jostling and vibration. Specialized trucks with advanced suspension systems are often used to minimize movement during transit. 

Items like industrial presses and large-scale generators are extremely heavy, requiring trucks and trailers that can handle substantial loads. It's also essential to have the right permits for transporting heavy loads, as regulations vary by region. 

Examples of industrial equipment:

  • CNC machines
  • Industrial presses
  • Injection molding machines
  • Large-scale generators
  • Factory robots

The Process of Heavy Equipment Shipping

Heavy equipment shipping requires the following steps:

Planning and Preparation

Before shipping heavy equipment, you must assess the equipment and delivery requirements. It may include the machinery's size, weight, and specific needs. 

Accurate measurements help choose the right transportation method and avoid problems during transit.

You also need to get the necessary permits and documentation. Moving heavy equipment often requires special permits, especially if the load is oversized or overweight.

Proper documentation, including insurance and customs paperwork (if needed), is also essential to prevent delays and legal issues.

At Curri, we back up our quality driver network with up to $250,000 of coverage for every delivery we handle.

Loading and Securing Equipment

Loading heavy machinery onto transport vehicles needs special techniques to ensure safety. Using ramps, cranes, or forklifts, the equipment must be carefully placed to avoid damage. It's important to have trained staff handle the loading process to reduce risks.

At Curri, we want you to feel safe about your cargo. Our professional drivers know how to handle and secure your cargo safely. To be onboarded with Curri, drivers must pass a series of background checks and applicable SAFER verifications. 

Transportation Methods

Let's break down some common methods for heavy machinery parts order fulfillment:

Flatbed Trucks

Flatbed trucks have an open platform with no sides or roof. They are perfect for transporting oversized or oddly shaped equipment that doesn't fit into standard trailers. Loading and unloading are easy with cranes or forklifts, but remember that the equipment is exposed to weather and road debris.

Step Deck Trailers

Step deck trailers, or drop decks, have a lower deck that allows for taller loads. They are great for transporting equipment that exceeds height restrictions for standard trailers. The lower deck provides more clearance for taller items and simplifies the loading process, although the equipment is still exposed to the elements.

Enclosed Trailers

Enclosed trailers have sides and a roof, offering full protection from external elements. They are best for smaller, more sensitive equipment that needs shielding from weather and road conditions. Equipment is loaded through rear doors, ensuring it stays safe and secure during transit.

Lowboy Trailers

Lowboy trailers sit very low to the ground, making them ideal for extremely tall or heavy equipment like bulldozers and excavators. The low deck height makes loading tall equipment easy, but you’ll need to plan your route carefully to avoid road obstacles.

Multi-Axle Trailers

Multi-axle trailers have extra axles to spread out the weight of very heavy loads. They are designed to transport exceptionally heavy equipment, such as industrial presses and large generators. These trailers provide stability and weight distribution for heavy loads, but you’ll need special permits and careful route planning.

Curri’s On-Demand Heavy Equipment Delivery

Curri is an industrial-grade, on-demand delivery platform that provides reliable transportation for heavy equipment. With bright, local drivers and a platform that brings all vehicle types to a single interface, Curri makes sure your deliveries are done right and on time. As mentioned, every delivery is insured and handled by trained drivers. It’s a safe and cost-effective way to deliver heavy equipment without having to purchase and maintain a fleet yourself. 

Image comparing various delivery vehicles available through Curri, including cargo van, sprinter van, box truck, flatbed, stakebed, hotshot trailer, flatbed trailer, and dry van. 
Comparison of Curri's Vehicle Options for Heavy Equipment Delivery

Rental Companies: On-Demand Delivery for Your Customers

What do contractors do when they need heavy equipment or machinery on the job site? They rent it! Curri can offer same-day on-demand delivery of heavy equipment for rental companies. We can also return the heavy equipment or machinery when the job is complete.

Manufacturers & Dealerships: Last-Mile Delivery for Sold Product

Manufacturers and dealerships can rely on Curri for efficient last-mile delivery of sold products. Curri handles the logistics, making sure that machinery reaches customers promptly and in perfect condition. 

Mechanics: Transport Services for Equipment Needing Repair

For mechanics, Curri offers transport services for equipment needing repair. When heavy machinery breaks down, getting it to the shop quickly is crucial. Curri provides reliable transportation so you can focus on repairs and get equipment back in action faster.

Construction Equipment Delivery

Curri is ideal for delivering construction equipment. Our platform ensures safe and timely delivery to your job site, whether a bulldozer, crane, or excavator. 

Key Considerations for Heavy Load Delivery Services

Here are some key things to think about when arranging heavy-load delivery services.

Safety and Compliance

Safety and compliance are the top priorities. First, make sure you understand and follow all the rules and regulations. 

The equipment must be properly secured using straps, chains, and other devices to prevent it from moving during transit. Make sure drivers and handlers are trained in the right techniques for loading and securing heavy machinery. 

Cost Factors

Prices can vary based on the size and weight of the equipment, the distance it needs to travel, and the type of transportation required. When you handle deliveries yourself, the costs can add up quickly. 

  • You need to buy and maintain a fleet of vehicles, each suited to different types of loads. 
  • Then, there's the cost of hiring and training drivers, ensuring they are qualified and reliable. 
  • Fuel costs can vary and add a significant expense. 
  • Insurance for your vehicles and drivers is another ongoing cost. 
  • Plus, you'll need to manage repairs and regular maintenance to keep your fleet in good condition.

Curri helps you save money on all of them by offering competitive rates and flexible delivery options. With Curri, you can choose the best vehicle for your load, avoiding the need to pay for more capacity than you need. Curri's platform allows you to compare different transport options easily, helping you find the most cost-effective solution.

Timeliness and Reliability

Delays can lead to project downtime, increased costs, and unhappy clients. To ensure timely deliveries, work with a reliable delivery service with a proven track record of on-time performance.

Curri helps ensure your deliveries are timely and reliable with fleet elasticity. We have a network of professional drivers and advanced tracking technology. Curri tracking platform can monitor your delivery in real-time, providing updates and ensuring everything stays on schedule. If any issues arise during transit, Curri’s support team is ready to address them quickly.

Screenshot of the Curri app showing the address entry and route planning screen. 
Curri App Address Entry and Route Planning Screen

Best Practices for Heavy Equipment Delivery

Heavy equipment delivery can be tricky, but following some best practices can make the process smoother and more efficient. Here’s how you can ensure a successful delivery every time.

Choosing the Right Delivery Partner

Here are some tips to help you choose a reputable heavy equipment delivery service:

  • Check Their Reputation: Look for reviews and testimonials from other businesses. A good track record is a strong indicator of reliable service. Curri has a great Google rating of 4.4 stars from over 2,300 reviews. It’s a strong indicator of our reliable service.
  • Ask About Experience: Make sure the company has experience with heavy equipment deliveries. Specialized knowledge is essential for handling large machinery.
  • Verify Credentials: Confirm that the company has the necessary permits and meets all safety regulations.
  • Evaluate Communication: Good communication is key. Make sure they are responsive and provide clear information.

Questions to ask potential delivery partners:

  • How do you handle unexpected issues during delivery?
  • What measures do you take to ensure the safety of the equipment?
  • What is your process for tracking deliveries in real time?
  • How do you ensure timely deliveries, especially for urgent shipments?

Insurance and Liability

Insurance coverage is crucial for heavy equipment delivery. Here's why it matters:

  • Protection Against Damage: Heavy equipment is valuable and can be easily damaged during transit. Insurance covers repairs or replacements if something goes wrong.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your equipment is insured reduces stress and allows you to focus on other aspects of your project.
  • Liability Coverage: Understand who is responsible if something happens during delivery. Make sure your delivery partner’s insurance includes liability coverage to protect your business.
  • Review Policies: Carefully review the insurance policies offered by your delivery partner. Ensure they cover all potential risks.
  • Clarify Responsibility: Confirm who is responsible for the equipment at each stage of the delivery process.
  • Document Everything: Keep detailed records of the delivery, including the condition of the equipment before and after transport.

Maintenance and Care During Transit

You also want to protect your equipment from dust, weather, and road debris. Using protective coverings can shield sensitive parts and keep everything in good condition. Once the equipment arrives, do a thorough inspection right away. 

Check for any damage or issues, and take photos for your records. If needed, perform any maintenance to ensure the equipment is ready to use. 

Heavy Equipment Delivery Case Study

United Rentals, a tool and equipment rental company, partnered with Curri to improve their delivery operations. They have branches in Sterling, VA, and Halethorpe, MD. Before Curri, they faced several challenges. They needed better route planning, more delivery drivers to meet customer demand, faster branch transfers, and live customer support.

Curri's solutions made a big difference. Using Curri Hotshots and multi-stop deliveries, United Rentals streamlined their daily operations. This meant their equipment was delivered quickly and safely. They saw a 20% increase in sales and saved over 1,000 operational hours. 

Quick and reliable deliveries helped them build stronger relationships between branches and improve customer satisfaction. Contractors got their equipment on time, which meant fewer project delays.

They experienced a 10% increase in delivery requests from builders and contractors, who appreciated the rush and same-day delivery options. Plus, having live customer support available made it easy to address any issues quickly.

Try On Demand Heavy Equipment Delivery Through Curri

Are you tired of late deliveries and damaged equipment? Struggling to meet customer demands and keep projects on track? Curri can help. With Curri’s on-demand heavy equipment delivery, you get fast, reliable, and safe deliveries every time.

With Curri, you would never worry about your equipment arriving late or in bad condition. Our professional drivers ensure your machinery gets to where it needs to be on time and in perfect shape. 

Don’t let delivery problems slow you down. Get started with Curri today by signing up or booking a delivery.

FAQs about Heavy Equipment Delivery

What types of heavy equipment can be transported by Curri?

Almost any type of heavy equipment and machinery, including excavators, bulldozers, and industrial presses.

How long does it typically take to deliver heavy equipment?

Delivery times depend on distance and logistics, but we  offer same-day or next-day delivery options.

Are there weight limits for heavy equipment transport?

Yes, each transport vehicle has a weight limit. All of our weight limits for different types of vehicles are listed here.

Rental Companies: On-Demand Pick-up and Return Service

Get started with Curri today! Sign up or book a delivery.


May 7, 2024

Same-Day Delivery Makes Last-Minute Change Orders Easier

Struggling with construction change orders? Discover expert strategies and solutions to manage them efficiently and keep your projects on track.


Change orders in construction—every project manager's headache. But what if managing these unexpected twists could be less chaotic? Whether it's a last-minute material need or a sudden design pivot, knowing how to handle these changes swiftly can keep your project on track and under budget. Here's how you can master construction change orders with smart strategies and the right support.

Understanding Change Orders in Construction

Let’s dive into what exactly change orders in construction are and why they happen so frequently. 

What is a Change Order

Let’s take a step back. What exactly is a change order? It involves a change in the scope of work. It can be either an addition or a subtraction, and it's agreed upon between the contractor and owner.

Autodesk adds, “A change order represents a mutual agreement to change the work, schedule, price, or other terms of the contract.” In addition, they typically lead to cost overruns.

Common Causes of Change Orders in Construction

Let's dive into some typical reasons these changes are needed:

  • Mistakes in the Plans: Sometimes, the original specs or drawings aren't just right — maybe they're unclear, incomplete, or just plain wrong.
  • Surprises on Site: Ever hit a massive rock while digging? Or found water where it shouldn't be? The unexpected is standard in construction sites.
  • Late Arrivals: When workers or materials show up late, it can push everything back.
  • Budget Busters: Often, the initial budgets and timelines are just too optimistic.
  • Changing Minds: Especially in homes, what if the owner decides they want an extra bathroom or a different kitchen layout halfway through?

These issues can arise at any stage of the project, disrupting even the best plans. They can have a major impact too.

The Impact of Change Orders on Construction Projects

Before we get into solutions, let’s take a closer look at how these changes can cause headaches in timelines, budgets, and client relationships.

How Change Orders Affect Project Timelines

Imagine you're building a house and suddenly, the plan shifts from fiberglass to cellulose insulation. Sounds simple, right? Not so fast. This switch means waiting for new supplies to arrive. Meanwhile, your crew is on standby, and the clock is ticking. Every day spent waiting is a day lost in the project timeline. 

Cost Implications of Change Orders

Construction change orders are not just a scheduling headache; they hit the wallet, too. When project specs change, costs can spiral. You might have to rush out to buy what you need at a premium price. In construction, this might mean hiring additional labor, rushing order materials, or even paying penalties for delays.

Change Orders and Client Relations

And let’s talk about your clients. They’re expecting the project finished on time and within budget. When construction change orders occur, the extra time and cost can strain relationships. Keeping clients in the loop and managing their expectations from the start can help mitigate dissatisfaction.

Managing Change Orders Effectively

Navigating change orders doesn't have to be a nightmare. With the right practices and tools, you can turn potential chaos into a structured process. Here’s how:

Best Practices in Change Order Management

To start, make sure your team has procedures in place for how you handle change orders. That should be documented and employees should be trained on it. 

Part of that process is staying organized and keeping thorough records of every change, including agreements and adjustments. Regular team meetings and maintaining clear communication are essential. Making sure everyone understands their roles and responsibilities helps prevent misunderstandings and keeps the project on track.

 Photo of an excavator and pvc pipe on a construction site
Construction change orders often require new material and equipment on site

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Implementing a Transparent Change Order Process

Transparency helps with managing construction change orders effectively. Here's a more detailed look at how to ensure your process remains clear and consistent:

Document Every Detail

Record everything: Each change order should be documented with all relevant details including the reason for the change, the new requirements, and the expected impacts on the project timeline and budget.

Use standardized forms: Adopt standardized change order forms that prompt for all necessary information. This makes sure nothing is overlooked and simplifies the review process for everyone involved.

Ensure Stakeholder Approval

Get written approvals: Before any work proceeds, get written approval from all key stakeholders. 

Clarify responsibilities: Clearly outline who is responsible for what in the context of the change order. This minimizes disputes and misunderstandings later on.

Communicate Proactively

Regular updates: Keep everyone informed with regular updates. When a change order is initiated, communicate this with all parties involved as soon as possible.

Hold alignment meetings: Schedule meetings to discuss significant changes. This gives everyone a chance to voice concerns and ask questions, ensuring alignment before moving forward.

Use Clear, Accessible Language

Avoid jargon: Use plain language that is easy to understand for all parties involved, regardless of their expertise. This is especially important in documents that require client approval.

Provide examples or diagrams: Where possible, include visual aids like diagrams or sketches to help clarify what the change entails. This can be helpful for complex changes.

Technologies that Aid in Change Order Management

Adopting technology can help manage construction change orders. Here are several key tech categories to streamline your process: 

Project Management Software

Centralized Communication: Use project management software that centralizes all communications, changes, and documentation. This keeps everyone from the project manager to the on-site workers informed and aligned with current project statuses and updates.

Automated Updates: These tools can automatically notify relevant parties about changes, ensuring immediate awareness and response.

Logistics Software

Efficient Material Handling: Sophisticated logistics software helps manage the flow of materials from suppliers to job sites. It becomes indispensable when change orders require sudden shifts in material needs.

Curri's Same-Day Delivery: Curri provides swift same-day delivery of construction materials to address urgent material requirements. Distributors, suppliers, and construction companies use it nation-wide to get the right materials to the right place on time. 

Screenshot of Curri’s delivery platform
Curri lets you book on-demand deliveries for any type of material

BIM Software (Building Information Modeling)

Detailed Modeling: BIM software offers detailed 3D modeling of construction projects, allowing teams to foresee potential issues and adjust plans before they lead to costly change orders.

Collaborative Revisions: With BIM, changes can be simulated and reviewed by all stakeholders in real time, enhancing decision-making and reducing the need for physical reworks.

Financial Tracking Tools

Cost Tracking and Control: Financial software tailored for construction projects can track the immediate and cumulative cost impacts of change orders. This helps with budget management.

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Role of Same-Day Courier Services in Managing Change Orders

Quick and efficient material delivery can make a huge difference in managing construction change orders. Here’s how same-day courier services from Curri mitigate issues caused by sudden changes.

Benefits of Same-Day Courier for Urgent Material Needs

When change orders in construction arise, they often require immediate adjustments to materials and equipment. Delays in obtaining these can stall projects, pushing timelines and swelling costs. Same-day courier services shine in these scenarios, offering:

  • Rapid Response: Ability to quickly adapt to new demands, getting materials on-site as soon as they're needed.
  • Reduced Downtime: Minimizing the waiting period for essential supplies keeps your workforce active and productive, avoiding costly delays.
  • Enhanced Project Flexibility: Quick material and equipment replenishment allows for greater flexibility in managing project specifications and timelines. With Curri’s delivery services, you can track deliveries in real-time and plan accordingly. 
Image of a Curri truck delivering lumber
A Curri driver delivering lumber

How Quick Delivery Can Reduce Construction Delays

The speed at which materials are replaced or supplied following a change order can critically determine the pace of a construction project. Same-day couriers help maintain momentum by:

  • Preventing Bottlenecks: Making sure that no single missing item holds up the progress of the entire project.
  • Streamlining Supply Chains: Reducing the complexity and length of the supply chain, cutting out unnecessary waiting times for material delivery.
  • Improving Client Satisfaction: Faster project completion rates lead to happier clients, enhancing your company’s reputation for reliability and efficiency.

Curri’s Solution: Case Studies and Success Stories

Curri’s impact can be best illustrated through real-world applications. A compelling case study is Coburn’s Supply Company, an HVAC and plumbing supply company. They faced significant challenges with their logistics operations. 

Before working with Curri, Coburn’s was grappling with high costs and inefficiencies in their trucking operations, which strained their ability to manage change orders effectively.

The Transformation:

By switching to Curri’s on-demand fleet for their delivery needs, Coburn’s was able to save approximately $150,000 annually in trucking costs. Curri’s flexible, on-demand delivery model allowed them to adjust quickly to varying project demands and change orders without the burden of maintaining a large fleet or dealing with the logistics of last-minute deliveries.

The Outcome:

This strategic shift not only improved their operational efficiency but also enhanced their ability to handle unexpected changes swiftly. It saved the business money and got material on job sites faster. 

Table showing Curri’s fleet of on-demand vehicles
Curri’s fleet of on-demand vehicles can delivery anything you need

FAQs About Construction Change Orders

What is the most common reason for a construction change order?

Unexpected issues often lead to change orders. Whether it's uncovering unforeseen site conditions like underground pipes or changes requested by the client, these surprises can significantly alter the original plan. Planning flexibility into your project from the start can help accommodate these changes more smoothly.

How do I communicate a change order to a client effectively?

Start by explaining the reason for the change. Use simple terms and avoid industry jargon to make sure the client understands. Provide a detailed breakdown of the impact on the schedule and budget. Being transparent about these changes fosters trust and helps maintain a positive relationship with your client.

Can change orders be avoided?

Not always, but you can reduce them. Thorough planning and a detailed initial assessment can minimize the likelihood of change orders. Regularly involving experts who can foresee potential problems and using advanced technology to simulate construction phases can also help reduce the frequency of change orders.

Streamline Construction with Curri

Last-minute construction change orders? No problem. With Curri, managing these unexpected hiccups becomes a breeze.

Streamline with Speed: Curri specializes in rapid delivery. We make sure that the materials you need reach your job site swiftly. This means less waiting around for essentials.

Cost-Effective Solutions: With Curri, you're not just saving time; you're also cutting costs. Avoid the expense of project delays and the need for urgent, often expensive, procurement methods. Our efficient delivery service helps keep your budget in check.

Whether it's a sudden need for different materials or a quick replacement of equipment, Curri has your back. Keep your construction project on pace and under budget with our reliable, same-day delivery service. You can book a delivery here or schedule a demo to learn more. 

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May 2, 2024

How Regional Distributors Can Improve Middle Mile Logistics

Explore how middle mile logistics impacts the supply chain. Learn how to overcome common challenges and make middle mile delivery more efficient.


The construction industry has dealt with multiple challenges recently, and some persist. The supply chain is one of those issues. Although supply chain issues have eased somewhat, they continue to be a factor the industry needs to deal with. Snags have occurred at each of the delivery points, including the middle mile. If materials are not moving in a timely manner from the regional distribution level, retailers, big box outlets, etc., will not be able to get the product to the consumer. 

This is where middle mile logistics comes into play. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of middle mile logistics and show ways you can improve it. 

‍Understanding middle mile logistics

What Is middle mile logistics?

Middle mile logistics is the center of the delivery process and connects the first mile and last mile. During this delivery phase, goods and materials are transported from regional distribution centers to retail outlets or other facilities that will lead to the final customer.

This phase of the logistics sequence is often overlooked since end customers don’t deal with it directly. Despite this, the logistics involved with this delivery phase are complex and impactful. If goods and materials are not transferred to their next destination in the supply chain, end customers will be affected.

Using technology like route planning and tracking trucks in real time helps make this process better by avoiding delays and reducing the time goods spend in transit.

First mile vs middle mile

‍The journey begins in the first mile, where products are collected from their manufacturing sites. This stage is pivotal as it sets the pace for the supply chain's efficiency. Goods are transported from their origin to the nearest warehouse or distribution center.

Following the first mile, the middle mile logistics takes over by moving these goods from the primary warehouses to secondary distribution centers. This leg of the journey is often longer. It involves significant logistical planning to ensure cost-effectiveness and timely delivery.

Unlike the first mile, the middle mile requires handling larger volumes and coordinating multiple transportation modes, making it a bridge between the production side and the consumer-facing last mile.

Middle mile logistics vs last mile

After goods are gathered from their manufacturing origins and processed through the first mile, they enter the middle mile phase. This involves moving the products from primary warehouses to secondary distribution centers or directly to retail outlets. It's a critical step that requires handling large volumes and coordinating various modes of transportation. 

In contrast, last-mile logistics is the final step in the delivery process, involving the delivery of goods to the end consumer. 

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Importance of middle mile logistics for regional distributors

The efficiency of middle mile logistics is crucial for regional distributors.. Here are three key ways it impacts their operations:

Streamlining supply chain efficiency

Middle mile logistics is pivotal in streamlining the supply chain. Efficient middle mile operations ensure that goods move smoothly from primary distribution centers to secondary locations, which helps maintain a continuous supply chain flow. This reduces downtime and increases the overall efficiency of the supply chain. This allows regional distributors to meet customer demands promptly and effectively.

Reducing operational costs

Cost reduction is a significant benefit of optimized middle mile logistics. By improving route planning and load optimization, distributors can lower transportation costs. Efficient middle mile logistics also minimizes the need for excess inventory at distribution centers, reducing storage costs and lessening the risk of inventory depreciation.

Enhancing customer satisfaction

Timely delivery is important for maintaining customer satisfaction. An effective middle mile logistics strategy makes sure that products are available when and where they are needed.This is vital for meeting the quick turnaround times demanded by retailers and end consumers. Improved reliability and efficiency in the middle mile can lead to increased trust and loyalty from customers, as they receive their orders on time and in good condition.

Key challenges in middle mile logistics

The middle mile is like the baton between the other two stages of the delivery process. Without it, the supply chain can’t function.Goods and services that are coming into the regional distribution center are sent to multiple locations to ensure each retail outlet has its needed supply. The longer supplies remain at the regional distribution center, the more time the final customer waits. So, trucks need to stay on schedule.

Bottlenecks in distribution centers

Bottlenecks at regional distribution centers represent a significant challenge in middle mile logistics. They occur when there's an overload of incoming shipments that exceeds the processing capacity of the facility. This leads to delays in sorting, storing, and forwarding goods to their next destinations. This inefficiency can be made worse by inadequate facility layout, limited storage space, or insufficient staffing levels.

Inefficiencies in route and load management

Another challenge is ensuring each retail outlet gets its correct shipment. Last-minute changes can be particularly challenging and complicate logistics. Without optimal route planning and vehicle loading strategies, vehicles may travel with partial loads or take longer routes than necessary, wasting fuel and time. Advanced routing algorithms and real-time GPS tracking can help by making sure that vehicles are fully utilized and travel the shortest possible routes to their destinations.

Fluctuating demand and supply chain disruptions

Adapting to fluctuating demand and unexpected supply chain disruptions poses another challenge. Demand can vary due to seasonal trends, market fluctuations, or unforeseen events, requiring distributors to adjust their logistics strategies rapidly. Flexibility in the logistics network, robust inventory management, and effective communication among all stakeholders are crucial to responding swiftly to changing conditions.

Addressing all of these challenges requires a combination of technology, strategic planning, and proactive management. By focusing on these areas, distributors can enhance the efficiency of their middle mile logistics, reduce costs, and improve overall supply chain resilience.

How to improve middle mile logistics?

Curri offers companies a solution to their middle mile logistics challenges. Our flexible and reliable delivery service helps companies make sure goods are delivered as scheduled. The service is available as needed, and companies only pay for delivery when they use it. We have vehicles of all sizes available, so companies can work with Curri on any delivery, making logistics headaches disappear. They can do their part to minimize the supply chain challenges that have hit the industry.

Reduce costs from in-house delivery fleets

Every vehicle that is part of the fleet is an added expense. There’s maintenance, upkeep, insurance, etc. It doesn’t matter if the vehicle is in use all day, every business day, or periodically. However, minimizing the fleet means a reduction in fixed costs.

Determining the correct number of delivery vehicles so you're always prepared to make the trip from your regional distribution center to the next step in the supply chain is nearly impossible. So, most companies will have extra – just in case. Again, that adds to fixed costs and reduces the bottom line.

Table showing Curri’s range of fleet options
Curri offers a wide range of on-demand delivery vehicles

Adding Curri to your team allows you to reduce or eliminate your fleet and not lose reliability and dependability. The only loss is fixed costs since you only pay for what you need.

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Provide on-demand same-day transportation

Some days, you need an extra hand. Maybe, a shipment went out and was missing some industrial gear that a retailer needs desperately. Perhaps supplies of equipment have been out and finally came in. Your retail outlets can’t get enough of it, so distribution needs are through the roof.

With Curri’s industrial-grade hotshot deliveries, you can make one-off deliveries. Book vehicles easily and quickly, and rest assured that your orders will be delivered safely, on time, and accurately. Get the extra hand you need and keep the retail chains stocked.

Make exception management quicker and easier

Is stability too much to ask for? If every day was the same, management would have a much easier time handling logistics. It's the exceptions that cause management to pull their hair out as they try to find solutions.

Our platform manages delays, unexpected site conditions, and changes in materials availability to help you stay on schedule and within budget. It makes exceptions easier to handle for management. At Curri, we know exceptions are the norm, and our solution helps you make the hard decision more easily and quickly.

Addressing driver shortages and staffing challenges

The United States has had a shortage of truck drivers for years. It grew in the mid-2010s and has stayed at an elevated level. So, hiring and retaining qualified employees is a challenge all employers face. A distribution center can’t function without drivers. Both insufficient staff and someone out for a limited time impacts delivery time.

You can partner with Curri to bridge long-term gaps in staffing. Our on-demand dedicated routes offer you the convenience of a dedicated driver and vehicle tailored to your requirements, available for a minimum of one day. This service is available while a long-term solution is determined. Whether it’s a local run or a long haul, we have staff available, so your distribution happens as needed.

Photo of a Curri truck driver
On-demand Curri drivers help fill gaps in staffing

Curri's model allows for quick scaling of driver resources, ensuring that deliveries can be made without interruption. This approach not only helps cover immediate needs but also supports long-term strategic planning for staffing within the logistics sector.

Improving crisis management and response times

In the fast-paced world of logistics, the ability to manage crisis effectively is more important than ever. Curri’s logistics platform can enhance a company's crisis management capabilities by providing scalable solutions that adapt to changing conditions. Whether it's a sudden spike in demand or disruptions due to external factors, Curri can provide the necessary logistics support to handle crises efficiently, minimizing downtime and keeping the supply chain moving.

‍Streamlining operations for Coburn's regional distribution

Coburn’s, a distributor in the construction and building materials industry, faced significant challenges with their delivery operations.This included high costs associated with maintaining their own fleet and the inability to meet urgent delivery demands.

They used Curri Dedicated and Curri Hotshots to address these issues. This approach allowed Coburn's to reduce reliance on their own fleet, saving significant costs associated with vehicle maintenance and insurance. Curri's flexible delivery options also provided the capability to handle rush orders effectively, making sure that Coburn’s could meet their customers' needs without delay.

The impact of partnering with Curri was profound: Coburn's realized an annual savings of $150,000 and enhanced their service delivery. This case illustrates the tangible benefits of integrating Curri’s logistics solutions at the middle mile.

Take Curri’s logistics platform for a test drive

It's clear that optimizing middle mile logistics is important for enhancing operational efficiency, reducing costs, and improving customer satisfaction. We dove into the challenges distributors face, such as bottlenecks in distribution centers, inefficiencies in route and load management, and meeting fluctuating demands. Solutions like flexible fleet management, advanced routing technologies, and on-demand delivery capabilities, can address these challenges effectively. To learn more about how you can use Curri for improved middle mile logistics, book a demo or create a free account.

FAQ about middle mile logistics

How does middle mile logistics impact customer satisfaction?

While middle mile logistics doesn't involve direct interaction with the end customer, its efficiency directly impacts delivery speed and reliability. These are important for maintaining high customer satisfaction levels. Efficient middle mile operations makes sure that products are available when and where needed.

Can middle mile logistics be environmentally friendly?

Yes, middle mile logistics can incorporate sustainable practices. Using right sized vehicles and optimizing delivery routes to reduce fuel consumption are great ways to start. Managing loads efficiently minimizes the number of trips required. These practices reduce carbon footprint and also give cost savings.

How does Curri manage the reliability of middle mile delivery services?

Curri maintains high reliability by using a diverse fleet that can cater to various delivery needs. We conduct  rigorous driver vetting to make sure they’re experienced. Every delivery is also backed with $250,000 of coverage. This approach makes sure that goods are delivered on time and in good condition, regardless of the complexity or scale of the delivery task.

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May 1, 2024

How Curri’s Advanced Logistics Help Small Businesses Compete

Complete guide to small business logistics. Challenges, solutions, and technology to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction while reducing costs.


Between inflation, snarled supply chains, and employee shortages, businesses are facing multiple challenges. To meet the elevated expectations of the customer and get products and services to them in a timely fashion requires businesses to be focused on logistics. When small businesses successfully handle logistics, it's more efficient, lowers costs, and increases customer satisfaction.

What is small business logistics?

Definition and Key Components

Small business logistics includes the processes and activities involved in managing the flow of goods from the point of origin to the final destination. Key components of small business logistics include:

  • Transportation: Ensuring products are moved efficiently from one location to another.
  • Warehousing: Storing goods efficiently until they are needed.
  • Inventory management: Keeping track of stock levels to prevent overstocking or shortages.
  • Order fulfillment: The complete process from receiving an order to delivering it to the customer.
  • Customer service: Managing customer interactions and ensuring satisfaction with logistics services.

The Importance of Logistics to Small Business Success

Small business logistics may not always be top of mind for business owners, but its significance can't be overstated. It's the invisible engine that keeps operations running smoothly. Here’s why it’s so important: 

  1. Optimized Operations: By streamlining processes and eliminating inefficiencies, small business logistics optimization boosts productivity and reduces costs. Whether it's minimizing transportation time or maximizing warehouse space utilization, every aspect of operations becomes better.
  2. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: In the age of instant gratification, customers expect nothing less than speedy and reliable service. Timely delivery, accurate order fulfillment, and responsive customer service are the pillars of customer satisfaction. When a small business nails these aspects, it not only delights customers but also earns their loyalty.
  3. Competitive Advantage: Small businesses often face stiff competition from larger corporations with deeper pockets and more extensive resources. However, efficient small business logistics can level the playing field. By offering faster delivery times, more flexible shipping options, or superior customer service, small businesses can carve out a niche and differentiate themselves from the competition. 
  4. Cost Savings: It's no secret that running a business comes with expenses. But effective logistics management can help small businesses trim the fat and boost the bottom line. By optimizing transportation routes, minimizing inventory holding costs, and avoiding costly delays, small business logistics optimization can lead to significant cost savings over time. Every dollar saved in logistics expenses is a dollar that can be reinvested into the business for growth.
  5. Scalability: One of the hallmarks of a successful small business is its ability to grow sustainably. And logistics plays a crucial role in this journey. A well-designed logistics system can scale alongside the business, effortlessly handling increased order volumes, expanding into new markets, and adapting to changing customer demands. Whether it's ramping up production during peak seasons or expanding distribution networks to reach new customers, logistics flexibility is key to unlocking growth opportunities.

In essence, logistics is the backbone of small business success. It's the invisible thread that ties together every aspect of operations, from procurement to delivery.

Differences Between Small and Large Business Logistics

While bigger isn’t always better, big businesses enjoy certain advantages over small businesses due to scale. Shipping and logistics are one area where big businesses have an advantage. With access to more resources, big businesses have greater flexibility to handle issues. Among those resources may be a team of people dedicated solely to logistics. They can reroute fleets and reschedule delivery by turning to other resources the business operates.

A second advantage is pricing. Because big businesses do more business, their partners give them better rates. These cost savings may be applied to improving the logistics system further to enhance the bottom line. On the other hand, small businesses will pay higher rates for shipping and delivery services and be last in line should issues arise, leaving it more difficult to satisfy their customers.

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Logistics Small Businesses are Responsible for

Despite the challenges, logistics is very important for small businesses. It includes everything from keeping track of inventory to filling orders and managing transportation. To succeed in today's competitive market, small businesses need to be good at these important tasks to run smoothly and keep customers happy.

Inventory Management

Effective inventory management is crucial for small businesses. It involves maintaining a delicate balance between having enough stock to meet customer demand and avoiding excess. Regular audits are necessary to make sure that what's on the books matches what's in the warehouse. Moreover, demand forecasting, using historical sales data, helps anticipate future needs, allowing for smarter purchasing decisions. Lean inventory techniques, such as Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory, minimize holding costs and reduce waste, enabling more efficient operations.

Order Fulfillment Processes

The order fulfillment process is a pivotal part of a small business's logistics. It starts with efficient order processing systems that reduce lead times and improve customer satisfaction. The next steps, picking and packing, must be streamlined to make sure orders are prepared accurately and swiftly. Finally, selecting the right shipping partners and methods affects both delivery times and costs, which in turn influences overall customer satisfaction.

Transportation Management

Transportation management for small businesses involves selecting the most effective transportation methods and routes to ensure timely and cost-effective delivery. Choosing the right carriers based on cost, reliability, and speed is crucial. Furthermore, using route optimization tools can reduce fuel costs and delivery times, enhancing efficiency. Small businesses might also consider multi-modal transportation—combining different modes of transport—to achieve faster delivery and cost savings.

Customer Returns and Reverse Logistics

Managing customer returns efficiently is essential for maintaining customer trust and satisfaction. Small businesses should establish clear and customer-friendly return policies that enhance transparency and build trust. The return process itself needs to be efficient, from receiving and inspecting returned items to processing them. Properly managing these returns, whether by restocking, refurbishing, or recycling, helps recover value and reduce waste.

The Logistics Challenges Small Businesses Face

Small businesses often grapple with the complexities of logistics, facing unique challenges that can impact their efficiency and competitiveness. Addressing these challenges effectively is crucial for growth and customer satisfaction. Here’s how small businesses can tackle some common logistics issues:

Limited Resources and Budget Constraints

Small businesses often have limited financial resources, which restricts their ability to invest in the necessary technologies and personnel for managing logistics. This limitation not only affects their capacity to streamline logistics operations but also puts them at a disadvantage compared to larger competitors. The challenge is to find cost-effective ways to improve logistics without substantial investments.

Adapting to Market Changes

The business landscape is dynamic, with frequent changes in consumer preferences, supply chain disruptions, and economic conditions. Small businesses must be agile and responsive to these changes to remain competitive. However, the lack of a robust logistics infrastructure can make it difficult for them to adjust their operations quickly and efficiently. This challenge requires small businesses to develop flexible logistics strategies that allow them to respond swiftly.

Efficiently Managing Returns

Returns management is a critical component of customer service, particularly for businesses engaged in e-commerce. Efficiently handling returns is essential for maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. Small businesses often struggle with setting up an effective process that allows for quick and cost-effective handling of returned items. The logistical challenges include organizing returns, processing them quickly, and managing the restocking or disposal of returned goods, all while keeping costs low and customer satisfaction high.

How Curri’s Logistics Solutions Empower Small Businesses

People often sing the praises of small businesses - the backbone of the country. However, as every small business owner knows, competing against larger competitors is challenging. Partnering with Curri and its advanced logistics system and fleet helps small businesses level the playing field when it comes to delivery. 

Screenshot of Curri’s platform showing on-demand fleet options and delivery tracking
Curri makes it easy for small businesses to manage deliveries

Curri’s fleet network becomes their fleet, allowing them to scale up and meet the demands of their customers. Our innovative logistics solutions are designed specifically to address the unique challenges faced by small businesses.

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Timely Deliveries with Same-Day Service

Customers, particularly in the construction industry, need same-day delivery. Falling behind due to a delay in delivery of parts/equipment is costly. Ensuring the right products get delivered to the correct construction site is a complex operation. By having Curri to help with the logistics involved, small businesses can feel confident that contractors will receive their orders on time, allowing them to move forward on their projects.

Image showing Curri delivery driver and same day delivery service
Book same day deliveries in just a few clicks

Improved Customer Service

Have you ever had a company give you a wide range of times of when they will show up with your delivery only to show up at the last minute or, even worse, not at all? When you are waiting for a delivery that is crucial for a construction project, a delayed delivery can be maddening. With an advanced logistics system and a large fleet, you can deliver greater certainty to contractors as they will get the goods in a reasonable amount of time as promised. That’s the type of customer service that will lead to happy customers.

Reduced Fleet Expenses

Building a fleet of vehicles is often out of reach for small businesses. The costs of vehicles, insurance, and fuel is hard to stomach.Not to mention the costs and issues that comes with hiring drivers. By working with Curri, you only pay for delivery services when you need them. Our on-demand fleet is ready to go whenever you need it to make timely deliveries.

Table showing Curri’s fleet of on-demand vehicles
Curri’s fleet of on-demand delivery vehicles makes logistics easy for small businesses

Adapting to Market Demands with Flexible Staffing

Maintaining the right number of staff always involves a bit of guesswork. For a small business, one day the employee(s) may be focused on one element of the business, and the next day another. Heck, it could change hour to hour.

Flexibility is the key. When using a partner such as Curri, employees can take delivery off their list of things to focus on. It allows employees to concentrate on other aspects of the business.

Break Supply-Chain Bottlenecks

Supply chain bottlenecks occur because of a breakdown in logistics. Products are not moving through the system at a pace that will produce enough supply to meet demand. To break supply chain bottlenecks and get your goods to the contractors in the field, you need to improve your logistics. Having a fleet on call to make deliveries means the end of the bottleneck on the final mile.

Live-Tracking and Proof-of-Delivery

Knowing products are being delivered can be a relief. With live tracking of delivery and proof-of-delivery capabilities, you and your customers get certainty. Contractors don’t have to wonder and hope about when a delivery will happen. And as a small business owner, you can assure your customer regarding delivery and prove delivery occurred. In addition to adding certainty, this adds credibility.

Screenshot showing delivery confirmation from Curri
With Curri you’ll know the status of every delivery

Advanced Technologies in Small Business Logistics

Building on the logistics solutions provided by Curri, it’s crucial for small businesses to embrace advanced technologies that can further enhance their operational efficiency. These technologies are key to optimizing various logistics tasks and gaining a competitive edge in today's market. Here’s a closer look at how small businesses can leverage cutting-edge logistics software to streamline their operations:

Leveraging Logistics Software for Enhanced Efficiency

Modern logistics software equips small businesses with powerful tools that automate and optimize critical logistics functions. From inventory management systems that accurately predict stock needs to pricing software that helps you adjust pricing based on demand, there are a range of tools available.. By reducing manual tasks, minimizing errors, and saving time, small businesses can focus more on strategic growth and customer engagement.

Types of Small Business Logistics Software

Embracing specialized software solutions is pivotal for small businesses aiming to streamline their logistics operations. Here, we delve into three critical types of logistics software—transportation, inventory management, and fulfillment—that can transform the efficiency and effectiveness of small business logistics.

Transportation Software

Transportation software is essential for optimizing the delivery and distribution aspects of logistics. Curri's platform, which specializes in middle and last-mile delivery solutions, exemplifies how transportation software can benefit small businesses. By providing flexible transportation options across various vehicle types and sizes—from small cars to large trucks—Curri ensures that businesses can meet their delivery needs without the overhead of maintaining a diverse fleet. Additionally, Curri's software offers route optimization features that save time and reduce costs by identifying the most efficient paths for delivery.

Inventory Management Software

Effective inventory management is crucial for maintaining the balance between demand and supply. Modern inventory management software helps small businesses keep track of stock levels in real-time, predict demand trends, and automate restocking processes. This type of software minimizes the risks of overstocking or running out of stock, which can be particularly costly for small businesses. 

Fulfillment Software

Fulfillment software streamlines the process from receiving an order to delivering it to the customer's doorstep. This software automates parts of the picking, packing, and shipping process. For small businesses, this means faster order processing times, fewer errors in shipments, and improved customer satisfaction. Additionally, fulfillment software often integrates with other systems like inventory management and customer service platforms.

By adopting these types of logistics software, small businesses can significantly enhance their logistics operations.

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Curri's Impact on Efficiency and Growth in Small Business Logistics

Mission Moulding, a specialist in building materials based in San Diego, showcases the transformative potential of Curri’s small business logistics solutions. Before partnering with Curri, they faced significant challenges in managing deliveries of their diverse product range, including mouldings, doors, and hardware. The high costs and inefficiencies of maintaining their own fleet were notable hurdles. They used Curri to address multiple facets of their delivery and distribution challenges, resulting in significant improvements across their operations. 

Here are the key results from the partnership.

  • Sales Impact: By integrating Curri’s same-day delivery services, Mission Moulding achieved a 10% increase in retail sales. This boost came from being able to meet the immediate delivery expectations of their customers.
  • Delivery Efficiency: The adoption of Curri led to a 40% jump in delivery requests, meeting the growing demands from both contractors and retail customers.
  • Speed of Service: Materials were delivered within a 1-hour window, ensuring that items arrived same-day to construction sites and homes shortly after request.

Moreover, Curri’s reliable and timely deliveries enhanced customer satisfaction and efficiently managed last-minute orders. As Mission Moulding continues to grow, Curri’s scalable solutions ensure that their delivery services can expand accordingly, seamlessly managing larger order volumes as customer demand increases.

FAQs About Small Business Logistics

What Are the Best Logistics Practices for Small Businesses?

If you can only choose two areas to focus on, think about inventory management systems and optimizing deliveries. 

How Can Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Benefit Small Businesses?

Third-party logistics providers offer outsourced logistics services to other businesses. They can help reduce overhead, provide expertise in logistics operations, offer scalability to match business growth.This lets business owners focus on core activities. However, it could come at the cost of quality control. 

What Should Small Businesses Look for in a Logistics Partner?

Small businesses should seek a logistics partner with the following characteristics: 

  • Reliable
  • Integrates with existing systems
  • Scalability
  • Customer service and training


As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into small business logistics. Throughout this guide, we've explored various strategies and solutions that can help small businesses optimize their logistics operations. From adopting best practices and leveraging advanced technologies to partnering with reliable third-party logistics providers like Curri.

Curri can help your business deliver materials and goods, whether it’s to contractors in the field or branch-to-branch deliveries. When you partner with Curri, our platform allows you to compete with bigger businesses. You have a fleet at your disposal and on-call 24/7. Whether it's for an LTL, FTL, a daily route, or a hotshot, Curri can elevate your operations to the next level.

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April 25, 2024

How Does Curri Ensure High-Quality Drivers?

How does Curri ensure the highest-quality drivers in our virtual fleet? We use an advanced process to screen, train, and evaluate drivers.


Delivery drivers are crucial to your business, and we know it.

At Curri, we're passionate about the proper care and timely delivery of your material. This belief drives our rigorous 3-step vetting process for drivers - ensuring top reliability, professionalism, and safety. Additionally, our 24/7 support for drivers and customers through in-app chat, a dynamic help center, and a dedicated Support Team ensures confidence and success in every delivery.

How does Curri sustain a vast network of top-tier drivers?

At Curri, we use a three-step process to extensively vet potential drivers, onboard those approved with engaging and rigorous training programs, and ensure the utmost professionalism with a transparent driver rating system.

We also believe in doing our utmost to provide ample support to our active drivers as well as our customers. Through in-app chat, an ever-evolving Help Center, and a fully staffed Support Team, drivers are never alone on the road and you always know the status of your delivery. This also helps to ensure clear lines of communication between you, Curri, and the driver so that each and every job is completed on time with safety and care.

All drivers must undergo our vetting process, including DOT-regulated carriers, ensuring top-notch professionalism and safety with each delivery.

Here is our 3-step approach to ensure we only provide the best drivers for your delivery needs:

Our Background Check Process

To be onboarded with Curri, drivers must pass a series of background checks, and applicable SAFER verifications, including verification of DOT-regulated carriers in good standing with FMCSA regulations and requirements.

Onboarding and Training

Once fully vetted, drivers are coached through every stage of their performance via embedded training and performance checks to maintain adherence to our Driver Community Guidelines for safety, load handling, timeliness, and professionalism.

Safety & Transparency Embedded Throughout The Experience

After drivers are approved and onboarded, they can begin taking deliveries. Safety and transparency are critical to the Curri Experience and are enhanced via:

  • 24/7 live support 
  • Live tracking with signatures and proof of delivery photos at both pick-up and drop off
  • Customized in-app guidance based on the type of delivery and load to ensure consistency of experience for you and your customers

What does this mean for you and your business?

With Curri’s thorough process for screening, training, and evaluating drivers, your logistics needs are in capable hands. Whether you need to make a single delivery or manage dedicated routes, our network of first-rate drivers lets you focus on running your business. 

Lastly, Curri implements a transparent rating system based on customer feedback. After each completed delivery, customers can rate a driver's performance, influencing the driver’s future delivery opportunities. Lower ratings prompt intervention from our Support Team, and repeated low ratings and any violations of our Driver Community Guidelines will lead to actions up to and including removal from the Curri platform.


April 21, 2024

Delivery Cargo Insurance Is Fast and Easy with Curri

It’s fast and easy to complete a cargo insurance claim with Curri. Most claims are completed within 24 hours! Get all the details here.


At Curri, we understand the significance of ensuring that your cargo reaches its destination in the same condition as when you entrusted it to our carrier.

Many of our customers vet the courier and carrier companies they collaborate with to avoid any setbacks when unforeseen issues arise. We recognize that when you choose Curri, you place your trust in us and we take this responsibility seriously.
At Curri, we want you to have absolute assurance that your cargo is in safe hands and you’re covered if anything goes wrong. The assurance we give you starts with the quality network of professional drivers we’ve built to serve you – drivers that know how to handle and secure your cargo safely. But we don’t stop there. We back up our quality driver network with up to $250,000 of coverage for every load you send with Curri.

When you use Curri, you’re freed from all the burden of reviewing and verifying each one of your carrier’s insurance – Curri does it all for you, and you can have confidence that Curri always has you covered.

How to Submit a Curri Cargo Claim

While every Curri delivery is handled with the utmost care and diligence, we understand that things happen. If your cargo is lost or damaged during delivery, our dedicated Claims Team is always ready to help make it right. All claims regarding delivery experience (including cargo loss or damage) must be submitted to Curri within 30 days from the date of the delivery.

At Curri, most claims are resolved faster than the industry standard, and submitting your claim is one e-mail away: simply e-mail Our Claims Team will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

You can also use the live chat option on our contact page, or call (877) 772-8774 to get in touch with our Service Operations team to connect you to our claims team.

From there, you will need to provide the following information:

Provide Details About Your Shipment

For Curri to process your cargo claim, our Claims Team will need you to provide a receipt or invoice for the wholesale cost of the lost or damaged item(s). If you provided the declared value (optional) of your entire shipment when you booked the delivery, we will also look at this. Note: Declaring a value for your shipment ahead of time helps expedite your claim in the event of lost or damaged items.

Provide Additional Information and Photos

Photos of damaged items are great to have and can help expedite your claim. You may be asked to provide additional pictures, so please do not destroy or dispose of any damaged items or packaging materials until your claim has been processed. In addition, a detailed explanation of the cargo and a copy of any documents supporting costs incurred allow us to process your claim faster. The more information that you can provide to the Claims Team, the quicker your claim will be resolved.

Wait for Your Insurance Claim Confirmation

The Claims Team will notify you as soon as your claim has been processed. The fastest way for your claim to be resolved is to get Curri credit. You can also request payment by check, which on average is received in 7-10 business days after the claim has been processed and approved.

Get Top Notch Customer Service with Curri

Our Claims Team are real people who are ready to help you. On average, the Claims Team replies on the same or following business day to your e-mail and, if you need a faster response, our Service Operations team replies within minutes so you don't have to wait on hold or deal with automated phone lines. Our team is always a phone call or email away from assisting you with anything. Don’t hesitate to contact Curri Claims at with any questions or concerns you may have.


April 10, 2024

Curri's Integration with ERP Systems: Streamlining Distributor Operations

Explore how Curri's integration with ERP systems revolutionizes distributor operations, enhancing efficiency and streamlining workflows for unmatched business agility. Discover the strategic advantages with Curri.


In the competitive distribution landscape, especially within the construction and industrial sectors, operational efficiency and speed are not just advantageous—they're essential. Technological advancements can significantly benefit the journey from order placement to delivery, a critical aspect of a distributor's service quality. Integrating delivery logistics providers like Curri with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems becomes a game-changer.

Contact to learn more about integrating Curri with your ERP system.

Understanding ERP Systems

An ERP system acts as an organization's technological spine, supporting various business processes such as accounting, procurement, project management, and supply chain operations. Its primary strength lies in its ability to centralize data and streamline workflows across different departments, enhancing efficiency and providing real-time business insights. For distributors, an ERP simplifies data management and improves decision-making processes by offering a holistic view of operations.

Customizing when a shipment is created and a carrier is dispatched gives companies flexibility to ensure deliveries are efficient and aligned with their operations.

Critical Need for Curri Integration in ERPs for Distributors

Curri, known for its efficient logistics and delivery services for construction and industrial supplies, emerges as a powerful ally for distributors aiming to refine their sales order processes. Whether meeting a customer’s emergency needs, reaching a customer not in the effective range of the distributor’s fleet, or flexing to meet higher demand, Curri’s delivery services allow a distributor to capture and protect their sales. Here's why integrating Curri with ERP systems is becoming increasingly popular among distributors:

Accelerated Sales Order Process

The seamless integration of Curri into an ERP accelerates the end-to-end sales order process. Distributors can easily access Curri's delivery network through their ERP interface when an order is ready to be shipped. This direct integration eliminates the need for manual data entry and separate systems for delivery arrangements, thus saving valuable time and minimizing errors. It also makes providing a delivery option like Buy Online Deliver From Store (BODFS) for customers a breeze.

Elimination of Inefficient Operations

"Swivel chair operations" refers to inefficient toggling between multiple systems to complete tasks. Integrating Curri into ERP systems eradicates this issue. Distributors can manage their delivery needs without leaving the ERP environment, ensuring a smoother, more efficient operational workflow and allowing employees to focus on their core responsibilities without the distraction of multiple interfaces.

Familiarity and Ease of Use

ERP systems are at the core of a distributor's daily operations. Employees are well-versed in navigating these systems, making the integration of Curri an intuitive step forward. This familiarity significantly reduces the learning curve and training requirements, ensuring that arranging deliveries is quick and user-friendly.

One System of Record

At its core, an ERP is meant to be the system of record. Integration not only enables integration and more efficient booking but also the capture of all delivery data. This means that employees can find proof of delivery photos and signatures in the original sales order, making future reference efficient and straightforward. It can also mean pulling delivery costs back into the sales order, which ensures the customer gets charged when necessary, protecting revenue loss. 

Transparent and live delivery rates integrated into the ERP allows companies to compare carrier costs and select the appropriate delivery method.

ERP Integrations with Curri

Curri's integration capabilities extend to several leading ERP systems tailored for distributors, such as Epicor-Eclipse, Epicor-Prophet 21, and DDI. These strategic integrations empower distributors to leverage Curri's delivery services directly from their existing ERP platforms, streamlining their sales order processes and enhancing overall operational efficiency. Direct integration into a customer’s ERP drives 4 primary efficiencies:

  • A Curri delivery can be requested directly out of a sales or purchase order (SO or PO) with just a few clicks
  • Live tracking and notifications can be pulled directly into that SO for easy access
  • Delivery costs can be pulled directly into the SO for billing the customer
  • Proof-of-delivery photos can be pulled back into the SO for easy reference

Streamline Your Operations: Integrate Curri with Your ERP

Ready to take your distribution operations to the next level? Contact us today at to learn more and start optimizing your operations for the future. 

Integrating Curri with your ERP system can transform your sales order process, streamline operations, and enhance customer satisfaction. Don't let manual data entry, inefficient workflows, and operational bottlenecks hold your business back. Embrace the power of strategic integration with Curri and unlock a world of efficiency and speed in your delivery processes. Explore how our solutions can elevate your distribution strategy and keep you ahead in the competitive landscape.

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April 1, 2024

How to Reduce Fleet Costs: The Fleet Management Cost Guide

‍Learn how to reduce fleet costs with our guide. Discover how partnering with Curri can save you money on fleet management and improve efficiency.


You can't control prices at the pump; we get it. But there are other ways to reduce fleet costs. When you're running a fleet, every mile counts, whether it's a handful of vans or hundreds of trucks. 

Fuel, maintenance, and vehicle downtime can eat your profits if not carefully watched. Thankfully, you can find good ways to handle fleet costs and keep everything running well without spending too much money. 

Let’s discuss them in detail.

Direct Fleet Management Costs

Direct fleet management costs are the expenses you can see and track easily. They are the bills you pay directly to keep your fleet moving. 

By keeping a close eye on these, you can reduce fleet costs and make your operations more cost-effective.

Fleet Vehicle Purchasing, Leasing and Disposal

Buying a vehicle means you'll either pay a lot upfront or have a monthly payment. For businesses that need to keep their fleet up-to-date, this could mean high monthly costs that don't go away. But remember, spending a lot of money on vehicles might not be the best use of your cash. That money could do more for your business elsewhere.

Leasing vehicles also means a regular monthly expense. The costs are fixed and can be a burden when business is slow. Alternatively, during busy times, meeting demand may require expanding the fleet, leading to increased costs. An enterprise business may also need dedicated staff just to focus on purchasing and leasing vehicles.

Selling off older vehicles or trading them in can bring some cash back into your business. But figuring out the best time and way to do this can be difficult. There are also extra costs when you get rid of vehicles. You might spend money on moving and storing them before selling them.

You also need to check the vehicles to make sure they're ready to sell. Sometimes you’ll have to spend more money to fix them first. 

Fleet Maintenance Costs and Fuel Expenses

Regular fleet maintenance is unavoidable.  The costs to maintain and repair a fleet go beyond dollars and cents. If multiple vehicles are in the repair shop, operations are impacted. Having too few vehicles ready to go can mean delays or using the wrong size vehicles for the job.

Fleets require gas or electricity. Both forms of energy have a price tag. The prices (especially for fuel) can change dramatically from week to week. Every moment spent refueling or charging is a moment not spent on the road delivering.  Determining the ideal time to fuel up/charge can be a logistical headache.

You can save money by filling up or charging your vehicles when it costs the least. Making smart choices about which roads to take can also help lower your expenses.

Working with Curri helps businesses cut down on fleet upkeep costs. We make sure you have the perfect-sized vehicle ready for any delivery whenever they need it. Your business can work alongside Curri or hand over the entire distribution process to us. 

Thank you for reading this article. Please enjoy $40 off any Curri delivery by clicking on this link to sign-up.

Indirect Fleet Management Costs

Insurance Expenses and Liability Risk

You’ll want to keep your fleet up to date. Insurance costs for new vehicles are high and have been steadily increasing. Also, with many staff members using the vehicles for deliveries, it’s wise for businesses to get the best liability insurance they can.

Accidents will happen – the only question is when. When an accident does occur, insurance rates tend to rise dramatically. Finding a new insurer is also a time suck.

While insurance provides peace of mind, it does nothing positive for the bottom line. This essential fleet cost is a drag on capital.

Staffing and Driver Management

For any business operating a fleet, planning where drivers go is very important. They need to make sure drivers are where they need to be, on time, every time.

It's hard to guess when a usual customer might suddenly need something delivered in a hurry. Or when a new customer decides to see how good the company's delivery service is.

No matter how you plan to deliver, getting and keeping enough staff takes a lot of time.

Drivers are in high demand and might leave for a better offer.  When new drivers are hired, they need to be trained to deal with customers in a fashion that meets a business’ standards. Driver management is a full-time job that impacts construction fleet management operating costs.

Fleet Costs for Accidents, Fines, and Tickets

Fleet management means dealing with accidents, fines, and tickets. Again, these things are inevitable. The time and costs associated with these annoyances need to be considered. The only hope is to minimize these bumps in the road. 

Tracking the issues and providing high-quality employee training can help to reduce them in the long run. Staffing changes may be needed if drivers get into accidents or accrue fines and tickets at an unacceptable rate. This requires regularly updating a tracking system.

Fleet Cost Reduction Strategies

Here are some ways to reduce fleet costs while improving your service efficiency.

Cut Fleet Costs with a Virtual Fleet

A virtual fleet is a network of independently contracted drivers who use their own vehicles to transport goods on a company's behalf. This lets businesses deliver more stuff without having to pay for their own trucks or take care of them.

Curri gives you access to a nationwide network of vehicles and drivers, instead of spending a ton on buying, leasing, and maintaining a fleet.

Screenshot of the Curri delivery platform showing a selection of vehicles with descriptions and starting prices, and a route map outlining a delivery area in Los Angeles.
Various vehicle options and a specified delivery route are available on the Curri platform.

The service is perfect for urgent or unexpected orders. You will always have the right-sized vehicle available without the need to keep a bloated fleet just in case.

With Curri, you also cut down on indirect fleet costs like hiring and training drivers. Our drivers undergo a thorough background check by a third-party service provider called Checkr. We also make sure that all drivers comply with U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines, and the statutes of Prop 22.

Fleet Rightsizing

Fleet right-sizing is all about making sure your fleet is just the right size for your needs. Not too big that it's wasting resources, and not too small that it can't meet demand. 

Curri steps in to help businesses tackle this challenge head-on. If your company doesn't use a certain type of vehicle very often, it's smart to sell it. Then, you can use a delivery service like Curri when you need that kind of vehicle. With just a few clicks, you can have the ideal vehicle and an experienced driver at your pickup location within 30-45 minutes. 

Comparison chart of various Curri vehicle options including Cargo Van, Sprinter Van, Box Truck, Flatbed, Stakebed, Hotshot Trailer, Flatbed Trailer, and Dry Van, showing their respective lengths, widths, maximum weights, and suitability for different types of deliveries 
Curri's different vehicle options and their capabilities for various delivery services.

Curri’s platform provides a flexible, on-demand fleet of vehicles. They can adjust to each delivery's specific needs, making your last-mile and LTL operations more efficient.

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Leverage Fleet Cost Management Tech

There's truth in the saying, "What gets measured gets managed." You can monitor various aspects of your fleet's operation by using the right tech tools.

Here’s a look at some of the technology that can help you with fleet cost management:

  • GPS Tracking: Helps track vehicle locations and monitors driving behaviors that lead to higher fuel use.
  • Fuel Management Systems: Analyzes fuel usage to identify inefficient routes or vehicles.
  • Telematics Devices: It gathers engine health data and driving patterns. This helps to make routes better and keeps things safer.
  • Fleet Management Software: Centralizes management of maintenance schedules, vehicle lifecycles, and driver assignments.
  • Dash Cams: Improves driver safety and accountability, potentially reducing insurance costs.
  • Maintenance Alerts: Notifies managers when vehicles need maintenance, preventing costly repairs.

Cut Down on Mileage to Reduce Fleet Expenses

To cut down on fleet expenses, think about using your own trucks only for trips that are close by. For longer trips, you can outsource deliveries to services like Curri. This way, your trucks last longer, and you spend less on gas and fixing them up.

It also allows you to serve a wider area, which means you can take on more customers and expand your business.

Also, using smart software to plan your routes can save you a lot of miles. Imagine having a map that tells you the quickest way to get somewhere, so you're not driving around more than you need to. 

Curri is working on a special route planner tool just for this. It helps you figure out the best route fast, so you can send trucks out without having to make a bunch of phone calls to see where everyone is. 

Screenshot of the Curri route planning interface displaying multiple delivery routes with details including driver names, vehicle types, scheduled times, travel distances, and stops at various businesses.
Curri's route planner showing scheduled stops and driver assignments

Outsource Deliveries

Outsourcing your deliveries means letting another company handle deliveries. With outsourcing, you get experts to take care of things without having to worry about the details.

Curri has a team of top-notch drivers and a big network of vehicles ready to go whenever you need them. It’s perfect for businesses that need to send construction materials and supplies. With Curri, you can ask for a driver to make a delivery right now, plan regular deliveries, or anything in between. 

Plus, Curri’s drivers are great at what they do. They know their areas well and are professional and reliable. We have all kinds of vehicles, from small cars to big semi-trucks, so no matter what you need to deliver.

Optimize Fleet Insurance Costs

It's important not to get too comfortable with your fleet insurance costs. Always shop around to make sure you're getting competitive rates from your insurance providers. 

Curri knows how crucial it is that your items arrive in the same condition as when they were sent. That's why we've put a lot of effort into selecting only the best drivers who know how to safely handle and transport your cargo. 

Curri offers extra peace of mind with our  Loss Assurance Program. This means every delivery you make with Curri comes with up to $25,000 in coverage for each load. And for items valued over $25,000, our $250,000 cargo insurance kicks in, covering every load sent with us.

Fleet Cost Reduction Case Studies

Coburn's Saves $150K Annually on Trucking Costs with Curri

Coburn's is a leading enterprise in the HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and waterworks industry. They significantly cut down their annual trucking costs by partnering with Curri. 

Coburn's solved problems with pricey fleet growth by using Curri's Dedicated and Hotshots services. It makes their daily work smoother.  Curri enables them to help builders and contractors without needing a bigger fleet.

Here’s what they achieved:

  • Saved $150K annually on trucking costs
  • Eliminated the need for additional full-time employees and insurance costs
  • Reduced operational costs by 15%
  • Increased delivery requests by 10%
  • Saved over 3,300 hours of delivery time for branches

AM/PM Plumbing & Heating Supply Cuts Costs by 50% with Curri

AM/PM Plumbing & Heating Supply reduced their delivery operational costs and boosted retail sales. Anthony Cuccinello, President, praised Curri for eliminating headaches and providing substantial cost savings.

Curri’s Hotshots service changed how AM/PM Supply works. It helped them use less money to manage their fleet and focus more on growing their business.

Here are the results:

  • Slashed by 50% within a year by using Curri for deliveries.
  • Retail sales for emergency contractor jobs rose by 10%.
  • Improved with real-time delivery updates and proof of delivery photos.
  • Expanded by 250 miles, allowing out-of-state deliveries.

The Path Forward in Fleet Cost Reduction

Fleet cost management can feel like a never-ending battle. But there's good news: you can keep these costs under control by teaming up with Curri. 

Our virtual fleet offers three different delivery options—rush, same-day, and scheduled. We make it easier for your business to move construction materials and equipment without the heavy costs.

Curri is the go-to partner for businesses of all sizes in the enterprise, distribution, and construction sectors. Our wide-reaching network is ready to deliver any type of construction material, equipment, or product.

Ready to reduce your fleet costs and boost your productivity? Get a demo today and see how it works! Or sign up and book a delivery

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March 22, 2024

Last Mile Carrier Tracking: The Final Mile Guide for 2024

See how last mile carrier tracking helps delivery efficiency and customer satisfaction. Learn the benefits & challenges of last mile carrier tracking


Last mile carrier tracking essentially acts as the final check in a relay race to customer satisfaction. Remember President Harry Truman's sign, "The Buck Stops Here"? It's the same deal with last-mile delivery. This is where carriers either make good on their promises or drop the ball. 

No customer is interested in excuses. They just want their package on their doorstep, exactly when expected.

By using last mile carrier tracking, businesses gain a stronger grip on their delivery processes. In this article, we’ll show how last mile carrier tracking helps businesses, offering tangible examples and addressing its challenges alongside practical solutions.

What Is a Last Mile Carrier?

The last mile carrier is the party responsible for the final step of the delivery. The goods go from the last-mile carrier to the end user. Anyone who has ever received a UPS, FedEx, or Amazon delivery has interacted with a last-mile carrier. 

The last mile carrier is the most visible of those who handle the shipment along the supply chain. Because they are on the front line of delivery services, they need to manage logistics carefully. If there is a delivery issue, they will receive the blame – deserved or not. The buck stops with them.

What Is Last Mile Carrier Tracking?

Last mile carrier tracking is the technology that allows both businesses and customers to track the location of a shipment during its final journey to the delivery address. It turns the often frustrating wait for a package into an informed waiting period where you know exactly when to expect your delivery.

Last mile carrier tracking is crucial, especially when the timing of delivery is key—whether it's critical construction material needed on a job site or a vital part for repairs. It provides visibility into the package's journey, removing the uncertainty and anxiety associated with waiting. 

It answers questions like "Where is my package?" and "When will it arrive?" with precision and reliability.

Last Mile Carrier Tracking vs Final Mile Carrier Tracking

Final mile and last mile carrier tracking refer to the same process. Both terms can be used to describe the technology and systems used to monitor a package's progress during its last leg of delivery to the customer. 

Benefits of Last Mile Carrier Tracking for Customers

Last mile carrier tracking directly impacts how customers experience the delivery process. Let's explore the distinct benefits it offers.

Enhanced Visibility

Real-time last mile carrier tracking lets customers see where their package is at any moment, eliminating the guesswork of delivery times. This lets customers plan their own logistics around the expected arrival time. For example, imagine a construction job site waiting on a delivery of a specialized building material. With last mile carrier tracking, they can know exactly what time of day the material is expected and work around that. If they’re on the job site at 7 am and can see that the material isn’t arriving until 1 pm, they can plan to fill that time by working on a different part of the project.  

Increased Control

Options to reschedule or redirect deliveries put customers in the driver's seat. For instance, if a construction project faces unexpected delays or changes in site requirements, companies can swiftly reschedule deliveries of materials or redirect them to a different site. 

Image of a delivery driver sitting inside their vehicle and confirming delivery details on phone
Last mile carrier tracking gives companies the flexibility to make changes to deliveries

Efficiency Gains in Customer Service

Automated notifications via email or text enhance operational efficiency. Common customer questions about their shipment status are answered before they’re asked. This advanced communication reduces the need for manual responses to inquiries like "Has my package left the warehouse?" or "Is my delivery on schedule?".

Reduction in Missed Deliveries

With accurate delivery windows, customers can ensure they're available to receive their packages, significantly reducing the chances of missed deliveries. It's especially helpful for items that require a signature or are too large to leave unattended.

Peace of Mind

Last mile carrier tracking mitigates worries about package safety. Especially for high-value or time-sensitive items. Knowing the delivery status in real-time prevents the stress of potential loss, theft, or delays, ensuring customers can confidently plan for their arrival without unnecessary concern.

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How Last Mile Carrier Tracking Improves Operations

Last mile carrier tracking isn't just beneficial for customers; it also streamlines operations for companies, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs. 

Cost Savings

Optimized routes and reduced instances of failed deliveries translate into significant cost savings for companies. As the saying goes, "Time is money," and with last mile tracking, businesses can minimize wasted time and resources spent on inefficient delivery processes.

Improved Resource Allocation

With insights into delivery patterns and demand fluctuations, companies can allocate resources more effectively. Questions like "Which areas have higher delivery volumes?" or "Do we need to hire more drivers during peak seasons?" can be answered through data-driven decision-making.

Better Customer Service

Timely and accurate deliveries lead to happier customers, which in turn boosts brand reputation and loyalty. For example, a regional parts distributor company with reliable last mile carrier tracking can confidently offer a guarantee that customers will always know where their shipment is

Competitive Advantage

Companies that invest in advanced tracking technology gain a competitive edge in the market. 

For example, Company A uses a delivery service with last-mile carrier tracking, while Company B relies on an old truck with no tracking technology. 

Company A knows exactly where their deliveries are, giving accurate arrival times to clients and quickly adjusting to changes. 

On the other hand, Company B often operates in the dark, with clients left wondering about their delivery status. Without real-time tracking, delays are common, communication is filled with uncertainties, and overall efficiency takes a hit. 

Data-Driven Insights

Last mile tracking generates valuable data on delivery times, customer preferences, and traffic patterns. This empowers companies to make informed decisions. Questions like "Which delivery routes are the most efficient?" or "What are the peak delivery times?" can be answered with precision, guiding operational strategies.

Inventory Management Optimization

By accurately predicting delivery times and demand fluctuations, companies can optimize their inventory management processes. This enables them to maintain optimal stock levels, reduce storage costs, and avoid stockouts or overstock situations

Last Mile Carrier Tracking Solutions

Curri's last mile carrier tracking solutions are great for businesses that want to trim down their final mile delivery costs while enhancing service quality. 

Screenshot of Curri’s last-mile carrier tracking
Curri offers last-mile carrier tracking on all deliveries

Here are a few ways how Curri last mile tracking helps:

Last-Mile Carrier Tracking for Every Shipment

Curri provides real-time carrier tracking for all deliveries. Curri's efficient route planning and communication streamline operations, cut costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. With real-time tracking, all parties—distributors, contractors, and customers—gain transparency. 

Curri customers have seen over 30% savings in operational costs, a 24% increase in sales conversions, and a 25% boost in customer retention. 

Reducing Final Mile Costs

Curri offers flexibility and optimizes delivery routes, which directly reduces expenses. Our logistics software enhances efficiency and reduces logistical overheads by offering rate shopping, route planning, and dedicated driver services. 

Companies switching to Curri for deliveries have seen a sales conversion boost of 24%. Brands like Ferguson, Johnson Controls, United Rentals, CED, Grainger, and Reece, among others, have already experienced these benefits firsthand.

Screenshot of Curri’s platform showing vehicle options for deliveries
Curri’s intelligent load matching helps you pick the right vehicle for every delivery

Curri's unified vendor system and intelligent load matching further reduce costs by simplifying billing and making sure the most economical shipping options are used. This allows businesses to select cost-effective services without compromising quality. 

Route Planning for Last Mile Carriers

Curri's route planner is designed specifically for the industrial supply chain. It ensures that businesses can save miles on the road, leading to reduced fuel costs and improved delivery times. 

Screenshot showing Curri’s route planner
Curri’s route-planning software helps you save miles on the road 

Real-time visibility of trucks on a map through the control tower view transforms how businesses manage their fleets. It eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly communication so that they can get the information they need with just a click. 

Moreover, Curri's commercial-grade app for drivers enriches the delivery process by providing seamless communication between drivers and the main route planner. 

Challenges in Last Mile Carrier Tracking

According to a survey by Bringg in January 2022, a staggering 61% of retailers reported lacking visibility once orders were out for delivery. Last mile carrier tracking presents several challenges for businesses that impact both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Here are some common last mile tracking challenges faced by companies:

Inaccurate Delivery Estimates

The traditional approach to getting delivery estimates often relies on guesswork and constant phone updates. This is inefficient and can lead to costly delays and dissatisfaction.

Curri solves the problem of inaccurate delivery estimates by providing real-time tracking of trucks and orders. You can see where your delivery is and when it will arrive with a simple click, avoiding the hassle of calling around. 

Slow Deliveries

Today's customers expect fast, reliable, and transparent delivery services. Projections indicate that 99% of retailers will offer same-day delivery by 2025. Currently, only 35% are able to do so.

Curri solves this challenge through our industrial-grade hotshot delivery service. We offer rush, same-day, or a scheduled hotshot service.

Screenshot showing Curri’s rush, same-day, and scheduled delivery options
Curri lets you choose your shipment’s arrival time

Route Inefficiency

Inefficient routing increases fuel consumption and also leads to longer delivery times. Curri’s route planner tackles this challenge head-on by optimizing routes for last mile deliveries. It ensures that each journey is mapped out in the most efficient manner to save valuable miles and time. 

Scalability Under Demand Fluctuations

Sudden spikes in demand can test a business's delivery capabilities. An existing delivery fleet might not be able handle a large number of orders over a short period of time. The opposite is also a problem. You don’t want to have a large fleet sitting around unused during a lull in orders.

Curri offers a robust solution to this challenge. We offer short-term dedicated drivers as well as on-demand fleets that can accommodate changes in demand. 

 Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of last mile deliveries, primarily due to carbon emissions from delivery vehicles, is becoming a growing concern for businesses aiming for sustainability. 

Balancing efficient delivery practices with eco-friendly initiatives poses a complex challenge that can influence a company’s market position and customer perception.

Strategies like better route planning, using the right size or electric vehicles, and flexible fleet options help reduce carbon emissions. 

Image of a pickup truck loaded with boxes for a delivery
Curri reduces environmental impact by matching deliveries with the right size of vehicle

Curri helps make deliveries more eco-friendly by finding the best routes, offering a range of vehicles for any delivery size, and allowing for deliveries from multiple stops in one trip.

Last Mile Carrier Tracking Examples

Businesses are always looking for better ways to deliver their goods. Curri's last mile carrier tracking has helped many companies do just that. Here are a few examples below:

Mission Moulding Delivers Fast and Grows Sales

Mission Moulding needed a cheaper way to deliver goods fast. Curri lets them book last mile deliveries easily, track them in real-time, and choose from many different vehicles for delivery. Thanks to Curri, they saw the following results:

  • They sold 10% more because customers liked getting their stuff fast.
  • Requests for deliveries went up by 40% because they could deliver in different ways.
  • They reduced delivery times to within an hour, making customers and contractors happy.

AM/PM Plumbing Saves Money with Curri

AM/PM Plumbing & Heating Supply wanted to spend less money delivering their HVAC and plumbing products. Curri helped them cut delivery costs in half. Here’s what else they found:

  • They sold 10% more because they could quickly send goods for urgent jobs.
  • Customers liked getting updates on their deliveries and seeing photos when their goods arrived.
  • They could deliver to places 250 miles away, even out of state.

Optimizing Last Mile Carrier Tracking with Curri

We know how important last mile tracking is to you and your customers. With Curri, you don't have to text or call to know where your deliveries are. Our system gives you a "control tower" view on your screen. 

Your customers can also see where their delivery is and when it will arrive. They get real-time updates, so they always know what's happening.

Curri can help make your last mile deliveries faster and more affordable with built-in tracking. You can get started by creating a free account or booking a demo.

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March 19, 2024

First Mile Delivery Guide: Benefits, Examples, and Shipping Solutions

Learn the essentials of first mile delivery, its role in supply chains, and tips to enhance efficiency. Explore solutions for common logistics challenges


What is first mile delivery? Why does it matter in the logistics chain, and how does it differ from last mile delivery? 

First mile delivery is the initial step in the transportation process, in which products, materials, equipment, or other goods are moved through the first leg of the shipping supply chain. Each supply chain is different, and that is certainly true of the construction industry.

It's a crucial part of the logistics process that is frequently overlooked because it takes place before any interactions with the customer. 

In this article, we will discuss what first mile delivery means, how it differs from last mile delivery, and its benefits and challenges for businesses.

What Is First Mile Delivery 

In shipping and logistics, first mile delivery refers to the initial step in the supply chain. That could mean the movement of raw materials from a supplier to a manufacturing facility or the transportation of finished products from a manufacturing site to a distribution center. Wherever you are in the supply chain, your first mile will be unique to your business.

After goods are transported during the first mile, they are handed over to carriers, shipping companies, or logistics partners, who then move them to the next stage in the supply chain. First mile delivery is the initial delivery transportation. 

A great example of this is when you place an order with a large online retailer. The order is placed with the retailer, picked up from a regional distributor, and delivered to a local retail branch.

Some other examples include:

  • Bulk steel beams shipped from the manufacturer to regional distributors.
  • Power tools transported from distributors to industrial supply retail locations.
  • Concrete mix delivered from production plant to bridge construction site.

Why Is First Mile Delivery Important in Shipping and Logistics?

First mile delivery is one of the most important aspects of the order fulfillment process. If the process is subpar or inefficient in any way, it is certain to have a trickle-down effect on the rest of the order fulfillment supply chain. A growing problem is that businesses are not putting in the time and care that first mile delivery deserves. This is where Curri comes in.

Curri is built on moving material fast, reliably, and professionally. Another huge problem of first mile delivery for many companies is that the process is just too manual for our modern age. Tracking shipments often requires phone calls, writing down ETA’s on paper, and a less-than-stellar customer experience. 

Traditionally, no type of technology has been embedded in the first mile delivery stage. Once a shipment is picked up from a distributor, tracking is usually very limited. This can lead to all sorts of problems.

That’s why we do things differently at Curri. Whenever an order is picked up via a Curri driver, we provide a few things that will help aid the process of tracking and peace of mind. Not only do we provide photos of the cargo, but with our live first mile delivery tracking system, you will never wonder where your shipment is or when it will arrive.

What Are the Differences Between First Mile and Last Mile Delivery?

The distinction between first mile and last-mile delivery lies primarily in their positions within the supply chain and their operational focuses. 

First-mile delivery is the initial step where products move from the point of origin, such as a supplier or manufacturer, to the first warehouse or distribution center. In contrast, last-mile delivery is the final step, delivering the product from the distribution center to the end customer's location, such as their business or job site.

First-mile delivery typically involves transporting large volumes, often in pallet-sized shipments, to a single location. However, last-mile delivery deals with significantly smaller, as it primarily involves delivering individual orders directly to end customers.


  • First Mile Delivery: A construction company receives a bulk shipment of steel beams directly from the manufacturer to their warehouse.
  • Last Mile Delivery: A local construction site receives a scheduled delivery of pre-cut lumber from the nearest distribution center.

Key differences in first mile vs last mile delivery include:

Table Example
Factors First Mile Delivery Last Mile Delivery
Operational Focus Efficiency in bulk transport. Focuses on economy of scale. Focuses on customer satisfaction, speed, and presentation.
Workflow Complexity Tailored handover with specific loading/unloading processes. Involves detailed sorting, dispatching, and complex route planning.
Customer Interaction Lacks direct customer contact; operational efficiency is key. Crucial for customer experience; service quality is paramount.
Packaging Utilitarian and designed for protection and bulk handling. Designed for customer appeal, may include branding and special unboxing experiences.
End Destination Warehouse or distribution center. Customer’s doorstep or a job site
Purpose Transports goods from suppliers to the initial point in the supply chain. Delivers orders from the fulfillment center to the end customer.

What Are the Steps in the Order Fulfillment Process?

The order fulfillment process is a series of steps that move a product from the supplier to the end customer. The initial step in the order fulfillment process involves preparing and first mile pickup from the brand or retailer to the supplier.

Here’s a concise overview of each step:

  1. Order Placement: Brands or retailers submit a significant order to suppliers or wholesalers. This involves processing and preparing the inventory for shipment.
  2. Choosing a Carrier: Suppliers or wholesalers select a shipping company like Curri based on cost, service level, reliability, and the geography covered to deliver goods to their final location.
  3. Preparation for Shipment: Orders are packed and labeled according to the customer's requirements.
  4. Transportation: The carrier moves the goods from the supplier to a central hub or distribution center.
  5. Inventory Reception: After the distribution center, the shipment is incorporated into inventory and becomes ready for customers or further distribution.

Curri's comprehensive logistics platform enhances first mile delivery optimization throughout the order fulfillment process. Our suite of tools supports businesses requiring logistics solutions, featuring a nationwide carrier network, an on-demand fleet, and superior tracking capabilities.

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Examples of First Mile Delivery in Manufacturing & Distribution

The construction industry is comprised of a vast array of businesses in a complex and interconnected supply chain. Wherever your business is located in the supply chain, the next step is where your first mile begins. 

And Curri is ready to get the job done. From raw materials to finished products and eCommerce fulfillment, Curri's first mile delivery service makes it easy to kickstart your downstream supply chain.

Transport for Raw Manufacturing Materials

For construction industry manufacturers, efficient inbound transport of raw materials is crucial. It ensures reliable operations and a smooth supply chain. On-time delivery of materials maximizes team output and optimizes processes. 

Transport for Completed Products

The aim of first mile delivery for finished products is to move them through the supply chain to the customer swiftly. This process involves more than just loading and delivery; it includes order fulfillment, packing, vehicle assignment, driver assignment, ensuring quality delivery, and customer satisfaction. 

To guarantee a high-quality first mile delivery experience, consider the 7R’s by John J. Coyle: the right product, to the right customer, with the right quantity, in the right condition, to the right place, at the right time, and at the right cost.

First Mile Delivery to Warehouse & Distribution Partners

The first mile varies across the supply chain stages. Without an on-demand first mile delivery service, the flow changes: products move from the manufacturer's warehouse to a holding center. Consider a local pool installation company as an example. 

Ordering an Intex pool from a store that lacks immediate stock leads to a multi-step process. The store orders from Intex, and the pool traverses through several holding centers or warehouses before arriving at the store, and finally to the customer. 

Logistics for Retail & eCommerce Fulfillment

Retail and eCommerce businesses make the fulfillment process a priority. eCommerce stores don’t have a physical location, so filling orders quickly and effectively is a challenge at the top of the priority list. 

Although most eCommerce seems direct to the customer, there are still several steps in the supply chain at play here. Once an order is placed, the items will either be shipped out from a holding center/warehouse or be picked up by a courier and taken to the customer.

Oversized Freight for Vehicles, Machinery & Large Products

For companies making vehicles, machinery, or other large items, first mile delivery of heavy freight poses challenges, especially when in-house vehicles are scarce or already in use. Faced with a rush order for oversized freight or a limited fleet, Curri offers a solution. Our on-demand fleet is designed to handle such demands, providing immediate assistance for heavy and oversized deliveries. 

Chart showing Curri’s freight delivery vehicles
Curri’s on-demand fleet is ready for freight deliveries

What Are the Challenges of First Mile Delivery?

First mile delivery can face a lot of numerous challenges that can affect the efficiency and reliability of the supply chain from the outset.

Labeling and Packaging

Inefficient labeling and inadequate packaging pose significant risks in the delivery process. Errors in labeling, like incorrect addresses or product details, can cause delivery delays and lost shipments, leading to increased costs and strained business relationships. 

Similarly, using unsuitable materials or packing methods for heavy or bulky items can result in damage during transit. This could result in costly replacements and project delays.

Lack of Resources 

A common obstacle is the lack of resources dedicated to first mile delivery logistics. This includes insufficient human resources, inadequate transportation options, or a shortage of technological tools for efficient operation. Such resource limitations can hinder the ability to move large volumes of materials promptly, leading to delays in the supply chain. 

Curri on-demand truck driver
Curri’s on-demand fleet of vehicles help lower first mile delivery costs

Curri makes it easy for companies to handle first mile delivery. We have an on-demand fleet of vehicles available nationwide for any construction and industrial supplies deliveries. Our software also creates employee efficiencies. You’ll save on driver costs and will be able to schedule and manage more deliveries with our easy-to-use logistics planning tools.  

Quality Control and Damage Prevention 

The initial stage of delivery presents risks of quality degradation and cargo damage, which can be attributed to numerous handoffs and transport phases. 

Curri minimizes this risk with thorough courier vetting and a solid Loss Assurance Program. In the rare case that an issue arises, a simple claims process with quick, dedicated support resolves concerns swiftly, keeping your business moving smoothly.

Visibility and Tracking

Providing real-time visibility and tracking for shipments is essential for modern logistics. But it can be difficult for a lot of companies to implement this with first mile delivery. Especially when multiple smaller delivery and logistics companies are involved. 

Screenshot of Curri’s logistics platform
Curri provides real-time tracking on all shipments

Transparency is baked directly into Curri’s delivery platform with live tracking and notifications. You’ll know the exact status of your first mile delivery at all times and can pinpoint exactly where it is. 

Benefits of First Mile Delivery Tracking

First mile delivery tracking provides visibility into the earliest stage of the supply chain, where raw materials or products leave their origin en route to warehouses or distribution centers. 

Its benefits include:

  • Enhanced Visibility: Know exactly where materials or products are from the start.
  • Improved Planning: Anticipate arrival times for better resource allocation.
  • Reduced Costs: Identify inefficiencies and cost-saving opportunities.
  • Increased Reliability: Minimize delays through proactive issue resolution.
  • Better Supplier Relationships: Facilitate communication and trust with suppliers.
  • Optimized Inventory Management: Align inventory levels with production needs.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Set accurate expectations for downstream delivery timelines.

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Optimizing Your First-Mile Delivery with Curri (Solutions and Best Practices)

First mile delivery is one of the most important aspects of your company’s fulfillment process. It also has a lot of moving parts like vehicle availability, driver staffing, clear and reliable tracking, and more. Curri can meet all of these needs every single time with our first mile solutions.

Curri offers a nationwide delivery fleet network that can handle any type of delivery - especially for construction and industrial supplies. From cars and SUVs to box trucks, sprinter vans, and semi-trucks, Curri has what you need, on-demand. Curri offers same-day deliveries as well as scheduled daily routes with dedicated drivers. You can get started by scheduling a delivery or booking a demo.

FAQ About First Mile Delivery

What is middle mile delivery?

Middle mile delivery is the transportation of goods from a warehouse or distribution center to a retail store or secondary distribution point. It focuses on moving products closer to the end consumer but not directly to them.

How does first mile delivery impact customer satisfaction?

Improving your first mile delivery processes can positively impact customer satisfaction. It can lead to better inventory management and faster overall delivery times, which eventually improves customer satisfaction.

How long does first mile delivery take?

First-mile delivery can vary from one to several days, depending on factors like distance, availability of transportation, and the complexity of the supply chain process involved.

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January 11, 2024

What Is Logistics as a Service (LaaS)? - The Benefits of LaaS Fleet Solutions

LaaS: Transform supply chains with cloud-based solutions, leveraging software and advanced tech for efficient logistics and reliable transportation.


Many know the term SaaS or software as a service since it entered the vernacular around 2000. However, few may be familiar with logistics as a service or LaaS. What is the definition of LaaS, and how can it improve fleet operations for your business?

Logistics as a service is a supply chain solution to logistic challenges. LaaS solutions utilize software and other forms of advanced technology to help businesses manage their logistics and improve delivery. The cloud-based platforms are customizable and allow companies to increase transportation reliability.

LPaaS vs LaaS

Let’s add another term to the mix: LPaaS - Logistics Platform as a Service (LPaaS). What is an LPaaS? The definition of a logistics platform (which could change depending on the context) – a centralized platform that can be accessed to direct all things related to logistics, transportation, and distribution of goods.

Putting two and two together, the definition of an LPaaS is a centralized platform that companies use to manage their logistics – the range of services can be specific or widespread. An LPaaS utilizes software and is accessible via the cloud.

Curri is an LPaaS. Our platform focuses on middle-mile and last-mile construction and industrial supply deliveries. The platform helps customers grow sales while reducing risk.

Curri’s Advanced Logistics Platform Is a Difference Maker

How does Curri deliver on the promises made above? The key is our advanced logistics platform, which allows us to activate our end-to-end logistics services and nationwide elastic fleet. We recognize your customers are racing against the clock, and therefore, you're also racing against the clock. The advanced logistics platform helps you win the race.  

The platform, which can account for tens of thousands of factors, matches customers’ delivery orders to drivers within minutes. The platform provides real-time tracking and advises drivers about the quickest route. Customers also get visibility into historical analytics and reporting, which is useful for effectively managing business operations.

So, your customers will get supplies delivered to them quickly. They also know when the delivery will happen, enabling them to plan accordingly and not waste a minute.

Examples of LaaS in Action

Sometimes, an example can make an unfamiliar concept clearer.

Consider this.

You’re a retailer with multiple locations and a few centralized warehouses. Your goal is to deliver goods to the retail locations just in time (you don’t want them sitting on the shelf). This makes delivery operations more stressful since there are a million issues that could occur with the fleet alone.

You can use a LaaS to track where your fleet is and how to utilize it to meet your logistical challenges. Some questions the LaaS could answer include:

  1. Where is the fleet currently?
  2. When will it return to the warehouse?
  3. Do you need more of the fleet at some of the warehouses?

By having insight into the fleet, you can make high-level decisions that help your business meet customer demands. LaaS customers can plan delivery operations with more confidence.

Offer Same-Day Delivery Within Hours

For many businesses, offering same-day delivery is table stakes. In the construction industry, time is money. If teams are waiting around on a job site for a delivery, the contractor will disappoint their customer. Moving a project forward helps them keep their customer content and allows them to get to the next job.

Customers who use our LPaaS solution don’t lose hours waiting for a delivery. Our vast fleet, which can handle delivery of goods ranging in size, is ready to go as needed. It’s easy to place a delivery order on the platform. Because the delivery typically happens within an hour or two, crews can proceed with their work and be confident that the required part will be there when needed.

Break Supply Chain Bottlenecks

Supply chain bottlenecks, which were a constant post-Covid, have eased. However, the challenge of last-mile delivery still exists for many companies due to the challenge of finding drivers.

Curri customers don’t have this worry. Supplies are not stuck at a centralized warehouse or in your backroom as you try to arrange a driver and a vehicle. Instead, you can access the Curri app and book your pickup. Our delivery drivers can help end the bottlenecks you face.

Optimize Last-Mile Delivery

Those involved with logistics know that last-mile delivery is the most challenging and expensive. It’s also typically difficult to track, travels via poor routing, and lacks transparency.

Curri helps you minimize each of these challenges. Curri can handle any delivery situation – regular route, hotshot, fill-in, - so you can keep your staff and fleet to a minimum. Also, our LPaaS allows you to track delivery so you know exactly when the delivery will occur. Route planning software helps drivers take a faster route. Finally, drivers take a picture when they make the delivery and share it with you. So, there’s no doubt or debate that the delivery has occurred.

Streamline Exception Management

If everything went smoothly… Never going to happen in life or business. That’s why there’s exception management, understanding why delays occur, and providing actionable data so they won’t occur in the future.

This requires data. With Curri’s LPaaS, you have the data to examine your logistical operations. Instead of scratching your head and wondering why, you can make the needed changes to ensure delivery operations happen as envisioned.

Scale Your Fleet Operations Up or Down

One of the delivery challenges is determining the optimal size of your fleet. How can you have the right-sized fleet for busy and slow times while minimizing costs? Answer: you can’t.

Curri helps you turn this answer to you can. Partner with us, and we can provide delivery as you need it. So, instead of always being ready for the rush, you can scale your fleet down. When you need to scale up, call on Curri. Whether for a busy season or a busy day, Curri makes operations planning simple.

Use Curri for a Completely Virtual Fleet

Want to get rid of your fleet altogether? You can do that too. Have Curri serve as your virtual fleet. We have the fleet size and drivers available to handle delivery services. Your customers will get the service you expect while you minimize fixed costs.

A Powerful Logistics Software Platform for Delivery Operations

Managing logistics is a complicated and time-consuming process. It can take you away from what you do best.

Partner with Curri, and LPaaS company, and make fleet operations a snap. Click here to begin working with Curri.

Thank you for reading this article. Please enjoy $40 off any Curri delivery by clicking on this link to sign-up.


December 1, 2023

Going Electric - The Future of Delivery?

The auto industry as well as the delivery and logistics industry are beginning the transition to electric vehicles. Is this the future of delivery?


The future of electric vehicles for delivery is looking brighter than ever. With the recent advances in technology, electric vehicles are becoming a more and more viable option for use in medium and heavy-duty vehicles, which includes trucks, vans, and other Class 2B vehicles.

Amazon announced their duo of electric delivery vans, newly named the EDV line. The mid-size EDV 700 has a cargo hold of 700 by 500 cubic feet respectively, with a 201-mile range.

Nikola compiled a list of 150,000 reasons why to electrify your fleet with a Nikola Tre BEV to help market their new electric big rig that boasts a 350-mile range on one charge and an impressive 480kW/ 645 HP.

Even big names like Walmart have jumped on the electric bandwagon by purchasing 4,500 Canoo electric delivery vehicles for their last-mile deliveries in support of its growing eCommerce business.

These companies are making substantial changes to the supply-chain industry, but the real question is, will they survive? Is investing in an electric vehicle a lucrative option for me as an owner/operator and/or gig-worker?

An Attractive Option?

Due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine and dependence on foreign fossil fuel, record-high gas prices at the pumps led many gig-workers and fleet operators to debate whether an electric vehicle would be a wise investment over their gasoline counterparts.

Who hasn’t thought about investing in an all-electric truck like the Ford F-150 lightning or Ford Maverick Hybrid? As a freelancer hauling heavy materials, what are the benefits and drawbacks of electricity? And most importantly, what is going to make the most MONEY?

The Atlas Public Policy report notes that while an electric vehicle's initial purchase price is higher than that of a gas-powered one, other expenses such as fuel, maintenance, insurance, and taxes lead to a lower total ownership cost in the long run than many gasoline alternatives. It can be reassuring for someone who is looking for a personal vehicle that can make side deliveries for extra income, or for someone who makes their income exclusively through gig-apps/ gig-work. But is the investment worth it?

The Future of Electric

How will electric-powered logistics be accommodated beside the amazing electric model delivery vehicles mentioned earlier? The task of converting the nation's fleet to electric power is a critical piece of battling against climate change. But making America’s cars and fleet go electric will be a challenge for America’s electric grid. According to a study done by The Brattle Group, the nation would need to invest as much as $125 billion in the grid to allow it to handle electric vehicles.

Final Thoughts

A dramatic transformation of the grid will be necessary, rooftop solar panels would need to be installed everywhere to keep electricity sourced locally. Patrick McHugh, Vice President of Engineering and Planning for Con Edison expects that the move to electric cars will be gradual, similar to the way the adoption of home air conditioners was in the 70s and 80s. “It will slowly build up,” he said, “and we’ll monitor that accordingly.”

Now knowing that the future is going electric, what will the future of logistics and delivery look like for not only salaried drivers, but also gig-workers taking advantage of our new gig economy? Let us know what you think by sending us an email at


October 27, 2023

How Enterprises Can Decarbonize Delivery and Logistics in the Last Mile

Reconsidering logistics delivery operations can meaningfully reduce carbon emissions. Let’s look at a few of the strategies.


The news is filled with stories about climate change, leading many to consider their carbon impact. Individuals and businesses are looking for ways to decarbonize. Some industries, such as the logistics and transportation sector, are significant contributors to carbon dioxide emissions. The logistics and transportation sector can reconsider their operations and reduce their carbon footprint. Enterprises focused on last-mile delivery can partner with a third-party company as part of their carbon reduction strategy.

The Challenges of Last Mile Delivery

Last-mile delivery, the final step between the product seller and buyer, has a larger carbon footprint than other links in the supply chain. According to the World Economic Forum, this carbon-guzzling delivery method will grow by 78% by 2030 .

Last-mile delivery presents multiple challenges. Chief among them, enterprises that offer delivery often deliver to one customer at a time. Vehicles leave a store/warehouse, make a last-mile delivery, and return to the original location. When the next delivery is needed, the process begins again. This contrasts with the Amazon delivery team, which makes multiple stops along a set area. This is more efficient and uses less carbon.

Why the Last Mile Is the Least Efficient?

Customers today are more demanding than ever, so their orders must arrive quickly. Companies promise speedy delivery, with some guaranteeing it in just a few hours. Although this might be necessary to meet/beat the competition, it makes last-mile logistics more challenging. Expecting customers to wait and making delivery more efficient is a non-starter.

So, operations are stressed, and efficiency goes out the window. You’re so focused on meeting customer demands that you can't consider ways to decarbonize delivery.

Strategies for Sustainable Last Mile Delivery

Because last-mile delivery is a carbon-guzzling activity, many have considered strategies for reduction. There's no strategy that will completely decarbonize last-mile delivery. However, reconsidering logistics delivery operations can meaningfully reduce carbon emissions. Let’s look at a few of the strategies.

Route Optimization and Consolidation

Archimedes explained that the shortest path between two points is a straight line. That truism depends upon the geometry of the object/surface in question. However, there’s always a shorter and longer way to get between points. When delivery vehicles use the most efficient route, they minimize carbon output.

Curri’s route planner helps our customers save miles on the road. It optimizes trips and finds the most efficient route. It enables customers to quickly and easily assign and dispatch orders.

Vehicle Efficiency and Electrification

Vehicle efficiency means using the right sized vehicle for delivery and should be part of an enterprise’s decarbonization plan. Enterprises can use a mini or a sedan, which are typically carbon-efficient for delivery of small packages. They should only use bigger/heavier vehicles for delivery of large items.

Of course, an electric vehicle is even more efficient. It only requires recharging. Companies that electrify their fleet significantly reduce their carbon output for delivery operations.

Flexible, Scalable Fleet Operations

Having the right-sized vehicle for delivery is a challenge for operations. There’s an element of the unknown with delivery – each day is different, and things change by the minute. This makes planning logistics extremely challenging. Companies might intend on sending out the right sized vehicle, but it may not be available when needed.

When enterprises partner with Curri, the right-sized vehicle is always available promptly. Our wide range of vehicles can make any delivery. With Curri as part of your team, you can scale your fleet operations without increasing the number of vehicles. Less production means less carbon.

Outsourcing and Virtual Fleet Services

Companies choose to outsource services for a host of reasons. The benefits of outsourcing include increased productivity, lower costs, and greater efficiency. This is because enterprises only pay for what they need.  

Companies have to maintain their own fleet. The services necessary to maintain a fleet use carbon. Using a virtual fleet minimizes carbon usage since vehicles are only used as needed.

BODFS Fulfillment for Retail and eCommerce

BODFS (Buy online deliver from store) is a type of order fulfillment that is carbon efficient. The other alternative is to have customers come to a retail or eCommerce outlet to pick up their orders. When customers order items via BODFS, enterprises can deliver to multiple customers during one trip. Less trips made results in a reduction in carbon emissions.

Curri offers multi-stop deliveries with the same wide range of vehicles available for single deliveries.

The Advantages of Carbon Reduction for Enterprises

In addition to being good for the environment, carbon reduction is good for business. Survey results indicate most people prefer to do business with environmentally sensitive companies. Your clients may choose to increase their interactions with a carbon-sensitive company. In addition, being carbon sensitive could sway potential clients considering which enterprise to give their business to.

Carbon reduction also saves money in operations. Using less gas and fewer vehicles is a dollar savings for delivery operations.

Contact Curri for Sustainable Last Mile Logistics

Think your enterprise wants to reduce carbon emissions related to last-mile delivery? Consider partnering with Curri to improve logistics and minimize your carbon output during operations.

Sign up for Curri here.


October 25, 2023

Curri unveils its new integration with Epicor Eclipse, a premier ERP system for the industry

Curri uses the native freight estimation tools in Eclipse to enable quoting and booking of rush delivery directly out of a sales order or purchase order. This integration simplifies the logistics process by enabling Eclipse users to book Curri deliveries directly from their ERP dashboard, and is 100% free to install.

Curri, the forefront final mile delivery service catering to construction and industrial wholesalers, is excited to unveil its new integration with Epicor Eclipse.

Curri uses the native interface of Eclipse to enable quoting and booking of rush delivery directly out of a sales order.

This integration simplifies the logistics process by enabling Eclipse users to book Curri deliveries directly from their ERP dashboard, and is 100% free to install.

Key benefits:

  • Seamless booking within the Eclipse environment
  • Reduction in administrative tasks with no platform switching
  • A cost-free solution to enhance operational efficiency

Curri's features extended in Eclipse:

  • Instantaneous and transparent rates
  • Live tracking links
  • Proof of delivery photos and signatures attached to the sales order
  • Support for Solar notifications on delivery statuses

The integration is now generally available. For further details and to get started, fill out this form.


October 13, 2023

The Benefits of Courier Services for Construction Projects

Relieve the burden and smooth out the process by using a delivery service to ensure all building materials are on the job site when needed.


If you’re a general contractor or construction manager, you know the challenges associated with construction projects. Today’s customers are more demanding, projects have become more complex, and schedules have become more condensed. Meeting these construction challenges is a constant burden. One way to help relieve the burden and smooth out the process is to use a delivery service to ensure all building materials are on the job site when needed.

A Tool for General Contractors and Construction Managers

Each challenge noted above comes down (at least in part) to time. When you, the general contractor or construction manager, have slack in your schedule, it’s easier to deal with demanding customers who require time and patience. Complex projects take more time to understand and construct. Finally, compressed schedules require work to happen more quickly, so time needs to be allocated for another task.

Using a delivery service for construction equipment and supplies provides multiple benefits, including saving time and ensuring the crew can focus on the project.

How Curri Delivery Improves Construction Management

Curri has delivered construction materials and equipment to thousands of worksites. Construction managers and general contractors who partner with Curri have seen sales increase. They can focus on what they do best – construction – and leave delivery service to Curri.

When construction managers and general contractors work with Curri, they know equipment and supplies will be on-site (or removed from a site) as needed. This is one less worry and one less thing that requires planning.

Consider other ways Curri can improve your business↓

Same-Day On-Site Delivery and Dedicated Routes

Some days, weeks, seasons, etc., are crazy busy. Holding everything together is a constant battle. During those busy times, regular deliveries are helpful.  

Curri can fit your courier needs as we offer a variety of delivery services, including dedicated routes. With dedicated routes, you reduce costs and offset risks. It includes a truck, a driver, route planning software, proof of delivery, and live tracking. Vehicles stay overnight on your lot to be loaded, so they are ready to go in the morning, just like your own trucks. A driver arrives daily at a designated time and is on their way.

You can use this service for as little as one day, which allows you to efficiently manage your transportation needs without committing to a long-term arrangement.

We Bring Building Materials and Supplies to the Job Site

Some delivery services deliver to centralized locations or the main gate of an area. Not Curri. We will deliver your building materials and supplies directly to the job site.

Plus, there’s no need to worry if the courier will find the location. Our drivers are locals, so they’re familiar with the area (plus they have a GPS). They’ll get your delivery exactly where you want it. So, there are no hold-ups, and time is not lost moving materials to the best location.

We Deliver Replacement Tools and Repair Parts

Pick up the wrong part? Did your list of supplies change? Something break? Nothing is more frustrating than the need to call time because you need replacement tools and/or repair parts. If you’re quiet, you can hear the clock ticking. Ugh!

Take the stress out of such situations with Curri. You can quickly place an order through the app and know that your replacement tools/repair parts will be arriving shortly. You can determine the best way to move forward on the project while waiting for the replacement/repair rather than trying to figure out how to get the needed tool/part.

We Pick Up and Return Vehicle and Equipment Rentals

Returning equipment can be more hassle than delivery – especially if it’s the end of the workday. No one wants to add on to the end of a workday for the delivery. Keeping the construction equipment rental beyond the agreed time is an unnecessary expense.

Call on Curri to return vehicles and construction equipment. No extra fees are incurred, so you will improve your bottom line. And no one needs to add even a few minutes to a long day.

We Help Your Team Stay On the Job and Off the Road

Ask any hiring manager about their job challenges in the last few years and be prepared to hear them go on about the struggle of finding employees. And construction has been one of the more challenging industries to staff. So, as a construction manager or general contractor, you may be dealing with an undersized team. Keeping them all on the job and off the road is essential to keep the project on schedule.

What about hiring drivers? Forget about it. Instead, turn to Curri. We employ a massive national driving network that becomes your partner when you work with us. So, keep the team on the job and let Curri drivers handle the road.

Reduce Project Delays and Increase Job Site Productivity

Remember those challenges noted above? The demanding customers rarely turn into repeat customers if there are project delays. Sometimes, delays are unavoidable, but those that are avoidable must be if you are to meet the demands of the challenging customer and maintain the schedule.

When construction materials and/or supplies are not available when needed, it negatively impacts productivity. Keep the crew busy and improve productivity when you employ Curri as your partner. The crew can focus on what they do best, so you give yourself the best chance to meet the construction schedule and satisfy even demanding customers.

A Complete Fleet: Sedans and Pickups to Semis and Flatbeds

Whether you need the largest piece of construction equipment or some minor supplies, Curri has you covered. With our wide-ranging fleet which includes sedans, pickups, semis, and flatbeds, we can deliver nearly anything you may need on a construction site.

We arrange delivery with the ideally sized vehicle, so your item(s) will arrive intact. Each driver and vehicle are fully licensed and insured. Drivers are screened and trained, so you work with a professional.  

A Powerful Solution for Construction Companies

General contractors and construction managers need partners to help meet their challenges. Curri software and delivery services help grow sales, reduce risk, and provide superior customer experiences. We will deliver your building materials and supplies to the construction site, so you can keep your team onsite and on the job. Improve productivity and give customers your best effort with Curri by your side.

Sign up here in seconds, and learn more.


September 19, 2023

Why HVAC Suppliers Rely on Curri Dedicated Routes

With dedicated pick-up and drop-off routes, HVAC suppliers can satisfy their customers and help them keep their clients happy.


For business owners and homeowners, every repair has a level of urgency. Yet, HVAC repairs are particularly urgent since a summer day without air conditioning or a winter day without heat can be unbearable. With the weather so volatile, HVAC services are even more crucial. Because of the urgency often associated with HVAC repairs, suppliers need to carefully manage the logistics related to material delivery. With dedicated pick-up and drop-off routes, HVAC suppliers can satisfy their customers and help them keep their clients happy.

Curri offers dedicated routes, so HVAC suppliers have a flexible, affordable delivery solution that improves operations and allows them to meet customer demand.

Efficiency and Affordability

When HVAC issues arise, homeowners/business owners expect repair people to handle it quickly. The only way a repair person can meet customer expectations is for suppliers to get materials to them ASAP. Therefore, HVAC suppliers need to have their fleet (and a driver) ready to go at a moment’s notice. The logistics related to this are challenging since the level of demand is inconsistent – making it costly.

Curri can help HVAC suppliers be more efficient and keep up with the need for quick delivery at a reasonable rate. The Curri delivery team is fast, integrates seamlessly with HVAC operations, and reduces the cost of maintaining a fleet and hiring drivers. Plus, there are no signup fees or monthly service charges, and HVAC suppliers only pay for the deliveries they book.

Flexibility and Expansion

Having a vehicle and driver always ready for a delivery or pick-up is expensive as it requires a bloated fleet and staff of drivers. The question HVAC suppliers have to ask is, “How many deliveries will we make today?” While they could track past sales/deliveries, apply analytics, and make an educated guess, they can never be sure. If you guess incorrectly and a customer does not receive their materials promptly, they may decide to go to a competitor.

When you partner with Curri, your fleet can expand as needed. Curri is a great for small businesses in need a flexible solution for delivery operations. We also can help expanding businesses that want to grow their market without overburdening their delivery operations.

Multi-stop + Pick-up + Drop-off Routes

Curri has a variety of routes and services available for HVAC suppliers. Plus, we can tailor our offerings to meet your needs.

Our services include multi-stop routes, which is helpful on busy days or when a driver becomes unavailable. Other times this could be of great use is busy season and when drivers are on vacation? Curri offers all-day dedicated routes on any of our vehicle types for a flat fee. So, you can count on the availability of the delivery service and be clear about costs. Note, drivers are available for both pick-up and drop-off of HVAC materials.

Same-Day Hotshots

Ever had one of those days where every call requires a delivery? As an HVAC supplier, you want to be able to provide timely delivery service to everyone. But sometimes, it seems impossible.

When you partner with Curri, you have easy access to our network of vehicles, so you can always service your customers. A hotshot delivery, a one-off delivery, can be ordered by pushing a button. All you need to do is enter your location, choose a vehicle, and share information about the delivery. A driver with the appropriately sized vehicle will quickly respond and deliver (or pick up) HVAC supplies.

Powerful (yet Simple) Logistics

As an HVAC supplier, you know customers often feel a sense of urgency regarding equipment/supplies. Therefore, it’s urgent to get the logistics related to delivery correct. Otherwise, customers will be frustrated.

Curri can manage the logistics and ensure delivery service happens as customers would like. With our extensive experience, large crew of drivers, fleet of vehicles of all different sizes, and advanced systems, we understand how to make delivery and pick-up logistics work. You can easily request the vehicle type, the time needed, and the necessary service (scheduled route, multi-stop, hotshot, etc.). Curri’s top-notch logistics system can quickly match your needs with an available driver/vehicle, so you’ll never miss a delivery.

Overcome Staffing Problems

Delivery companies across the country recognize there’s a shortage of drivers. Finding enough qualified drivers is a challenge. And back-up drivers? Forget about it. Again, even if your HVAC supplier business has sufficient staffing, there are days when demand is greater than expected. What happens then?

Curri helps you put the headaches related to delivery staff aside. When you work with us, we can pick up the slack, so you always have enough staff. We have hundreds of drivers across the country and vehicles of all types. Tap into our network and say goodbye to staffing problems.

Customers Love It

Your customers want their HVAC supplies delivered quickly. When you provide consistently speedy service (pick-up or delivery), customers count on you and are appreciative.

Curri’s trained drivers are well-trained and courteous. They photograph the delivery as proof of service and keep the recipient of the supplies informed regarding arrival time. So, your customers know when the delivery will be made. This white-glove service will leave your customers thrilled.

Want to Be a Hero for Your Customers? Curri Is Your Cape

Customers have high expectations regarding pick-up and delivery. As an HVAC supplier, you can meet those expectations with Curri. Whatever route you need - scheduled route, dedicated route, multi-stop, hot-shot, Curri can be your partner.

Get HVAC Supplies delivered quickly to your customers and be their hero. Learn more about Curri here.


August 29, 2023

Return Delivery for Construction and Industrial Materials, Equipment and Tools

Using a courier service to pick up and return construction and industrial supplies helps your business focus on money-making tasks.


Time is the coin of your life. You spend it. Do not allow others to spend it for you. Carl Sandburg

Are you maximizing your productivity? Are you short-staffed? Have more jobs than you can handle? The way you and your business allocate your time may be a constant challenge. The need to return or send back building materials, equipment, and tools to a rental/retail facility is time-consuming. The return also takes time away from income-earning activities. Using a courier service to pick up and return construction and industrial supplies helps your business focus on money-making tasks.


The Benefits of an On-Demand Courier for Returns

When you use an on-demand courier for returns, you can minimize or even eliminate this element from your to-do list. Finished early or later than you planned? Have extra materials? Done with the equipment you rented? Fine. You don’t have to alter your work schedule when you work with an on-demand courier for your returns. It’s one less thing to organize/plan, which allows you to dedicate time, effort, and brain power to other more crucial tasks.


Same-Day Returns Are Easy with Job Site Pickup

There are those days when you need rental equipment to get the job done. Maybe you developed the work schedule around the activity that requires the equipment. When the work day ends, you and the crew are ready to go home. Going to the rental/retail store makes a long day longer. But the rental agreement is for a day. So, if you hold on to the equipment beyond the agreed time, your fee goes up, and your profit goes down.


A construction courier can pick up the equipment at the job site. So, there’s no need to plan or determine who gets stuck taking back the equipment. You can be happy that the job is done, send the crew home, and let the courier handle the return.   


Send Back the Wrong Product and Get the Right One Delivered

You and the crew are on the job site and ready to get going or are in the middle of a task. Then, you realize you got the wrong product/materials or didn’t buy the right amount. Now, you can’t move forward. Very annoying! It could mean an unproductive day and throw your schedule off.


Instead of wasting time going to the retail outlet to get the correct product materials, you can have a construction courier go on a hot shot. Arranging a local Curri hotshot can be done by clicking a few buttons. You can have the product/materials returned and the right ones delivered within a couple of hours. Minimize the loss of momentum with a hotshot.


Return Heavy Equipment to the Rental Company

Heavy equipment tends to be bulky. It’s not the type of thing you can throw into the back of your car and return to the rental outfit on your way home from the job site. Returning the equipment as soon as it’s no longer needed keeps rental costs at a minimum. Therefore, you have to consider the fleet at your disposal and ensure the right vehicle (and driver) is available to promptly return the rental equipment.


When you work with a construction courier to handle heavy equipment returns, there’s no need to plan the logistics. Curri can be at the job site within an hour and return the heavy equipment for you. They handle the return while you focus on completing construction and satisfying your customer.


Reduce Your Fleet Vehicle Expenses

The costs for just about everything have gone up recently. Gas, insurance, vehicle maintenance, and other costs associated with your fleet have risen. Minimizing your fleet reduces your monthly vehicle expenses.


You want to satisfy your customers and be able to move materials, equipment, and tools as needed. So, you either have an extra vehicle or two around for the busy time or for ‘just in case,’ or there are times when your fleet size hampers productivity.


But what about when there’s no emergency or rush period? The fleet sits on the lot (or wherever you store it – another expense). This is a waste of money. When you partner with a construction courier, you only pay when you use the service. Moreover, you have access to a fleet whenever it’s needed. There’s no scrambling during the busy times, and the fleet doesn't sit idle.


Keep Your Crew on the Job and Off the Road

You may be thinking, ‘Is a courier necessary? I can send one of the crew to handle returns.’ You’re right, but is it the ideal way to manage your team?


You’ve hired your crew because of their construction skills (or trained them). The value each crew member offers is based on their work on the job. When they go to the rental/retail outlet to return materials, equipment, or supplies, the skills they provide are no longer available. Their skills may not be needed when they leave, but they may be needed while they're out. And it's always helpful to have an extra set of hands around. Ultimately, breaking up the crew can be bad for morale and slow the team down.  


There are also costs. The crew members should be insured, even if they only drive occasionally. The crew is more productive when it's maintained, and you save money.


Streamline Rental and Retail Returns with Curri Hotshots

Returns are a regular part of your construction business. You can streamline the rental and retail return process with Curri Hotshots. Your time is valuable. By maximizing your time, you can add value to your business.


Partnering with Curri for your returns saves businesses time and money. Want to learn more about Curri Hotshots and how they simplify construction supply and equipment returns? Click here.


August 15, 2023

Last-Mile Logistics Challenges of Large-Scale Solar Projects

Large scale solar projects require extensive last-mile logistics to deliver all materials in a timely, secure, and cost-effective manner. Curri can help.


Solar has gone mainstream. Drive around your neighborhood and look up. See the solar panels on top of homes, office buildings, retail outlets, and more. Experts predict more growth in the solar power market. The logistics around the delivery of necessary equipment for large-scale solar projects are complex. The last-mile delivery of same-day items is understandably a rush job. The extra caution one needs to take to deliver fragile solar equipment must be considered. Curri delivers the equipment in a timely, secure, and cost-effective manner.

The Rapid, Competitive Growth of Large-Scale Solar

The growth in solar extends beyond your neighborhood. The International Energy Agency (IEA) projects renewable power capacity to grow by a third in 2023, with solar PV accounting for two-thirds of the increase. They add, “The expansion of large-scale solar PV plants is being accompanied by the growth of smaller systems.” The IEA projects the growth to continue in 2024.

Who supplies the solar equipment and who will deliver it must be answered. The answer to these questions (and most business-related questions) is those companies that can make the best product at the most reasonable price. Those behind the construction of large-scale solar projects will turn to companies that can meet the challenge and deliver when needed.

Logistics Challenges for Large PV Projects

With the exponential rise in demand for solar/PV panels and the other equipment needed for solar projects, suppliers face challenges keeping up with demand. Backlogs are arising. Companies have no choice but to extend their supply chain or find different suppliers.

The top producers of panels and other equipment necessary for the construction of solar power capability are overseas. Again, the delicate nature of solar equipment makes handling it more challenging. Companies must be precise to ensure solar equipment is delivered safely and promptly.

Working with companies skilled at material handling is essential for contractors and construction companies. This will minimize the chance that the equipment will be damaged upon delivery, thus frustrating your clients.

Let Curri Help with Safe Deliveries

As a professional courier, Curri’s team has loads of experience with last-mile delivery. That experience extends to solar equipment. We recognize the importance of getting materials into customers hands quickly and securely. Speedy delivery is the ideal, but meaningless if it doesn’t enable the customer to complete their task. Our drivers appreciate the value and importance of the materials they deliver.  

With our vast experience, a large crew of drivers, and advanced systems, we know how to make the logistics work. Our team can deliver solar/PV panels to the job site quickly, so your customers can keep up with the demand for solar. We effectively handle last-mile delivery for large-scale solar projects.

Consider other advantages Curri offers.

Dedicated Delivery Services for the Last-Mile

Do you service customers working on large-scale solar projects that take weeks or even months to complete? Or perhaps your customers are going from one solar project to the next? Curri can serve as the last-mile delivery of the needed solar equipment and free up your fleet for standard deliveries.

With our dedicated services, you get a truck, a driver, route planning software, proof of delivery, and live tracking. We have a range of vehicles (including cargo vans, straight trucks, and tractor-trailers) that can even stay overnight on your lot to be loaded and ready to go in the morning, just like your trucks. A driver arrives daily at a designated time and is on their way. Remove the challenge of last-mile delivery of sensitive solar equipment.

Same-Day Hotshots for Last-Minute Needs

Scheduling those unexpected last-mile deliveries is often a hassle, as drivers and vehicles are already en route. Adding a delivery can throw the whole system off. Curri’s same-day hotshots alleviate this challenge and enable you to deliver solar equipment to your customer on schedule.

A hotshot delivery - an expedited transport service for one-way transport of cargo – can be arranged by clicking a few buttons. We can quickly have the right-sized vehicle available to deliver the solar equipment to your customer. You won’t have to rework your logistics to ensure you can keep up with same-day last-mile delivery.

Trained, Insured, Professional Drivers

The shortage of delivery drivers is well-documented. Companies are going to great lengths to fill open positions. Many are left short-handed and or hiring inexperienced/unqualified personnel. You need professional drivers to deliver sensitive solar equipment in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Curri’s drivers go through a screening and training process. Each driver is insured, leaving you with one less worry. Curri drivers know how to handle all types of construction equipment and have a range of experience. We have a range of vehicles at our disposal for your last-mile delivery. Therefore, you can be confident that no matter the size of the solar project, the right-sized vehicle will be available.

GPS Tracking and Digital Delivery Confirmation

Not only is an unsatisfied customer likely to take their business elsewhere, but they may also take others with them. That’s the power of a bad review. Customers are not interested in why a delay has occurred. They only want to know when their delivery will arrive. Curri can help with real-time GPS tracking for last-mile delivery.

With the platform, you receive up-to-date information on delivery progress, including estimated arrival times and route updates. You can provide accurate and timely delivery updates to your customers so they know precisely when their solar equipment will arrive. The tracking also provides drivers with optimized routes leading to faster delivery. Finally, tracking confirms delivery and real-time information on the package location. Keep customers happy.

Streamline Solar Construction with Curri

Solar construction is happening at a frenetic pace that is likely to continue. The logistics related to last-mile delivery of solar equipment is challenging.

Work with Curri, and you’ll have an experienced professional courier, so you can be confident you can meet the same-day delivery challenge.


June 16, 2023

Optimize Last Mile Delivery for BODFS

Buy Online Deliver From Store service can provide a great customer experience, but last mile logistics problems kill profitability. Curri is the solution.


‘The customer is always right’ is a phrase popularized by early 1900 successful retailers Harry Gordon Selfridge, John Wanamaker, and Marshall Field. While many employees may have grumbled at accepting the maxim, the need to satisfy customers remains. Today, customers are even more demanding. They expect same-day delivery within a matter of hours. To meet this demand, retailers need to ensure their last-mile delivery solution is up to the task. Bodfs (buy online deliver from store), a popular delivery service, is particularly challenging for retailers. Curri can help. 

Why Customers Love Businesses That Offer BODFS

Customers visit a business’ website, find the product(s) they are looking for and go through the checkout process. At the end of the process, they learn delivery will be delayed because the product is out of stock or shipping from some far-off destination. Frustrating!

 BODFS, on the other hand, lets customers get their items quickly. The products very well may be delivered from a local operation, so it’s reasonable to expect delivery within a couple of hours. Best of all, customers get their urgent purchases without leaving their location. 

Even if the customer has transportation and the time to get to the store/fulfillment center, they may need oversized items that don't fit into their vehicle. BODFS eliminates this concern, so customers won’t have to consider logistics. This solution adds convenience and removes worries from customers.


Why Companies Struggle With BODFS Logistics

Companies need to offer customers same-day delivery and even hours service. BODFS, in theory, makes it easier for businesses to do this. Rather than shipping items from far-off destinations or even centralized warehouses, products ship from nearby stores. By having inventory nearer to its destination, logistics and operations are, in theory, simplified.

However, close is not good enough. Like a doctor always on call, businesses need to be on constant standby. When the order comes, they need to make the delivery quickly. This requires sufficient staff and vehicles to fulfill BODFS service, which can be costly. Managing the logistics so that BODFS is a money maker requires lots of planning and flexibility.


How Curri Optimizes Last Mile Logistics

The last mile of delivery is the most expensive and challenging for businesses. The challenge is exaggerated with BODFS delivery. This is because it raises customer expectations related to the speed of delivery, with two hours becoming the new norm. BODFS adds a randomness to the delivery process, making planning the logistics nearly impossible.

Sure, BODFS trends may emerge that help companies organize the necessary services to handle customer demands. But trends are not definitive. Curri can help simplify the process (or even handle it completely) since our last-mile delivery service is available on-call. Companies are no longer trying to read the tea leaves to handle the logistics and operations challenges related to delivery. This helps companies optimize their budgeting as they only spend what they need for last-mile delivery. Operations doesn’t need to worry about ‘what if’ scenarios.


How Curri Improves the Customer Experience

Companies that operate by the mantra the customer is always right are laser-focused on the customer experience. Customers only know what is in front of them, and they act from a purely selfish perspective. I need something, I ordered it via BODFS, and I want it to be delivered within two hours as promised. If a company does not keep its promise, "I’ll take my business elsewhere."

When retail companies use Curri as their final mile delivery service, they keep their promises to their customers. Besides getting their products delivered on time, customers deal with Curri’s drivers, who are courteous and professional. Curri drivers take a picture upon delivery. If the customer is not around to accept delivery, they may worry if/when their items have arrived. The photograph of the delivery can set them at ease. Their products have arrived, and they can proceed. That’s a positive customer experience!


Fully Featured Logistics Software for Retail Delivery Operations

Again, the logistics related to BODFS delivery are complex, even more than the standard last mile. Curri’s logistics software helps companies improve their on-time stats and reduce costs. Our logistics software empowers us to employ dedicated drivers who have the right vehicle at the right time to make a retail delivery.

Curri’s logistics software solutions remove the stress related to last-mile deliveries. This is because our software, while powerful, is simple to use. Simply create a Curri account, log in, and start using our delivery services. For retail delivery options, select the dropoff and pickup location, choose a delivery time, specify the load size, and choose the size of vehicle needed. And then the Curri team makes a match.

Curri also allows clients to track their delivery, and we send confirmation once the job is complete. The worries associated with managing the logistics related to BODFS and the last mile are gone.

Simplify retail delivery options and confidently offer BODFS with Curri.

Case Study

June 8, 2023

United Rentals Bolsters Sales by 20% and Boosts Operational Efficiency with Curri Hotshots

Curri helped United Rentals Virginia and Maryland branches streamline branch transfers, gain 1,000 hours in productivity, and bolster sales by 20%.


United Rentals

"Curri extends the personal touch and reliability that other logistics platform services don’t provide. When you're moving $10-$20K worth of product for us, the assurance that my Curri rep is always reachable provides immense peace of mind."

— Tommy Fortkort, Branch Manager

Industry: Tool & Equipment Rentals
Branches: Sterling, VA and Halethorpe, MD
Platform Solution: Curri Hotshots

Two east coast United Rentals branches achieved a 20% surge in sales, saved over 1,000 in operational hours, and improved multiple branch transfers of tool products across several United Rentals locations.

The Challenges

1. Revitalizing route productivity

United Rentals sought a delivery provider to rectify inefficiencies in route planning across the DC and Baltimore areas. They needed outsourced drivers to facilitate time-sensitive sales, reduce excessive mileage, expedite turnaround times, and help internal drivers focus on their optimized routes.

2. Scaling up to meet customer demand

Growing customer demand called for an increased fleet of outsourced delivery drivers. United Rentals needed to bridge the gap between supply capabilities and escalating demand.

3. Streamlining branch transfers for sales optimization

An efficient solution was needed to replace the slow branch transfer process that posed a threat to potential sales. It was vital to have a system that could speed up these transfers and bolster revenue generation.

4. Live U.S. customer support

A delivery provider with live, U.S.-based customer support was required to swiftly address real-time concerns and queries.

The Curri Solution

"We're big fans of Curri. Our company, and even our area partners, are increasingly adopting your services."

— Tommy Fortkort, Branch Manager

Capitalizing on Curri Hotshots and multi-stop deliveries, United Rentals streamlined daily operations. This enabled secure, time-sensitive sales for customer pickups and on-demand job site deliveries, reinforcing their reputation for reliability.

An uptick of 20% in sales was achieved

through consistent delivery via Curri Hotshots. This underlines the importance of responsive logistics on sales and customer satisfaction.

Inter-branch relationships were strengthened

owing to the branch's dependability in swiftly transferring products to other United Rentals locations.

Significantly enriched the customer experience

as contractors promptly received essential unitary heating and air conditioning equipment with on-demand delivery early in the morning. This timely delivery ensures that their customers enjoy seamless installations and minimal disruptions to their daily routines.

1,000 hours of operational time were saved, which represents 6-months worth of a full-time driver,

was witnessed, with customers appreciating the guarantee of rush and same-day delivery with Curri Hotshots.

A 10% increase in delivery requests from builders and contractors

was witnessed, with customers appreciating the guarantee of rush and same-day delivery with Curri Hotshots.

The availability of live customer support, via chat or phone,

ensured United Rentals could always communicate with their Curri rep for delivery inquiries and status updates.


“Curri's capacity for rapid delivery makes a world of difference. The certainty that the product won't be left overnight or potentially get misplaced, and that it travels directly from point A to B, is invaluable.”

— Tommy Fortkort, Branch Manager

Now, United Rentals operates efficiently across various branches, swiftly transferring tool equipment to secure sales for customer pickups. When builders and contractors require tools and equipment urgently, United Rentals, powered by Curri, ensures delivery without delay.

Learn More About Curri

Explore how your business operations can be revolutionized by Curri, as evidenced by the transformation seen in United Rentals. Through services like Curri Hotshots, there's an opportunity to enhance productivity, smooth out your supply chain, and increase customer happiness.

Curri's bespoke delivery solutions can accommodate a myriad of business requirements, whether it's seamlessly coordinating branch transfers or maintaining seamless service to contractors and builders.

Schedule a demo with Curri today to unleash the full potential of your business.


June 6, 2023

Our Next Era of Growth: Expanding Our Platform For the Industrial Supply Chain

Exciting news: $42M Series B funding for revolutionizing last-mile logistics in construction and industrial supplies.


Today we announced a $42 million Series B led by Bessemer Venture Partners with participation from existing backers Initialized Capital, Brick & Mortar Ventures, Rainfall Ventures, and others. This is an exciting time as we continue revolutionizing last-mile logistics for construction and industrial supplies.

Moving $1B worth of construction and industrial supplies every year

Since January 2020, our team has been modernizing the logistics industry by providing a seamless and efficient platform for businesses to manage their industrial supply chain. By offering end-to-end logistics services and a nationwide elastic fleet, we helped our customers move over $1 billion worth of supplies across the United States last year. Enabling companies like Ferguson, Winsupply, Sherwin-Williams, Johnstone Supply, and United Rentals to quickly and securely deliver complex loads ranging from heavy machinery to lighter loads such as pipes, pallets, large appliances, and water heaters.

In the last three years, we’ve rapidly grown to meet the overwhelming demand from our customers. We’ve expanded our services to cover all types of delivery options including hot shots, dedicated services, and freight, powered by a national fleet of vehicles ranging from sedans to box trucks and flatbeds. We’ve also delivered complete transparency and the fastest delivery options in the industry. In this time we’ve started serving customers beyond our hometown of Los Angeles, growing our network nationwide with a presence in every major U.S. city.

Helping our customers close business and cut costs

Our customers save nearly a third on operational costs and convert 24% more sales by offering same-day delivery powered by Curri. In the current economic climate, a distributor using an elastic fleet to manage seasonal fluctuations and unpredictable demand creates efficiencies that allow them to outcompete those burdened with fixed internal costs such as maintenance, insurance, and payroll.

“Building more responsive supply chains will require a shift to flexible fulfillment networks,” said Mike Droesch, General Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners. “Curri has built the leading elastic network for last-mile industrial deliveries, powered by enterprise-grade technology.”

Suppliers who can’t make urgent, on-demand, or long-distance deliveries are leaving sales on the table and risk losing customers and business to suppliers who do. Fleet augmentation with Curri has become the secret weapon of suppliers who care about getting material into their customers’ hands, fast.

What’s Next

This investment will enable us to continue delivering operational efficiencies to our customers and achieve our vision of becoming the go-to platform for industrial supply chain management. We plan to:

  • Accelerate product innovation by continuing to enhance our platform with new features and functionalities that improve the user experience for customers and drivers.
  • Improve operational efficiency by investing in processes and infrastructure to improve our operational efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Expand Sales and Marketing efforts, increasing our efforts for new customer acquisition.

The last few years have been an incredible journey for our team. Every day we continue to be awe-inspired by our customers and are grateful for their help shaping the platform. We can’t wait to take the next step forward and continue building a better industrial supply chain.


June 2, 2023

Using a Virtual Fleet to Reduce Fleet Insurance Costs and Liability Risk

Cut fleet insurance costs, outsource risk with Curri's virtual fleet. Elevating delivery logistics for SMBs to Enterprises.


We are living in uncertain financial times. While we’ve managed to skirt a recession despite long-standing predictions, GDP growth is low, and the economy is stumbling. The inflation rate, down from its highs, is still nearly 5%, significantly higher than the Fed’s target rate. And the federal funds rate has been steadily rising, which impacts, among other things, business loans. The swirl of rising prices, elevated costs, and uncertainty lead businesses to crave stability. The cost of fleet insurance can be an area where business control expenses.

Fleet insurance costs have been rising for the past decade. The “per-mile insurance premium costs for commercial motor carriers have increased by almost 50%.” Companies can manage their fleet delivery insurance costs by using a virtual fleet. By using a virtual fleet for deliveries, companies get price stability and remove liability risk.

Fleet Insurance Expenses Are Rising Across All Industries

The rise in fleet insurance expenses is impacting all industries. Many ask when will the rise in expenses end. No one knows. The expenses insurance companies are liable for – such as fleet repair and claims - have also gone up. Every company is in a balancing act trying to manage finances. When the spiral that includes the costs fleet insurance companies must pay moderates, rates will follow.

Delivery and Logistics Demands Are Growing Rapidly

At the same time, fleet insurance expenses are increasing, companies are facing growing demand for delivery services. Demand for all things delivery is off its all-time pandemic-induced highs, but customers have become more accustomed to delivery and appreciate the service.

Expectations are that delivery will happen quickly and on demand. Customers don’t consider fleet costs and expenses. They expect the businesses they deal with to manage their delivery and logistics demands.

Insurance Claims Can Cause Rates to Spike to Unmanageable Levels

An increased need for drivers can lead to lower-quality employees who are more prone to accidents. However, even the best drivers can get into accidents. This is particularly so with the increasing number of delivery vehicles rushing to fulfill their customers’ demands.

Even one vehicular accident within your fleet leads to rising insurance rates. What if there are multiple accidents within a short time? Insurance rates could skyrocket to expense levels that threaten the viability of a business. Unfortunately, this scary scenario is not far-fetched. Business owners don’t have to be held back by this possibility. A virtual fleet, like Curri, allows you to hit the reset button and get control of costs.


Here’s How Curri Can Help

Outsourcing delivery to Curri allows you to continue to offer your customers this valued service while maintaining price certainty. Worries about insurance, liability, and other expenses are no longer your problem. When you make Curri your virtual fleet, you get a reliable delivery service and eliminate the worry about day-to-day costs.


Outsource your fleet liability

Every delivery that your fleet makes can turn into an issue. And your company is liable. If an accident occurs that the insurance company deems your delivery driver is at fault, your insurance costs will rise. Minor accident, major accident – doesn’t matter. Even accidents in which the delivery driver is not deemed liable could impact insurance costs.

Ugh, the stress.

By outsourcing your fleet to Curri, you no longer have to worry about a fleet, insurance, liability, etc. Instead, you can celebrate each sale and ensure you are servicing your customer.

Cut fleet insurance costs

The smaller the fleet, the lower your insurance costs. It’s simple. You can use Curri for all your delivery needs, or some fraction of them. It’s your choice as we work with you to find a solution for your delivery needs. Your insurance costs will decrease however much you use Curri and correspondingly reduce your fleet. You can plow the savings from insurance costs into other business expenses that may have been shortchanged due to limited funds.

Reduce operating expenses

Insurance costs for your fleet are a regular operating expense. Regardless of how busy or slow you are in terms of delivery, insurance costs for your fleet don’t change (presuming you don’t increase or decrease the fleet) over the course of a year. Stubborn operating costs can be crippling during challenging times.

You can work with Curri for delivery as you need them. So, delivery costs will be a more accurate depiction of the business level. Operating costs are reduced.

Solve staffing problems

The shortage of drivers has been well-documented. Staffing, in general, has also been a challenge. Besides staffing a delivery team, staff are needed to manage the team. And what if a driver calls out last minute? By employing Curri, you can cut out these staff layers and reduce payroll. You only pay for drivers when you need them.

We have drivers across the country available Monday-Saturday during business hours. Our drivers have been screened and trained. They will make the delivery and provide a snapshot as proof.

Upgrade your logistics

Maybe you handle delivery on a case-by-case basis. A delivery is needed, and a driver is found. Perhaps, you have a more formal system. To truly manage the logistics related to delivery can be time-consuming and expensive. Yet, it’s necessary to track inventory and offer top-notch customer service.

Curri’s high-level logistics system helps you manage your inventory. Our system offers you real-time updates on the whereabouts of your materials. This helps resolve issues quickly and reduce delivery costs. It also allows you to focus on your business.

Actual delivery on the same day 

These days same-day delivery is table stakes. Call it the Amazon effect. The stakes have been raised, and if you don’t offer same-day delivery, customers might very well take their business elsewhere. This expectation puts pressure on your fleet. You have to be ready to deliver. Customers are counting on your promise of same-day delivery and are not interested in ‘legitimate’ reasons why delivery was delayed.

Curri helps you manage deliveries and ensure the fleet is always available when you say it is. Customers appreciate it when companies deliver on their promises.

Logistics That Delivers, from SMB to Enterprise

Whether you’re an enterprise business or an SMB, Curri’s virtual fleet helps with delivery. During these challenging times when businesses of all sizes are striving to reduce costs and minimize liability, Curri allows you to do so.

Learn more about how Curri can help you manage your costs.

Case Study

April 26, 2023

APR Supply Co. Pennsylvania‍ Branches Gain 124 Productivity Hours

Curri helped APR Supply Co. Pennsylvania‍ branches streamline delivery logistics, gain 124 hours in productivity, and solve supply chain problems. 


APR Supply Co.

“Like many in our industry, labor resources are constrained. By incorporating Curri into our operations, we’ve kept our workforce on the production floor while Curri handles the deliveries."

— Keith Northey, Regional Branch Leader

Company Size: Enterprise (200+ employees)
Industry: HVAC, Plumbing, Hydronics
Branches: 6 Branches across Pennsylvania
Platform Solution: Curri Dedicated for Driver Fill-Ins, Curri Hotshots

APR Supply Co. branches throughout Pennsylvania have experienced a remarkable increase of 124 productivity hours within a single year. This significant improvement has allowed them to reinforce their "customer first" approach, consistently ensuring timely deliveries and exceptional service through the seamless integration of Curri.

The Challenges

1. Disruption on the production floor

Managing significant labor constraints and ensuring employees remain focused on their core daily tasks, without being diverted to handle deliveries, in order to maintain optimal operational efficiency, productivity, and overall business performance.

2. Lack of resource during internal driver absences

Addressing the issue of maintaining timely and efficient deliveries when faced with workforce gaps due to vacations, illnesses, or other unforeseen circumstances, while minimizing disruptions to daily operations and ensuring customer satisfaction.

3. Time-consuming, congested markets to make deliveries

Overcoming the hurdles of navigating through dense urban environments, managing tight delivery windows, and efficiently allocating resources to ensure timely and consistent delivery of products to customers.

4. Outsourcing a dependable delivery provider

Finding a reliable, cost-effective, and scalable delivery logistics provider that can seamlessly integrate with existing operations, maintain high standards of customer satisfaction, and adapt to the unique needs of APR Supply Co.’s business.

The Curri Solution

“Curri ensured there was never disruption in service to our customers and transported APR Supply Co.’s materials to our multiple markets."

— Keith Northey, Regional Branch Leader

APR Supply Co. effectively utilized Curri Dedicated to fill in for drivers on vacation and manage full-day, multi-stop deliveries, while concurrently deploying Curri Hotshots for the swift transportation of smaller supplies in compact vehicles, catering to congested urban markets and branch transfers—saving valuable time and resources.

Gained 2.5 productivity hours per week

by utilizing Curri Hotshots for deliveries in congested markets and Curri Dedicated for full-week driver fill-ins. APR Supply Co. saved significant productivity hours within a year, kept their workforce focused on core tasks, and eliminated the need for employees to handle delivery duties.

Optimized daily operations, including streamlined branch transfers,

increasing productivity and a more efficient supply chain. Curri helped foster smoother communication between locations, promoting better coordination and collaboration for deliveries.

Significantly enriched the customer experience

as contractors promptly received essential unitary heating and air conditioning equipment with on-demand delivery early in the morning. This timely delivery ensures that their customers enjoy seamless installations and minimal disruptions to their daily routines.

Addressed congested markets with outsourced compact vehicles

with cars and SUVs from Curri’s driver network for smaller supply deliveries, while reserving the internal fleet of trucks for more substantial supply requests, to optimize resource allocation and enhance operational efficiency.

Ensured uninterrupted service to customers

with Curri Dedicated full-week driver fill-ins to accommodate internal drivers’ vacation time. Outsourced drivers from Curri’s network arrived punctually, operated APR Supply Co.'s vehicles, and carry out comprehensive daily deliveries, maintaining the company's high standards of efficiency and customer satisfaction.


“Our customers have come to expect that service commitment from us and Curri’s Dedicated driver fill-ins made the experience completely seamless to our customers and to our team."

— Keith Northey, Regional Branch Leader

APR Supply Co. gained significant benefits from utilizing Curri's delivery services, gaining 124 hours in productivity and streamlining their supply chain operations. 

Curri Hotshots and Curri Dedicated enabled APR Supply Co. to allocate resources more efficiently, while providing a seamless customer experience. Comprehensive delivery logistics solutions ensured uninterrupted service for clients, even when internal drivers were on vacation. By partnering with Curri, APR Supply Co. enhanced its operational efficiency, elevated customer satisfaction, and optimized communication between its branches.

Learn More About Curri

Discover how Curri can transform your business operations, just as it did for APR Supply Co. 

With services such as Curri Hotshots and Curri Dedicated, you can optimize productivity, streamline your supply chain, and elevate customer satisfaction. 

Curri's tailored delivery solutions cater to a wide range of business needs, from addressing congested markets to ensuring uninterrupted service during employee vacations. 

Request a demo with Curri and unlock your business's full potential.

Case Study

March 10, 2023

Coburn's Branch Saves $150K Annually in Trucking Costs with Curri

Curri cut Coburn Supply's costs by 15%, saving $150K yearly in trucking and over 3,300+ hours. Explore the impact with Curri.



“With your dedicated routes, we don't have to hire another full-time employee, carry insurance, or have the liability of driving around all day. Instead, we use Curri to go and pick up from vendors and other branches.”
- Dustin Babin, Regional Manager

Company Size: Enterprise (200+ employees)
Industry: HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Waterworks
Branches: Huntsville, Cranswick, and Conroe, TX
Platform Solution: Curri Dedicated, Curri Hotshots

Three Coburn's branches reduced operational costs by 15% while improving the customer experience for builders and contractors.

The Challenges

1. The high price of replacing a delivery truck

At a branch level, purchasing a new delivery truck at a branch level was difficult due to the high costs of financing, insuring, and maintaining the vehicle. 

2. Internal fleet unavailable to meet customer demand

Insufficient capacity to cater to rush or same-day delivery requests can negatively affect customer satisfaction and loyalty. Coburn’s wanted to extend their fleet to meet growing demand while avoiding the high costs associated with purchasing new vehicles or hiring additional drivers.

3. Finding a delivery platform with easy online usage

Coburn's faced the inconvenience of using courier services that had long wait times, making the delivery process cumbersome. In order to streamline the process, they sought an easy-to-use delivery platform that could provide immediate booking of deliveries online.

4. Preventative measure to not lose business

Contractors and builders need fast, reliable delivery that caters to their jobsite deadlines. Coburn’s looked to offer on-demand delivery as a preventive measure to ensure they didn’t lose customers to local competitors or big box stores.

The Curri Solution

We know that it's cheaper, by 15%, to use your service than to use our own trucks.”
- Dustin Babin, Regional Manager

Coburn's leveraged Curri Dedicated to streamline their recurring daily operations, such as vendor pickups and branch transfers, while utilizing Curri Hotshots to cater to demand from builders and contractors who required their supplies within hours to stay on track with jobsite timelines.

Saved $150K annually by avoiding the purchase of a new delivery truck

and the additional labor costs associated with hiring a new driver. Additionally, reducing the number of internal trucks required for their delivery operations led to significant savings in vehicle maintenance, fuel, and insurance.

Coburn's experienced a 10% increase in delivery requests

by outsourcing delivery trucks from Curri in order to streamline the delivery process for branch transfers and vendor pickups.

Reduced operational costs by 15%

by providing real-time delivery updates with live tracking and proof of delivery photos.

Saved over 3,300+ hours of time

for Houston area branches in Huntsville, Cranswick, and Conroe that would have otherwise been spent on deliveries, reducing overall operational hours. This would be the equivalent of having an additional full-time and part-time resource to hire.


That's probably the biggest point where you benefit our company, enabling us to go above and beyond customers' expectations.”
- Dustin Babin, Regional Manager

By exceeding customers' expectations, Coburn’s now ensures swift and efficient resolution for any jobsite needs, even when trucks are fully allocated. Whether customers are in a bind or require immediate attention, Coburn’s ability to provide prompt solutions now sets them apart from their competitors.

Learn More About Curri

Would you like to optimize your sales, minimize expenses, mitigate risks, and elevate customer satisfaction by utilizing user-friendly technology for middle and final-mile deliveries?

Get in touch to discover how our delivery logistics platform can seamlessly revolutionize your deliveries of construction and industrial supplies in the middle- and last-miles.

Case Study

March 10, 2023

AM/PM Plumbing & Heating Supply Saves 50% on Operational Costs with Curri

Curri slashed AM/PM Plumbing's costs by 50%, boosting retail sales by 10% for emergency contractor jobs. Explore the impact with Curri.


AM/PM Plumbing & Heating Supply

“With Curri, I don't have to deal with BS. I have less headaches, and the cost factor is tremendous.” - Anthony Cuccinello, President

Company Size: Small Business (1-25 employees)
Industry: Plumbing, HVAC
Platform Solution: Curri Hotshots

Plumbing and HVAC wholesaler AM/PM Plumbing & Heating Supply was looking for a more efficient way to run delivery operations for less. Their search for a solution led them to Curri. Since using Curri's logistics delivery platform, they have cut operational costs by 50% and increased retail sales by 10% for emergency contractor jobs.

The Challenges

1. Excessive overheads impacted the bottom-line revenue

As the small business employed drivers, owned, operated and insured box trucks year-round, it lost money on the overhead maintenance and operating costs associated with delivery.

2. Poor transparency threatened the customer experience

The absence of real-time updates on the delivery status of orders frustrated customers and compromised their overall satisfaction with the wholesaler.

3. High risk of financial loss caused by delivery-related liability

It was the business' responsibility to assume the risk associated with delivery. In the event that the driver is injured or causes an injury, the financial ramifications would be significant for the company. Damaged products during delivery would also result in a financial loss for the company.

4. Lack of focus risked retail sales

With a limited number of drivers and box trucks on hand, sales reps would perform deliveries as needed to accommodate customer demand. With today's hiring challenges, a small business such as AM/PM Supply had to be careful about resource allocation. Not having enough staff behind the counter could negatively affect customer service and thus result in fewer sales.

The Curri Solution

“Curri saves me from driver issues and timing issues. It just makes sense to use you.” - Anthony Cuccinello, President

AM/PM Supply leveraged Curri’s logistics delivery platform to considerably cut day-to-day operational costs with Curri Hotshots, thus improving their overall bottom line and enhancing their customer experience.

Delivery operational costs were significantly reduced by 50% within a year

when AM/PM Supply relied on Curri for on-demand, last-mile delivery. Through Curri, they were able to reallocate their operational expenses related to drivers and delivery trucks, increasing their bottom line.

Increased sales by 10% within a year with same-day, on-demand delivery

for a faster response to emergency plumbing and HVAC jobs for contractors who needed materials ASAP.

Improved customer relationships and increased delivery accuracy

by providing real-time delivery updates with live tracking and proof of delivery photos.

Enlarged delivery radius by 250 miles to enable delivery out of state,

making no address too far to win a sale.

Learn More About Curri

Do you want to leverage easy-to-use middle and final-mile delivery technology to convert more sales, cut costs, reduce risk, and enhance your customer experience?

Connect with a Curri team member to see how our logistics delivery platform can easily transform your middle and final-mile construction and industrial supplies deliveries.

Experts believe that reducing emissions can improve air quality and save lives. Because of these positive outcomes, many are ready to do their part in reducing emissions. Last-mile delivery, the most expensive and time-consuming portion of the delivery journey for a package, also leads to significant emissions output. Rightsizing your company’s delivery fleet leads to a reduction in emissions.

March 2, 2023

Emissions Reduction in Last-Mile Delivery with Fleet Rightsizing

For many businesses, last mile fleet operations are a key obstacle for emissions reduction. Learn how Curri can help cut costs and reduce emissions.


Why the Last Mile Is Key for Carbon Emissions Reduction

Early steps in the delivery process are more efficient than the last mile. Why? In earlier stages, items are shipped in bulk. For example, 1000 pieces of plywood can be transported from overseas on the same boat (along with many other items). When the plywood is in the US, it may be transported via a freight train to a warehouse or to a retail store.

Then, we get to the last mile. Each piece of plywood, along with many other items, is shipped individually to fulfill customer orders. Individualized last-mile delivery is convenient for the end customer, but it requires companies to make many trips. Each delivery results in carbon emissions.

In 2020, 41% of global transportation emissions were generated by the transportation sector, according to Statista. Coming in at number two on the list of vehicles that generates emissions were medium and heavy trucks. Smaller vehicles almost always produce fewer emissions than trucks and other large vehicles. Rightsizing delivery means the appropriately sized vehicle makes the trip.

Curri Can Help Make Zero Emissions Delivery a Reality

Zero emissions, i.e. releasing no greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, is an ideal that some environmentalists and scientists suggest should be the goal. Achieving this goal is a great challenge, particularly for an industry that relies on delivery.  

Work with Curri, and you can reduce your carbon emissions. Our nationwide fleet includes a wide range of vehicles, so each delivery is done in a rightsized vehicle. We also have zero-emissions vehicles in our fleet, so the delivery arm of your business can contribute to the ideal goal.

An Efficient Virtual Fleet - Sedans to Semi Trucks

What sized vehicle does your delivery require? Deliveries are not uniform. You may be shipping a single item to a regular customer, several items to a new customer, making multiple deliveries, or some combination of the above. When all types of deliveries can occur at any time, having the rightsized vehicle always available is nearly impossible.

However, when the rightsized vehicle is used for delivery, you increase efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and save money. Curri’s intelligent matching platform shops loads across a robust network of providers. Therefore, the rightsized vehicle, whether a sedan, a semi-truck or something in between, is always available to make the delivery without adding unnecessary emissions that come with using a larger vehicle than required.

Experienced Local Drivers - Nearby and at the Ready

Nearly everyone has a cellphone, so they have access to a GPS. Therefore, we always take the most efficient route, rarely get lost, and minimize the release of harmful emissions. If only… The best way to feel confident that a delivery is being made via the most efficient route, thereby minimizing carbon emissions, is to have local drivers who know the roadways in and out.

Curri works with locally experienced drivers with good driving records to make your last-mile delivery. These drivers may even know local roads better than a GPS, so they can get the delivery made quickly. They’re also ready when needed, so your customers get their material delivered promptly and keep their jobs moving.  

Advanced Route Optimization for LTL Freight

A customer places an order and needs the delivery. It’s a regular customer who you need to keep happy or a new customer with the potential to become a regular. Either way, you want to please your customer so that their next order is from you and not your competitor. You check your fleet availability and realize the rightsized vehicle is unavailable, and your delivery truck has left for the day. You’re left scrambling.

Sound familiar?

Curri can quickly make the rightsized vehicle available for delivery/deliveries. Therefore, you don't need to send freight with LTL, which leads to excessive carbon emissions. Best of all, Curri’s advanced route optimization software ensures delivery drivers use the most efficient route to minimize carbon emissions. Everyone wins – the customer gets their delivery, you keep your customer content, and there’s a reduction in emissions.

Reduce Fleet Operation Costs, and Your Carbon Footprint

Over the last couple of years, everybody has felt the sting of inflation on their bottom line. Any time you can reduce or at least keep costs stable, that's a win. Gas prices – regular and diesel – have fluctuated. Although prices are off their highs, they are still elevated compared to when they were in the early days of the pandemic-induced shutdowns.

Of the variable expenses related to fleet operations – maintenance, tolls, tickets, etc., gas is the most significant piece of the pie. Using the rightsized vehicle means using less gas and minimizing your carbon footprint. In addition, managing the fleet properly will reduce wear and tear on vehicles as they are being utilized the way they are designed. So, trips to the mechanic and the dealership are reduced. Ultimately, rightsized vehicles decrease fleet operation costs and carbon footprint.

Learn More About Curri

We all want to do our part to reduce emissions and contribute to a clean environment. Last mile delivery is a significant contributor to carbon emissions. A reduction in emissions while maintaining or improving delivery service for your customers can happen when you work with Curri.

At Curri, we always have the rightsized vehicle available for your last mile delivery needs. Our vast fleet of vehicles and drivers is ready to work with you. Contact us today!


December 22, 2022

The Value of Same-Day Delivery Logistics for Exception Management

Delivery exceptions are expensive, difficult to manage, and cause a bad customer experience. Curri’s integrated logistics and courier solutions can help.


Exception management is an essential part of the supply chain, and same-day delivery logistics plays a crucial role. With Curri, companies can react quickly and efficiently to exceptional circumstances that don't fit their typical LTL operations. With same-day delivery, businesses can respond quickly to supply chain disruption, matching the demand curves created in today's volatile markets.

By providing timely responses to exception orders, companies ensure that customer satisfaction is maximized by never leaving them waiting for their products. This is why same-day delivery is so valuable: they prioritize exception management for each customer, enabling faster delivery of single pieces or partial pallets. Best of all, exception management can be automated with same-day delivery logistics solutions, helping you track packages and routes while keeping your customers in the loop.

What Is a Delivery Exception?

A delivery exception occurs when an item or shipment does not arrive at its intended destination as expected. Exceptions can cause big headaches for distributors, who are dealing with a huge number of deliveries across multiple carriers every day. Delivery exceptions are caused by a variety of problems that can occur during the shipping process, such as packages sent to the wrong addresses, missing packages or items, damage caused during transit, and even delays triggered by traffic or weather.

The greatest challenge is that many exceptions go undetected until it's too late - when corrective action could have prevented bigger issues down the line. To avoid this, distributors need real-time visibility and tracking of each package so they can be aware of any errors ASAP and address them quickly. By arming themselves with Curri’s comprehensive real-time insights, distributors are able to identify and address exceptions in a timely manner.

Why Do Exceptions Derail Delivery Operations?

Delivery operations are often derailed when there are exceptions. Even minor delays can lead to disruptions in an otherwise efficient delivery process. This results in longer turnaround times, higher costs, and sometimes inferior service quality due to operational errors. As such, it is critical for businesses to closely monitor exceptional cases within their delivery process in order not to jeopardize organizational performance. To successfully manage these exceptions and avoid having them derail delivery operations, companies can rely on Curri's same-day delivery to be proactive and prepared to reduce shipment issues.

Curri Makes It Easier to Manage Exceptions

Curri is revolutionizing the delivery industry. With our 2M+ nationwide carrier network, we make it easier than ever to manage delivery exceptions. Finding and fixing exceptions is necessary for any distributor, but it often becomes a major source of frustration and headache. Thankfully, Curri technology makes exception management much simpler and less time-consuming by providing real-time alerts so distributors can foresee any potential issues before they grow out of control. Plus, our tools allow them to quickly identify and correct errors without needing further assistance from other departments like Customer Service or Operations. As a result, the end recipient receives their packages quicker which helps foster overall customer satisfaction.

Improve Logistics with Integrated Same-Day Couriers

Integrated same-day couriers are an efficient and cost-effective way of improving your logistics process. Companies can save time, money, and resources through live tracking, route optimization, and flexible delivery options. Same-day delivery also improves customer satisfaction due to its fast and reliable timeframe for getting goods where they need to go. For businesses, large or small, integrating same-day couriers into their operations can help streamline their logistics process from order through delivery, giving them a competitive edge in their respective industries.

Problem-Proof Your Last-Mile Delivery Operations

Last-mile delivery operations are integral to providing seamless and convenient customer experiences. To ensure efficient, cost-effective service and consistent customer satisfaction, it is critical to identify potential problems before they arise, as this can save a significant amount of time and money in the long run. To properly problem-proof your last-mile delivery operations, it is essential to employ integrated optimization strategies that provide visibility across all stages of the delivery process. By utilizing Curri, you can be prepared for any unforeseen challenges that might come up in the future and keep your customers delighted with every interaction.

Eliminate the Inefficiencies of Last-Minute LTL Deliveries

Last-minute Less Than Truckload (LTL) deliveries can easily be a source of frustration and inefficiency (and environmental aberration). Curri makes last-minute LTL shipments hassle-free by providing an intuitive booking system that matches you with the right-size vehicle for your delivery with instant real-time pricing. And because the shipment is tracked electronically throughout its journey, customers have an unprecedented level of visibility into the delivery's progress without needing manual follow-up calls. By eliminating these inefficiencies, Curri's streamlined and simplified solution gives businesses the time they need to focus on their core operations.

Improve the Customer Experience, When It Really Counts

Last-mile delivery has become increasingly important, especially in today's landscape. Businesses want to ensure that their customers are satisfied and trust them to provide high-quality experiences throughout the entire order process. To improve the customer experience when it counts, businesses must capitalize on the convenience of last-mile delivery, and incorporating proof of delivery photos can help bring peace of mind to customers and business owners. Emphasizing last-mile delivery with proof of delivery photos creates an overall improved customer experience that can make all the difference.

Protect Your Profit Margins

It's become a cliché: businesses need to do more with less in these tough economic times. Fortunately, there is a way to increase profit margins without sacrificing quality. Curri provides fleet elasticity so that you only pay for what you need — freeing up money that would otherwise be used on fuel, maintenance, and staffing costs. Whether it's sudden surges or dips in demand, you can count on Curri to help strengthen your bottom line and make every delivery count. With Curri's efficient and reliable fleet, you can take steps today to start increasing your profit margins.

Streamline Exception Management with Curri

Curri has developed a streamlined exception management solution tailor-made for the construction and industrial supplies industries. With Curri's platform, you can easily schedule deliveries and manage proof of delivery photos. The intuitive workflow speeds up identifying problems and resolving exceptions, significantly reducing delivery times and customer frustration. So get in touch with our team to have a conversation. Or you can try Curri yourself - signing up is free and easy; you only pay for the deliveries you book.


December 21, 2022

If Your Virtual Fleet Subscription Solution Costs Too Much, Try Curri

If your virtual fleet solution is breaking the bank, consider Curri. Our virtual fleet services have no subscription fees - pay only when you need us.


If you run a business in the construction or industrial supplies industries, chances are you've wondered if there's a better logistics solution than the one you're currently using. Curri is the answer you're looking for. Not only is it more affordably priced, but it also offers efficient solutions to manage your deliveries. With features like in-depth reporting that helps make sense of data, intelligent route optimization, and real-time tracking, Curri is an invaluable tool for any business. By utilizing Curri, our customers have saved over 30% on operating expenses, such as fleet insurance and maintenance, and improved their delivery experience to increase customer retention by 25%.

Why the Subscription Model Isn't Ideal

Although the subscription model appears to be less of a commitment for a virtual fleet, it isn't always ideal. Subscription costs are expensive and riddled with hidden fees that often take up a large portion of budgeted funds. Many companies may find that opting for a subscription model could commit them to more services or products than they need, resulting in an inefficient use of resources. If you have a one-off delivery that requires a larger vehicle, you can bet that you will be moved to a more expensive subscription tier. Additionally, when attempting to get out of subscriptions, early-cancellation penalties make getting out of the subscription extremely difficult. A subscription-based virtual fleet is not a cost-effective solution for many companies. That's why at Curri, there are no subscriptions - you pay for exactly what you need.

Why Our Virtual Fleet Is So Efficient and Effective

Curri's virtual fleet aims to revolutionize the way businesses operate, enabling companies to operate an on-demand fleet with unmatched efficiency and effectiveness. Our virtual fleet offers the flexibility and scalability needed to keep up with demand without accumulating costly overhead. Curri's virtual fleet is designed to allow businesses to respond quickly to changes in customer demand while avoiding losses due to failure to deliver. Ultimately, companies seeking economic returns can trust Curri's virtual fleets to maximize customer satisfaction and reduce overhead costs.

Pay As You Go - You Pay Only for the Deliveries You Request

With Curri's subscription-free logistics platform, you only pay for deliveries when you request them. With subscription models, you must pay monthly even if you only use the service three months out of the year. Instead of having to set up a subscription or contract with a delivery service, all you need to do is create your free account, place the order and get your item delivered within the specified timeframe. The flexibility of Curri's platform gives users access to our 2M+ nationwide carrier network without long-term commitments. Businesses enjoy greater peace of mind knowing their budget isn't being wasted on subscription costs and fees but on actual deliveries they request.

No Fees, No Subscription Costs, No Surprise Charges

Utilizing a logistics platform should be a stress-free experience, especially regarding budgeting. With no fees, no subscription costs, and no surprise charges, you can have peace of mind, knowing exactly how much you're spending without any hidden charges or expenses that may creep up on you out of nowhere. With Curri, meeting delivery demands and deadlines is made even more accessible and free of financial stress.

Experienced Local Drivers, Located Nationwide

If you're looking for a dependable and experienced delivery driver with local expertise, you'll find it with Curri. As a result, our 2M+ nationwide carrier network of drivers provides quick and reliable deliveries. These experienced local drivers are equipped with personal knowledge of your area and the market. Our all-in-one logistics platform keeps any business running smoothly while saving costs. Whether you need a Hotshot or Dedicated Route, finding the right vehicle and driver is just a few clicks away.

A Complete Fleet of Vehicles, from Sedans to Semis

Our fleet of vehicles, from sedans to semis, has everything your business could need to transport construction equipment or supplies. Curri's virtual fleet provides customers with an unparalleled choice of vehicles and accessories. Whether your material can fit in a car or you need a semi-truck, Curri has the right vehicle for your needs. By utilizing Curri, our customers have saved over 30% on operating expenses by choosing the most adequate vehicle for their delivery.

Everyday Dedicated Services to Increase Efficiency  

Time is money, and now more than ever, businesses need delivery services that are quick and efficient. At Curri, we aim to provide you with the most efficient solutions possible to improve your delivery times. Curri Dedicated Routes are designed with this in mind, allowing you to operate with the same flexibility as if it were your trucks on the road. We offer either 4-hour or 8-hour shifts, providing multiple opportunities throughout the day to get essential deliveries where they need to go. Plus, our drivers know what it takes to manage a route - reporting directly to your warehouse each morning and again for a mid-morning or afternoon run when needed. By adding in a Curri Dedicated Route, you can boost efficiencies and customer experiences alike!

Real-Time Logistics, Tracking, and Confirmation Technology

Curri's innovative platform features real-time logistics, tracking, and confirmation technology that revolutionize the delivery process. What used to be a costly affair full of word-of-mouth and paperwork can now be done in seconds. Live tracking provides customers with up-to-date ETAs and confirmation that their orders have arrived at their intended destination. Curri's platform is a game-changer for businesses relying on delivery services - they no longer have to rely on secondhand accounts or hope their products are delivered on time. With proof of delivery photos and signatures, you are assured that your orders were received as expected and that all of their products arrived unscathed. Curri's technology provides complete visibility into the delivery of your product - something essential for streamlining operations and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Streamlined Integration with the Software You Already Use

Modern businesses rely on technology to streamline their processes. Integrating the right software into an existing system ensures that you have a streamlined workflow and don't miss out on essential data. However, it can be overwhelming trying to integrate your software while still running your regular operations. That's where streamlined integration with the software you already use comes in! It can help you worry less about training your employees on unfamiliar applications and focus more on getting the desired results without disrupting your daily operations. Streamlined integration means one less thing to worry about when tackling technology projects, so you can rest assured that everything is running efficiently and smoothly.

Curri’s Virtual Fleet for Enterprise Customers

If you're looking to tap the full potential of your operations with an enterprise-grade logistics platform but are having difficulty finding a provider: look no further than Curri. With access to our expansive 2M+ nationwide carrier network and fleet right-sizing capabilities, Curri can help you overcome any spikes in demand like a pro. When companies partner with Curri, they save an average of 30% on operational costs such as insurance and maintenance while increasing customer retention by 25%. Streamline your operations, increase sales and provide your customers with the best possible experience today. Try Curri for yourself - signing up is free and you'll only pay for the deliveries you book.


December 14, 2022

Curri’s CEO, Matt Lafferty, On The Distribution Talk Podcast

Curri CEO Matt Lafferty joins Jason Bader on the Distribution Talk Podcast to discuss the benefits of elastic fleet outsourcing for enterprise operations.


Are you a distributor looking for a way to reduce costs and increase profits? Outsourcing your delivery is the most efficient way to do just that. In this episode of The Distribution Talk Podcast, Jason Bader sits down with Curri’s CEO, Matt Lafferty, to discuss the benefits of an outsourced fleet and how Curri can increase the bottom line for your enterprise.

Reduce Operating Costs with Fleet Elasticity

Fleet elasticity is when companies use an outsourced fleet to scale their operations up or down based on demand. The Curri platform allows distributors to reduce overhead costs associated with maintaining an in-house fleet since not all vehicles are being used at any given time. By reducing the number of vehicles sitting around, companies can save money on fuel, maintenance, and staffing costs.

Curri's virtual fleet helps businesses get their products delivered quickly and efficiently. Our enterprise-grade logistics platform improves customer satisfaction by giving customers real-time tracking information, so they know exactly where their deliveries are and when they'll arrive. With our logistics platform, businesses have visibility into their entire delivery process and can easily adjust their fleet anytime. Curri provides businesses with complete control over their logistics process while saving them time and money in the long run.

Optimize Your Fleet with Curri

Outsourcing your delivery with Curri is a great way to reduce overhead costs while providing excellent service to your customers. Curri's virtual fleet offers businesses an efficient solution for managing their logistics processes without dealing with the hassles of maintaining an in-house fleet. With access to our 2M+ nationwide carrier network, companies can save time, reduce costs, and increase profits all at once!

Curri was designed for distributors, suppliers, retailers, manufacturers, and contractors. Learn more about how you can benefit from outsourcing your delivery fleet by tuning into The Distribution Talk Podcast featuring Matt Lafferty from Curri! Get in touch with our team to have a conversation. Or you can try Curri yourself - signing up is free and easy; you only pay for the deliveries you book.


November 20, 2022

What Is Fleet Elasticity?

What is fleet elasticity? How can it reduce costs and increase efficiency for delivery and logistics operations? Curri explains the details.


Fleet elasticity is a term that is becoming more prevalent in the delivery and logistics industry. But what is fleet elasticity?

Fleet elasticity is the ability to rapidly adjust fleet size and composition in response to changes in demand. In other words, it's the ability to be flexible and adapt quickly to fluctuations in business needs.

By partnering with the right logistics provider, companies can achieve fleet elasticity. The logistics provider is responsible for supplying an elastic fleet and managing all operations related to delivery. The elastic fleet is available on call to make any delivery - rapid deliveries, LTL/PTL/FTL freight, recurring deliveries, etc.

Fleet elasticity is extremely valuable for companies seeking to increase efficiency and reduce overhead costs such as fleet maintenance and insurance.

What Are the Costs of Inflexible Fleet Operations?

Owning and operating a fleet is one of the most significant blows to your revenue. However, an elastic fleet of outsourced vehicles drastically reduces the financial impact by putting heavy operational lifting on the logistics provider.

When you rely solely on an in-house fleet, you incur fixed costs such as vehicle purchasing, fleet maintenance and insurance, payroll, benefits, and insurance.

When you can effortlessly modify your fleet size, you can more easily match fleet utilization to customer demand. A flexible fleet matches an outsourced vehicle and insured driver to streamline your operations and reduce the high costs associated with owning and operating your own fleet.

Examples of Fleet Elasticity in Action

A fleet unable to be flexible to changes in demand can incur high costs. For example, if a company's fleet is too small, it may not be able to meet customer demand, resulting in lost business. Alternatively, if a company's fleet is too large, it may have unused capacity, resulting in wasted resources and higher fleet costs.

Fleet elasticity aims to find the sweet spot where fleet size meets customer demand without incurring excess costs. A flexible fleet allows you to examine your current operations and eliminate unnecessary expenses.

Reduce the Costs of Vehicle Purchasing, Maintenance, and Insurance

An elastic fleet reduces the cost of serving your customers. As your busy season approaches or if you want to expand your market reach, you won't need to purchase more trucks. Instead, you'll be able to right-size your fleet and save on fleet insurance and maintenance.

With fleet elasticity, you can avoid these high costs by outsourcing vehicles to quickly meet demand spikes while you maintain a cost-effective in-house fleet size.

When you outsource vehicles and drivers, you also reduce the liability risks associated with delivery. The logistics provider supplying the elastic fleet takes on the liability of the delivery and provides you with cargo insurance so you have the peace of mind your merchandise and company are protected from the pickup to the drop-off.  

Reduce the Costs of Hiring, Payroll, and Insuring Drivers

Companies spend a great deal of time and money hiring, training, paying, and ensuring delivery drivers. However, when demand fluctuates, it's easy to become oversaturated with drivers that sit on the sidelines of your payroll while you wait for the next spike in demand to hit.

An elastic fleet ensures you always maintain the right amount of drivers to operate efficiently. Employing, paying, and insuring drivers full-time is very costly. Outsourcing insured drivers with an elastic fleet as needed solves this problem.

Flex Your Fleet Up or Down to Match Market Conditions

Never lose an order again due to fleet constraints. Instead, easily match your fleet size to market conditions by leveraging fleet elasticity. For example, if demand for your product or service decreases, you can quickly change your fleet size downward to match the new demand. This helps avoid the costs of excess capacity and unused vehicles.

On the other hand, if demand for your product or service increases, you can rapidly adjust your fleet size upward to match the new demand. This helps ensure that you have the capacity to meet customer demand and avoid lost business.

An elastic fleet can be scaled up or down to correspond to the market's needs. You can ensure your operations run parallel to market demands.

Scale New Businesses and Territories More Efficiently

With a flexible fleet, you can expand new businesses and territories more efficiently.

When a company expands into a new territory, it may not be sure how much demand there will be for its product or service.

If the company purchases too many vehicles, it may have idle capacity and incur unnecessary costs. If the company buys too few vehicles, it may not be able to meet customer demand and lose business.

Fleet elasticity can help you avoid these problems by adjusting the fleet size effortlessly. This ensures you always have an efficient number of vehicles to meet customer demand without incurring excess costs of purchasing more vehicles as you plan to expand your reach.

Optimize Your Flexible Fleet with Curri

Curri can improve your operations with our enterprise-grade logistics platform. With access to our 2M+ nationwide carrier network, you can handle spikes in demand or degradation in your fleet like a pro.

Our elastic fleet has everything you need, from sedans to semi-trucks, and equips you with insured drivers nationwide. We make it easy for you to harness the power of a flexible fleet to increase sales, minimize your operational costs, and improve your customer experience.

By utilizing Curri, our customers have saved over 30% on operating expenses, such as fleet insurance and maintenance, and improved their delivery experience to increase customer retention by 25%.

It takes less than a minute to book a delivery on our logistics platform. Your sales leaders will effortlessly grow revenue by always being able to say "Yes!" to customer demands and time constraints. Our clients have converted 24% more sales by offering on-demand delivery with Curri.

Our customers also decrease their exposure to risk and liability with our cargo insurance and safety compliance. All Curri deliveries are insured up to $25,000, with additional coverage available up to $250,000 or more.


November 20, 2022

What Is a Construction Courier?

What is a construction courier? You’re in the right place! Curri breaks it down with a clear definition and examples of construction couriers in action.


What comes to mind when you think of a courier? Is it a person scurrying through a crowded city between office buildings delivering important papers? Former tennis star, Jim Courier? The 2020 movie, The Courier, starring Benedict Cumberbatch? None of these examples may fit your perception or definition of a courier. How about construction? A construction courier has become essential to the industry.

What is a construction courier? Consider this definition. A construction courier takes building materials from manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers to contractors at a job site. Just like the person scampering through the crowded city street to deliver papers, the construction courier delivers something of import to ensure construction can continue.

Why Are Courier Services Important for the Construction Industry?

Successful contractors are focused on scheduling. A major part of taking on a project is assessing how long it will take to complete the job. The more accurate contractors are in determining how long a project will take, the better they can coordinate their crews. If the crew is on a job site longer than the contractor anticipated, it has a cascade effect. Expected profit margins decrease, other jobs get delayed, and so on.

A construction courier delivers building materials from the manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers to the contractor at the job site speedily. The contractor can keep to the schedule, and the crew can focus on the work rather than be left waiting and wondering when building materials will be available.

On-Site, On Time: Examples of Construction Couriers in Action

Consider these examples of how a construction courier can be a difference-maker for a project. A team is redoing the siding of a house. Midway through the project, they realize that some of the sidings they intended on installing are damaged. Contractors can contact retailers, manufacturers, or suppliers who quickly arrange a courier to get more siding to the job site.

Maybe, you’re a contractor, and you paint. While you’re putting on the second coat of paint, the client insists that you put on a third. Since that was not part of the plan, you don’t have enough paint to complete the third coat. Rather than take time away from the job to buy paint or come back to the job site another time, you reach out to a supplier, and they send a construction courier.

Same-Day Hotshots for Contractor Job Site Delivery

The same-day hotshot is like the examples above. Manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers can work with construction couriers to deliver building materials to contractors for those periodic needs.

These one-shot deals are typically time sensitive and costly since they are a direct point A to point B type delivery. Getting them delivered to contractors quickly is greatly appreciated and can turn them into regular customers. Curri’s reliable drivers deliver the building materials to the job site quickly yet safely.

Multi-Stop Routes for Building Material Suppliers

Perhaps, multiple contractors require delivery of building materials. Each day is different. So, having the correct number of drivers so that each driver is occupied is not possible.

A construction courier from Curri is always available during business hours. Curri works with a network of drivers, and they have access to vehicles of all sizes. If you have multiple contractors who need a delivery, Curri can contact a driver with an appropriately sized vehicle to securely store the requested building materials. Therefore, they can handle multi-stop routes, and you don’t have to guess how many drivers you need each day.

Oversized Load and FTL Freight for Manufacturers

Couriers tend to make quick deliveries of small items. That’s not necessarily the case for a construction courier. If you have an oversized load or an FTL that needs to be delivered to or from manufacturers, Curri can help.

We work with drivers who have large vehicles, including flatbeds, box trucks, and trailers (gooseneck, lowboy, step deck, etc.). So, Curri can even serve as a courier for oversized loads of building materials.

Pick-up and Returns for Vehicle or Heavy Equipment Rentals

As part of the rental cycle, heavy equipment goes in the opposite direction of a typical delivery. Because speed, convenience, and safety still matter when transferring equipment from the job site back to manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers, a construction courier is a good option.

Remember, suppliers are anxious for the rented heavy equipment to be returned. Upon return, they can inspect the equipment and get it rented again. The more time the heavy equipment is at a job site, the less time it can be rented out and generate revenue.

Ship-from-Store Service for Home Improvement Retailers

Retailers are on the front lines of consumerism. Whether it’s the challenge of getting employees, keeping shelves stocked, etc., retail is often in the news. However, contractors that work with home improvement retailers are only interested in getting building materials from the store to the job site.

Curri can eliminate one of the challenges that home improvement retailers face. They have construction couriers readily available, so the retailer can offer ship-from-store service. Contractors or even do-it-yourselfers can get building materials delivered quickly and safely.

Get It From A to B with Curri

Whether you’re a manufacturer, supplier, or retailer, you want to keep your customers happy. When contractors need building materials on the job site, their biggest concern is how quickly it can happen. By working with Curri, a construction courier, you can get building materials from your location to the job site efficiently. Materials are handled appropriately, and they are delivered quickly. No items are too big or too small for delivery, as Curri has access to a great variety of vehicles. Get started with Curri and keep your customers satisfied.


November 11, 2022

How Fleet Right-Sizing Solutions Can Reduce Costs in the Last Mile

Reducing costs for fleet operations has never been more important, particularly in the last mile. Try Curri’s integrated logistics and courier solutions.


For any business that relies on transportation to get its product from Point A to Point B, finding ways to cut costs is always a top priority. But in today's e-commerce-dominated world, where speed and convenience are critical, simply cutting costs for the sake of saving money is no longer enough. You need to find ways to save money without compromising on service.

What Is Fleet Right-Sizing?

You might be wondering, what exactly is fleet right-sizing? In short, it's the process of ensuring that your company's fleet is the perfect size for your business needs. Fleet right-sizing might seem like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised how many businesses either have too many vehicles or not enough. Having too many vehicles ties up valuable resources that could be best used elsewhere, while not having enough vehicles leads to inefficiencies and delivery delays.

Why You Should Focus on the Last Mile to Cut Costs

We are always looking for ways to cut costs and improve efficiency in business. One area that is often overlooked is last-mile delivery. Last-mile delivery is the final leg of the journey from you to your customer. It's the most expensive and time-consuming part of the journey and can make or break your business. At Curri, we specialize in optimizing your last-mile and less-than-truckload (LTL) operations to help you cut costs and improve efficiency across your entire business.

How to Solve a Fleet Sizing Problem with Curri

If you're in the construction or industrial supplies industry, you know that having the right size fleet is crucial to success. So how do you find that perfect sweet spot? We've got the answer: Curri. Our virtual fleet allows you to choose the exact vehicle type you need ensuring you'll never have to worry about how to make a delivery if your vehicle is down or your trucks are already out making deliveries. With a few simple clicks, you can have the perfect vehicle and an experienced driver at your pickup location in 30-45 minutes.

Ensure Efficiency for Last-Mile and LTL Operations

Only paying for the vehicle type you need reduces the cost associated with last-mile delivery and ensures your fleet is as efficient as possible. With Curri, your company can scale up and down with demand, so you can be confident that your fleet is always the perfect size. Whether you're just getting started or you've been in business for years, Curri can help you optimize your operations for maximum efficiency.

Simplify Exception Management with Integrated Same-Day Couriers

There are a lot of moving parts to managing a business. Sometimes, things go wrong despite our best efforts. That's where exception management comes in; it allows businesses to plan for the unexpected and keep things running smoothly. One of the essential aspects of exception management is having a reliable delivery partner that you can count on to get your deliveries where they need to go, even when the unexpected happens. Reliable same-day delivery services are essential for businesses that need to be able to manage exceptions quickly and efficiently. With our experienced drivers, live tracking, and customer support, you can rest assured that your deliveries will always arrive on time and without issue.

Scale Up and Down with Minimal Friction

It's vital for companies to be able to adapt to changes in demand. Curri's virtual fleet allows businesses to scale up or down depending on your needs. We offer over 13 different types of vehicles, ensuring that you always have the perfect vehicle. You no longer have to use a box truck to deliver something that can easily fit in a pickup truck. This allows your business to be more flexible and responsive to market changes and drastically reduces the cost associated with owning and maintaining a traditional fleet.

Reduce Staffing, Fuel, Insurance, and Maintenance Costs

With Curri, you can be confident that your fleet is a perfect size, which means you'll save money on fuel, maintenance, and other operational costs. According to the American Trucking Association, the trucking industry is currently short around 50,000 drivers. So, what can construction companies do to ensure they have enough drivers to meet demand? The solution is Curri's virtual fleet. Distributors can access Curri's network of experienced, insured, and background-checked drivers on an as-needed basis without worrying about the high costs associated with traditional in-house fleets.

Advanced Logistics and Live Tracking that Improves Your Customer Experience

In today's world, people expect instant gratification. They want what they want, and they want it now. Delivery delays leave a bad taste in your customers' mouths and can lead them to look for an alternative that can get them the product faster, even if it costs more. Our delivery services are fast and reliable, and our network of experienced drivers know how to get your products to your customers quickly and safely. Our live tracking and advanced logistics features keep you and your customers informed on deliveries. With Curri, you can track your delivery in real-time, get notified when your product is delivered, and view detailed information such as proof of delivery photos.

Fleet Right-Sizing with Curri's Virtual Fleet Solution

Fleet right-sizing is a crucial part of running a successful business. By ensuring that your fleet is the perfect size for your needs, you can save money and run your operation more efficiently. If you are interested in learning more about how Curri can help you right-size your fleet, contact us today!


November 1, 2022

Top 5 Reasons to Drive with Curri

We asked Curri delivery drivers why being a part of our construction delivery team is the best gig job out there. Find out what they think!


Curri entered the gig economy in 2019 to be the way the world delivers construction and industrial supplies.

The customer-facing Curri app is a single platform for hotshot, schedule, daily route, and freight deliveries. Drivers who drive with the Curri app deliver for large retailers and small business owners nationwide in the Building Materials Industry, including HVAC, lumber, electrical, paint, roofing and more.

The majority of gig economy workers have a full-time position in addition to their gig work. And now, the gig economy is bustling with more options than ever. It’s common for gig workers to drive with multiple apps such as Uber, Lyft, Instacart or Doordash. It’s a smart choice to diversify how you generate gig income.

Read on to learn the top 5 reasons gig workers nationwide have been adding Curri to their side-hustle mix.

Better pay to help supplement your gig income

There’s been quite an uproar in the gig economy around fair pay. Gig companies like Uber and Instacart are struggling to pay their rideshare and delivery drivers adequately, which has resulted in a nationwide wave of pushback against gig employers.

You can use the Curri Driver app to help supplement your gig income. We pay drivers the same day the delivery happens. The payout for each delivery with Curri is variable on multiple factors. In general, the larger the load, the longer the distance, the higher the payout.

Unlike delivering food, construction and industrial supplies have a higher monetary value. Think of the lumber and pipes a contractor uses when building a new home - there’s a lot more to the cargo in your truck with a Curri delivery.

And because of this, we can pay our drivers much better, so we are a great addition to have in your back pocket. Download the Curri Driver app to help diversify your income from gig work, all vehicle types needed and welcomed!

Better hours, no late nights, and no crumbs in your backseat

Driving with Curri means you will have a daytime gig. We operate during our customers' business hours, meaning you can say goodbye to being out at 2 a.m. on dark roads driving humans around or delivering takeouts. From big retailers to small local businesses, you can enjoy morning, afternoon, and evening surges that fit into your schedule.

Most manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers in the building materials industry close by 10 p.m. at the latest, so you can always find yourself at home at a decent time.

Construction supplies make the perfect passenger, so you won’t have to worry about crumbs in your backseat, turning off your audiobook or playlist.

Flexible delivery options for our drivers

Our drivers are sent 3 priority delivery options on the Curri Driver app.

  1. Rush: These deliveries are time-sensitive in nature. It's important to complete these promptly, within an hour, to maintain a solid driver rating.
  2. Scheduled: These are Rush deliveries that have been scheduled in advance.
  3. Same Day: These deliveries are less time-sensitive. You'll be given a window to pick up and deliver these items.

Some Curri drivers work for stores every day and even on a weekly or monthly basis. This is called a "route". Route drivers appreciate the visibility of their schedule and income.

Free perks: Join our pipe rack program for a win-win

If you drive a pickup truck, Curri will send you a pipe rack to help you get more gigs! Get in touch with us at to get set up with a pipe rack for your vehicle.

Not only is this a win for you, but it’s also a win for Curri for being able to provide our customers with a pipe rack option as needed.

Sigh of relief from less insurance liability while driving

Rideshare accidents have become much more common. This places drivers at risk.

When a rideshare driver causes an accident and he or she is at fault, then the driver may be liable for passenger injury.

You can always drive with more peace of mind with construction supplies as your passenger, as any damage that may occur to the materials is automatically insured by Curri up to $25,000.

Get Curri-ed away!

Interested in driving with Curri? See what our drivers have to say about being a part of the Curri team.


October 19, 2022

Talking Efficiency and Virtual Fleet Logistics on the ConTechCrew Podcast

Curri’s CEO joins the ConTechCrew to talk about Curri’s origins and fixing enterprise-level delivery and logistics problems that slow supply chains.


The ConTechCrew Podcast explores the innovative and breakthrough technologies shaping the construction industry. In this podcast, suppliers and distributors can learn about new technologies to increase efficiency, profitability, and business growth.

In this episode of The ConTechCrew Podcast, Curri’s Co-founder and CEO, Matt Lafferty, sits down with James Benham and Jeff Sample to dive into fleet elasticity. Matt explains how Curri's virtual fleet is making a big difference in the construction and industrial supplies industry across the United States.

The Rising Costs of Fleet Vehicles, Staffing, and Liability

How much does it actually cost to have an in-house fleet? The initial cost of acquiring vehicles is one of the highest costs associated with owning and maintaining a fleet. Not to mention gas prices remain historically high. Vehicle maintenance, liability, and staffing all contribute to your fleet's laundry list of costs. These factors force businesses to ask whether having an in-house fleet is still worth it.

Fleet Efficiency and Elasticity Can Grow Your Profit Margin

An outsourced fleet is less expensive and allows your company to scale your fleet up and down based on demand. By reducing the number of vehicles sitting around, the overhead costs associated with an in-house fleet will drastically lower and increase profit margins by only paying for what you need.

In today’s world, having a flexible fleet is crucial for any company with high volumes of delivery. With Curri, you can access an on-demand fleet at your fingertips. What does this mean for you? You can have an experienced delivery driver and vehicle of your choice at the pickup location in 30-45 minutes. Curri allows you to choose the exact vehicle type you need, and you’ll never have to worry about how to make a delivery if your vehicle is down or your trucks are already out making deliveries. Not only do you provide your customers with an exceptional experience, but you also save time and money.

Curri Helps Keep Your Fleet Flexible to Match Market Conditions

At Curri, our fleet is available on call as needed to make any delivery. Whether you need a hotshot for a gallon of paint or a dedicated service to move heavy-duty items such as sewage pipes or machinery, our wide range of vehicles allows you to only pay for what you need. You no longer have to use a sprinter to deliver something that can easily fit in a car. Our virtual fleet can patch leaks in your revenue stream you may not have even known were there.

Learn More About Our Solutions for Logistics and Delivery

Curri was designed for distributors, suppliers, retailers, and manufacturers. Want to learn more about how Curri can streamline delivery and equip your business with an efficient and elastic fleet? Get in touch with our team to have a conversation. Or you can try Curri yourself - signing up is free and easy; you only pay for the deliveries you book.


October 16, 2022

LTL Last Mile Delivery Services for Retailers

When supply-chain delays impact shipping and receiving, it can lead to cost overruns and angry customers. Same-day LTL couriers can make a difference.


While supply chain issues have eased slightly, snags remain. The issues trickle down to the end customer, who is left disappointed that their order is delayed or unavailable. For retailers that focus on pleasing their customers, goods can’t be sitting on a shelf, stock room, or shipping dock. Items need to be turned over and shipped quickly. This requires the retailer to have well-run shipping and receiving (S&R) operation.

Working with a courier who ensures prompt delivery can help retailers satisfy their customers.

Why LTL and Last Mile Delivery Are a Problem for Retail

Last-mile delivery – the only segment of the shipping process that the end customer sees directly – is key to customer satisfaction. It’s also the most expensive and time-consuming element of the shipping process. From outdated technology to various inefficiencies and high operations costs, last-mile delivery challenges retailers.

Another wrinkle that makes last-mile delivery challenging for retailers is less than truckload (LTL) deliveries. An LTL delivery is incredibly inefficient. Why should a retailer send out a truck if it’s not full? It means more wear and tears on the delivery vehicles and higher operational costs (gas, driver, etc.). However, if retailers only send out a fully packed vehicle, it means longer wait times for the end customer.

When retailers work with a courier, they can send items on-demand, so customers receive their purchases more quickly. Customers will be more pleased because they have their needed items and can keep to their work schedule.

Receiving: Upstream Delays Lead to Product Shortages

Since the pandemic damaged the supply chain, retailers have been caught in the middle. They have disappointed customers wondering what is going on with operations while they wait for their product. Meanwhile, the retailer is waiting on manufacturers to get them the product (who may be waiting on suppliers to get them materials to develop the product). Upstream delays in the supply chain, i.e. those activities applicable to their suppliers, are out of the retailer’s control. Beyond looking for other suppliers, they have no good options. Upstream delays inevitably lead to product shortages.

Shipping: Last Mile Delays Lead to Unhappy Customers and Canceled Orders

Customers are frustrated when there are upstream delays. Yet, a reasonable customer will understand that the issue is beyond the retailer's control. That understanding will quickly dissipate if the retailer delays further upon receiving the goods.

Once the retailer has the product, they need to proceed with delivery as soon as possible. Customers don’t want to hear a delivery can’t be made because a retailer is short on drivers, etc. Operations need to move the product into shipping rapidly. Failure to do so will annoy customers and may lead them to cancel orders and take their business elsewhere.

Curri’s Express LTL Delivery Streamlines Shipping and Receiving

Curri, an integrated logistics and courier platform, works directly with retailers on delivery loads of all types, including LTL delivery. Retailers who work with Curri don’t get caught having to balance customer satisfaction against the excessive costs of last-mile LTL delivery.

We can help you streamline your S&R process as we are available on demand for retailers to handle their last-mile service. The service is available from Monday through Sunday, 6 AM to 10 PM nationwide, so you can ensure your customers have the materials they need when they need them.

On-Demand: A Complete Fleet of Delivery Vehicles and Local Drivers

One of the challenges of LTL last mile delivery for retailers is sending the shipment in an appropriate vehicle. For example, sending an entire box truck to deliver one mattress. Curri has a wide range of delivery vehicles - straight trucks, flatbeds, sprinter vans, pickups, sedans, etc. - that are available nationwide. So, the right-sized vehicle is available for delivery at all times.

We work with crowdsourced local drivers who are familiar with the area and can make the delivery in the most efficient time. Being local means they are nearby, so they can quickly pick up the product from your retail outlet and delivery it to your customer. In fact, the average time for drivers to pick up an item is between 30-45 minutes. In addition, drivers are trained to deliver top-notch customer service and leave your customer satisfied. Finally, they’re fully insured, which leaves you with one less worry.

Advanced Logistics. Live Tracking. Digital Delivery Confirmation

Your customers have a job to do, and they are counting on the products you deliver to them. Delivery delays can mean a stalled job. Therefore, time matters. By knowing when to expect the delivery, schedules can be altered, so the job flows seamlessly. It also gives your customers peace of mind.

Curri offers an advanced logistics platform that provides custom usage reports. You also get live tracking, so you know when the pickup and drop-off will take place. And so does your customer. They're not sitting around wondering when their delivery will be or reaching out to ask you. Plus, you get a signed delivery confirmation once the job is complete. You can know exactly how long delivery takes and plan your shipping accordingly. Best of all, you know the materials are with your customer, just as they should be. And that’s peace of mind for you!

Discover What Curri Can Do for Your S&R Operations

LTL and last-mile delivery are traditionally a challenge for retailers. These days with the supply chain out of wack and S&R causing headaches for retailers nationwide, anything that can better the process is worth a shot.

Curri was designed to get the job done for retailers. We are ready to partner with you on your LTL last-mile delivery operations and help you impress your customers. Don’t leave them waiting while you choose between costs and customer satisfaction.


September 25, 2022

Curri Is Your Last-Mile Solution for Large-Scale Solar Logistics

Large-scale solar projects require extensive last-mile logistics to deliver all materials in a timely, secure, and cost-effective manner. Curri can help.


The supply chain is among the subjects that people have become more familiar with. Where once we took logistics for granted and expected delivery to happen on the same day, delays have become the norm. Curri helps companies ensure that the last mile is not a hold-up in the delivery of items, including those needed for large-scale solar projects.

Last mile delivery is the most challenging and expensive part of the shipping process (it can make up over 50% of the total cost). While companies might want to scrimp on last-mile delivery costs, they need to get it right. The last mile is the logistical area that customers are most familiar with, so an issue with the schedule will lead to dissatisfaction. Curri helps companies improve customer satisfaction with its reliable last-mile solutions.

With Curri, you can complete every delivery on time, including items for large-scale solar projects.

The Rapid, Competitive Growth of Large-Scale Solar

Solar energy usage is rising in the United States, both in personal residences and businesses. The figures are nearly certain to rise given the government subsidies that encourage further use. With the costs for installation of solar/PV panels lessened, the time it takes to make up the costs (due to lower energy bills) is shorter. The brief period could serve to encourage people who were uninterested before the subsidies were available.

A second reason why the large-scale solar market is growing is people's increasing concern regarding the environment. The growing frequency of weather events has led some to decide they want to do more to help protect the environment. There’s a recognition that installing solar/PV panels is a simple way to reduce fossil fuel use and be environmentally friendly.

Logistics Challenges for Large PV Projects

A major challenge regarding the delivery of items for large PV projects is the fragility of PV panels. At each step of the supply chain, handlers need to be delicate with the panels. It’s easy to imagine an overworked employee rushing to meet the delivery schedule mishandling the panels and damaging them in some way.

Because the materials used for large PV projects are so sensitive and must be handled carefully, delivery prices may be exorbitant. Consider that a driver may make fewer trips or have to pack a vehicle especially carefully when delivering solar/PV panels. The extra time and effort subtract from delivery time and drives costs up.

As demand for solar panels grows, the supply chain is getting squeezed. Imagine you have a construction project, and you are waiting for solar panels. You’re finally going to get your delivery, and they arrive damaged. Then what? A delayed project drives up costs and drives down customer satisfaction.

How Curri Can Help

Curri offers reliability and flexibility. Deliveries can be made from 6 AM-10 PM Monday through Sunday. Plus, deliveries can be arranged 24 hours a day via the easy-to-use app. With that extensive availability, your customers can be confident they’ll have the items they need when they need them. They will be able to move forward on their large-scale solar project as planned.

Together, Curri’s network of drivers has a wide range of vehicles in all sizes. They are available to make deliveries of just about any size. In addition, Curri serves the contiguous United States. So, regardless of place, time, or items needed, Curri can solve delivery problems without delay. We can serve as a partner and keep your customers stocked with the materials they need to satisfy their clientele.

Dedicated Delivery Services for the Last-Mile

Last-mile delivery is known for being expensive, inefficient, and unreliable. Ever been given a multi-hour window of when you can expect your delivery? You wait around - despite having other things to do – and then the delivery happens at the last minute or later. Your project schedule is impacted, and you’re grumbling.

Curri’s primary focus is on last-mile delivery. Our on-call delivery service offers reliability and efficiency. We can handle regular or occasional routes or even serve as the exclusive delivery service for a business. We offer Proof of Delivery photos and live tracking to allow you to focus on your customers.

Same-Day Hotshots for Last-Minute Needs

A driver calls out, a regular customer has an emergency order… The need to make a delivery might not be predictable. For many companies, such bumps in the schedule throw off their logistics and lead to delivery delays. Work with Curri, and this will not be the case. You can schedule a one-time delivery or hotshot at the last minute. The items such as PV/solar panels will be delivered promptly, and your customer can maintain their construction schedule.

Trained, Insured, Professional Drivers

Working with an outside courier service provider means turning over a piece of your business to a third party. That’s a scary proposition since a botched delivery can lead to the fracturing of a relationship with a regular customer.

Curri’s network of drivers is reliable and trained professionals who undergo thorough background checks. They know the value of last-mile delivery and how delays can impact your company’s reputation. The drivers are fully insured and treat materials, including fragile equipment required for large-scale solar projects, with care. All Curri deliveries are insured up to $25,000. Curri can also provide higher coverage if needed.

GPS Tracking and Digital Delivery Confirmation

One of life’s challenges is dealing with uncertainty. Everything is easier for people/businesses to deal with when they know what’s coming. They can brace for the situation and make contingency plans.

Curri network drivers have an app that can be tracked. Therefore, you and your customer will know where the driver is and when they will arrive with the delivery. So, there’s no more staring at the clock, wondering if/when the last mile service will come. And once the delivery is made, you’ll receive a digital signature confirmation. This helps with customer disputes (as you can prove the scheduled delivery happened as promised) and offers peace of mind.

Streamline Solar Construction with Curri

Solar construction is growing rapidly. Curri helps with the logistics, so your last-mile deliveries are completed without delay. Want to check it out for yourself? It's free to sign up!


September 19, 2022

Matt Lafferty, Curri Co-Founder and CEO, Joins the Dealer Low Down Podcast

Curri CEO Matt Lafferty joins the Dealer Low Down Podcast to talk about how dealerships in many industries benefit from improved delivery logistics.


The Dealer Low Down is the perfect podcast for dealers and distributors across every industry, and it's also a great listen for manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers. So it’s a perfect fit for Curri and Prokeep, two companies building the future of supply chain infrastructure.

In this episode of The Dealer Low Down, Curri’s Co-founder and CEO, Matt Lafferty, sits down with Prokeep’s Sales Manager, Adam Holtman, to dig into the details and explain how Curri and Prokeep can make a difference for distributors, dealers, and suppliers across America.

Better Delivery Operations Improve ROI for Dealerships

In any industry, poorly optimized delivery operations can result in a massive waste of time and money, not to mention a terrible experience for customers. You have staffing costs for drivers, plus maintenance, insurance, and fuel costs for your vehicles, and the cost of purchasing or leasing vehicles in the first place.

In today's era of online ordering, same-day shipping, and real-time delivery tracking, customer expectations have never been higher. If a delivery is delayed, canceled, or mishandled, you could lose that buyer’s business forever. And this is all the more important in the construction and contractor fields, where project deadlines and important contracts hang in the balance.

For all of these reasons, it’s critical to have a bullet-proof solution for delivery operations. When you streamline delivery, you can protect your business and get a real return on your investment.

Curri Simplifies Delivery Logistics

With Curri’s delivery logistics, you can take the uncertainty out of delivery operations with a flexible toolkit that adapts to your business.

If you need Curri to handle every route for a regional supplier, we've got you covered. If you just need to fill in hotshots a few times a month, we’re there. If you want to be able to offer your customers same-day last-mile delivery (without changing your delivery operations at all) Curri is your on-demand everyday solution.

With real-time GPS tracking, digital delivery confirmation, and a clear delivery logistics dashboard, we make the tech aspect easy. With experienced, local couriers with a full fleet of vehicles from sedans to semi-trucks, customer service is always on point. And with no signup fees, no recurring fees, and clear billing so you only pay for the deliveries you book, Curri is affordable and costs are always manageable.

Prokeep Simplifies Communication for Distributors

Distributors in any industry will tell you that successful sales teams depend on the relationships and communication channels they have with their customers. A missed phone call could cost you thousands of dollars in revenue. In today’s fast-paced communication era, you have more to worry about than missed phone calls. Emails, text messages, online orders, social media messages (and, of course, phone calls).

Prokeep makes it possible for counter sales reps to communicate with customers easily, all from their countertop computer. They can send text messages directly to customers, right from the Prokeep software. All communications are clear, simple, and documented. You can also send and receive pictures with Prokeep, so customers can show rather than tell.

When customer communication is easy, you can focus on building relationships. If a customer has a critical order and they need a rapid response, Prokeep makes it stress-free. If a customer just wants to ask a passing question about your products or services, Prokeep keeps it casual. It's simply the best solution for communication in construction.

Get More Info About Curri Logistics

Curri was built for distributors, suppliers, retailers, and manufacturers. Want to learn more about how Curri can streamline delivery and logistics operations for your business? Get in touch with our team to have a conversation. Or you can try Curri yourself - signup is free and easy; you only pay for the deliveries you book.


September 7, 2022

Overcoming Construction Disruption in 2022

From supply chains to staffing to consumer demand, it takes new ideas and technology to overcome construction industry disruption. Learn how with Curri.


Charles Dickens began his famous novel, A Tale of Two Cities, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” In many ways, this is an apt description of the construction industry in 2022. Last year closed with the passing of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which will pump massive amounts of funding into infrastructure construction. Then, there’s the housing shortage, with some pegging the number of homes needed to be built at more than five million. Great demand and money to be spent – the best of times for the construction industry in 2022.

And yet, the dark clouds are just as clear for the industry. Supply chain disruption is wreaking havoc on the construction industry. Project schedules are being altered, and progress is slowing while crews wait for the product. Some construction sites are being shut down altogether. The economy is yo-yo-ing as consumers still feel pent-up demand yet are overwhelmed by inflation. Worker shortages are another challenge forcing companies to find creative ways to meet demand despite staffing limits.

The New Disruption Economy

One word – logistics. One of the pandemic’s impacts on the construction industry was it forced companies to focus more on logistics. Between shortages, disruptions, and supply chain fluctuations, having sufficient product/supplies/equipment was a significant challenge. This challenge will continue to exist in the future. Many companies across the industry are now relying on smart logistics technology to help them manage operations.  

The number of available jobs has exceeded the number of people looking for work since the spring of 2018 (except for a brief period in 2020 when shutdowns were in effect in much of the nation). Staffing shortages persist even as the economy has begun to slow. The construction industry has been facing a worker shortage for years, with some putting the number of workers needed at over 400,000. There's another wrinkle – it’s expected that 40% of US construction workers will retire in the next ten years – and staffing concerns are even greater. This dynamic is sure to disrupt the construction industry.

How Curri Can Help

With all the disruption that has occurred in the recent past and more expected in the future, the construction industry needs partners it can count on. Curri’s all-in-one logistics platform can help suppliers move material quickly and keep construction moving forward. The as-needed delivery and logistics service enables construction and building materials suppliers to focus on operations and be lean on staffing.

The Resources to Meet Sky-high Customer Expectations

With the construction industry scrambling to get materials through the supply chain, any added delay in moving products is unacceptable. Curri’s on-demand hotshot delivery can minimize disruptions and meet customer demand for timeliness.

Have a time-sensitive delivery you must make? Curri can get it done. We make it easy for you to offer same-day, on-site delivery for your customers. Whether it’s going to a distribution center, a construction site, or a customer’s front door, you can get it from A to B with Curri. Supplies/material/equipment gets to where it needs to go when it's needed, and construction can proceed without disruption.

A Flexible Operations Tool During Industry Consolidation

Big-box stores and incumbent players have scrambled the market by furthering their domination. They’ve consolidated operations to gain more control and avoid disruption. They’ve also consolidated the market by swallowing up some smaller and midsize players, leaving less competition. The changes and growth of industry giants have their positives and negatives.

Curri works with companies of all sizes, including behemoths. Just like the other players in the industry, the giants face challenges with staffing. In addition, expanding the range of operations means a need for more oversight. By turning to Curri, the big guys and everyone else have one less operation to focus on. They can be confident that delivery to customers will happen as scheduled.

A Solution for Staffing Shortages

Consider this scenario. A product is moving through the supply chain as scheduled. Then, suddenly it stalls out and seems to be frozen. Maybe, it’s at a warehouse, a distribution center, or a retail outlet. The only thing the final customer knows is that they’re at a construction site, and they need their delivery. They don’t care about the logistics.

What’s the holdup in moving products? The answer these days is often staffing shortages. There’s an acute shortage of truck drivers with The American Trucking Association estimating the number at 80,000. All the technology in the world is irrelevant if the material is not being moved from point A to point B. Staffing shortages exacerbate disruption. Curri's network of local drivers can deliver products anywhere in the continental United States seven days a week. Don’t let the product stay on shelves leaving your customer disappointed.

Advanced Logistics and Easy Integration

These days, maintaining a delivery service can be a logistical headache. Paper and pen or even a computerized spreadsheet can't cut it. In 2022 and beyond, construction industry customers demand speedy service to help them in their struggle to meet deadlines.

Curri’s advanced logistics platform keeps you informed about where the product is at all times. The visibility offers assurance to both you and your customer. Once set up, the platform is easy to use and requires minimal effort. Finally, it can be integrated with other systems, such as inventory tracking which gives you a clear picture of supplies.

Curri Kickstarts Your Supply Chain

After a few rough years, the American supply chain remains fractured. Shortages and disruptions have become the norm rather than the exception. To cope with the challenge, construction material suppliers must ensure their logistics are top-notch to meet their customers’ demands.

Curri can boost your part in the supply chain and keep product moving. The construction industry requires the consistency that comes with a smooth-flowing supply chain.


September 4, 2022

Curri’s Same-Day Delivery Makes Irrigation Jobs Easier

Curri’s same-day job site delivery service makes irrigation jobs easier for manufacturers, distributors and contractors. Learn how with Curri.


If irrigation business owners were polled about their favorite song, the winner would probably be “I’ll Follow the Sun” by The Beatles. Because good weather is vitally important to their workflow, irrigation and turf professionals must fully utilize each good weather day. Working to the fullest requires irrigation specialists to have all the necessary materials, tools, and equipment on-site, ready to go as needed. If there are issues with supplies, the process will be delayed, reducing the bottom line. Curri logistics and same-day delivery can help irrigation and turf professionals maintain their schedules and meet expectations.

From A to B: Materials, Tools, Equipment, and More

Your irrigation business is dependent on turnover. The quicker and more efficiently your certified irrigation contractor can complete a new system installation, maintenance or repair, the more he/she can complete in a day. Therefore, an irrigation business requires precision. Whether your irrigation business has one or multiple trucks in operation, acting with precision can be a challenge.

The first step is making sure all materials, supplies, tools, and equipment necessary for the job are in working condition and on-site as needed. If a crew is at a customer’s home ready to work, but something is amiss with the equipment (or something is missing), it leads to delays. Backups lead to longer hours and potentially missed jobs or imprecise work resulting in potential client dissatisfaction. It could also lead to the need to pay the crew overtime, which comes out of your pocket.

How Curri Makes Irrigation Jobs More Efficient

Curri’s all-in-one logistics platform helps manufacturers, distributors and retailers move material fast, reliably, and professionally. When all the necessary equipment and tools are on-site at the job site as needed, work can proceed efficiently. There’s no waiting around hoping supplies will arrive while the minutes melt away.

Curri is available to make deliveries from 6 AM-10 PM Monday through Saturday. So, there's no reason to be without equipment during the peak hours of an irrigation and turf business. In addition, deliveries can be arranged 24 hours a day.

Multi-Stop Scheduled Routes for Job Site Delivery

Need equipment, materials, etc. delivered to multiple stops? Not a problem. Curri offers vehicles in all sizes, so delivery of irrigation and turf necessities can be distributed to multiple locations – even at the same time. Just schedule the route using the Curri app.

Say your irrigation business has multiple crews operating simultaneously. You realize you need to get more equipment – rent or buy – to meet demand. It’s not worth it to have staff move the equipment. So, use Curri to get the needed equipment to the job site. This route can be scheduled in advance or the moment the need arises.

Same Day Hotshots for Maintenance Tools or Repair Parts

A successful business has people who are skilled planners. A business that constantly puts out fires due to unforeseen circumstances will probably not be around for long. However, there are bound to be surprises each day. In irrigation, the surprises could be equipment or tools breaking down. Rather than letting this mishap derail the irrigation technicians’ day, an irrigation business can schedule a hotshot with Curri.

Same-day hotshot service is available via the Curri platform. The simple delivery service can quickly get the needed maintenance tools or repair parts to the job site. With a hotshot delivery, the impact of unforeseen circumstance can be limited as tools and equipment can either be replaced or repaired, so work can continue as scheduled.  

Pick-up and Return Runs for Heavy Equipment Rentals

Maybe, you got a new job, a special assignment or your irrigation business is growing rapidly. To handle any of these circumstances, heavy equipment might be necessary. Before investing in heavy equipment, you may determine that renting is better.

Getting the rented heavy equipment to the job site might be a concern as you are concerned about damaging it, or you have limited space. Curri's network of drivers can step in and either take the equipment from the distributor to the job site or pick it up from the job site and return it. It makes moving the rented heavy equipment easy, so you can handle the new job, special assignment, and growing business needs.

Keep Your Team on Site Instead of on the Road

You’re at a customer's home and realize a need for materials. No problem - take someone off the job and send them to pick up whatever supplies are needed.

Sending a crew member works, yet there are issues with this solution. Does the insurance on the vehicle cover the crew member? Does the crew member know exactly what supplies are needed, where the distributor is located, and where in the store the supplies are? Each crew member is responsible for a task. By taking someone off the crew, the workflow will be negatively impacted, leading to a slowdown. Other crew members might be annoyed that a colleague is not on site and feel overburdened.

When you place an order for the supplies via the Curri app, you promptly get what you need. In addition, the crew’s structure is maintained.

On-Demand Service for End-Customer Home Delivery

Most people are very into their homes and are concerned about their appearance. So, meeting customer expectations about their irrigation and turf can be difficult. Arriving on-site at your customer’s home and not having the necessary equipment to complete the job so that your customer is satisfied can lead to lost business.

Curri’s service is available on demand. There’s no need to schedule delivery days or even hours in advance. The on-demand service means you can schedule a delivery via the app when you realize a need. Required materials can be delivered to your customer’s home, so you have what you need to complete the job.

Curri Is a Powerful Tool for Delivery Operations

You need to move materials quickly, whether it's an irrigation business, a manufacturer, or a distributor of irrigation-related materials. Between unpredictable weather patterns and demanding customers, irrigation businesses face significant challenges.

Curri’s same-day job site delivery service makes irrigation jobs easier and less stressful. You can be confident that all the equipment and tools will be on-site as needed. Maintain your schedule, keep your crew on the job site working, and have what you need.


August 10, 2022

A Quick Guide to AB5

On June 30, 2022, the Supreme Court confirmed that motor carriers in California are subject to AB5, which will impact owner-operator trucking. Learn more.


In September 2019, California signed into law Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) that presented a new model for worker classification. AB5 introduced the ABC test in California for establishing whether a worker can be classified as an independent contractor.

Under the ABC test, a worker is considered an employee, and not an independent contractor, unless the hiring entity satisfies all three of the following conditions:

A. The worker is free from the control and direction of the hirer in connection with the performance of the work, both under the contract for the performance of the work and in fact.

B. The worker performs work that is outside the usual course of the hiring entity’s business.

C. The worker is customarily engaged in an independently established trade, occupation, or business of the same nature as that involved in the work performed.

The trucking industry has been temporarily exempted from AB5 as The California Trucking Association appealed the new bill in court. However, on June 30, 2022, the Supreme Court rejected this appeal. Now, motor carriers in California are subject to AB5 which threatens the predominant owner-operator model.

Why should I care as a Carrier?

The ABC test implies that any owner-operator who leases on to a carrier, or independent driver who contracts for a carrier, can no longer be classified as an independent contractor. Since the usual course of the carrier’s (the hiring entity) business is to haul loads, and the work these contracted drivers are providing is to also haul loads, this arrangement would not pass Prong B in the ABC test. Carriers now must consider whether to fully employ their drivers or move away from contracting with drivers altogether.

While employing drivers full-time introduces additional responsibilities and costs, it also enables carriers to have more control and peace of mind in running their business. First, with full-time employees, a carrier can more easily assign a driver to a load rather than negotiate with a contractor on a load-by-load basis. Second, full-time employment can provide peace of mind to business owners that their employees have support when they need it. In the event an employee is injured on the job or has an unforeseen medical emergency, a carrier can ensure that they have the resources they need with benefits like medical insurance.

Why should I care as an Owner-Operator?

Owner-operators who currently contract for a motor carrier and do not have authority may find fewer opportunities to work under AB5. As AB5 will likely prohibit motor carriers from contracting with owner-operators to haul loads on their behalf, owner-operators must consider whether to start their own business with their authority, seek employment as a company driver, or run their business outside of California.

1. Getting Authority

Operating authority is your right to legally operate a commercial vehicle to haul goods or passengers for hire. You can apply for operating authority through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). With operating authority, you have complete independence to haul any load that you want and set your rates. However, as a business owner, you will be responsible for managing back office tasks like bookkeeping, insurance, taxes, billing, and maintaining proper registrations and permits. Getting your operating authority is a good path if you have the ambition to become a business owner and may eventually want to hire drivers one day.

2. Seeking employment as a company driver

If you’re not ready to take the step to get your own authority, then finding a job as a company driver may be the best option. While company driving has gotten a bad rep, the salary has become much more competitive in recent years with the national driver shortage. There are many benefits to being a fully employed driver, namely steady hours and pay, health and retirement benefits, and lower insurance costs. While it may seem like you are getting paid less per load, you are also receiving important benefits like health insurance, tax withholdings, and retirement accounts. Being a company driver also leaves behind the stresses related to back office tasks and dispatching. Tons of carriers are looking to hire new drivers in the current market, and this may be a great option relative to having to leave California altogether.

Stay Up to Date on AB5 in California

While there is still uncertainty over how the state of California will enforce AB5, it does appear that it is here to stay, at least for the near term. Make sure to stay in the know by subscribing to relevant newsletters or following relevant accounts on social media for example.


August 8, 2022

Tips to Boost Your Trucking Fleet’s Profitability

The economy keeps changing, but trucking is always an essential service that keeps America running. Get quick tips to maximize profitability for carriers.


The trucking business has become one of the most profitable occupations in the United States and is an essential service that keeps America running. Trucking has outlasted economic crises, pandemics, changing technology, and environmental regulations. In other words, trucking isn’t going anywhere and those carriers who are ready to work hard, work smart, and be highly efficient, will continue to reap big rewards.

Our goal is to give you, carriers and owner-operators, a few tips to help maximize your profits and grow your business. We know you are ready to work smart (you're reading this article after all), so let's get more out of your hard work!

Maintain your fleet

Our first tip for saving money and avoiding unexpected costs is one of the most obvious. Having routine checkups and maintenance performed by professionals can significantly reduce the risk of breakdowns on the road that cause unprofitable downtime.

While there will be some cost associated with the maintenance, think about how much worse it will be when a truck breaks down on the job while the vehicle is far away from home base. You would be in a position to have to use an auto shop available close by that may end up charging a ridiculous price. Regular checkups with a mechanic you trust will save you money in the long run and extend the life of your vehicles.

Save on fuel

In these difficult economic times, fuel consumption can break your business, especially when fuel prices are at a record high.

Reduce fuel costs by:

• Driving carefully and at a speed that uses minimal fuel consumption

• Avoid running the vehicle when loading cargo or processing paperwork

• Utilizing more gas-efficient routes if possible (Google Maps is your friend)

• Opting to use gas credit cards for fuel purchases

• Utilizing truck stop or gas rewards programs

Here are rewards programs we recommend:

  • TA-Petro’s UltraONE Loyalty Program: Earn points when fueling, and redeem the points on truck maintenance and tires.
  • Love’s My Love Rewards: Earn points when fueling, spend them on store food, and at Speedco and Love’s Truck Care. Receive members-only store specials too.
  • Pilot Flying J Preferred Customer Rewards: Save 3 cents for every gallon of fuel purchased and earn points on in-store purchases.
  • Shell Fuel Rewards Program: Save 5 cents per gallon when filling up at participating Shell stations.
  • Exxon Mobil Rewards+: Receive 3 cents in points per gallon on fuel purchases.

Train your team

Carriers understand that their drivers are the biggest asset to their business. Hiring professional truck drivers and offering them routine driving and vehicle maintenance training will encourage drivers to follow traffic rules. Occasionally, offering rewards for good performance will encourage best road safety practices and avoid penalties, fines, or accidents. You'll also have the added benefit of higher employee retention rates.

Embrace Remote Work

Since March 2020, the push to build a more remote fleet has accelerated. According to Forbes, remote work is here to stay and will increase into 2023, with 25% of all professional jobs on track to be all remote by the end of 2022.

Fleet managers should embrace the future and save on operation costs by building a remote infrastructure where they can seamlessly communicate with drivers and maintain maximum visibility with fleet operations. A good working relationship is essential and doesn’t have to take a hit as long as the right tools for communication are used to stay in touch with your fleet. Utilize video calling, check-in sessions, and communication apps, such as Whatsapp, to stay connected with your fleet.

Grow your Fleet

More is more! As long as your cost-per-mile is less than your rate-per-mile, the more miles your company drives, the more money it will make. Also, consider that having a more extensive fleet means that money will still be coming in, even if one or two of your trucks get sidelined. Some banks will even offer you better bank rates for larger fleet sizes.

If you have to turn down work, it can be time for expansion. Purchasing new trucks can lower overhead costs like fuel and maintenance while attracting drivers. Furthermore, additions to your fleet like specialized trailers can help fleets take on different loads, such as refrigerated or oversized shipments.

Hard Work, Safety, and Customer Service Pay Off for Carriers

Overall, the formula to making good money is to work hard, drive safely, provide excellent customer service, and control your operating costs. However, we challenge you to look for opportunities in your business to reduce operating costs. Read more about how companies are investing in electric vehicles to help save money in the long run here.


June 21, 2022

Outsourcing Delivery Routes for Pool, Hot Tub, and Spa Distributors

Summer is a busy time for pool and hot tub suppliers, but Curri’s outsourced delivery service makes it easy to keep your customers happy.


Summer is the busy season for pool and hot tub distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers, and Curri’s outsourced delivery service makes it easy to keep your customers happy. We handle the deliveries so you can spend more time selling your pool parts and accessories. By outsourcing deliveries with Curri, you're ensuring your materials will always be delivered on time with user-friendly live tracking for you and your customers.

Let Curri Break Bottlenecks in Your Supply Chain

Congestion of your supply chain can cause customers to look for alternatives. Delayed deliveries are one of the most common bottlenecks experienced in the pool and hot tub industry. Our hotshot and daily route delivery options eliminate delivery delays and make sure you always exceed your customer's expectations. You can book last-minute and scheduled deliveries with the touch of a button. Whether you're in a pinch or need to schedule out weeks of deliveries with multiple stops, Curri has you covered with hotshots and daily routes.

How Curri Improves Operations for Your Business

Sell more products by always being able to fulfill deliveries! The days of pulling staff off the floor to deliver orders are over. Rely on an elastic fleet which you can scale up and down based on your demand. During the busy season, you can use daily routes to cover the additional business you're getting. Delegating daily routes and hotshots to Curri will help lower overhead costs associated with maintaining vehicles and hiring new drivers. We offer live tracking for you and your customer, eliminating any concern about where or when your products will be delivered.

Dedicated Routes for Recurring Customers

Do you have customers in need of weekly or daily deliveries? We understand recurring customers are vital to your business. Delayed deliveries can leave a sour taste and jeopardize customer loyalty. Our daily routes give you a dedicated truck and driver to operate. With Curri, our daily routes service allows you to schedule all of your stops with 4 and 8 hours options for our drivers. During the busy season, you can rest assured all of your deliveries will be completed on time.

Sell More with Same Day Hotshot Delivery Service for Rush Orders

During the busy summer season, it is challenging to anticipate when orders will pop up, and more than 80% of customers want same-day delivery. Customers have created a new delivery standard, and if same-day deliveries can’t be completed, they will take their business elsewhere. Our hotshot delivery service allows you to pick from any of our 13 vehicle types, from a car to a flatbed, and get your supplies delivered the same day. By using our Hotshot delivery service, you can sell more by always being able to deliver, even outside of your usual delivery radius.

Reduce Your Fleet Vehicle Expenses

Vehicle cost, maintenance, fuel, insurance, and drivers are a few of the many expenses incurred by operating your fleet. Our hotshots and dedicated routes align seamlessly with your current fleet so you can affordably scale your delivery operations as the busy season ramps up. By utilizing Curri, you no longer have to worry if you should accept an order based on mileage or other costs. Instead, you only pay for what you need with a vast selection of vehicles, from a car to a flatbed.

Fill Delivery Driver Staffing Gaps

Hiring and retaining drivers has become a major issue in 2022. It's essential not to allow staffing gaps to affect your store or brand’s reputation negatively. At Curri, our dedicated routes can fill the holes caused by staffing delays and allow your business to continue to thrive for however long you need us. In the event one of your drivers calls out or is a no-show, there is no need to pull additional staff from doing their jobs to make deliveries. Instead, schedule a hotshot delivery, and we will have a driver at your location to pick up and deliver your supplies.

Discover How Curri Can Enhance Your Delivery Operations

Our industry-leading Customer Success and Fleet Operations teams make it easy to outsource your deliveries with Curri. They are with you every step of the way to ensure your deliveries will be handled with the utmost care and attention. There are real people behind every one of your deliveries which you can easily get into contact with by calling or emailing. Not only does Curri make your life easier, but we also exceed your customers' delivery expectations. Always be able to deliver with our subscription-free delivery platform.

Check out how easy it is to book a delivery without even signing up yet!


June 20, 2022

Curri’s Same-Day Delivery Makes Landscaping Jobs Easier

From manufacturers and distributors to landscapers and contractors, Curri’s same-day on-site delivery makes landscaping jobs a breeze.


Curri’s virtual fleet offers same-day on-demand delivery on a variety of landscape supplies, including mulch, soil and landscaping rocks. We understand how important time is when it comes to landscaping projects, and maintaining a competitive edge in the market, which is why Curri offers rush delivery services with the tap of a button. With the rising cost for vehicles and supplies, Curri can be not only a convenient option, but a more cost-effective and time-saving solution for your business’ needs. Essentially, the Curri fleet network can be seen as an extension of your company.

We Deliver Materials, Supplies, Tools, Equipment, and More

Using Curri as a last-mile delivery solution allows for your landscaping business to get all of your landscaping supplies, tools, and equipment delivered exactly where you need them, when you need them, due to Curri’s wide service area. In conjunction with providing a large service area, Curri offers you the option to select the right size vehicle needed when booking.

Whether you need 1 cubic yard of mulch delivered, or 100 yards, Curri can send the right vehicle from our network of drivers ranging from cars to flatbed trucks when you need it.

Curri Makes Landscaping More Efficient

Transport as a sector has been facing the most severe worker challenge. According to a study done in 2022 on Landscaping Business Trends by GoMaterials, the United States is short 80,000 truck drivers. Additionally, the competition from large eCommerce retailers is making it challenging to find trusted drivers to move delicate cargo such as perishable plants and trees.

Let’s imagine, it’s 9am and you are working at your job site, fully focused on installing rocks and stones for a client. You now realize you’re missing a couple of bags of rock to finish your project. Driving away from your job site to go purchase or pick-up the remaining bags needed is not only a waste of your time, but distracting. This is where Curri jumps in to help make your landscaping project more efficient by providing on-demand last-mile transport of materials and equipment needed straight to your project area, reducing the amount of time and materials potentially wasted. Our on-demand fleet is ready to accommodate your needs and be dispatched at your convenience.

Multi-Stop Scheduled Routes for Job Site Delivery

A multi-stop schedule or route is a great way to get deliveries to several locations in one trip. For instance, you can have a route that delivers mulch, compost, and stone to three separate addresses in one trip. Curri routes do not require a maximum or minimum number of stops to book and are fully customizable to your business’ needs. Our Curri Customer Success team members are ready to assist you in finding the right vehicle for your delivery and getting your routes booked.

Same Day Hotshots for Replacement Tools or Repair Parts

For fast and reliable deliveries, you can count on Curri’s Hotshot carrier option. In many cases, you may be on a time-sensitive schedule and utilizing experienced landscapers to make runs for broken parts or missing items can cost your business valuable time and money. In essence, you want to keep your team on site instead of on the road and let Curri handle the rest.

Pick-up and Return Runs for Heavy Equipment Rentals

Hotshots can also be a great resource for picking-up and returning heavy equipment and rentals like backhoes and other earthmoving equipment. Our network drivers can be at your location ready to help with prompt return and delivery of the equipment and with our wide array of vehicles available we have the carrying capacity for larger equipment.

On-Demand Service for End-Customer Home Delivery

When it comes to end-customer home delivery, Curri’s on-demand model is the most efficient way to get your supplies to your customers. The Curri experience, whether utilizing our Routes or Hotshot option, includes real-time delivery status updates and top-notch customer communication with our dispatchers via call or SMS, giving you peace of mind and the most reliable service.

Curri Is a Powerful Tool for Delivery Operations

Curri’s app-based virtual fleet is a great tool to have for delivery operations. Our diverse network of drivers can accommodate any size business for managing courier orders in real time. Our app helps businesses save time, money and boost productivity.

We make booking with Curri easy with friendly agents ready to help you out in any way they can. You can even try Curri without signing up. Book a delivery now!


June 12, 2022

A Solution for HVAC Equipment and Part Shortages - Summer 2022

Curri’s on-demand delivery service streamlines your supply chain, from first mile delivery to last mile delivery, and every step in between.


Like everything else in the world the shortage of HVAC equipment was largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but how big of an effect has this had? Labor shortages are still a huge concern for most businesses but are slowly starting to normalize. Materials are in a “high demand - low supply” situation, and everyone in the world is fighting for a fractional share of semiconductor chips. Shipping has backed up and created a bottleneck effect that only enhances all delays. How long will this last? The answer to this is unclear, but we are starting to see some viable solutions to the shortages.

HVAC Supply Chain Issues Are Heating Up

Manufacturers are having a tough time getting parts and supplies, and this could cause prices to continue to climb throughout this year. According to Capital City Heating and Cooling General Manager Michael Murphysweet, HVAC prices have risen more than 80% over the last calendar year. Several reports published in 2021 were estimating that the supply chain would return to normal in Q1 of 2022, but it’s June and well… here we are. These supply chain issues are not only putting a strain on suppliers, and local HVAC businesses, but the homeowner is struggling with these price increases. It is estimated that the average HVAC unit costs $3,000 more this year than it did last.

Curri Is a Cool Solution for the HVAC Industry

For Manufacturers

HVAC manufacturers are not immune to all of the rising costs that have plagued many businesses over the past couple of years. The rising cost in materials has put a strain on the entire HVAC market and this starts directly at the top with manufacturers.

Everyone knows that there will always be a huge demand for HVAC systems, but one of the biggest problems for manufacturers is moving the units from their warehouses to their suppliers. Most of the largest HVAC manufacturers have completely switched, or at least partly switched to integrated courier delivery logistics. The reason for this is simple - dedicated delivery solutions get the job done and provide precise tracking systems to cut down on delivery time and loss. Well… maybe not all of them. Courier services have their problems as well. Some companies can’t get the necessary vehicles needed to move freight such as HVAC equipment, or if they can get it the manufacturers may find themselves waiting in a long line of other companies needing to use these vehicles. How about trying to track freight orders? In most cases, the only option you have is entering the nine-digit PRO number into a search bar and hoping that a new scan has been logged.

How can Curri help with these problems? Curri has a nationwide network of drivers that can handle all manufacturers' needs. Flatbeds, stake trucks, and even semi-trucks, Curri will always be able to handle the load. Curri also offers tracking of your shipments that are updated in real-time. Curri is simple on the surface, making it extremely user-friendly, but under the hood there’s a powerful logistics program at work, giving you all the tools necessary to revolutionize your delivery ops team. With tools like scheduling, tracking, logistics, and many more you will always feel well taken care of with Curri.

For Suppliers

Curri can help suppliers in a variety of ways, but there are two main problems that Curri can solve. Curri has a vast delivery fleet network, and a system to live track your shipments like no other. No order is built the same, and every customer's needs are different. Some customers may simply need a new set of blades or filters, while other orders may require full units, drain pans, or even coils.

Luckily, with Curri’s nationwide network of vehicles and drivers, we can fulfill any type of order anywhere. Supplier’s who use Curri significantly reduce the amount of time that it takes for orders to be fulfilled, which results in significantly happier customers. In an environment where prices have to be raised and margins are cut thin, Curri is here to help. By using Curri, you will be able to fulfill more orders and fulfill them at a rapid pace.

Experienced Local Drivers - A Complete Fleet of Vehicles

When we say that we have a nation full of experienced drivers, we mean it! Curri has a network of drivers all across the country who will always provide quick and reliable deliveries. Local drivers come equipped with a knowledge of your area and market as well! Curri network drivers are unique in several ways, but one of the biggest is our fleet network, with a wide variety of vehicles able to handle all HVAC equipment no matter how big or small.

Using Curri is super affordable and will always ensure that you have an experienced driver ready to answer the call of transporting your customer's supplies. We have briefly touched on how versatile Curri’s fleet network is, but that doesn’t do it justice! We have everything and we mean everything that your company could need to transport any type of HVAC equipment or supplies. Here at Curri, we offer cars, semi-trucks, and everything in between, so you can always rest easy knowing that Curri will be able to handle any delivery that arises in your business.

Advanced Logistics and Tracking - Same-Day Service

At some point, you have probably run into a situation where you really needed a hotshot delivery. Curri is here to offer you assistance in these times. Whether one of the delivery drivers called in sick, you’re experiencing a day that is busier than most, or you just forgot to schedule enough drivers for deliveries - Curri is here to help. When you need a hotshot delivery you genuinely don’t need it tomorrow or a week from now, you need it ASAP!

With Curri, you can count on same-day hotshot service. You won’t ever have to worry about making your local hotshot trucking deliveries again. Your customers will be thrilled with how quickly you can provide their materials, and will certainly be turning to your company again the next time they need any HVAC parts or equipment quickly. Not to mention that thanks to Curri’s advanced logistics tracking system, you will be able to see your delivery in real-time.

Curri Is a Hard Start Kit for Your Supply Chain

Imagine one of your customers calls in and says that their unit is struggling to start up and shuts off shortly after it starts up. The unit stutters and spurs before eventually starting up. This issue is not letting the unit run smoothly, or at its max potential, The solution may simply be that the unit needs a hard start kit. You could be experiencing the same problem in your business and Curri is your hard start kit. If you have units that can’t be delivered due to not having the right vehicles available, then Curri’s vast fleet network is your solution. If the problem is you can’t find experienced drivers for all of your locations, then Curri’s nationwide network of experienced drivers is your solution.

Whatever your business may need, Curri can be the hard start you need to keep your business running smoothly and your customers happy!

To get started with Curri you can sign up or book a delivery.


June 7, 2022

Corporate Sponsorship with the Wounded Warrior Project

Curri is pleased to announce our corporate sponsorship of the Wounded Warrior Project. Learn more about why this mission means so much to us.


Curri is pleased to announce our Corporate Sponsorship with the Wounded Warrior Project. Read on to learn how Curri is involved with this charity and veterans' service organization.

What Is the Wounded Warrior Project?

The Wounded Warrior Project’s mission is to raise awareness and assist the needs of service members who sustained physical, mental illness, or wounds while serving in the military.

Through the support of the public, the WWP is able to provide vital assistance to ensure every warrior has a positive future to look forward to. By offering unique programs, the Wounded Warrior Project aids veterans in overcoming visible and invisible injuries sustained in war to achieve their educational, employment, and personal goals.

“It means a great deal to have an outlet such as the Wounded Warrior Project that is dedicated to providing the help and rehabilitation needed to begin our new lives outside of the military,” said Tyler Fire, current Curri Freight Representative and former infantryman with the US Army.

What the Wounded Warrior Project Means to Curri

“Curri is proud to support the Wounded Warrior Project in its service of injured veterans and their families. We love and have a deep appreciation for those who serve our country.”

- Matt Lafferty, CEO, and co-founder of Curri.

A large number of Curri employees and drivers who drive with the Curri app have served in the military, so for us, the Wounded Warrior Project is a cause that hits close to home.

“I appreciate Curri taking the time and resources to improve wounded veteran lives. I’m proud to be a part of a company that lifts others up and reinvests in society.”

- Sean Emerson, a veteran of the United States Army and current Curri Core Platform Manager.

Proud to Pledge Our Support

As a company, it is now our turn to pay it back to the brave men and women who served our country. We’re so pleased to be able to raise money and make a donation to The Wounded Warrior Project. Curri looks forward to donating to the WWP again in the future.


May 15, 2022

Curri CEO Matt Lafferty on the Zero to 5000 Podcast

Curri CEO Matt Lafferty joins the Zero to 5000 Podcast talking about how Curri solves distribution pain points in the construction industry.


The Zero to 5000 Podcast features performance coaches Drew McClure and Jordan Mitchell interviewing the founders of fast-growing companies about their tactics, strategies, mindsets, and much more. In the rapidly changing business world, they highlight the companies that found a way to not only stay competitive but thrive in their niche and grow at unprecedented rates.

That made Curri a natural fit to appear on the podcast. Our CEO Matt Lafferty stopped by to talk with the Zero to 5000 team about market fit and the customer, coming up with solutions to growing pains, never saying no to growth opportunities, and more. Curri’s network of vehicles is available across the nation to serve more markets than ever before. With Curri, construction industry businesses are solving their supply chain issues, increasing efficiency, and saving money at the same time.

Does Curri sound like the right fit for your business? Check out our platform and listen to the podcast below to get some tips from our CEO!

Curri Is the Solution for Supply Chain Pain Points

The supply chain is harder to plan for than ever, no matter what industry you’re in. With Curri your supply chain pain points don’t have to be a constant concern. Our service provides a flexible fleet of on-demand delivery vehicles with professional drivers that you don’t have to hire yourself. You just request your delivery on our platform and let Curri take care of the rest.

If you need Curri to transport your materials, tools, equipment, heavy machinery, or any other construction supplies and materials, we have you covered. We’ll do the driving and you focus on the other aspects of your business. You get to save money on staffing, vehicle maintenance, insurance, fuel, and more. Plus, you save time.

Our service offers same-day delivery, daily deliveries, scheduled routes, hotshots, and everything else you could need. We offer sprinter vans, pickup trucks, semis, flatbeds, and every other vehicle under the sun. Whether you need to transport a couple of specialty tools or an entire truck full of HVAC units, we’ve got it handled.

How Curri Is Changing Distribution in the Construction Industry

Curri is changing distribution in the construction industry for the better. When you use Curri, you can streamline your first-mile, middle-mile, and last-mile deliveries. Our network drivers are ready to serve your business seven days a week. With your supply chain solved, you can focus on core operations.

Curri saves you money too. Since you can specify your load in our app, you’ll never get a vehicle that’s bigger than necessary for the delivery at hand. You’ll never have to pay more than you need to.

We’ve got you and your products protected, too. Our deliveries are insured for up to $25,000, and we can provide more insurance coverage if necessary.

Curri is the future of deliveries for the building materials and construction industry.

Get Started with Curri, the Construction Logistics Pros

Are you ready to see what Curri can do for your business? Our service only costs you when you order delivery. Getting set up for an account is easy and free. All you need to do is select your pick-up and drop-off locations, select your delivery time, and choose a vehicle size. Our customer service team will match you to the right driver and vehicle for the job. That’s all there is to it. You’ll get delivery tracking and confirmation once the job is done.

Ready to get started? Sign up today.


April 26, 2022

Courier Services for Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E)

Curri makes it easy to ensure same-day delivery for FF&E businesses. From manufacturer to wholesaler, from warehouse to job site, Curri is there.


Since the pandemic hit, uncertainty has become the norm. Many things that once seemed to progress like clockwork, including the supply chain, have become perhaps. Furniture delivery has experienced delays since the pandemic hit. From factory closures to heightened demand to the backup of shipping containers, there are multiple reasons for the back-up in delivery. News outlets have reported consumers and contractors waiting up to six months for the delivery of furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E). When FF&E does arrive, ensuring delivery is timely is essential. Working with a reliable courier who can handle every type of transportation needs can minimize the wait time for FF&E.

FF&E manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers should consider Curri for FF&E transportation.

What Is Curri?

Curri, with its all-in-one logistics platform, helps move material fast, reliably, and professionally. The nationwide delivery solution handles deliveries of construction-related materials, such as FF&E. Whether you need supply runs, site-to-site, warehouse-to-site, branch transfers, etc, we have you covered. Our network of professional, reputable, trustworthy drivers is available 24/7 across the United States. The fleet network includes all types and sizes of vehicles from semis to sedans. Whether your business is looking for a solution for all your deliveries or just when a busy period hits, Curri is ready to be your partner in the delivery of FF&E.

Curri Delivery Solutions

Every business has its unique transportation challenges and needs. You want a company that will work with you to be a delivery partner so that you can keep your customers satisfied. With Curri, you can select from multiple delivery solutions and get the one that works best for you. Whatever solution you choose, you can feel confident that the delivery will be completed professionally and promptly. Let’s take a closer look at some of the delivery solutions for your FF&E business.

FTL and LTL Freight

Do you have busy periods? Uncertainty if you’ll have a sufficient amount of vehicles? With Curri’s advanced platform, you can schedule FTL and LTL deliveries of FF&E on the same day you need them, regardless of the route. When you have this delivery option, your fleet will never be overwhelmed or underwhelmed. Instead, the fleet will always be able to handle the delivery of FF&E, no matter the demand.

Hotshot Transport

You need to get a delivery to a customer, and you need to do it now! Some deliveries are even more time-sensitive and important than others. You need a hotshot so that your customer, who is waiting on FF&E, can progress on a construction project. Having reliable transportation options, with an on-demand driver and vehicle for hotshots, is challenging. Curri makes this delivery option simple, with local drivers on demand who can can get the FF&E to its destinations quickly and safely.

Scheduled Routes

People and businesses thrive on predictability. When we know what to expect, we can mentally prepare, give our best efforts, and get better results. How does this relate to delivery? Some routes are scheduled and standardized. Knowing those routes are covered eases the stress on your FF&E business. Curri's integrated logistics and courier services simplify scheduled routes. We can make our fleet available to your business, so your scheduled routes run like clockwork, and you’ll know the delivery happens on time.

First Mile Delivery

The first step in the supply chain involves transporting products from where they were manufactured to a warehouse or distribution center. Known as first-mile delivery, this step is crucial, as evidenced by the heavily reported backups occurring at shipping ports around the country. At Curri, we can handle transportation service for FF&E, so the all-important first mile of transportation does not hold the process up. Again, this can be a scheduled route or a hotshot. It’s up to you.

Middle Mile Delivery

Typically, beginnings and endings are celebrated and featured in social media posts. The middle, on the other hand, while vital to the process, is often under-appreciated. This relates to the supply chain and middle mile delivery. In this link in the chain, FF&E is transported between a distribution or holding facility to a second location – perhaps a retail outlet – before it gets to the end customer. Telling end customers their equipment is on its way does not answer when it will arrive. With Curri, your business can get the shipment to your customer on schedule.

Last-Mile Delivery

Last-mile delivery grabs the headlines and is the star of the supply chain show. It’s the costliest of the journeys and the only one the end customer deals with directly. Whatever route FF&E is delivered to your end customer - hotshot, LTL, FTL, etc., - it’s the last mile, and it must be done right. Curri’s large fleet network of experienced drivers can make sure that the end customer gets their FF&E and help you deliver on your promises.

Delivery Logistics for FF&E Businesses

The horror stories of waiting for furniture are real. The kinks in the global supply-chain system are beyond the scope of any one person or company. But there are some elements of the delivery process every business can control. For those transporting FF&E, Curri can serve as a partner no matter what type of solution you require. Keep your customers happy with a reliable, quick, and flexible logistics - contact Curri!


March 30, 2022

How a Virtual Fleet Can Help Scale Up HVAC Delivery Operations

Curri’s flexible virtual fleet helps businesses to scale quickly, reduce fleet expenses, solve staffing problems, and improve customer service.


All profitable businesses have one thing in common: growth. HVAC part distributors must rely on a loyal customer base to continually grow and remain profitable. In order to fulfill a customers’ needs, installers and subcontractors must be able to respond as quickly and as efficiently as possible. In this article we’ll discuss how introducing a virtual fleet to your business via a simple touch of a screen will help to expand your market share, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately help businesses save on their bottom line.

A Virtual fleet solution (VFS) like Curri provides a platform that is affordable and allows for a quicker way to acquire the resources needed. Virtual fleet solutions are not a new term in the industry, however, this concept is becoming increasingly important as the industry continues to undergo changes. A Virtual fleet solution provides the most effective way for a distributor or a contractor to scale up and streamline operations without increasing costs or compromising on quality.

What Is a Virtual Fleet?

A virtual fleet is a group of vehicles that are managed centrally through a web-based application. Fleets like these provide business owners with the ability to track vehicles en route from a computer or mobile device providing additional transparency and reliability. Virtual fleets help to save businesses’ money by reducing the amount of time that vehicles are sitting around and not being used.

Virtual fleets allow your business to have the right vehicle at the right time, and for the right price without the maintenance, internal resources/ staffing, and investments necessary for fleet management.

Virtual Fleets Can Help HVAC Businesses Grow Operations Quickly

As with many supply chains, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on the HVAC industry. Logistical restrictions are limiting the availability of labor and restricted the flow of available resources.

The HVAC industry is unforgiving to distributors who cannot keep up with the demand. As we know the HVAC industry is a highly competitive market that’s predicted to grow by 13% through 2028 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Expand Your Service Area and Market Share

One of the most common uses of a virtual fleet are for companies who do not have a physical location but are wanting to greatly expand market share and service area. For example, if a heating and cooling company is located in Texas, but they have customers all over the country, it makes much more sense to sway towards not owning their own vehicles to service their customers.

Instead, they can use a virtual fleet management company that has vehicles located all over the country. When a customer needs service, the fleet management company can send out one of their vehicles to the customer’s location almost immediately.

Offer Your Customers Same Day Delivery

With virtual fleets at the businesses’ disposal, offering same day delivery to customers has never been more attainable. Virtual fleet solutions work to build a fleet of local independent contractors that can be called on at any time to fulfill the delivery requests of their customers. These independent contractors are dispatched to a customer’s home, office, or warehouse and will stay there until the job is completed. The high-tech nature of the industry also affords many benefits to the customer, like remote access and 24/7 monitoring.

Streamline Last-Mile and Middle-Mile Transport

From the 3 supply chain segments most retailers tend to focus on, the most expensive aspect of transportation is the last mile. Since the last mile is the most expensive portion of the fulfillment chain, middle-mile costs are often overlooked as a money-saving aspect of logistics. However, optimizing your middle-mile costs are a great way to also save on your businesses’ expenses. Optimize your distribution by opting to run your middle-mile in house with route-ready virtual fleets.

Using a virtual fleet allows for a customizable middle and last-mile distribution solution that does away with paying for features that businesses don’t need, avoiding unnecessary fees and expenses. Virtual fleets allow for building a custom route by limiting and adjusting:

Weight per vehicle

Cubic volume per vehicle

Stops per route

Route duration and distance

The number of packages per route

Time windows

Reduce Fleet Vehicle Expenses

For many HVAC businesses, one of the biggest challenges faced is the lack of a reliable fleet of vehicles. Without reliable trucks to cover all routes, businesses are stuck with either having to do without a service call, or send out a tech who may be already overloaded with work. This is a huge waste of time and resources, whereas virtual fleets allow businesses to use the vehicles of other businesses, consolidate their fleet into larger units, and make more efficient use of vehicles and labor. Virtual fleets reduce the need for an IT staff, which makes managing a large fleet of machines more difficult. Businesses can also add new vehicles without hiring additional employees and increase efficiency by sharing the costs of maintenance.

The changes in shopping brought on by the pandemic and accompanying shutdowns increased the challenge of finding qualified couriers. It’s up to businesses/courier services to properly train their personnel so they are equipped to handle challenges that may arise. Couriers need to be fully aware of issues that may arise and company policies on how to respond.

Reduce Delivery Driver Staffing Shortages

As with many supply chains, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on the HVAC industry. Logistical restrictions are limiting the availability of labor and restricted the flow of available resources. Virtual fleets help to eliminate the issue of driver shortages by providing drivers that can be hired remotely using an app or website. These drivers are trained and ready to deploy in the shortest time possible. Businesses can also request drivers on-demand and assign them to different locations without having to spend time and money on recruitment efforts.

See How Curri’s Fleet Fits into Your Delivery Operations

Curri's on-demand delivery service is built for distributors and manufacturers in the construction industry. We are trusted nationwide by HVAC businesses large and small.

If you're looking for an affordable, same-day solution for your delivery operations, you're in the right place. Curri doesn't have any sign-up costs or monthly charges. You only pay for the deliveries you order.

Ready to get started? We're ready to get to work. Take Curri for a test drive today!


March 29, 2022

It’s National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day!

Happy Mom and Pop Business Owners Day! Curri’s nationwide delivery and logistics service is here for small businesses, and we’re ready to celebrate!


Our economy couldn’t run without small Mom and Pop Businesses. That’s why we celebrate these small business owners today! Small businesses accounted for 1.8 million net new jobs during the latest year studied and employed 47.3 percent of the private workforce. Each of our 30.7 million small businesses helps drive job growth and economic development in the United States. (1)

Mom and Pop Businesses have a real impact on their community. They provide local jobs and recycle the money they earn back into the local economy. They also take a special interest in each customer that comes through their door.

Mom and Pop Business Owners ensure every customer has a unique and enjoyable experience and shows enthusiasm for the materials and products in their store. It's a remarkable experience when shopping at a small business.

What Is Mom and Pop Business Owners Day?

On March 29th, we acknowledge the more than 30 million small businesses in our country and their place in our local communities. Everyone can celebrate today and honor all the good small businesses do in their community by shopping at a Mom and Pop Business.

Rick and Margie Segel established this national holiday in honor of their parents. They ran a successful small hat shop they opened in 1939. Their small business grew into a 10,000 square foot, $2 million dollar clothing shop.

How Does Curri Work for Small Businesses?

Curri helps small business owners create a better customer experience with local on-demand delivery and logistics. If your customer wants to purchase your merchandise, like a furniture set or remodeling supplies, they may lack the proper vehicle to transport it. And, like most consumers around the world, they want your items delivered quickly.

If not, potential customers will go somewhere else that can provide the high-valued service of delivery. They’re even willing to pay more to get it.

That's where Curri helps small business owners. We’re a subscription-free, pay-as-you-use delivery logistics service that understands your customers want same-day delivery.

Same-Day Delivery for Your Customers

Count on Curri as an outsourced delivery option to use as needed to win more sales. Instead of having a local customer walk out your door to a larger retailer, Curri can deliver your merchandise with same-day delivery.

Our network can deliver from your small business to a local residential home, commercial building, or construction site. Wherever your products are needed.

No matter the size of your payload or the distance, we deliver your products and materials into your customers' hands the same-day they purchase them from your store.

Real-Time Order-Tracking and Proof-of-Delivery

Curri’s delivery logistics platform is easy to use for every employee in your store. Just add the pickup and drop-off addresses, the vehicle you’ll need for the delivery, and the details of your payload.

After your driver arrives and properly secures the items, we keep you and your customer updated along the way with real-time order tracking and delivery notifications.

Small business owners will know exactly what stage the delivery is on: from the first-mile, middle-mile, to the last-mile. Every employee will be able to see how close the driver is to the customer with our Driver ETA feature from the tracking page.

Keeping to our full transparency, a Curri network driver will also take proof-of-delivery photos at the pickup and the drop-off locations. Small business owners have peace of mind items are delivered in the condition they are picked up.

Simplify Fleet Operations and Driver Staffing

The high cost of hiring an in-house delivery driver to use as-needed isn’t feasible for Mom and Pop Business Owners. Driver staffing is a huge expense with another employee to pay, proper licensing, registration, and insurance. For small business owners, that's money better not spent, especially on days where delivery isn’t needed.

Curri uses crowdsourced delivery. Think Uber, but for construction and industrial material. Available when and where you need us.

Crowdsourced Delivery is a fulfillment method that utilizes independent contractors as couriers who use their own vehicles to transport products. It offers your small business an opportunity to provide the value-add of same-day delivery for your community.

We have a nationwide fleet network with extensive vehicle options, from pickups to stakebed trucks.

You can always get your merchandise delivered while simplifying your fleet operations with Curri. Outsourcing delivery is a cost-effective option to get your materials delivered same-day to your customers and stay competitive with big-box stores.

Expand Your Market and Scale Efficiently

Small business owners tend to wear multiple hats. Outsourcing your delivery provider helps expand your reach in your community. You can stay focused on the day-to-day running of your business and provide delivery when needed. Expand your reach in your community with affordable same-day delivery to acquire more business from your retail customers and gain loyal customers that can count on you.

Curri Is Built for Small Businesses Like Yours

We are proud to support small businesses across the United States.

There are no membership fees or sign up costs to access our delivery logistics platform for your small business. You’ll never have to untangle yourself from a subscription.

You can sign up for a free account here and use our delivery platform as little or as much as you need. Only pay Curri when you need us for delivery.

Each delivery comes with the full support of a delivery operations specialist. You can call or start a live chat with one if you have any questions about your delivery. We have real people, ready to help.


March 21, 2022

Curri on the Construction Leading Edge Podcast

Curri features on the latest episode of the Construction Leading Edge Podcast all about increasing profitability in the construction industry.


The Construction Leading Edge podcast is all about professional contractors in the construction industry. It focuses on how they can scale their businesses, improve productivity and grow profitability. This podcast features some of the smartest contractors and most cutting-edge businesses in the construction industry, with insider advice and the tools to get the job done better.

So it’s no surprise that Curri was featured in this episode, as a panel of contractors got together to talk about the efficiency and effectiveness of Curri as a delivery and logistics tool. Curri makes it easy for contractors to reduce costs and keep projects moving on schedule.

Sounds like something that might work for your business? Check it out for yourself!

How Curri Saves Time and Money on the Job Site

Whether you’re an electrician, a plumber, a framer or an HVAC pro, saving time means saving money. With Curri, you can save both!

If you need construction materials, tools, equipment, or even heavy machinery, you can let Curri do the driving and keep your team working on the job site. And you can reduce your staffing, vehicle, insurance, and fuel costs at the same time.

With same-day delivery, Curri makes it easier to keep your project moving ahead and on schedule. That means quicker turnaround times and happier customers.

With Curri’s extensive fleet of vehicles, you never have to pay for more vehicles than you need. We have everything from sedans to flatbed semi-trucks. If you just need more framing nails to finish a project, we’ll send a small sedan (with a small price to match). If you need a flatbed full of 24’ dimensional lumber, we can handle that too.

Curri Is Changing How Contractors Get the Job Done

If you’re a small business, Curri can help you scale up and expand your territory. Our flexible service grows with you, so you don’t have to buy new fleet vehicles and hire new staff until you’re absolutely ready.

With our advanced logistics services, you can schedule your order, track your materials, and get proof of delivery, all from your smartphone. Billing is simple, and our customer service is top-notch. Every delivery is insured for up to $25,000, and you can add more insurance coverage if you need it. Curri boasts same-day insurance claim processing, unlike most other competitors.

Curri’s advanced delivery platform is truly built for the contractors of the 21st century. We’re ready to help you get the job done.

Get Started with Curri, the Construction Delivery Platform

If you want to check out Curri for yourself, it’s really easy and there are no costs to sign up and no monthly or annual fees. You only pay for the deliveries you want to make.

Just sign up with Curri to get started. Setting up your account is quick and easy (and free), so you can check out our services and start scheduling deliveries within minutes.

Just set your pick-up and drop-off locations, choose your time for delivery and select the vehicle size you’ll need. We’ll match you with the perfect driver and fleet vehicle, and get your order on its way. We can handle same-day hotshot deliveries, scheduled deliveries, recurring routes, round-robin routes, LTL, FTL, and more.

Sounds good? Let’s get to work.


March 15, 2022

Outsourced Fleet or In-House Fleet? Which Is Better for HVAC Distribution?

Explore pros and cons of outsourced vs. in-house HVAC delivery for small, expanding businesses, suppliers, and manufacturers.


As part of your business, you make hundreds of decisions every day. Some decisions are major and greatly impact your business, while the majority are minor. For an HVAC Distribution business, one of the major decisions you will have to make is what will enable you to better service your customers - an outsourced fleet or an in-house fleet?

Let’s consider the pros and cons of outsourced vs in-house HVAC delivery operations for various types of businesses.

Outsourced vs In-House Fleet Delivery Operations

Before determining which is right for your business, a review of outsource and in-house fleet delivery operations is in order.

A business that has an in-house fleet for delivery owns and operates vehicles that are dedicated to getting products/supplies to customers. The fleet is insured and maintained by the business. Proper licensing, registration and insurance are acquired. Finally, the business employs a staff of drivers to make the deliveries.

Companies that outsource delivery will partner with integrated couriers to handle deliveries. The courier is responsible for having and maintaining an adequate fleet and managing all operations related to delivery. The fleet is available on call as needed to make any delivery – regular route, LTL, special delivery, etc. A business pays based on how many deliveries it makes.

The Benefits of Fleet Outsourcing

Working with an outsourcing partner for delivery offers multiple benefits. Operations of the HVAC Supply business are simplified and streamlined. The business turns over a significant element that can be time-consuming and expensive to operate. They can focus on their core business which they know better, rather than concerning themselves with the challenges related to delivery.

Besides being easier to manage, outsourcing the fleet is less expensive. Your HVAC Supply business can utilize resources only as needed. There’s no need to have vehicles sitting around – just in case or for busy seasons/times. There’s no need to employ drivers and pay them regardless of how busy or not they are.

For Small Businesses

In a small HVAC business, management tends to wear multiple hats. This can be stressful and can lead to people feeling pulled in many directions. Who has the time or mental energy to focus on specific issues/areas of the business, such as distribution?

Outsourcing the fleet allows you to take delivery off your plate and turn your attention to the million other things in your business on which you must focus.  

For Expanding Businesses

Expanding a business to include more locations is an exciting and nerve-wracking time for management. Crucial business decisions related to operations, personnel, equipment, etc. must be made. Decisions around finances – crunching the numbers – are particularly important. Every dollar spent adds to the debt needed to service the business expansion.

When an expanding business outsources its fleet, it eliminates the upfront costs needed for distribution. The HVAC business can pay per delivery rather than buying a fleet, serving the fleet, and hiring drivers.  

For Manufacturers

Nearly every business has peak and off-peak seasons. This is especially true in the HVAC business as there are times of the year when keeping up with customer demands can be overwhelming.

As an HVAC manufacturer, you need to service your distributors, so they are well-stocked during peak seasons. If delivery is slow for any reason, sales are lost. With an outsource delivery service, you can be assured the fleet is readily available no matter how busy things get. And during off-peak times, money is not tied up into maintaining a fleet that is being under deployed.

For Distributors and Suppliers

These days, customers have very high expectations – they want things now. This is especially true when it comes to HVAC-related products. Therefore, repair people need the product to be readily and easily accessible to satisfy their customers.

When HVAC distributors and suppliers use an outsourced fleet, they can provide better service for contractors. They're able to get materials and supplies delivered quickly since operations are being handled by a business that specializes in that area. It means the end to worries about maintaining a sufficient in-house fleet no matter the time of year.

Curri’s Flexible Fleet Outsourcing Service Is Your Solution

So, outsource vs. in-house delivery. While both delivery options have business benefits, outsourced fleets have few negatives. They allow HVAC companies of all types – distributors, manufacturers, suppliers, small businesses, and expanding businesses - to meet customer demand.

With Curri, HVAC companies simply pay per delivery, which means they aren't stuck with extra expenses for fleet vehicles and staffing.

Our all-in-one logistics platform helps HVAC businesses move material quickly, reliably, and professionally. Ready to get started? Contact Curri today!


March 10, 2022

What Is Buy Online Deliver From Store (BODFS)?

What is Buy Online Deliver from Store (BODFS)? The Curri team breaks down the details, explaining BODFS, BOSS, and how Curri makes it happen.


The key to business growth is to be focused on responding to customer needs. Based on its growing percentage of sales, it's clear many customers prefer shopping online. The question that businesses then need to answer is how to deliver merchandise to customers. One delivery option that businesses are using is Buy Online Deliver From Store (BODFS).

In the BODFS model, customers shop online, select the items they'd like to buy, and complete their purchases. But rather than having customers drive to the retailer's location to pick up purchased items, the retailer delivers the items right to the customer using a last-mile delivery solution. This is a fantastic value-add service for customers that can have a huge impact on retailer sales revenue.

Curri Last-Mile Delivery Makes It Easy to Offer BODFS to Your Customers

To make BODFS operation work, businesses need to have a reliable fleet. Last-mile delivery – which makes up the largest single cost (40%) in the supply chain – is often difficult to manage. It’s nearly impossible to have the right amount of delivery vehicles available when demand is nearly impossible to predict. Too few vehicles available for operations means delivery will not be reliable. Too large a fleet is a drain on operations.

Companies that partner with Curri can have the right-sized fleet available for delivery during busy times and slow times. Companies can feel confident last-mile delivery will be fulfilled and customers will receive their purchases on schedule. Curri’s on-demand service always has the right vehicle available to make a delivery.

What Are the Benefits of BODFS for the Construction Industry?

Businesses across multiple industries are using BODFS. It’s particularly useful for the construction industry. Contractors who keep projects on schedule are more likely to be successful. This requires having the right equipment/parts on-site as needed. BODFS enables construction parts suppliers to get their stock to construction sites in a timely manner.

Let’s look further into why offering a service like BODFS is important to the industry and the construction parts supplier.

Your Customers Enjoy Same-Day Delivery Options

Knowing that a construction and industry supplier is available to make a same-day delivery inspires confidence and loyalty from customers. Contractors know that the supplier’s delivery service is reliable, and their operations will not be interrupted. By offering BODFS, suppliers offer the construction industry another option that they can turn to as needed.

Contractors Never Have to Leave the Job Site

The construction industry is spread thin these days leaving many contractors operating short-staffed. If someone is pulled off the job to run to a store/distribution center, the team will be down more staff. Either way, team dynamics will be impacted as one (or more) people will not be doing their job. This could lead to a backup, particularly since the tasks being done on a job site are often intertwined. BODFS eliminates this need.

Property Maintenance Companies Always Have the Right Parts

Mistakes happen. Changes happen. And when these things do occur, the construction crew is missing the necessary parts to move forward on a job. Knowing that property maintenance companies have the right parts, and delivery options such as BODFS are available, helps contractors move forward on a project even when the unexpected occurs.

Home Builders Can Keep the Project Moving on Schedule

Scheduling construction jobs and keeping them moving as expected allows home builders to succeed. When parts are missing, and work needs to be delayed until they are on-site, morale can be lowered. To keep a high tempo and efficient workplace operation requires home builders have parts on site. BODFS can get them the parts they need when needed and allow them to maintain their schedule.

What Is Buy Online Ship to Store (BOSS)?

BODFS only works if the requested product is in store. That’s where Buy Online Ship to Store comes into play. In the BOSS model, the transaction begins with customers ordering merchandise online. The merchandise is then shipped to the store. Instead of delivery being made directly to the end customer, the customer must come to the store to pick up their merchandise.

How Curri Can Expand the BOSS Model into BODFS

While the BOSS service offers many benefits, it can be more helpful when combined with BODFS. And, it’s simple to move from BOSS to BODFS. There’s no need to acquire a fleet, hire drivers, or even dramatically alter operations.

If your construction supply business already has the BOSS business model in place, simply adding Curri’s last-mile delivery service to your fleet operations instantly upgrades BOSS to BODFS. Customers no longer have to drive to your location to pick up their orders. You can offer them same-day delivery with help from Curri.

Curri’s API Integration Makes It Easy

Curri makes it easy for construction suppliers to offer BOFDS via our API. With the Curri API, you can create new deliveries and administer all your deliveries. You can get a quote for a delivery, book the delivery – even update or cancel a delivery should the need arise. And you will have the right vehicle for each delivery as you can select from our fleet which includes sedans, pickup trucks, sprinters, box trucks, flatbeds, freight, and everything in between.

Curri is available via an app as well as an all-in-one logistics platform. Integrating with your other systems is simple. Making Curri your delivery partner – even simpler. We make offering BOFDS simple.

Improve Your Fleet Operations with Curri

Choose Curri to help you upgrade your delivery service. With Curri, your fleet operations can meet the needs of your customers in the construction industry. Get merchandise to customers quickly, so they are never missing parts/equipment, and help them stay on schedule. Curri makes it easy. Ready to get started?


March 8, 2022

Four Delivery Drivers From Curri Join the Rideshare Rodeo Podcast

Four experienced drivers join the Rideshare Rodeo to talk about why they like delivering with Curri and why other gig economy workers should check it out.


We’re featuring the Rideshare Rodeo Podcast again because it’s just that good! On our last featured Rideshare Rodeo episode, our CEO & Co-Founder, Matt Lafferty, was on to talk about the benefits and perks of driving with Curri as well as how Curri works.

In this episode of the Rideshare Rodeo Podcast, you’ll actually get to hear firsthand from some of our drivers! This episode brought four of our delivery drivers together for a roundtable to discuss what it’s like working for Curri, the money they’re able to make, what drivers can expect, tips for new drivers and more. Listen to the episode below or read on to learn about some of the topics they touch on and why Curri is the best gig app out there right now.

Breaking It Down: Why Curri Is the Best Gig App

Curri is the best gig app because we actually treat our drivers like humans. We respect our drivers and want them to succeed in the gig economy and make as much money as possible. Listening to our four drivers who are featured on the podcast, you’ll hear them touch on some of the aspects that make Curri different from other rideshare apps.

Here’s a quick summary of what makes us a better gig option than the other guys:

Great Pay: Every rideshare driver wants to make their own schedule and enjoy the freedom of the gig economy, but the fluctuating pay can make it difficult. With Curri, you’ll make more than you’ve ever made with Uber, Lyft, Amazon or other options.

Use Any Vehicle: Unlike other rideshare apps, we welcome vehicle variety. Our customers have all kinds of different delivery requests, so we need vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

Get Paid Well in All Markets: Drivers agree that the pay may vary by market, but you’ll get paid great no matter what market you’re in.

Driver Support: Our support team is fast and ready to help you with any issues that might crop up while you’re driving.

In the episode, the panel even comes to the consensus that you cannot get paid more on other gig apps when compared to Curri. The numbers definitely speak for themselves, but we want our drivers to know that we’ll always be transparent with them. You’ll know exactly what a job will pay and what it entails before you take it.

Curri Is Changing the Final-Mile Delivery Game

Curri is changing the way final-mile delivery is done. Typically, final-mile deliveries are a nightmare logistically. Now, businesses in the construction supplies and materials industry can call on Curri 24/7 to get their deliveries finished on time. On-demand delivery is possible thanks to our vast fleet of vehicles and the amazing drivers behind the wheel.

With this modern solution, businesses of any size can have an efficient, affordable and highly effective delivery ops team.

Join the Construction Couriers at Curri

If you’re interested in becoming a construction courier at Curri, we’re ready to welcome you on board. Becoming a Curri driver is an experience that we know you’re going to enjoy. In addition to the freedom and money, our business is B2B. That means no dealing with the hassle of passengers or the mess of food in your car. You just pick up and drop off. Turn your vehicle from a liability to an asset today. Sign up to become a Curri driver and see how a gig job is supposed to be.

Ready to start driving with Curri? Sign up today!


March 7, 2022

What Is Crowdsourced Delivery?

What is crowdsourced delivery? We explain the details, with a clear definition and practical ways to add crowdsourcing into your business model.


Crowdsourcing has become a buzzword and the answer to many questions. Originally, crowdsourcing was used to bring large numbers of people together to handle a particular issue. The thought was because there are many people involved, there will be some who have the necessary skills/knowledge to address each element of the problem. Crowdsourcing has emerged as the answer to questions in multiple industries, including delivery.

So, what is crowdsourced delivery?

Crowdsourced Delivery is a fulfillment method that utilizes contractors as couriers who use their own vehicles to transport products. This model can be applied to many shipping needs such as the last mile, middle mile, or first mile. It offers companies an opportunity to cut costs and maximize supply chain efficiency.

How Does Crowdsourced Delivery Fit into My Business Model?

Based on the definition given above, many probably recognize crowdsourcing as something used in food delivery. Services, such as DoorDash and Uber Eats, have incorporated crowdsourced delivery, but the delivery system is flexible and can fit into any business model.

Crowdsourced delivery is being used in multiple industries including retail, grocery, construction, etc. The benefits of crowdsourced delivery are independent of industry and stage of shipping/delivery. Therefore, many expect the business model to be implemented in more industries.

Daily Routes

It’s easy to associate crowdsourced delivery with periodic delivery. After all, gig workers often have multiple jobs, and their availability is limited. However, crowdsourcing means having multiple people available (hence the word crowd). Therefore, businesses can use crowdsourced delivery for daily or scheduled routes. Although the specific driver may be different each day, crowdsourcing enables whoever has the time and desire to make the delivery. This is typically arranged through an app. Drivers are alerted of a need, and the first eligible person who responds to the need handles the route.

Hotshot Transportation

A hotshot delivery is the exact opposite of a regular route in that they are one-offs. This type of delivery typically requires a sense of urgency as the delivery is time-sensitive. Crowdsourcing is very useful for hotshot transportation. There’s no need to take the time to find an available employee. Instead, a message is sent via a crowdsourcing app, and an available driver with the appropriate vehicle is quickly identified to make the delivery.

The Middle Mile

Middle-mile delivery involves shipping items from a centralized location such as a warehouse to a store. It can be a regular route or a hotshot. The purpose is to keep the store well-stocked. By using crowdsourcing to make the middle mile delivery, companies can be confident that they can have in-demand products in-store as needed.

The Last Mile

Last-mile delivery is the final step in the shipping, and it is the costliest and most vexing for companies. Because it’s the step in shipping that the direct customer is most familiar with, it’s especially important to get it right. Another relevant element of last-mile shipping is that such shipments are typically time-sensitive and quantity varies. Crowdsourced delivery is well suited to handle the logistical challenges involved with the last mile. On the crowdsourced delivery app, specific requirements are listed so that the appropriate vehicle/person makes the delivery.

The First Mile

The first mile in shipping involves moving products from the location they are manufactured to a warehouse or distribution center. Like middle mile, this can be a regular route or a hotshot. Consider the recent challenges with production and the supply chain. Manufacturing may not be happening as consistently as it did in the past and/or it may be ramped up to meet excess demand. Either way, it can be helpful to turn to crowdsourced delivery. It can remove the potential headaches that arise with irregular shipping needs as drivers can be counted on to meet demand.

On-Demand Delivery for Your Customers

When companies offer on-demand delivery, customers expect to have options about when and where their products will be sent. They typically expect same-day delivery. To make this business model work requires companies to be flexible and efficient. Crowdsourced delivery enables companies to be flexible since they can secure drivers as needed.

Reduce Operations Staffing and Fleet Costs

A company that uses crowdsourced delivery will experience multiple benefits. One of the primary advantages is the reduction or elimination of their fleet. Because delivery drivers use their vehicles, companies do not need to retain a fleet. By eliminating the fleet, worries about maintaining vehicles, insuring them, etc. are gone. This allows the company to put more energy and focus on its primary business.

The company will no longer need to keep drivers on staff. Gig workers are not paid benefits and are only paid when they work. So, there’s no more concern about the number of drivers that need to be on staff. Downtimes, busy times – there’s always the correct number of drivers to service the shipping required on a particular day.

How Does Crowdsourcing Work in the Construction Industry?

In the construction industry, time is everything. Businesses win when they meet deadlines. For this reason, they need products delivered on site and on time. Same-day delivery is often essential, and crowdsourcing gets the job done.

Therefore, material suppliers need to be flexible and ready to deliver to maintain customer satisfaction. A material supplier whose business model includes crowdsourced delivery can be confident that they can satisfy their customers’ needs. Regardless of the time of day, type of supplies needed, or the frequency of the need, builders will have their materials on-site when a material supplier uses crowdsourcing for delivery.

Increase Your Shipping Fleet Efficiency with Curri

Curri does crowdsourced delivery for the construction industry. Our all-in-one logistics platform helps distributors move material fast, reliably, and professionally. Customers that use our services have saved over 30% on operational costs, such as fleet insurance and maintenance. Whether it’s supplementing a company’s fleet or replacing it altogether, Curri improves your fleet efficiency.


February 22, 2022

Curri CEO & Co-Founder Matt Lafferty on The Gig Economy Podcast

Curri CEO Matt Lafferty on The Gig Economy Podcast: Exploring gig jobs, delivery apps, and building a driver-centric business.


The Gig Economy Podcast is a great listen. Gig economy workers can tune in and listen to other stories from the gig economy, get the latest news and possibly find the best-paying gigs out there. In this episode of The Gig Economy Podcast, Matt Lafferty, the CEO & Co-Founder of Curri, sits down with the host to talk about what Curri does, how it’s changing the game for delivery drivers and why gig economy workers should consider Curri as their next endeavor.

Curri makes construction supplies and materials delivery easy, and it’s revolutionizing the construction industry in the nation and across the world. Listen to the podcast below to learn more about it, or read below if you’re interested in becoming a driver or using Curri as your courier service.

The Curri Delivery App Is an Amazing Gig Job

To explain Curri simply: Think about it like Uber or Doordash but for construction materials and supplies instead of food or people. Curri asked a simple question — couldn’t rideshare be used for business-to-business deliveries instead of just business-to-consumer service?

Of course, for a gig economy worker, the most important question is how it compares to driving with Uber, Lyft, Postmates and the like. The short answer is: it’s much better. Curri is a great gig job because it pays well, and we help our gig workers acclimate and train so they’re able to succeed in the job and get the most out of it. Curri pays better than Uber, Lyft, Amazon and other delivery jobs.

Also, when you first start as a courier for Curri, you don’t just get requests thrown in your lap. First, you’ll get access to Curri’s training, so you know what to do and how to do it. This makes Curri a better experience for gig workers.

When you join the Curri fleet, you play an important role in our business. Our drivers are an essential part of giving our customers the best experience, and we treat you as such.

Curri Is Building a Business That Works for Delivery Drivers

Curri is building a better version of the gig economy. We work for our delivery drivers, allowing you to work whenever you want and get paid accordingly. You can always turn to Curri when you’re needing help or have questions about the job. With our compensation system, you’ll be able to make more money than you’ve ever made working other delivery or gig economy jobs. We want to foster a collaborative environment working with our drivers.

The best part about working for Curri is that nearly any vehicle is a useful addition to our fleet. If you have a semi-truck, Uber isn’t going to find that useful. But when you sign up with Curri, we’ll send plenty of work your way. Curri is one of the only rideshare apps that you can work for whether you have a sedan, pickup truck, flatbed, box truck, cargo van, bobtail or any other specialty vehicle. This is what makes Curri so useful to the demand side of our business. Our customers need a wide variety of vehicles to get their deliveries done efficiently and on time at an affordable cost to them. For the supply side, we need a vast fleet. That’s where our drivers come in. You can turn your vehicle into an asset that works for you.

Find Out More About Curri, the Construction Couriers

Interested in driving for Curri? We’re interested in adding you to our team of construction couriers! When you join the Curri team, we’ll provide you with the training you need, and you can get to work right away, taking as many jobs as you see fit. You’ll love the money you make and the freedom our platform allows you. Sign up to drive with Curri today and get your application started.

Also, if you’re a supplier, wholesaler, manufacturer or distributor who would like to use our services, make sure to create an account with us (it takes less than 1 minute, no strings attached!) and start making the most of the Curri fleet.

Ready to start driving with Curri? Sign up here!


February 17, 2022

How to Improve Supply Chain Resilience with Curri

Supply chain disruptions can cause serious problems in the construction industry. Curri can improve supply chain resilience for your business. Here’s how.


These days, when supply chain disruptions are leading news stories, companies are re-examining their supply chain to make it more resilient. Risk events and disruptions have become the standard, not the unexpected. So, what can be done to develop supply chain resilience? Developing strong reliable partnerships is one element of a resilient supply chain. Construction material suppliers turn to Curri to help with operations and ensure timely product delivery. Curri helps companies keep the supply chain moving by getting construction materials from warehouses, retail stores, or distribution centers into the customer's hands.

What Is Supply Chain Resilience?

It's important to clarify supply chain resilience. The Brookings Institution defines supply chain resilience as “…the ability of a given supply chain to prepare for and adapt to unexpected events; to quickly adjust to sudden disruptive changes that negatively affect supply chain performance; to continue functioning during a disruption …; and to recover quickly to its pre-disruption state or a more desirable state.”

With many products manufactured overseas, supply chains are longer than they once were, making them more susceptible to disruption. If operations related to one element of the supply chain are disturbed, a business is impacted. Remember, the supply chain network stretches from material delivery to a supplier/manufacturer to when the product or service is delivered to the end consumer. So, it doesn’t matter how many products are produced if they are sitting on a ship, truck, or warehouse. The destination is the end-user.

How Can Integrated Courier Logistics Help?

A blowout or a nail-biter mean the same for a team with fewer points – a loss. While the news seems focused on ships sitting in ports waiting to offload products, the supply chain is not working as intended unless consumers can get materials in a reasonable timeframe. In the construction industry, where time is money, a reasonable time frame is ASAP! Integrated courier logistics can help distributors move materials quickly. Materials sitting on a pallet and not yet delivered to the end-user, i.e. the nail biter, is still a loss and means the supply chain is not functioning as it should. Consider the benefits of construction logistics with Curri.

Same-day On-Demand Delivery

By working with a Curri, distributors and retailers can commit to making same-day on-demand delivery. Knowing materials are at the distribution center/retail outlet but can’t be delivered to the job site is a breakdown in the supply chain. Same-day on-demand delivery is a game-changer for contractors counting on supplies being on-site as needed. A delay in material delivery means current jobs get extended, and the next job gets pushed back. A construction carrier that can regularly deliver material means there are no disruptions in construction. By empowering contractors to proceed with construction and avoid operations delays, companies are building loyal customers.

LTL to FTL, Sedans to Semis

A courier that can make LTL (Less-than-truckload) and FTL (Full Truckload) shipments is invaluable. After all, the contractor on the job site needs the materials, whether it’s one item or a list of materials. For the distributor or retailer, the way to get the most bang for their buck (and green) is to send the right-sized appropriate vehicle out for delivery. From a one-stop one-item delivery to a multi-stop multi-item delivery, a courier with the right sized vehicle brings efficiency to the supply chain.

Reduce the Impact of Staffing Shortages

Staffing shortages have been one of the significant factors in supply chain disruption. When employees are out due to pandemic-related issues or companies can't fill open positions, operations are slowed. When distributors/retailers turn to Curri to handle delivery, they have fewer staffing needs. Our team can make every delivery as needed, so the retailer/distributor can remove staffing delivery shortages from its list of challenges, and operations can spend more time focusing on their core business.

Reduce the Cost of Fleet Operations

Ensuring customers' get same-day on-demand delivery is a best practice for retailers/distributors. However, it’s also a great expense. The supplier needs to be in a constant state of readiness. Days can go by when the fleet is not used to its fullest extent. And then a day will arise (or a season) when the fleet is used to its fullest extent. Therefore, being ready to fulfill the delivery promise means retailers/distributors have to retain a bloated fleet and extra personnel to operate it. To reduce the expense related to this scenario, retailers/distributors can turn to Curri's extensive fleet network. They can improve operations and ensure that there's always the right amount of capacity to meet customers’ delivery needs.

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Retention

When retailers/distributors build a resilient supply chain, they can look forward to improved customer satisfaction and retention. Consider the challenges those in the construction industry have been dealing with recently: the price of construction materials has yo-yoed the past couple of years, labor shortages have become the norm, etc. Construction industry personnel are craving stability and certainty. So, a how-to for increasing customer satisfaction for retailers/wholesalers is having supplies available when needed. Curri can help retailers/wholesalers give customers the consistency they want, leading to improved satisfaction and retention.

Mitigate Disruption and Outperform Your Competition

Experts predict supply chain issues will persist through 2022 and beyond. These issues are serious, and there is no magic button to push to make goods and services flow smoothly again. Maintaining a resilient supply chain will require companies to be flexible, attentive, and creative. Bumps are sure to arise. During these times, mitigation disruption will need to be the focus. By finding ways to adapt and mitigate disruption, companies will be able to outperform their competition.

Curri Is a Resource for the Construction Industry

Curri has a proven track record of being a valuable partner to retailers/distributors in the construction industry. With our all-in-one logistics platform, we help retailers/distributors move material fast, reliably, and professionally. With Curri, your company can take a step towards supply chain resilience.


February 8, 2022

Curri CEO Matt Lafferty Joins the SideHustle Lounge Podcast

Curri's CEO Matt Lafferty on The SideHustle Lounge Podcast: Transforming gig economy for delivery drivers and construction.


There’s nothing better than a good podcast, and The SideHustle Lounge Podcast is always reliable for some great episodes. In this episode, you can hear Matt Lafferty, the CEO & Co-Founder of Curri, talking about our platform and how we’re looking to make the gig economy a better place.

In the podcast, you’ll hear Matt and host Bill Soroka talk about a variety of topics, including making the construction industry more efficient, paying rideshare drivers what they deserve for the job they do, and much more. Check out the episode below and keep on reading to learn more about the Curri platform in general.

Rethinking Rideshare: Deliver Construction Supplies, NOT People or Food

Curri recontextualizes the typical way of thinking about the rideshare economy. Sure, Uber, Lyft and Doordash were good ideas. Peer-to-peer services have made it much easier for people to get a ride when they need it or get any kind of food delivered to their door. So why couldn’t that same concept be applied to other industries? If food service and taxi services could be improved by rideshare, what else is out there?

Curri answered that question by offering a comprehensive rideshare service for construction supplies delivery. Someone outside that industry might wonder how necessary that is. If you’re in the construction materials and construction supplies industry, though, you know that Curri could be a game-changing solution to a problem that many suppliers, distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers face.

Now Curri allows these companies to request drivers for their construction supplies, not for people or food. It solves a huge inefficiency by making easy and fast delivery widely available. In short, Curri is changing the transportation game for the better.

Curri Is Changing the Transportation Game

How is Curri changing the transportation game? By giving the aforementioned construction industries a widely available and elastic fleet of vehicles with professional drivers behind the wheel. Curri functions essentially the same as Uber or Lyft and those other rideshare services, except it’s specially designed to accommodate the needs of the construction supplies and materials industry.

With Curri, all these companies have to do is request a delivery and specify their load. Curri will match them with a driver who can handle the delivery and get it where it needs to go. What makes Curri different from these other rideshare apps is the vast fleet of vehicles that are available to make the deliveries. With Uber, the most you can get to ferry people is a car or SUV. Curri drivers have vehicles of every form and function. You can get a pickup truck, a sedan, a box truck, a semi-truck or anything else you might need to transport construction supplies.

Curri is also available on-demand, with flexible options for routes. With a Curri account, business owners can customize delivery schedules and essentially add Curri as an arm of their delivery ops team at an affordable price.

Learn More About Curri, the Construction Couriers

Curri is an amazing tool for the construction industry, but it’s also a great place for gig economy workers to go. Curri turns your vehicle, which most would consider a financial liability, into an asset. With Curri, you can get paid better to drive than you would with Uber, Lyft, Amazon, and other gig economy platforms.

Curri is better for everyone. Learn more about Curri today and how you can create an account or sign up to drive. Curri is the future of construction couriers; see how Curri can change the game for you.

Ready to start driving with Curri? Sign up here!


January 25, 2022

Curri’s CEO & Co-Founder Joins the Rideshare Guy Podcast

Curri's CEO on Rideshare Guy Podcast: Exploring details of the game-changing construction delivery service for gig drivers.


The Rideshare Guy Podcast is a great resource for rideshare drivers. In its episodes, you can learn about the industry, how to make more money, and other tips and tricks. In this episode, our CEO & Co-Founder is featured talking about why gig app drivers love Curri and what we’re doing to make Curri the best possible experience for rideshare drivers.

Listen to the episode below and learn more about why Curri is a great choice for gig economy workers across the nation.

Why Curri Is a Fan Favorite for Gig App Drivers

Gig app drivers love Curri for a variety of reasons. First of all, it’s our mission at Curri to make our drivers feel welcome and secure using the Curri platform. In other words, we’re transparent with our drivers. There are no hidden tricks to our compensation system. Before you accept a job, you’ll learn exactly how much you’ll make and what to expect from the delivery. No surprises — just good pay for rideshare work.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of working for Curri:

Gig Economy Freedom With Amazing Pay: A big reason many people get into the gig economy in the first place is to have more freedom or to make money as a side hustle.

Unfortunately, a lot of these apps have become less transparent and have paid drivers worse over the years. This isn’t the case with Curri. In fact, Curri allows you to make more than any other rideshare app. Curri drivers can often expect to get a pay rate of anywhere between $15 and $35+.

B2B Gig Job: One of the best things about working for Curri is that you’ll be doing B2B deliveries. There are no passengers to drive or food to carry around in your vehicle. You do hands-free pickups and dropoffs of construction materials and supplies.

Drive With Any Vehicle: Curri lets you use just about any viable vehicle to drive on our platform. You can have a sedan, a semi-truck, a pickup, or anything in between. We have deliveries of all sizes, so we need drivers with vehicles of all sizes.

Robust Driver Support: Our driver support team will never leave you hanging. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have during your driving experience.

In short, Curri is what the gig economy is supposed to look like. If you want to make more money and be treated like a valuable member of a team, then Curri is where you should be driving.

How Curri Is Making a Difference in the Construction Industry

Curri is changing the construction industry one delivery at a time. With Curri, manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, distributors, and wholesalers can get on-demand deliveries at an affordable price. No matter what size your business is, you can request a delivery from Curri and have your supplies and materials driven from Point A to Point B.

You can use Curri for your hotshots, your scheduled deliveries, and anything else you can think of. Curri is located in most major cities and metro areas and is expanding each day. If you want to start saving money on last-mile deliveries and make your delivery ops as efficient as possible, it’s time to start using Curri.

Visit and create your account today. It takes less than 1 minute and there are no strings attached: it's subscription-free.

Get Started as a Delivery Driver With Curri

If you want to drive with Curri and start making real money in the gig economy, apply to become a delivery driver. We’ll provide you with training and onboarding, and then you can start taking jobs as you see fit. At Curri, we never take our drivers for granted. Because they’re an essential part of our business, we are always transparent with our drivers and pay them what they deserve. Sign up to be a driver today. We’re looking forward to adding you to our awesome team.

Ready to start driving with Curri? Sign up today!


January 24, 2022

How Contractors and Builders Use Local On-Site Tool Delivery

For contractors, builders, and maintenance teams, jobsite tool delivery can save a lot of time and money. Find out how you can make it happen with Curri.


General contractors typically have multiple jobs operating simultaneously. Keeping each job site operating smoothly requires coordination and foresight. However, no matter how carefully a project is scheduled and planned out, occasions will arise when supplies and tools are not on-site as needed. Even something as simple as running out of nails can lead to a hiccup in the construction schedule. Yet, there's no need to have a significant time loss.

Contractors and builders can keep production moving as scheduled by turning to Curri for a same-day on-site delivery service. Since a courier can deliver tools and other needed supplies to the job site, the contractor can get the job done as anticipated. Maintaining the schedule also ties into maintaining the bottom line.

Same-Day Replacement for Broken or Damaged Tools

Workforce in place, supplies in place. Ready to go! All good, but then you discover a tool is broken or damaged. Work comes to a screeching halt. Is there anything more frustrating? Tick, tick, tick, time is a-wasting, and aggravation is brewing. Every project manager has experienced this scenario to some degree or another. The question is how to handle this situation and minimize damage.

Having a service that can offer same-day delivery service directly to the job site can save the day. By minimizing the time lost, the team does not fall hopelessly behind on the schedule. When the same-day replacement arrives, work can progress with tools in place.

Job Site Delivery for Rental Tools and Equipment

The need for on-site tool delivery can also be part of the contractor’s operating plan (rather than a reaction to an unexpected situation). Perhaps, you are renting the tool and are paying for usage by the day. In this case, promptly having the tool is even more important.

The team members responsible for operating the tool are at the job site and are ready to do their work. They may be specialists brought in to operate the tool and are paid by the day or hour. This makes prompt same-day delivery of the tool even more important since a delay wastes money and time.

On-Site Restock for Nails, Staples, Batteries, PPE, and More

Have you ever been on a job site when the plans say one thing and reality is quite different? Of course, you have, since any contractor who has been in the field has experienced this type of situation. And when this happens, it’s time to adjust. The adjustment will most likely impact the type of or the number of materials needed.

No matter how minor the materials – nails, staples, batteries, plywood, electrical outlets, plumbing supplies, etc. – they need to be on-site when needed to keep the construction process moving as efficiently as possible. The same-day delivery service to the job site that delivers tools is also available for supplies. So, there’s no reason to be without the tools and supplies you need at the job site. Keep moving forward on your construction projects.

Need Building Supplies, Parts, or Machinery? We Deliver That Too.

At Curri, we offer same-day delivery service for all things construction. This includes building supplies, parts, and machinery. All tools, machinery, and supplies can be delivered, regardless of the size or quantity needed.

With every type of construction-related material available for delivery to a job site as needed, you won't lose precious time when something is missing that is required to move forward on the job.

Keep Your Team on the Construction Site and Off the Road

You may be thinking, ‘Why not just send someone from my team to the store for something that we need on the job site?’ Well, keeping the team in place is valuable. Taking a person off the team – even briefly – may impact work quality. People are trained and skilled at specific tasks. Having someone fill in may impact the quality of the work. The person pulled off the job to run the errand may struggle to get back in the swing of things upon return, and team cohesiveness and camaraderie may be harmed.

You also have to select a person who has a vehicle that can fit the construction supplies, tools, or machinery. Depending on the size, you may have a few options of who can go. If the person who runs the errand gets into an accident, there could be insurance issues. If the person is injured, it could become a worker's compensation case.

Having a local team who knows the area, with a complete fleet of every size vehicle, makes the delivery to the job site incredibly simple. It allows your team to stay on the construction site as planned, which leads to greater productivity.

Check Out What Curri Can Do

Want to know how Curri’s same-day job site delivery of construction tools and supplies can help you keep your project moving forward as scheduled? We're ready to make it happen.

Getting started with Curri is completely free, no obligations. So make Curri part of your team today.


January 24, 2022

Curri’s Same Day LTL Service for the Construction Industry

Curri provides on-demand, same-day LTL shipping for last-mile and middle-mile delivery. We can help streamline your supply chain, simply.


Experts predict that 2022 will be a good year for the construction industry, particularly with the passage of the infrastructure bill. However, the industry is facing headwinds due to labor shortages and supply chain slowdowns. These two challenges impact each other. One way construction companies can compensate for labor shortages is to be more efficient. Having building materials delivered and on-site as needed leads to greater efficiency. Even a delay in delivery of LTL (Less than Truck Load) can make a difference in productivity.

Curri offers same-day LTL delivery service of construction supplies. Materials can be expressly delivered right to a construction site, without delays. Productivity can be maximized, and a project will remain on schedule. It all starts with carefully considering logistics.

Why LTL Transport Is a Problem for Supply Chains

There have been many news stories about supply chain woes. And while everyone knows at this point, supply chain snags have led to increased shipping costs, delivery delays, and logistical nightmares, no one solution has been found to remedy the problem. With shipping companies backed up and overwhelmed, LTL shipments are not a priority.

Why? Consider your company is short on drivers. Why send out an LTL shipment when you can send an FTL (full truckload). The practicality of this scenario is obvious – one-stop delivery is quicker and cheaper. However, LTL shipments are necessary as not every order fills up a truck. Although the logistics may be more complicated, LTL shipments are essential as they allow even the smallest shipment to be delivered.

Why the Middle Mile and Last Mile Are Often Weak Links

Most attention and debate are focused on the first mile of shipping i.e. moving goods from a manufacturer’s production facility to a warehouse. Yet, the middle-mile and last-mile are typically bigger challenges to overcome regarding delivery.

Middle-mile delivery, which involves moving products from a centralized location to a store, may involve different shipments for each route. The goal is to keep the store well-stocked, and doing so means keeping close tabs on what is selling. Middle-mile delivery can also be a rush job as stores do not want to lose sales. LTL delivery may be needed to ensure stores have a popular item.

Last-mile delivery, or delivery of an item to an end-user such as to a foreman at a construction site, may also come in the form of an LTL. Moving small/singular loads is more time-consuming and costly. In the case of the last mile, the driver’s route may very well be different every day.

How Curri Can Strengthen Your Delivery Operations

Construction projects are notorious for running over budget and late. Time and money are bound together. When a project is completed on time, it's much more likely to stay on budget and deliver the profit margin the general contractor is anticipating.

Short on lumber, missing a tool, lacking sufficient piping or fixtures, etc. These seemingly minor circumstances lead to costly delays. When materials are not on-site, the workforce is left idle, which can be frustrating and cause employees to become more lackadaisical. Instead of using the valuable and needed workforce to pick up essential construction supplies, construction companies want manufacturers and retail outlets to come to them.

And that’s where Curri comes in. Curri helps the construction process by offering express LTL delivery for last mile and middle mile shipping. Whether it’s a one-time, periodic, or regular delivery, Curri can step in and make the LTL delivery. By offering this delivery service, manufacturers and retail outlets can help customers keep their construction projects on schedule.

By having Curri be part of the team, distributors/manufacturers/retailers can limit or eliminate their fleet. That’s because you have Curri’s fleet, which has vehicles of all sizes and functions, available so that you can always count on Curri to have the right vehicle for the job. Curri can simplify LTL delivery and keep your customers satisfied.

Powerful Logistics Built for Your Business

The logistics around delivery can be headache-inducing for a business owner. Add in the need to ship building materials expressly, and it can be overwhelming, especially with all the supply chain challenges the industry is facing.

Curri’s powerful logistics program provides your team with everything it needs to make an LTL delivery. And it’s simple. The program is accessible through an app that you download or on your web browser. The user-friendly system enables you to schedule and track delivery. With this completed, you don't need to stress the LTL delivery. Instead, you can be on to the next challenge and keep your customers satisfied. Construction material can be moved quickly and reliably with a powerful logistics program.

Curri's Construction Couriers Are the Answer

Want to strengthen your LTL delivery? We make it easy. Get started with Curri and find out how we can help you get construction materials delivered quickly and have your customers impressed. We can assist with middle-mile and last-mile delivery for LTL, so you can be confident about every shipment.


January 9, 2022

Curri and the Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association: A Perfect Match

Curri's CEO talks with DPHA: Making plumbing jobs easier and more profitable. Discover how Curri transforms the industry.


If you’re in the plumbing industry, you definitely need to be tuning in to The DPHA Drip podcast. The DPHA Drip podcast is brought to you by the Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association. Through the DPHA, members can connect with other dealers, reps, manufacturers and others in the plumbing, hardware, and home fixture industry. This podcast seeks to further industry education for professionals and help them find the best resources.

In this episode of The DPHA Drip podcast, you’ll hear Curri CEO & Co-Founder, Matt Lafferty, talking about how we came up with Curri to provide a major resource for businesses in the plumbing and hardware industry. Listen to the episode below, and read on to learn why Curri is quickly becoming a necessity for distributoIf you’re in the plumbing industry, you definitely need to be tuning in to The DPHA Drip podcast. The DPHA Drip podcast is brought to you by the Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association. Through the DPHA, members can connect with other dealers, reps, manufacturers and others in the plumbing, hardware, and home fixture industry. This podcast seeks to further industry education for professionals and help them find the best resources.

In this episode of The DPHA Drip podcast, you’ll hear Curri CEO & Co-Founder, Matt Lafferty, talking about how we came up with Curri to provide a major resource for businesses in the plumbing and hardware industry. Listen to the episode below, and read on to learn why Curri is quickly becoming a necessity for distributors.

Why Curri’s Delivery Service Is Perfect for Contractors and Suppliers

Curri’s delivery service is a revelation for plumbing contractors and suppliers. Using Curri’s services, you can get same-day on-demand access to a fleet of vehicles with professional rideshare drivers behind the wheel. These drivers will make sure your supplies and materials get where they need to go. Essentially, you can provide your customers with guaranteed on-demand delivery, making your business run much more smoothly in the process.

There is a need in the industry for reliable couriers who can get your supplies from Point A to Point B, making those last-mile deliveries something you don’t have to stress about. Curri completely eliminates this problem while also making your delivery operations much more affordable.

Curri Makes a Big Difference for Small Businesses

Curri works for businesses of every size. Sure, the larger enterprises are going to be able to save on expenses and optimize their bottom line, but for smaller businesses, Curri can be the difference between a profitable year or a sub-optimal one. How can Curri offer the same kind of benefits for businesses both small and large? Simple: by providing you with vehicles that are right for the job, making your deliveries as affordable as possible.

When you use Curri, you specify your load and your delivery. Our customer service team will then match you with a vehicle that is the right size for the job. So when you have just a few small supplies that can fit in the back of a sedan, we send you a sedan. If you need a cargo van-sized vehicle, that’s what you get. You only spend as much as you need to get your delivery where it needs to go. This also saves you money on having to use your own vehicles. Curri can operate as your entire delivery fleet.

Get Started With the Construction Couriers at Curri

Are you ready to get started with Curri? If you’re in the construction industry, it’s going to be one of the best decisions you make for your business. Curri is easy to sign up for and even easier to use. Simply download our app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store or visit our website and click "Sign Up" to get started. When your account is ready to go, you can request your deliveries. Curri can handle your hotshots, scheduled deliveries, round-robins, LTL and FTL deliveries and anything else you might need.

Visit our website or download our app today to start using Curri in your business. Or if you’re a driver looking for an incredible gig job, Curri is here to help. Sign up to become a driver today and start making money with Curri.

Ready to get started with Curri? Sign up today! It takes less than a minute, no strings attached.

Why Curri’s Delivery Service Is Perfect for Contractors and Suppliers

Curri’s delivery service is a revelation for plumbing contractors and suppliers. Using Curri’s services, you can get same-day on-demand access to a fleet of vehicles with professional rideshare drivers behind the wheel. These drivers will make sure your supplies and materials get where they need to go. Essentially, you can provide your customers with guaranteed on-demand delivery, making your business run much more smoothly in the process.

There is a need in the industry for reliable couriers who can get your supplies from Point A to Point B, making those last-mile deliveries something you don’t have to stress about. Curri completely eliminates this problem while also making your delivery operations much more affordable.

Curri Makes a Big Difference for Small Businesses

Curri works for businesses of every size. Sure, the larger enterprises are going to be able to save on expenses and optimize their bottom line, but for smaller businesses, Curri can be the difference between a profitable year or a sub-optimal one. How can Curri offer the same kind of benefits for businesses both small and large? Simple: by providing you with vehicles that are right for the job, making your deliveries as affordable as possible.

When you use Curri, you specify your load and your delivery. Our customer service team will then match you with a vehicle that is the right size for the job. So when you have just a few small supplies that can fit in the back of a sedan, we send you a sedan. If you need a cargo van-sized vehicle, that’s what you get. You only spend as much as you need to get your delivery where it needs to go. This also saves you money on having to use your own vehicles. Curri can operate as your entire delivery fleet.

Get Started With the Construction Couriers at Curri

Are you ready to get started with Curri? If you’re in the construction industry, it’s going to be one of the best decisions you make for your business. Curri is easy to sign up for and even easier to use. Simply download our app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store or visit our website and click "Sign Up" to get started. When your account is ready to go, you can request your deliveries. Curri can handle your hotshots, scheduled deliveries, round-robins, LTL and FTL deliveries and anything else you might need.

Visit our website or download our app today to start using Curri in your business. Or if you’re a driver looking for an incredible gig job, Curri is here to help. Sign up to become a driver today and start making money with Curri.

Ready to get started with Curri? Sign up today! It takes less than a minute, no strings attached.


January 6, 2022

Retailers Compete to Keep Customers with Same-Day Delivery

Learn how Curri's same-day delivery service gives construction supply retailers a competitive edge while increasing their customer retention.


You’re seeing it more now than ever at the checkout in-stores or online. Same-day delivery.

Retailers and Distributors nationwide know if their customers can’t get it delivered today, they'll go somewhere else.

For Distributors that provide material distribution to the construction and industrial markets, same-day delivery is crucial on construction job sites. And it’s no wonder why.

The construction industry has historically not finished projects on time due to poor job site coordination of building materials and industrial supplies. (1)

Construction businesses are losing more than 1 full day of work every week to inefficiency. Two-thirds (66%) spend more than a quarter of their work hours waiting for work to be done. (1)

On top of that, the construction industry faces a labor shortage crisis. To keep pace with current construction demand, and account for attrition, 740,000 new construction workers are needed each year for the next three years. There are currently 300,000 to 400,000 open construction positions monthly. (2)

So when they do have workers at the job site, they don’t want their valuable time taken away waiting for or leaving to buy building materials and industrial supplies needed.

The lack of job site coordination prevents contractors from doing the work they are built to do. (1)

The power of Curri’s fleet augmentation can help Retailers and Distributors get their materials, equipment and tools delivered same-day to job sites nationwide.

Priority delivery of your building materials and industrial supplies

Contractors and builders nationwide have created a new delivery standard, and they want your materials delivered today. Curri makes it easy to get construction materials to your customers with our job site delivery service.

You can provide your builders and contractors with the equipment and tools they need with our hotshot deliveries. We have 3 options you can choose from depending on your customer's needs.

  1. Same-Day Delivery

Always get your materials delivered to your customers by the end of the day.

If you choose a pickup time before 11 am, your materials will be delivered by 3 p.m. the same day. If you choose a pickup time after 11 am, your materials will be delivered by 5 p.m. the same day.

This on-demand delivery option is great when you have the flexibility for a wider delivery window from your customers.

  1. Rush Delivery

Sometimes your builders and contractors need your materials, and they need them now.

Your customers will keep coming back to you once they get your materials delivered to their job sites right away.

This is our fastest job site delivery option and we assign a driver immediately after you finish booking. The driver will pick up the items and proceed directly to the drop-off location.

  1. Scheduled Delivery

If your builders and contractors know what they need the day or week before, you can schedule delivery for the materials and tools they need.

These are Rush deliveries that have been scheduled in advance on a day and time of your choosing.

Do you have more than one job site where you need your materials delivered?

With Curri, you can add up to 20 stops on any priority delivery option to make sure all your customers get the industrial supplies they need from you.

Set up money-saving Curri Routes for your builders and contractors

You don’t have to hire drivers or expand your delivery operations team. Outside of our priority delivery options, you can also schedule daily or weekly routes.  

With Curri Routes, we'll send a driver and a vehicle of your choosing on the exact days of the week you require. Curri handles all of the wages, leasing, maintenance, gas, and insurance, leaving you to do what you do best - selling material.

Routes can be one-offs or repeated, for 1 day or the whole week. If a route is no longer needed, just let us know and we’ll cancel it until you need us for the next one.

You can sign up for free (don’t worry, no subscription mess to untangle yourself from) then request a quote for a route for your store or branch.

The most extensive vehicle selection for the construction industry

Our versatile fleet provides a large selection of vehicles for any delivery need, big or small. It’s one of the many reasons we are the go-to construction courier.

Does a builder want your lumber delivered ‘yesterday’? Book a stake bed or flatbed to get your building materials delivered on-demand.

Did a tool break on a job site or get lost during the workday? Is a restock of your PPE gear needed?

Curri has cars and SUVs for smaller items like saws, drills and drivers, nail guns, nails, screws, and PPE gear.

Builders and contractors can keep their valuable time at the job site getting work done while getting materials as needed to finish projects on time.

They’ll meet deadlines, move to new jobs, and have their reputation soar with on-demand delivery of your construction materials and industrial supplies.


December 20, 2021

A Driver Recruitment Solution for the Tire Industry

Curri provides a simple, no commitment staffing solution for tire distributors in search of reliable, professional delivery drivers.


If you own a car, repairs are inevitable. It’s those surprise repairs that are the most frustrating. A flat tire often seems to come out of nowhere and renders a car undrivable. Therefore, when a tire needs to be replaced, it’s nearly always an emergency. People don’t want to hear from the professionals in the tire industry, “We’ll have it for you tomorrow.”

That’s why tire distributors need to focus on driver recruitment along with hiring and retaining employees. Tire dealers need to regularly stock a wide variety of tires to retain and please their customers. And distributors need drivers to deliver tires to the dealers to retain their business. Employing enough drivers, however, can be a challenge.

Major Hiring Shortages Are Impacting Tire Distributors

Read the news these days, and you’re bound to hear about a shortage of employees. Despite the drop in the unemployment rate, many tire distributors are finding it difficult to hire staff. Employee shortages lead business owners to spend excessive amounts of time focusing on recruitment and hiring. When hiring and recruitment are the focus of a company, they are looking inward rather than outward. An outward-looking company focuses on expanding the business and general growth.

Hiring shortages tend to lead tire distributors and other companies to raise the wages of drivers. They increase wages to retain current drivers, who may be targeted by competitors who are most likely in a similar situation due to hiring shortages. Another reason to raise wages is to entice potential workers to join the company and become employees.

Being short-staffed can also lead to overworking those who are currently on staff, leaving them more likely to leave. Finally, hiring shortages lead to a loss of business since a company will struggle to fill the needs/demands of its customers.

Curri’s Flexible, Nationwide Fleet of Drivers Expands Your Workforce

What can a tire distributor do to ensure they don't get caught in the revolving door of driver recruitment? They can hire Curri. We can fill all your company’s staffing needs as we have a nationwide fleet of drivers.

When you work with Curri, our large professional team of drivers is accessible to you. Our delivery drivers have a wide variety of vehicles from semis to SUVs and everything in between. This enables us to match your cargo with the appropriate vehicle type. The drivers are experienced, trained, fully insured, and can handle any delivery you require.

So, the scramble to hire and retain drivers can be a thing of the past. By expanding your tire company’s workforce and breaking out of the cycle of perpetual recruitment, you can focus on growing their business and not driver staffing.

Your Schedule, Your Terms: Long-term Partnership or Temp Staffing

What if I don’t need a driver today? What if I have multiple routes that are unaccounted for? A driver shortage can be a stressful issue. After all, you are anxious to keep your customers happy and fulfill the promises you made.

Hiring a new driver – even if applicants are available – is a big decision. It’s an investment, because it means training the recruit and paying a regular salary, even if the business has its ups and downs. This can be expensive and a drag on operations.

Whatever your delivery needs may be – a regular route, temporary staffing – and everything in between, Curri can help. We can serve in a long-term partnership, or we can offer temporary staffing as needed. When you work with Curri, you can be assured that your delivery needs will be handled. Best of all, you can focus on growing your business and not on temporary staffing needs.

It’s Never Been Easier to Hire a Delivery Driver with Curri

When you work with Curri, it’s easy as clicking a button to hire a delivery driver. That’s because all our services are accessible from our software program. To start hiring delivery drivers for your tire company, you simply create an account. And you’re ready to get delivery services.

The driver request process is easy. You share the details of your load, enter your pick-up and drop-off location, the delivery time, and the appropriate vehicle for the job. Then, our drivers are notified. Within moments, you will have a delivery driver. And how do you know that your delivery reached its destination? Once the delivery is made, you’ll receive photographic proof, a signature, and who the package is left with. Boom! This on-demand same-day delivery service streamlines the staffing process.

The Curri Team Is Your Team, On-Demand

Whether the need for a driver is a temporary need to fill in for someone who is out for a couple of days, or for an extended time to meet the needs of the busy season, Curri can provide that driver. Any vehicle, any time, on demand.

Just think of the Curri team as your team. We’re happy to provide on-demand delivery for your tire distribution company and help your business flourish. Ready to get started? Sign up for free!


December 17, 2021

Curri Co-Founder & CEO Matt Lafferty and the Rideshare Rodeo Podcast

Curri CEO Matt Lafferty on Rideshare Rodeo: Insights into the life of construction couriers. Tune in for the discussion.


Rideshare Rodeo is an amazing resource for gig economy workers everywhere. You’ll get to listen to stories from other drivers in the gig economy, news and trends in the industry and the best tips and advice to succeed in the industry. Recently, Matt Lafferty, our CEO, went on the Rideshare Rodeo Podcast to share his thoughts on being transparent with rideshare drivers, how Curri is designed to be one of the best gig jobs out there and why rideshare drivers should think about adding Curri to their app repertoire.

Listen to the podcast below and read on to learn more about what drivers can get when they work for Curri and how it’s changing the game for drivers and the construction industry alike.

The Benefits and Perks for Curri Drivers

Curri provides plenty of benefits and perks for our drivers. We’re up front about what you’ll be getting with Curri, so you know if being a courier with us is the right decision for you. We want our drivers to feel like they’re part of the team, and we want them to know exactly what they’ll be getting as a courier with us.

Here are some of the primary benefits and perks you can expect when you become a driver for Curri:

You can join Curri with vehicles of any size. You can join Curri whether you have a sedan, a semi-truck or anything in between. We also welcome specialty vehicles like bobtails or flatbeds. Nearly any vehicle can be part of the Curri fleet.

Curri is expanding rapidly. We're currently expanding and hiring drivings in major metros across the continental US.

You can be a hotshot or a route driver. You can pick your routes, so you never have to take gigs that don’t work for you or your schedule.

Curri is a B2B service. So you don’t have to deal with passengers or worry about transporting food in your vehicles.

As Curri grows, you can grow with us. We’re always transparent with our drivers about the pay, their loads and everything else. We will continue to be transparent with our drivers in the future and do everything we can to provide them with the best gig job experience out there.

Curri Is Revolutionizing Last-Mile Delivery

Curri is changing last-mile delivery for the better. In the past, distributors, suppliers, manufacturers and wholesalers in the construction supplies and materials industry would have to supply their own fleet or rely on independent contractors. With Curri, they can get a reliable service they can count on. Curri makes it easy for those in the construction materials and supplies industry to hop on the app, specify their delivery and ensure that it gets where it needs to go on time and affordably. With the varied fleet and the number of drivers, they can have the peace of mind of 24/7 on-demand delivery. They can also ensure that their delivery can be made no matter what size it is.

Also, since our customers can request deliveries of any size, this means all of our drivers get work. Drivers with the smallest cars to the largest trucks will be able to get deliveries sent their way.

Get Started With Curri, the Construction Couriers

Does Curri sound like the right fit for you? Just sign up today to apply to be a driver! We are looking to be the best gig app for drivers and customers alike. If you’re in the construction supplies and materials industry, make sure to sign up for an account to get the best construction courier service in the industry.

Ready to get started? Become a Curri driver today!


December 1, 2021

Your On-Demand Middle Mile Delivery Solution

The middle mile is an increasingly difficult part of the supply chain for construction materials manufacturers and suppliers. Curri makes it easy.


“Remember when we first… and the last time this…” How many stories start with a recollection of a first-time or last time participating in an event or occasion. Firsts and lasts naturally lead to special moments. They are remembered and appreciated and live on into posterity.

Appreciation for firsts and lasts goes beyond events and occasions – it can even be seen in delivery. Many people are aware of and concerned about first-mile and last-mile delivery. Middle mile delivery, on the other hand, seems to be less discussed or considered. So, let’s give some attention to middle mile logistics and learn how distributors and manufacturers can handle this significant phase of the delivery process.

What Is the Middle Mile Logistics Problem?

Before trying to solve the challenge of middle mile logistics, it’s important to be clear about what exactly it is. To do so, follow a product - a piece of lumber - through the supply chain.

During the first mile of delivery, the lumber travels from a manufacturing facility to a warehouse or distribution center. At this point and location, middle mile delivery begins. The lumber is shipped from a centralized location to a retail store. And finally, there’s last-mile delivery which sees the lumber delivered from the store to the end customer. As can be deduced from this brief and simple explanation of the supply chain, final delivery is only possible if the other steps, including the middle mile, occur.

Why Is It Such a Difficult Part of the Supply Chain?

Middle mile delivery involves a certain level of routine. Routes need to be regularly handled to keep stores shelves filled. If stores are out of stock of items and do not have them available for same-day delivery, customers can take their business elsewhere. This is particularly true when it comes to construction which is time-sensitive. The need to get construction materials to the job site promptly drives contractors' purchasing decisions.

Although routes may be routine, items shipped via middle mile logistics vary greatly. It can involve any variety of items that are stored at the warehouse/distribution center that need to be at the store. The great variety of items that are shipped requires all those involved to be very organized. If not, items may be misplaced and not get on the shelf as needed leading to a loss of business.

How Can Curri Solve the Problem for Distributors and Manufacturers?

Curri can be the logistic solution for distributors and manufacturers who are trying to solve the middle mile challenge. Our ability to move construction material fast, reliably, and professionally can help retailers keep their shelves stocked.

Experienced Local Couriers

We at Curri are experienced local couriers who recognize the importance of middle mile logistics. Our goal is to be an extension of our customers. We do this by ensuring delivery exceeds the expectations of the customer of our customers. Whether the goods are delicate or durable, we handle all types of construction equipment and deliver it with the care it needs. Plus, the vehicles we use have the tools to make sure the delivery gets done right.

A Complete Fleet of Vehicles for Every Delivery

At Curri, we have a versatile fleet that can handle any middle mile delivery - big or small. Our drivers have every type of transport vehicle you can imagine: stake bed trucks, box trucks, straight trucks, semis, and more. With this wide range of vehicles available for middle mile delivery, our customers can feel confident about their shipping needs.

Same-Day, On-Demand Transportation

To meet the growing demands of customers, items need to be available on shelves or for delivery on-demand. At Curri, we understand that it’s a must to satisfy your customer. So, our courier team is available for same-day service. Plus, Curri has drivers across the entire lower 48 states. So, we can handle your middle mile delivery regardless of where and when the shipment needs to be delivered.

Flexible, Affordable Service on Your Schedule

Every middle mile shipment is unique, as are the needs of the distributor and manufacturer. Curri offers distributors and manufacturers flexibility to help them meet their customers’ middle mile requirements. We do this by offering every type of delivery service, whether it's FTL, LTL, hotshots, or daily routes. Our versatility enables us to offer middle mile delivery of any supplies at an affordable price.

Got a Shipping Challenge? Curri Can Handle It

So, if you have a shipping challenge involving middle mile logistics, know that Curri can handle it. We can simplify this increasingly difficult and complex part of the supply chain for construction materials manufacturers and distributors. Work with Curri, keep your promises, and be a hero to your customers. The middle matters too.

Ready to get started? Take the Curri platform for a test drive!


December 1, 2021

Distributors Embrace the Gig Economy to Fight Supply Chain Bottlenecks

Learn how Curri's on-demand delivery platform can help the construction and building materials industry solve supply chain bottlenecks.


Companies around the world are battling supply chain bottlenecks and have enlisted the help of third parties for deliveries. From a historic number of labor shortages to the rise in demand for same-day delivery, retailers big and small like Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon and PetSmart are enlisting the power of fleet augmentation from gig workers to keep the loyalty of their customers.

The flexibility and fast delivery capabilities of the gig economy have become a silver lining during ongoing supply chain problems for last-mile delivery of their materials and products. You may see the familiar names from the gig economy when you check out and choose the same-day delivery option.

Other distributors like to keep things simple and integrate gig economy services on their platform so contractors or retail customers may never know a gig driver was ever there.

If you're a distributor or supplier in the building materials and construction industry that wants to take a peek at what the gig economy has to offer, consider the following before you embark on a partnership.

Curri is the only gig economy platform that provides daily routes.

Getting your building materials delivered same-day or pre-scheduled is a must - and we make that happen daily with our hotshot deliveries. We also provide an essential service other gig platforms don't - Routes.

Curri Routes are full-day commitments to a specific truck to serve your delivery needs. Routes can be one-offs or repeated, for one day, the whole week, month or year.

Whether a short-term or a long-term need for the busy season, turn up and down our drivers with a flatbed or box truck on-demand and let us serve your daily routes.

The best selection of vehicles for building materials and industrial supplies.

While all gig platforms will provide cars and SUVs for transportation, Curri enlists a fuller suite of vehicles (including cars and SUVs) to accommodate the transportation needs of building materials:

  • Stake bed trucks
  • Box trucks
  • Sprinter and cargo vans
  • Pickup trucks
  • Straight trucks
  • Semi-trucks
  • SUVs
  • Cars

Do you need to protect your supplies from the elements, but a cargo van isn't big enough? Just choose our box truck for your delivery.

Even if you only need a car for a lighter load, you will always have a full selection of vehicles to choose from for your different delivery needs.

Are the right drivers handling my cargo for deliveries?

Not only do Curri drivers come equipped with the right vehicle, but they also have the right securement equipment to keep your load in the condition in which it is loaded.

Securement gear like straps, chains, binders, tarps, pipe racks, etc., ensure your cargo safely and securely makes it from point A to point B, leaving you and your customers happy.

There’s nothing worse than getting those dreaded phone calls from customers whose items get damaged due to poor transport. Our drivers and quality securement gear keep your phone from ringing.

Are there people I can actually call?

We are kind of obsessed with our technology. Our customers get live tracking to stay informed when materials will be picked up and delivered. You will also receive proof of delivery photos, signatures, and recipient names.

But when questions arise, or you want the peace of mind that comes with talking with someone, we know how frustrating it is to get a robo-chat with multiple hurdles until you can reach an actual person.

With our live delivery updates, we have people on the other end ready to respond nationwide.

Our Delivery Operations team helps ensure your cargo gets from Point A to Point B and is always available over the phone and live chat. No robo-chats, just hard-working people with no BS.

As a customer, you also have a dedicated Customer Success Associate to meet the requirements of every delivery need and provide custom quotes. Just give them a ring!

Trust Curri with your precious cargo.

The gig economy provides many options for distributors, but Curri knows your business and ensures you are satisfied every time with real support behind our deliveries.

We know how important building materials and industrial supplies are. A successful delivery means more business to you from contractors, builders, and retail customers nationwide - see how we helped one of our customers achieve just that.

Give Curri a try on your next delivery. Sign up here (no strings attached or subscription mess) or get a demo. You’ll see firsthand how cost-effective, fast and professional our fleet is.


November 28, 2021

What’s the Best Trucking Load Board Online? Curri Is the Answer

Curri revolutionizes load boards, from paper to mobile app. Experience the next-gen in trucking with our simple, free app.


People crave certainty. Uncertainty leads to anxiety and frustration. This longing for certainty is why many people enjoy a standard 9-5 type job. Where do I go, when do I go, when do I leave – these essential questions have clear-cut answers. A driver doesn’t have this certainty. They work when loads need to be delivered. To learn when loads need to be delivered, drivers need to check the load board. When there’s a match between shippers/freight brokers and carriers, drivers have themselves a gig.

Imagine having to check the load board every time you are ready to drive. Do I have a gig? When can I work? By the way, back in the day, load boards used to be done on pen and paper. Almost hard to imagine. It’s much easier for a driver to find a gig these days. Curri has the best free trucking load board. Our next-generation load board is a simple app that you download onto a phone. Let’s learn more about the load board and how it helps a driver.

With Curri, the Transportation Jobs Come to You

Getting more gigs should not mean you have to drop everything and dedicate yourself to staring at the load board till your eyes are bloodshot. With Curri, you can cure your load board staring obsession as our app makes getting gigs simple. One Curri driver said, “I used to spend hours and days scrolling load boards and the Curri team changed my life with their organization and brilliance.”

So, how does it work? When a booker makes a delivery request, we match them to a driver in our fleet. If that’s you, you’ll receive a notification that offers you the job. Nice and simple, since we make transportation jobs come to you, leaving you to spend more time working and handling your other responsibilities.

Loads for Every Vehicle: LTL Dry Van Freight to Oversized Flatbed Delivery

At Curri, drivers can get delivery gigs in all types of vehicles. There is no one size fits all to transport the construction equipment our customers need to be delivered. From an LTL dry van freight to oversized flatbed delivery, drivers can make deliveries as a part of Curri's extensive fleet. There are also gigs for drivers of box trucks, SUVs, and more. Whatever vehicle you drive, you can find work on our free app load board.

Gigs for Every Schedule: Recurring Daily Routes to One-and-Done Hotshots

As a gig driver, you may have many things going on besides driving. Whether it’s getting your kids to school, feeding your family at night, taking classes at night, or a full-time job, life can get hectic. So, how are you supposed to fit in driving or even make it your primary source of income when the schedule varies?

At Curri, we have gigs for every schedule. There are opportunities to secure a wide variety of routes from recurring scheduled routes to one-and-done hotshots. Use the free load board and maintain a schedule that works for you.

Great Pay Rates and Rapid Payments - No Broker Needed

While other apps make you jump through hoops and then wait a week or two before getting paid, Curri pays drivers quickly. Just how quickly? Once you upload your proof of delivery photos and complete the delivery, you should expect to receive your payment within 24 hours.

Not only do you get paid quickly, but you also get paid well. And by the way, there’s no broker needed, the load board is free, and there are no hidden costs. Earn what you get and get what you earn. Although there is not a set pay rate, Curri drivers are generally well paid and earn more than they do with other gig economy apps. By the way, the payment amount of the delivery is on the app, so you can see it before accepting the gig. Payments are determined by multiple factors though in general, the larger the load, the longer the distance, the higher the payout.

A Nationwide Load Board All in a Free App on Your Smartphone

Our load board comes in the form of a free app that can be easily downloaded on any smartphone. The free app, which is simple to use, makes it easy to drive with Curri. In addition to alerting you about gigs and letting you know how much you will be paid for the gig, it tells you the route to the job and how long it will take to get there. This makes it even easier to manage your time.

Since Curri delivers across the continental United States, the load board is nationwide. So, if you are in a different location than you regularly are, you can still pick up transportation gigs. Just set the free app to your location and note that you are available to make a delivery. And Presto - you can work from wherever you are.

See Why Curri Drivers Love Working With Us

Think about all the benefits of working with Curri. You don’t have to pay to check load boards to find gigs, instead, try our free app! There’s enough work to keep gig drivers – no matter their vehicle – busy as well as the flexibility to drive when you wish. In addition, Curri pays more and quicker than other gig economy apps.

What more info? Learn more about driving with Curri.

Ready to get started? Download Curri on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


November 20, 2021

Solar Delivery Options for Distributors, Manufacturers and Contractors

Your guide to PV solar system delivery solutions for every stage in the supply chain. From manufacturer distributor to doorstep, Curri can handle it.


The United States solar energy market has experienced tremendous growth over the last few years. With many concerned about the environment and looking to reduce their carbon footprint, it’s no surprise that markets project high demand for solar power to continue. Evidence of the increasing use of solar panels is visible by driving through neighborhoods across the country. Delivery of a PV solar system can be a challenge since solar panels are heavy and delicate.

So, how can a PV installer, licensed builder, or licensed electrical contractor be confident that solar equipment will be successfully delivered to their customer? Let’s look at the option distributors, manufacturers, and contractors for solar delivery.

PV Modules, Panels, Railing, Wiring and Hardware

Whether you’re a distributor, manufacturer, or contractor, sending your products - modules, panels, railings, wiring, hardware, etc. – through the supply chain, you want to feel confident that delivery will be handled professionally. Everyone wants to wow their customers, and nothing disappoints or causes more headaches than a damaged product.

Curri specializes in moving construction-related equipment, including solar panels and the accompanying modules, railing, wiring, and hardware. Our professional fleet takes pride in transporting equipment, no matter the size or delicate nature. We handle it with care. Therefore, Curri can help you deliver solar PV equipment from point A to B and enable you to keep your promises and peace of mind.

Transport Options for Every Stage in the Supply Chain

Snags in the supply chain in the United States have been reported in the news. Moving items, such as solar panels through the supply chain, takes the coordination of all those involved in including truckers, drivers, rail, and more. Therefore, if one entity in the supply chain is off, the whole process is impacted, and empty shelves become a reality. This lack of reliability is frustrating for manufacturers, distributors, and everyone else involved in the process, including the end customer.

For those solar installers who are counting on having solar equipment shipped and delivered to them, the lack of reliability is particularly disappointing. If they do not receive the equipment to install, jobs may be delayed and even lost.  

Last Mile: Local Job Site Delivery

Viewed as particularly challenging as it relates to logistics, last-mile delivery is difficult to navigate for stores. Drivers are handling all types of items, yet one thing they have in common is they are time-sensitive. And in the case of solar panels, delicate. So, transport of these items needs to be done carefully.

If you are a contractor at a local job site waiting for solar systems from a distributor, your only concern is getting the product on time. The challenges involved in delivery are for someone else.

Middle Mile: Regional Couriers

Before the solar equipment gets to your local brick and mortar store, distributors and manufacturers need to move it there from a warehouse or distribution center. Transporting items between these two entities is just as important a part of the process. After all, a local retailer (even if it’s a chain) can not stock panels, modules, and railing needed for solar installation without reliable transport between themselves and the warehouse. The product can be stuck in massive distribution centers while end customers are waiting.

This is where regional couriers come in. They tend to have high on-time delivery rates, better knowledge of local areas, and faster delivery times (than national couriers). By utilizing, these services distributors and manufacturers can feel confident that solar equipment is moving along the chain.

Freight Shipping: LTL and FTL, Straight Trucks and Semis

LTL (less than truckload) is a way to ship freight via semis. Multiple shippers’ freight is transported on the same trailer. On the other hand, there’s FTL (full truckload). Like LTL, FTL typically uses semis though straight trucks may also be used.

Transporting freight via LTL tends to be more reasonable cost-wise. However, the freight may be loaded and unloaded from trailers and warehouses multiple times before reaching its destination. The excess handling of the product means there’s a greater chance something could be damaged. This is particularly concerning when it comes to transporting solar panels since as noted, they are sensitive.    

On-Demand Direct: Hotshot Transportation

As needed or on-demand direct shipping is when freight is shipped directly to their destination rather than to an interim location such as a warehouse or distribution center. It is sent on demand and could be a one-shot deal. Distributors or manufacturers often use it for some of their most important and time-sensitive deliveries since it skips the middle mile.  To ensure this transportation mode saves time means hotshot drivers need to be found quickly. If so, customers will be impressed by the speedy delivery, and the one-shot deal can turn into something much more.

Another advantage of hotshot transportation when it comes to solar panels and solar PV systems is that there is less handling of them in this mode. This means the solar equipment should arrive at its destination in fine condition. Therefore, it can continue along its journey and get to solar installers quickly and ready to be placed on the roof.

Curri Can Handle Anything

Curri can handle sensitive PV solar system equipment and make sure it gets to its destination quickly, reliably, and professionally. Our array of drivers can move solar panels through every stage in the supply chain in the entire continental United States. Whether for a one-way hotshot or a regular route, we can deliver solar energy systems and other construction equipment from point A to point B. From manufacturer to doorstep, we've got your delivery needs covered.


October 21, 2021

How Curri Can Help with Worker Shortages at Lumber Companies

The lumber industry was hit hard by labor shortages in 2020 and 2021. Curri’s fleet of on-demand delivery drivers can help keep your supply chain strong.


The news these days is littered with stories about labor issues, staffing shortages, and supply chain snags. Many companies are raising salaries in the hopes of retaining current employees and attracting new ones. Yet, countless people have dropped out of the workforce and are reluctant to return to employment. So, the struggle to have sufficient staffing remains and is expected to continue into the foreseeable future.

The labor shortage leaves companies striving to find a creative means to fill the gap. One solution for short-staffed companies is to outsource work. By doing so, companies can feel confident that they will have the right amount of labor no matter their need.

Historic Employment Shortfalls at Lumberyards and Sawmills

The staffing shortage seems to be a factor across every industry. However, the employment shortfalls at lumberyards and sawmills have been particularly dramatic. The labor shortage has led some sawmills to close or reduce their hours of operation.

The price of lumber has see-sawed during 2021, primarily due to supply chain issues and labor shortages (as well as increased demand, particularly in the home renovation sector). Earlier in the year, lumber prices reached record prices, yet by the end of August, they were on the low end of what’s typical.

The extremes in the lumber industry have made it challenging for lumberyards and sawmills to project the optimal staffing levels. It’s not clear how the lumber market will act moving forward. Then, add in the pandemic which continues to be a factor for supply chains, “… even if the workers could be recalled in numbers approaching pre-pandemic levels, how the business of manufacturing boards could be operated safely to avoid liability should the virus spread among its workers posed a conundrum.”

Again, this unpredictability, along with other labor challenges, can be eased by outsourcing.

Supply Chain Problems Are Profitability Problems

Yes, everyone recognizes that there are labor shortages and supply chain holdups. However, answers such as tomorrow and next week may not be good enough when your customers ask about delivery time. They expect delivery of goods and services to occur as needed. Their business depends on your business and vice versa. So, if supply chain issues lead to a shortage of goods and you can’t supply the materials, customers will look elsewhere. Fewer clients equal less profitability.

Problems with the supply chain also leave companies looking for other suppliers. After all, more suppliers mean a greater chance of maintaining stock levels. New suppliers may charge more since ordering from them might be less frequent. If the cost of supplies goes up, companies can either pass those increases on to customers or eat them and cut their profit margins.

This is another example of fluctuation which can be eased by outsourcing.

Curri Delivery Drivers Can Make a Difference

With profit margins falling due to supply chain issues and rising labor costs, companies need reliable partners that can ease the burdens. Curri can be that partner for those in the construction industry as they provide certainty of delivery. With reliable outsourcing for construction materials delivery, Curri helps construction suppliers ensure that operations run smoothly.

By outsourcing delivery to Curri, construction supply companies no longer need to worry about staffing issues or a shortage of drivers. Supplies, which may already be late due to supply chain issues, won't sit on shelves or in the warehouse while construction suppliers scramble to find drivers. Instead, construction companies that outsource with Curri will have drivers available as needed to make timely deliveries to contractors.

Our Fleet Is Your Fleet - For One Run or Every Delivery

Because their profit margins are getting squeezed from multiple angles, construction supply companies may be reluctant to bring on an outsource partner. Contrary to what some may think, an outsource partner can reduce costs for a construction supply company.

Our versatile nationwide fleet is available on-demand and can handle any delivery, no matter the size or time of day. And Curri tailors its services to the needs of your construction supply company. You can completely outsource delivery to Curri – say goodbye to your fleet – or use Curri periodically depending on demand. We also offer daily routes where you can book a vehicle for an entire day.

With so many options, construction supply companies can ensure they always have enough labor. You don’t need to scramble to find drivers during busy periods and then have drivers sitting around during slow times. This helps minimize staffing needs without sacrificing the pace of delivery.

Augment Your Employee Roster with Curri

An employee shortage may very well persist for the foreseeable future. The challenges in staffing, on top of the supply chain bumps, may be affecting your construction supply company’s ability to satisfy your customer and your bottom line.

Curri, a one-stop-shop construction delivery service, can be your outsource partner. Have the right amount of labor all the time with drivers ready to make deliveries to your customers. Want to see Curri in action? Request a 15-minute demo or sign up for free.


October 18, 2021

A Simple Solution for Same Day Electrical Supply Deliveries

The right on-demand delivery service can make it easy for electrical suppliers to guarantee same-day delivery for their customers. Curri is your solution.


Ask people what the goal of a business is, and many will say ‘make money.’ But that answer is wrong. Sort of. The goal of every business, including electrical suppliers, should be to satisfy its customers. If electrical suppliers do not satisfy their customers, they can forget about profits and any other business goals. Customer satisfaction must be a business’ primary objective.

To satisfy your customers, you need to know what they want. While it varies depending on the product or service that a business provides, one expectation is true across the board, and that’s top-notch customer service. For electrical suppliers and distributors, good customer service includes providing same-day delivery of goods. Therefore, electrical suppliers and distributors need to find a way to consistently offer same-day delivery. Simple enough - right? Well, it can be if the business has a reliable delivery system. Read on for a solution that will work for your electrical supplier business.

Why It’s Difficult for Distributors

Getting the right product and the right amount of it to a customer the same day they order it requires multiple steps. Ordering stock, receiving the stock, organizing the stock, receiving the customer order, and processing the order. There are potential issues every step of the way, each of which is out of your control. Let’s say all of this goes right. Great! You’re good! Not so fast. We’ve yet to even mention the actual delivery of the product to the customer whenever they don’t stop by the counter directly.

Do you have a driver available to make the delivery? Do you have a vehicle that’s appropriate in terms of size, for the electrical materials?

As you can see, there are lots of moving parts in this process that need to act in sync to have same-day delivery work as customers demand. Therefore, making same-day delivery a seamless process takes lots of planning and a little bit of luck for distributors.

Why It’s Important to Customers

While same-day delivery is a challenge for electrical suppliers and distributors, it’s a must for contractors. Many contractors order materials as they need them, rather than having physical storage space to keep extra inventory. This lean approach means when a contractor orders electrical supplies they are counting on them to get their work done for that day (or the next day). If the materials are not delivered on the same day, work may have to be delayed. Delays and downtime eat into the contractor's bottom line and impact their availability for future jobs.

Customers are typically anxious to have a contractor complete the work as quickly as possible. If the electrical work is impacting the electricity in the property, customers will be even more eager to see the work completed. If contractors are not able to meet the timelines they set for their customers, their business will suffer since word of mouth and reputation are typically the way contractors get clients. So, to meet the demands of their customers, contractors and electricians rely on same-day delivery from electrical suppliers and distributors.

Why the Last Mile Is the First Priority

How frustrating is it to be so close yet so far away? Yup, it can drive you crazy. And that’s why last-mile delivery should be a priority. As a reminder, the last mile in delivery means getting the product from the store/warehouse/central hub to the purchaser. Logistics experts consider it the most time-consuming and expensive part of the supply chain. When last-mile delivery fails, a product went through all the stages noted above yet does not make it to the customer when they need it.

Electrical suppliers and distributors need to do everything they can to make sure they succeed at last-mile delivery. Consider the contractor’s viewpoint. They order the supplies they need to get their work done and you have told them it’s in stock and they can expect a delivery that day. Great! But then, something goes wrong, and the product does not arrive. That’s a wasted day. At least if the customer was told the product is out of stock, they could have gone elsewhere. In this case, you have an angry customer who may very well never come back because of the failed promise of same-day delivery.

Curri’s On-Demand Delivery Fleet Is Your Solution

Curri can help electrical suppliers and distributors fulfill their promise of same-day delivery. As a professional delivery service, we deliver on-demand and on time. Our fleet can deliver construction and industrial materials of all sizes and handle them with care. We have drivers available nationwide and on-call all day.

Additionally, this fleet is available as you need it. So, whether it’s for a day, a single run, a regular run, Curri is available. You can even make our fleet your fleet and rid yourself of any last mile issues. We can handle same-day delivery for your business – that’s what we do.

Contact Curri for Streamlined Transportation

We specialize in delivering construction and industrial supplies, including electrical equipment. Want to partner with Curri and streamline your transportation needs and get same-day delivery right? Sign up with Curri for free and only pay for what you need.


September 29, 2021

How to Use Your Own Truck for Delivery Jobs With No CDL

No CDL? Drive for income with your truck! Explore opportunities in hotshots, delivery apps, couriers, and more for non-CDL drivers.


Some jobs require potential employees to have specific credentials. That could come in the form of an educational degree, state and or federal licensing, demonstrated experience under the guidance of an expert, etc. The standard to be a professional driver is a commercial driver's license or CDL. To obtain a CDL requires a proscribed amount of class time and driving hours. The entire process is typically done in about two months.

However, there are multiple opportunities to earn a living or just get more money as a driver without a CDL. And it starts with simply having your own truck. Let's look at some of the ways to earn money that don't require a CDL.

Hotshot Trucking

One can do hotshot trucking without a CDL as it does not require a tractor-trailer. This is because loads are generally smaller and rather than making long cross country like hauls, hotshot trucking is local. A driver typically makes multiple time-dependent deliveries in a day. Multiple industries use hotshot drivers, including construction.

To be a hotshot driver requires a limited amount of equipment, with the truck being the first and most costly (by far). Because of the smaller loads, there are plenty of opportunities for drivers to use their own pickup trucks and flatbeds. Since the runs tend to be local, there's less of a time commitment. So, a driver can do hotshot trucking in addition to another job (or solely).

Local Couriers

Another type of professional driving that can be done without a CDL is a local courier. Like a hotshot driver, a local courier deals with small loads that can be delivered with a standard truck. And as the name applies, it involves local routes. Lastly, there's an expectation that the delivery will be made quickly.

As a courier, a driver works only after an order is placed. The local courier is making one to one delivery – there are not multiple stops along the way to deliver each item/load. Although a local courier may make multiple deliveries a day, the driver can make as little as one. It's up to the courier to determine if they want to make more money. Many companies that use local couriers allow the courier to determine their driving schedule. This flexibility makes it perfect for those who have their truck and would like to make extra money (more deliveries equals more money).

Online Delivery Apps

Ever get a delivery from Amazon? Of course, you have. Who hasn't at this point? While it may seem like Amazon is the only online delivery app, there are also the food apps (DoorDash anyone?) and many more. To be a driver for any of these online delivery apps does not require a CDL.

Online delivery drivers are in every neighborhood in the country. So, it's clear such drivers may be in their vehicle whether it's a truck or even something smaller. However, truck owners can make more deliveries more easily since they have larger vehicles that can store more products and a greater variety. After all, not everyone is buying small items on Amazon and the other online delivery apps.  Again, those interested in using their truck (or any other vehicle) have an opportunity to earn more money.

Earning More Money with Your Vehicle

The classic way people can use their pickup truck is for food delivery. Remember the old guarantee from Domino’s - delivery within 30 minutes or a free pizza? For many young people, their first job was delivering food, whether its pizza or some other food. It's not just for young people as food delivery offers a way to make money with your vehicle. And no CDL is necessary.  

The great thing about delivering pizza is it's easy to get into and relatively simple. However, this also has its downsides. Delivering inexpensive items such as pizza pays generally does not pay well. The only way to earn decent money is through volume. More trips lead to lots of wear and tear on your vehicle. In addition, the extra trips mean more gas use which drags down your income.

On the other hand, transporting more valuable cargo means a person can earn more money since there's a larger pie to split. So, drivers can earn more money with their pickup trucks if they strive to find work dealing in more expensive cargo.

Consider Curri

Drivers that are interested in working with more valuable cargo should consider becoming a driver for Curri. The job offers freedom as you can choose to drive as often as you want. And you can make that choice based on pay. Drivers can see the payout of an available delivery in the Curri driver app before accepting the gig. And by the way, we'll take care of the tolls. So, you know how much money you will earn before you put your foot on the gas.


September 25, 2021

Top Equipment Needed for Hotshot Trucking

Starting hotshot trucking? Ensure safety and profit with the right equipment. Explore Curri when you're ready to hit the road.


Have you been doing long-haul trucking but are interested in exploring options that allow you to spend more time at home? Or are you a new driver and are trying to decide what type – long-haul or hotshot – will work best for you?   Either way, it’s important to know what kind of equipment is required for hotshot trucking.

A Reliable Pickup Truck

Hotshot hauls tend to be smaller than those done in long-haul trucking. Therefore, a pickup truck is sufficient in terms of size.

Because hotshot driving involves the delivery of time-sensitive loads, drivers must have a reliable pickup truck. If loads are not delivered on a timely basis, shippers will lose business. So, the expectation is that hotshot drivers will be able to reliably deliver the load when needed and meet customer expectations.

Besides speed, a hotshot trucker needs a reliable pickup truck because they may very well be making multiple deliveries per day. If the pickup truck proves unreliable, it will impact multiple stops. This leaves the shipping company had to quickly rearrange the schedule or disappointing multiple customers.

A Well-Built Trailer

Having some type of trailer, whether it’s a gooseneck, lowboy, step deck, etc. is helpful since they allow drivers to haul larger loads.

The cost to install a trailer and hitch on a truck varies. Yet, it’s worth it for drivers to spend more and have a reliable trailer. With a well-built trailer, you can often your employer confidence that you can deliver the load safely. And it’s not only about the safety of the load. Keep yourself and other drivers safe with a well-built trailer. The miles, as well as the wear and tear, add up on trailers that are being used by hotshot drivers.

Straps, Chains, Binders, and Machine Grade Tarps

Reliability is about more than consistently delivering the haul to the recipient on time. It also includes delivering a product in the same condition it was sent. After all, damaged goods are useless and can lead to customers taking their business elsewhere. One way to help ensure that the load arrives undamaged is to have quality securement gear.

Quality securement gear equipment which includes straps, chains, binders, and tarps, also impacts safety. Items flying off the truck are an obvious hazard to other drivers. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has rules regarding securing cargo. They apply to all types of cargo and focus on securement, working load limits, and blocking and bracing. Read more about the rules here.

Drivers for Curri transport bagged items that can be secured, rather than loose sand, gravel, soil, etc. So, drivers, make sure to have quality securement gear, and read here for more tips on how to do it right. Take the time to properly use the straps, chains, binders, and tarps to avoid potential fines, keep your load secure, and keep your load in the condition in which it was loaded.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

It’s important to dress the part whether you are a businessperson going to a meeting, a fireperson at a fire scene, or a driver making a hotshot delivery. Dressing the part encourages a person to do their best work comfortably and safely.

Since the pandemic, for just about everyone, dressing the part means wearing Personal Protective Equipment of PPE. For many who have become familiar with the term PPE since the pandemic, the term refers strictly to a mask and gloves. However, PPE is any type of protective clothing or equipment that is designed to protect the individual wearing it. Hotshot drivers certainly need to be mindful of the PPE requirements of the load recipient as it relates to COVID-19.

Additional types of PPE may very well be needed depending on the load’s destination. For example, if a delivery is being made to a warehouse, a safety vest and safety goggles may be needed for safety/health purposes. When you make a hotshot delivery to a construction site, you should wear PPE such as a hard hat and steel-toed boots.

So, dress the part including PPE and keep yourself safe, healthy, and productive.

If You Are a Hotshot Driver, Consider Curri

Being successful at anything requires having the right equipment. Whether you are a new or experienced driver, make sure to get the equipment needed for hotshot delivery, and you are on your way to success.

Want to be a Hotshot driver for Curri? Reach out today.


September 8, 2021

How to Safely Secure Materials During Transport

Driver safety is priority one at Curri. Learn how drivers safely secure their cargo when delivering materials with a truck, trailer or flatbed.


You know what's it like when you order something, and you're excited about its arrival. When it finally does, you open the package and see it's broken. Your excitement seeps out of you like a tire that got punctured. For your customers who are anxiously awaiting their construction materials and have deadlines to meet, such an occurrence can be detrimental. For drivers, it can lead to frustrated customers and a bad rating. The question then is how to secure cargo and safely transport it.

How Do You Tie Down Cargo in a Pickup Truck Bed?

For those who were members of scouts, making a strong knot to tie down cargo may be a snap. Then there's the rest of us. Yet, taking the time to properly secure cargo is worth the time. Another key to securing the material in a pick-up truck is ratchet straps.

While rope may be used for tie-downs, ratchet straps are a better option for securing cargo. There is a hook on both ends so no knots are necessary; straps stay tight during the ride, and they are easy to unhook when removing the cargo. In addition, because they come in various lengths, load capacity, the right option to keep the cargo secure is always available.

Once materials are packed on the truck bed – the heaviest materials on the bottom with weight distributed evenly front to back and side to side– it is time for the ratchet straps. A cargo net and cargo cover are also helpful.

How Do You Strap Down a Load on a Hotshot Trailer?

To keep a load properly strapped down on a hotshot trailer, an X strap is helpful. The middle of the X should go over the middle of the material. With the middle of the load secure, the rest of the load will be more likely to remain in place. Straps can and should be used around the perimeters of the load. Finally, put a tarp over, around, and under the load to keep it protected from the elements. Bungee cords can be used to secure the excess tarp so it won't flap in the wind.

To be confident your cargo remains secure, drivers should check on their load after each stop they make i.e., gas, bathroom, etc. In addition, it's wise to check the load within the first 25 miles. By this point in the transport, there will likely have been a quick stop, changing of lanes, and potholes. If the materials have remained fully secure to that point, they stand an excellent chance of remaining secure moving forward (presuming nothing dramatic happens).

Flatbed Cargo Securement

Note, there are federal regulations for those transporting cargo that exceeds a particular weight.

There's not one specific material that one must use to secure a tarp to a flatbed. Whether it's ropes, bungee cords, tie-down straps, chains, or some combination, the key is to check it before leaving the pick-up area. Also, regularly check to make sure the materials are in good shape – i.e. the rope is not fraying. Similarly, ensure grommets are firmly secured to the fabric of the tarp since loose grommets can lead to cargo becoming insecure.

Tying the tarp as tight as possible to the flatbed means wind pockets will not be an issue. So, err on the side of applying extra tie-down methods. This will keep the tarp on your vehicle and your cargo protected from the elements.

Flagging Long Items That Extend Beyond the Bed

Each state has rules regarding transporting loads that extend beyond the bed. The length at which items and overhang need to be flagged ranges from just a few feet to 15 feet in Washington State. These rules are for the safety of the driver, vehicle, other drivers, and the cargo that is being transported. The federal law allows cargo to overhang by three feet in the front, four feet in the rear, and four inches by the sides.

Once cargo extends beyond the legal limits, it must be flagged. Truck Bed Guide explains that a red market lamp is required on the side rear and front. "The load must be marked using two lamps to the rear of the vehicle to indicate its length and two red reflectors indicating the maximum width. If the load extends to the sides by more than 4 inches or over the rear of the vehicle by more than 4 feet a red or orange warning flag should be installed. The warning flag must be at least 18 inches square."

Securing Oversized Loads

The first step to securing oversized loads is to have the right vehicle for transport. Second, review the route that you'll be using. This way you can be certain there are no low bridges or other potential space restrictions. In addition, avoiding particularly poorly paved roads and detours allows one to minimize the potential for damage to cargo.

There are multiple options to secure an oversized load. Properly packing the load onto the vehicle makes securing and transporting it much simpler.

Driver Safety is a Core Value at Curri

At Curri, we take pride in helping our partners get materials quickly and securely to their customers. The key to making this happen is our network of drivers, and their safety is a priority to us.

By keeping cargo secure and delivering materials in the working order that is expected allows drivers to be highly rated. Properly tying down materials and ensuring its properly strapped will also protect drivers and their vehicles. And that's our aim.

Interested in driving for Curri? Join our team today!


August 22, 2021

How to Earn More Income as a Delivery Driver

There are lots of details that help professional delivery drivers earn more money in their careers. Learn what works best with Curri.


The old and famous saying “Money can't buy happiness” is attributed to Jean-Jacques Rousseau. While this idea is nearly universally accepted, having enough money to take care of your bills does make one happier. And a little something left over is good, too. It’s this drive (pun intended), in addition to other factors, that inspires people to earn more money at their job. So, what can you do to earn more as a delivery driver?

Be Professional

As a delivery driver, most of your working hours are in your car by yourself. However, the moments when you interact with customers are the key to making more money.

When you are professional you impress the person on the receiving end of the delivery. This leads to them giving you a higher rating. Maintaining a high rating is important because customers consider a driver’s rating when requesting a delivery. In addition, some delivery services make you ineligible if you fall below a certain rating. Also, some delivery services, including DoorDash, have special programs and incentives for drivers who maintain a certain rating.

Let’s look at some professional traits that can help a delivery driver get a higher rating and ultimately, earn more money.

Be Pleasant

Read the room! Some customers might want to chat a bit, whereas others prefer simple pleasantries. Recognize what the customer wants and act accordingly. If a customer does want to chat, keep it simple, be empathetic, and don’t discuss controversial topics.

Mind Your Appearance

Customers will make a judgment within seconds of seeing you. While you are working as a delivery driver and not trying to make friends, creating a positive impression is important as you are representing the company you are driving with.

So, dress appropriately (wear closed-toe shoes for example), make sure you have good personal hygiene, and maintain a friendly facial expression and body language.

Be Reliable

At some point you will run into traffic. Although customers will inevitably be annoyed when a delivery is late, lateness does not have to be detrimental. If you keep the customer informed and sincerely apologize (note that you apologize even though it’s not your fault), most customers will get over it and view you favorably.

Follow the customer’s instructions, always. If you have questions, call them. If you communicate clearly and graciously honor their wishes (within reason, of course), you’ll be that best driver out there.

Be Prepared

Like the Boy Scouts, as a delivery driver you need to be prepared. Determine the tools that help you be more successful at the job and use them. Make sure your phone is charged (and/or you have a charger). Use a reliable GPS.

For drivers delivering food, bring a thermal bag with adequate thermal insulation to keep deliveries at the proper temperature and to prevent spills. For drivers delivering construction and industrial material, we recommend having blankets in the back of your car, and even PPE such as a face mask, gloves or protective glasses. Either way, have the tools you need to help ensure the delivery item is as the customer expects it when you deliver it.

Expenses and Efficiency

Track tax-deductible mileage

Keeping more of the money you earn in your pocket rather than the government coffers is another way to grow your income.  The vehicle expenses you incur as a delivery driver are tax deductible (check with a professional tax preparer for details).

Tracking expenses, however, can be time consuming and annoying. Apps like Gridwise, make it easier to track your expenses and earnings and ensure your accountant has the information needed to prepare your taxes. The app allows you to track tax-deductible mileage and link your driver account to track your earnings and trips automatically.

Know when and where to drive

Some hours and locations are less profitable. If you track your earnings you can recognize which locations and hours lead to the highest hourly wage. Gridwise helps here too as it can also show drivers what times of day are more profitable for driving - goodbye, slow shifts!

Drive enough and a few cents here and there for gas add up. Note where gas is most reasonably priced. In addition, have an E‑ZPass in your vehicle in case you need to take toll roads. Read how Curri reimburses drivers for tolls incurred during deliveries. Finally, shop around for insurance so you can get the lowest rate possible.

Understand how each app works

Are there pick-up and drop-off fees? Do you get paid per mile or per minute or some combination thereof? How and when do you get paid – via PayPal, at the end of the month, etc.? Note that Curri pays delivery drivers daily. Talk about instant gratification!

By knowing the ins and outs of each app and ultimately where you make the most money, you can determine which service you should drive for the most.

Similarly, high-value items and more expensive loads lead to an increase in pay. Companies that deal with high-value items are able to pay drivers a higher rate. Curri drivers transport construction and industrial materials, which are high-value items.

Take advantage of the free and reduced-price stuff

Gridwise often shares special deals on cell phones, data plans, insurance, and even vehicles throughout their in-app experience and through their driver perks. They note deals on auto detailing, auto parts, and maintenance services may also be available. Curri delivery drivers get free swag, including hats, T-shirts, and phone holders. Email us at is you are interested in receiving swag!

With these suggestions you are bound to make more as a delivery driver. Although this doesn’t guarantee happiness, the additional income can help to pay the bills. And that’s pretty good, too.

Want to be a delivery driver for Curri? Get started today.


August 5, 2021

What Is a Delivery Dispatch System?

For building suppliers, managing delivery fleets gets complex. Discover how Curri makes a difference for suppliers, manufacturers, and fabricators.


The discussion in delivery circles always seems to come back to last mile delivery. To get the last mile right, it’s essential to get dispatch right - the step immediately before the last mile. But what is dispatch and what is a delivery dispatch system (DDS)? Let’s review and see how dispatch is the key to delivery.

A product has been ordered. It has been packaged, labeled, invoiced, and it is nearly ready to be shipped. Before it can make its way to a customer’s front door, the package must be assigned to a route, a vehicle, and a driver. This is delivery dispatch.  

Another way to think about it is to consider a taxi dispatcher (think of Danny DeVito’s character Louie De Palma, on Taxi). The dispatcher receives a call that a cab is needed and assigns a cab/cabbie to the caller’s location.

Why Use a Delivery Dispatch System (DDS)?

These days few companies manually dispatch vehicles/routes to deliver packages. Customer demands have grown, and delays in shipping can cost a company business. Just how much? A PWC study found that for U.S. customers, “even when people love a company or product, 59% will walk away after several bad experiences, 17% after just one bad experience.”

To meet expectations and deal with complex logistics, many companies that have a large fleet use a DDS. The software can help dispatchers optimize their fleet so deliveries happen more quickly and vehicles take optimal routes.

Key Elements of a Reliable DDS Solution

Because of the logistics involved with dispatch as well as the time required to set up an efficient system, it’s clear why many companies opt for a DDS. It’s important that company management be clear on a software’s capabilities when determining if a program is a good fit

Delivery Automation

Automated software helps with client relations and interactions. “For deliveries scheduled on specific dates, the system can send an automated message to customers to schedule their exact delivery windows,” notes Intelligent Delivery Management Platform FarEye. Further, “… the software can use past preferences and other data to pick optimal delivery windows and schedule dispatches accordingly.”

By focusing on communicating with customers, there’s a greater chance of meeting customer expectations. Keeping past customer preferences in mind and acting on them is sure to impress, and encourage loyalty.

Route Optimization

A DDS enables a dispatcher to get the most out of a fleet. Optimizing a fleet involves order batching so a vehicle’s space is used well. It also involves optimizing a vehicle’s route based on current conditions.

“Optimized route planning paves the way for more efficient delivery operations, as the software uses different sources and platforms to generate the optimized routes, factoring in weather, road, and other traffic conditions,” according to DispatchTrack, a mobile app that incorporates telematics and robust proof-of-delivery functions.

Optimized route planning also helps with customer service because it enables tracking. Customers can receive delivery-time estimations, rather than being left in the dark waiting and wondering when they need to be home or can continue with a project at their business. The tracking also is visible to dispatchers, which helps them manage the fleet. For example, a company is aware if a vehicle is delayed and can adapt by reaching out to impacted customers and working with an outside fleet provider, as needed.

Customizable Dispatching

Whether it’s scaling up operations or managing multiple fleets, a DDS is a valuable asset for a company as it grows. Again, the more variables involved in dispatching, the more complex the process, and the greater the need for a DDS.

Regarding managing multiple fleets, FarEye notes, “… it is necessary to have an automated dispatch software that can take decisions based on unique considerations like time to delivery, driver costs and skill, vehicle volume and capacity, and other advanced requirements like regulatory compliance.”

In addition, a DDS can and should be compatible with other software a company uses.

Streamlined Dispatching for Construction Suppliers

Curri, a construction-supply delivery and logistics service, has a nationwide network of vehicles available for dispatch, whether a company needs occasional hotshot delivery or a regular scheduled route. With vehicles of all sizes available for dispatch across the country, Curri can help any building materials supplier meet its customers’ demands. Interested? Try Curri for yourself!


August 4, 2021

What Is It Like to Be a Driver for Curri?

What is it like to be a construction delivery driver for Curri? It's great! Here, we explain the details about driving for Curri.


Courier services are one of the many industries that have been impacted by the pandemic. Due to the rise of e-commerce, the demand for delivery drivers was already growing. Whether Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Grubhub, etc.; gig delivery drivers or couriers have many options. Now, add Curri to that list. In fact, put Curri at the top of your list. Here’s why.

What Are You Driving, and for Whom?

Drivers for Curri transport construction and industrial materials. This could include a box of nails, a two-by-four, a faucet, a pipe, etc. As a courier, your job is to take the materials from Point A which is building materials suppliers – think American Tire Distributors Inc., Rexel, Ferguson, etc. – to Point B. Point B could be anything from a massive construction site to a home being worked on by a contractor or someone in the trades. Note, there can be return pick-ups from customers, leading Points A and B to be reversed.

You’ll need to upload at least two photos of the transported merchandise at the pickup location and two photos at the drop-off location as part of the delivery.

Recipients of construction materials are generally eagerly awaiting them. The materials are often required to move forward on a construction project that typically has hard deadlines. One item could be the difference between a project staying on schedule or being delayed. Timing is everything.

As a Curri network driver, you will be part of a growing start-up that was founded in 2018. The company aims to transform how construction and industrial supplies are delivered nationwide by connecting supply stores to customers faster than ever.

What Type of Vehicle Is Required?

When envisioning construction materials, many people think of big and heavy supplies. Transporting such materials requires a massive vehicle. So, working with Curri means you need to have a truck, right?


You can be a driver if you own a sedan, pickup truck, or van. Owners of flatbeds, box trucks, bobtail vehicles, and more are also welcome and needed. Drivers are eligible to make deliveries that fit into their vehicle, and often a sedan will do.

So if you are at least 18 years old, have access to a vehicle – note there are no age or gender requirements –and have a valid, current driver’s license and auto insurance (standard insurance is sufficient), you are welcome to be a driver with Curri.

How Does It Work?

No set hours here. This is a gig worker (1099 independent contractor) opportunity for those looking to work as a delivery driver on their own schedule.

You’ll be notified when deliveries need to be made near your location. You simply change an app to "Active" when you are available to make deliveries.

Curri offers customers different delivery service options. Hotshots are for local and immediate needs. Think of these as one-offs: see a need, fill a need. The second option is regular routes and daily routes. Typical routes are regularly scheduled daily deliveries. Daily routes are requests for a vehicle for a full day. The type of construction materials delivered is irrelevant – anything could be part of a Hotshot, regular route, or daily route.

The different service options can offer opportunities for more steady work for drivers who desire it. In addition to being available, the best way to secure more work is to be courteous, reliable, and punctual. With customers typically anxiously awaiting your delivery, a professional work ethic will wow them, boost your rating, lead to more gigs, and bring in more money.

Show Me the Money

As you consider this gig, the obvious question is, “How much do I get paid?”

First off, know that Curri isn’t about speed only when it comes to deliveries. They are also swift when it comes to paying drivers, therefore, drivers are paid the same day a delivery is fulfilled.

The type of vehicle and the size of delivery do not matter when it comes to compensation. Drivers are paid per mile.

As you consider your options for earning money as a delivery driver, think of Curri. In less than five minutes you can download the app and create an account. From there, Curri will perform a background check. If you pass that and a (paid) test delivery of construction materials, you are part of the team. Want to learn more? Check out our Help Center for answers to FAQs. Want to get started? Sign up to drive with Curri!


July 28, 2021

The Benefits of Fleet Augmentation for Building Materials Suppliers

Construction suppliers tackle driver shortages and fleet challenges. Fleet augmentation is the solution for hiring and maintenance.


Fifty-plus years ago the Beatles released the song, “Help!” It went to number one on the charts and was the title song of a hit movie. Its popularity is no surprise – can’t we all use some help sometimes? Building materials suppliers often need some help, or fleet augmentation, to ensure they deliver supplies to customers quickly.

How to Augment Your Construction Materials Fleet

When building materials suppliers utilize fleet augmentation, they use couriers to supplement their own fleet and ensure they meet the delivery demands of their customers. For example, an order pops up last minute that must be delivered quickly, but the right vehicle is not available. A courier can step in on-demand and deliver the building materials as needed.

Another option is to partner with an integrated courier, so they can regularly augment the fleet. In this scenario you never have to sweat another delivery. The fleet you require is ready to make deliveries as needed.

Either way, no delivery is too large or distance too long. Also, deliveries can be tracked to ensure your customers receive building materials on time as promised. A simple call ensures your requirements are met.

1) Understand the Obstacles to Efficient Delivery

Harvard Business Review research found, “When it comes to service, companies create loyal customers primarily by helping them solve their problems quickly and easily.” The challenge when it comes to delivery for building materials suppliers (and delivery in general) is the last mile. The last mile, or getting construction materials to the purchaser’s door, is expensive and time-consuming. However, companies need to get the last mile right if they hope to thrive.

Getting it right means hiring drivers who are properly trained. In this tight economy, retaining enough drivers is a challenge. Once drivers are hired, they need training so they are clear on company procedures and expectations. Hiring and training drivers is a burdensome chore, as turnover is inevitable. And what about surges in demand? Will there be sufficient staff to make sure customers receive construction materials on a timely basis?

The other part of the delivery equation is the fleet itself. If building materials suppliers maintain their own fleet (as opposed to renting trucks as needed and hoping the rental business will prioritize your business), they carry the expenses of purchasing and maintaining the fleet. Once again the question arises: What happens when there’s a surge? Or a slowdown? (Over-investment in the fleet reduces capital available for other areas.) Having the right supply and type of vehicles in the fleet to meet demand is a sophisticated art. Get it right, meet your customers’ demands, and be their hero. Get it wrong, and it could be detrimental to your business.

Using a courier for fleet augmentation removes or lessens the guesswork related to the fleet and the hassle of hiring and training drivers. It can make efficient delivery of construction materials a reality for building material suppliers.

2) Prioritize High-value and Time-sensitive Customers

You know the 80/20 rule – the business adage that 20 percent of your customers produce 80 percent of your sales. While of course every business wants to satisfy every customer, the regular customers – your 20 percent – take top priority. Imagine if a high-value customer places an order for building materials and the fleet is out, so delivery will be delayed.


With an on-demand service providing fleet augmentation, there’s never a doubt that you can meet the demands of your highest-value customers. Having a fleet augmentation partner means you can meet high-value customer demands without neglecting other customers. The right vehicle is available on demand so each customer can get the service they deserve.

3) Choose the Right Solution

With on-demand delivery and logistics, the right vehicle is always available to make a delivery of your construction material. Curri provides you with advanced technology, live tracking, proof of delivery, and the fastest delivery options in the industry. You no longer need to wonder if and when a delivery was made. This brings peace of mind and enables your company to stand out. One client summed it up: “In the world of wholesale distribution, where most situations require timeliness, Curri is a must-have option to stay ahead of the competition.”

Curri Provides Rapid Fleet Supplementation

And Curri’s diversified, nationwide fleet is fast, with a vehicle and professionally trained driver arriving at your location ready to load construction materials for delivery within 40 minutes. We can augment any building materials supplier’s fleet. So keep your customers satisfied. Make each delivery quickly.

Ready for the Curri fleet to join your team? Get started today!


July 18, 2021

Outsourced vs In-House Delivery Drivers

There are many benefits to outsourcing building materials delivery for suppliers and manufacturers, particularly in the last mile. Learn how Curri makes it easy.


Timing matters in nearly every walk of life. In construction, the key to a successful project is maintaining the schedule. Construction supply companies who can quickly deliver materials as needed will satisfy their customers and rise above their competition.

Consider the advantages of outsourced delivery drivers vs in-house delivery drivers.

Maintain Organizational Focus

Winning companies have a clear focus and purpose. For a construction supply company, that purpose revolves around offering the highest quality materials at the best rates. Meeting this purpose is particularly challenging these days as the pandemic has led to strained supply lines and great fluctuations in the price of construction materials.

Managing final mile delivery is outside of the scope of a construction supply company. When companies go beyond their core strengths and take on different tasks, they can easily lose focus.

Yet, a construction supply company needs to provide on-demand delivery service to meet the expectations of today’s customers. It’s also an excellent way to expand their reach.

By having outsourced delivery drivers for materials delivery, construction supply companies can serve their customers without losing focus on what they do best.

A Major Undertaking

Having in-house delivery drivers may seem like a simple straightforward proposition. After all, how many people worked at the local pizzeria as pizza delivery drivers?

Well, it’s not simple. At all.

By committing to having in-house delivery drivers, construction supply companies need to interview, hire, train and manage drivers. There tends to be a good deal of turnover of delivery drivers which means interviewing, hiring, and training drivers is a constant commitment.

And employing and training drivers is just the beginning of a successful last-mile construction delivery service. There’s delivery tracking to ensure construction products are delivered on time and in the right condition. Plus, insurance for materials, drivers, and vehicles.

By outsourcing the chore of delivery drivers to a local courier, a construction supply company rids itself of many potential headaches. The courier takes on the responsibilities related to last-mile delivery including having drivers.

Effectively Manage Resources

You don’t have to be a brilliant economist to know resources are limited. Profitable businesses spend their money wisely and minimize waste.

When a construction supply company employs local couriers to make deliveries, they can better manage their resources. Whether it’s a busy season or a slow time, the construction supply company always has the correct number of drivers when working with an on-demand delivery service.

Plus, they only pay for outsourced delivery drivers when needed.  

Having in-house delivery drivers can lead to wasted funds as drivers may not be regularly needed. An easy solution would seem to be to have in-house delivery drivers be on call (i.e. periodic shifts or during busy seasons). However, there’s a driver shortage. So, expecting a driver to remain loyal and available without paying them a regular salary is unrealistic.

One Last Thing

Interviewed, hired, and trained drivers – check. Ready to go and deliver? Not quite. Let’s remember the elephant in the room – vehicles.

By committing to having in-house delivery drivers, construction supply companies need to have a fleet of vehicles at the ready. There’s also maintenance and a parking lot.

The fleet should have vehicles that vary in size. By having the right sized vehicle available for use when needed, construction delivery companies minimize costs in terms of fuel and tolls. Having large trucks only means drivers need more advanced/specialized licenses which leads to them demanding higher salaries.

If a construction supply company does not have a vehicle available to make a delivery when needed, they may lose the sale.

A local courier not only has drivers but the right-sized vehicle for all construction deliveries. By using the courier, the construction supply company never has to lose a sale due to delivery constraints. They can quickly get material into their customer’s hands.

Curri, a one-stop-shop construction delivery service, has a team of trained drivers and is focused on punctuality and reliability. With the ability to match the right driver/vehicle, Curri can help you feel confident your product will quickly get to your customer. Take the Curri demo for a test drive!


July 11, 2021

Last-Mile Couriers Streamline Integrated Project Delivery

Curri helps construction materials suppliers, manufacturers and fabricators attract, win, and fulfill Integrated Project Delivery contracts.


All's Well That Ends Well is the title of a renowned play by William Shakespeare. It’s catchy, but is it true? In some cases, yes - and maybe in all cases after enough time has passed. Yet, the journey towards the end is just as important. In Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), a well-planned journey is key to arriving at the final destination, because it can determine the success of the project. In the IPD model, integrating on-demand last-mile couriers into the plan can help ensure a timely, profitable outcome.

What Is Integrated Project Delivery in Construction?

The IPD model aims to forge close-knit, contractual partnerships between all stakeholders in the project, from the client to the construction company, from the architect to the materials suppliers and manufacturers. When successful, an IPD leads to greater collaboration from the beginning of a project to its successful finish, optimizing results by reducing waste and maximizing efficiency. IPD involves detailed planning and contractual obligations that are carefully established from the outset.

Curri Is a Tool for Construction Suppliers, Manufacturers, and Fabricators

Clear, detailed contractual expectations a central to IPD, and those expectations are high. If each party faithfully adheres to the contract and meets expectations, it helps them build and maintain trust in each other. It also keeps a project moving forward, no matter the obstacles that might arise.

Adhering to the contract when things are going as planned is typically very easy. However, when challenges arise, it may be hard to meet the high expectations that come along with IPD. For example, change orders may come in at the last minute, requiring everyone from site workers to materials suppliers to adapt quickly and work together to keep the highly contingent project on track. During such times, getting the right materials and supplies to the job site as quickly as possible is critical.

Curri can help you get building materials to the job site quickly with our rapid 2-hour courier service. Whether it’s a last-minute change order for interior paint or custom-fabricated steel I-beams that are behind schedule, Curri ensures timely delivery so you can get the needed construction materials on-site, on time, fulfilling the high expectations of IPD.

Confidence and Certainty in IPD Contracting

Like dominoes, each step in the construction process impacts the next. So, if there’s a delay in one part of the process, the ramifications can be significant. Since the IPD method is typically used on high-cost, high-expectation projects (usually exceeding $5 million), delays can be particularly expensive.

How many times have you been at a job site where there are either too few or too many workers and they are being underutilized? To effectively keep a project moving forward, construction team members need to be on-site and on task. This requires having the required construction materials on-site when needed. Waiting around for delivery leads to slowdowns and can also negatively impact the project. No one likes uncertainty, and Curri can help.

From the very beginning, suppliers and manufacturers can confidently promise same-day (or 2-hour) last-mile delivery directly to the job site with Curri. Whether you are competing to win a contract or striving to fulfill it, on-demand courier service gives you and your clients confidence. From flatbeds to pickup trucks, we have the right vehicles available to complete the last-mile delivery of your construction materials. This adds valuable certainty and can help your project come in on time and under budget.

Powerful Tools and Peace of Mind Throughout the Process

A key factor in developing a successful construction project is a well-conceived schedule. Good planning by schedulers enables those in charge of logistics to have the needed building materials on-site when required.

However, certain situations, such as last-minute change orders, can stress-test even the best plan. It's times like these when specialized materials must be sourced or off-hours delivery is needed, and 24-hour construction couriers can keep the project on track.

Curri can relieve some of the stress that comes with last-minute construction material requirements. Simply arrange an order, and the drivers will pick up the supplies and ensure the order is correct. You can track your order and know when to expect the materials to arrive. That’s one less thing to worry about.

How a Local Courier Can Help

Let’s paint a picture of how this could work.

You are the primary materials supplier for a twenty-million-dollar hospital expansion project. Over the next two days, a hospital operating room under construction will require an electrician, a plumber, and an HVAC installer; then the plumber must return to finish their work before the electrician returns to install a specialized conduit, with permit inspection at several stages.

If the electrician arrives to find that the specially insulated high-amperage conduit needed for an MRI machine has not been delivered, then things grind to a halt. Remember, the IPD model is highly dependent on streamlined service delivery. With the majority of project planning occurring upstream, many steps in the process will be highly contingent on one another.

So, the right construction materials must be available at each step in the process. And same-day delivery can make it happen and prevent delays. Curri's 2-hour rapid last-mile delivery is the best means of meeting those requirements for suppliers, manufacturers, and fabricators.

Put Curri to Work on Your Next Project

The IPD model can be a highly effective project delivery method. To make it work, everyone involved needs to be committed and meet their obligations. That includes the suppliers, distributors, fabricators, and manufacturers who will provide construction materials for the project.

Delays in materials delivery can have cascading consequences that result in cost overruns and missed deadlines. If you want to attract, win, and successfully fulfill IPD contracts, Curri’s on-demand last-mile delivery service is a powerful tool for your team.


July 1, 2021

What Construction Materials Require a Flatbed Truck?

Flatbed trucks are integral for many types of freight. Curri's last-mile courier service provides flatbeds for rapid delivery in the construction industry.


Unless you’re a truck driver, you probably only think of trucks when you encounter them on the road. Or when you’re driving on the highway and have to decide between the ‘cars only’ lane and the ‘cars and trucks’ lane. Trucks, however, especially flatbed trucks, play a major role in hauling materials and are essential to keeping the economy turning.

Flatbed Truck Types and Dimensions

Taking a step back, let’s define what a flatbed truck is.

Car and Driver defines a flatbed truck as “… a large vehicle with a flat body and no sides or roof around the bed. Typically, these types of trucks are used to transport heavy loads that won't be compromised in bad weather or on rough roads.”

They list eight different types in the category (note, this is not universally accepted): Flatbed, Step Deck, Extendable Flatbeds, Stretch Single-Drop Deck, Double Drop, Removable Gooseneck Trailer (RGN), Side-Kit, and Lowboys.

The deck length of trucks in this category ranges from 48 feet to 53 feet, and they can be as wide as eight feet six inches. The maximum freight those in the category can haul ranges from 36,000 pounds to 48,000 pounds.

Selecting the Right Freight Solution

There are multiple benefits to using flatbed trucks for hauling. notes that flatbed hauling, “gives you the freedom to ship whatever you want,” and “the simplicity of a flatbed is what makes them versatile and valuable.”

Other benefits include easy access. Loading and unloading materials is easy as it can be done from any angle. Even cranes and forklifts can access a flatbed making it easy to move heavy loads.

There are no spatial restrictions. Unlike a four-walled truck, a flatbed is forgiving. Also, cargo can go over the edges, though safety limitations apply.

Unlike in a four-walled truck, shipping material can easily be strapped down and secured.

While every flatbed has these advantages, there are some differences in the trucks. For example, RGNs, Step Decks, and Lowboys have beds that ride lower to the ground. This allows them to haul taller equipment. Extendable Flatbeds and Stretch Single-Drop Decks can haul longer loads potentially eliminating the need for overhanging freight.

When determining if a flatbed is the best way to haul material, couriers need to carefully consider what they are transporting.

Although materials on a flatbed may easily be covered by a tarp, the cargo is more exposed to the elements. Therefore, durable cargo, as opposed to that which is more delicate, is more commonly transported on a flatbed truck.

Yet the benefits they offer, as noted above, make flatbed trucks useful for hauling just about anything. However, the most common uses for flatbed trucks are hauling scrap metal, transporting heavy machinery, moving tired bales, shipping super sacks, and carrying building materials. This wide variety of uses enables flatbeds to service many industries including construction.

Hauling Building Materials

Ever drive by a construction site, and wonder how the materials and equipment got there? Most of us don’t. But know they didn’t fall like manna from the sky.

Much of the materials may very well have gotten to the construction site via a flatbed truck. As seen by the list above of most common uses for flatbed trucks, the construction industry relies heavily on flatbed trucks to make sure equipment and materials are on-site.

A wide variety of construction materials can be transported to a worksite via a flatbed truck. Items such as HVAC parts and supplies, reinforced concrete, cement, bricks, dimensional lumber, scaffolding, etc can all be hauled in a flatbed truck. A flatbed can even be used to move dozers, excavators, and loaders.

Making the decision about how to haul equipment and material to a construction site is not simple. Choosing the ideal way means getting equipment and material to a site quickly, efficiently, and safely in the most cost-efficient manner.

A flatbed truck often fits the bill, particularly for oversized loads and materials that are unusually shaped. They can carry heavy loads and make loading and unloading simple.

Curri, a construction-supply delivery service, has a fleet of vehicles available including flatbeds. The affordable and fast solution can help you get materials and equipment to a job site quickly. Take our demo for a test drive!


May 24, 2021

How Long Does Last-Mile Delivery Take?

Last-mile delivery time varies with your supply chain. Curri ensures swift final mile delivery for construction and building materials.


Many aspects of transportation and supply chain management have improved greatly over the last several decades, but the final mile of the supply chain remains a time-consuming burden. From online retailers to regional construction material suppliers, last mile delivery represents an outsized obstacle to efficient operations. Today, the team at Curri explains problems and solutions regarding the question, “How long does last mile delivery take?”

What Is Final Mile Delivery?

Let’s back up a moment and clarify what we mean by last-mile delivery. It is the final step in product delivery when an item moves from a central hub to the door of a purchaser, whether a residence or business.

So last-mile delivery is not about a specific distance, but about getting a product to its last stop.

The difficulties involving last-mile delivery make it expensive and time-consuming. In fact, last-mile delivery is the single biggest cost in the supply chain, accounting for over 40% of the fee.

Consider Some of the Challenges


Multiple stops with few drops. Last-mile delivery requires “…transporting individualized shipments to distinct, often unreliable destinations through constantly changing routes,” notes Supply Chain Dive. Last-mile logistics are complicated because there are no regular routes that can be programmed and managed. Instead, each day is a new route.


Neither snow nor rain nor heat… carriers are expected to deliver no matter the conditions. Note, however, there is no guarantee of when delivery will occur. Whether it’s traffic, road closures, inclement weather, etc., unforeseen elements can impact last-mile delivery service.

Receipt of Delivery

Some deliveries can simply be left at the doorstep, in a lobby, etc. But other deliveries require interaction with the package recipient. When another person is involved in the equation (in addition to the trained local courier), the process becomes less predictable. Similarly, deliveries that require a signature or setup of items may or may not go as scheduled.

Location of Recipient

The old real estate saying “location, location, location” is also relevant to last-mile delivery. Meeting a company’s promise on delivery is not location-dependent. Yet some delivery-time promises are easier to deliver on than others. Getting a package to a destination near a distribution center or one-off a wide, suburban road is likely to go as planned. However, deliveries to rural locations and busy cities/downtowns can be difficult.

How to Make the Process Better

So, it’s impossible for local couriers to navigate last-mile logistics and they might as well give up on any sort of time guarantee? Uh, no! In fact, companies utilizing new strategies are overcoming those obstacles and winning in the last mile. Check out some strategies below.

Driver Training

The changes in shopping brought on by the pandemic and accompanying shutdowns increased the challenge of finding qualified couriers. It’s up to businesses/courier services to properly train their personnel so they are equipped to handle challenges that may arise. Couriers need to be fully aware of issues that may arise and company policies on how to respond.

Placement of Fulfillment Centers

Although it’s cheaper to build a fulfillment center in a more remote location, it makes on-time delivery more challenging. FreightWaves suggests companies “begin using fulfillment centers built in unusual places.” By shortening the last mile, couriers can reduce the time needed for delivery.

Integrate Technology

The tech stack available to help with logistics is wide and growing. For example, there’s live tracking which allows customers to stay informed about when their product will be delivered and even get in touch with the driver. Both the recipient and the sender of the material can feel confident with proof of delivery which comes in the form of delivery photos, signatures, and recipient name capture.

Fleet Augmentation

By having a fleet augmentation company as part of the last mile delivery team only when they need it, companies can reduce costs and increase efficiencies. The right number of trucks and drivers can be available to service customers during busier times and slower times.

Curri's Construction Couriers Are the Answer

The big question is, how long does last-mile delivery take? As seen from the information above, this is not a simple question. Traditional solutions for last-mile delivery often take as long as 5-10 business days. However, newer, innovative last-mile delivery services can solve the time-to-delivery problem. Same-day last-mile delivery is possible with dedicated, professional local couriers. In many major metros, Curri can provide last-mile delivery within 2 hours.

Companies need to meet their promises regarding delivery, as surveys show that 84% of shoppers are unlikely to shop with a brand again after a poor last-mile delivery experience.

Curri, a construction-supply delivery service, is an affordable and fast solution that can help companies improve last-mile delivery. Get material in your customers’ hands quickly. Take Curri for a test drive!

Case Study

How Mission Moulding increased sales and customer satisfaction

Curri's on-demand construction material delivery service improves sales, increases deliveries, and makes 1-hour delivery possible for Mission Moulding.


Mission Moulding increases sales and customer satisfaction with same-day delivery.


Mission Moulding needed a professional and affordable same-day delivery solution to acquire more business from retail customers and deliver more frequently to contractors at construction sites.

The high cost of hiring an in-house delivery driver to use as-needed and paying for auto insurance was not a feasible option.


Mission Moulding decided to trust Curri. They were impressed by the combination of intuitive technology, hands-on operations, and customer success teams, available to bookers at any time before, during, and after the delivery occurred.

They frequently utilized Curri’s same-day delivery with a 1-3 hour delivery window option. Bookers received live tracking links with pictures on pickup and drop-off.

The versatile fleet provided by Curri helped Mission Moulding match the right vehicle type for each delivery, including cars, box trucks, and trucks with pipe racks.


  • 10% increase in retail sales

Mission Moulding achieved more sales from customers who could get materials delivered.

  • 40% jump in delivery requests

A versatile fleet met the delivery demands of contractors and retail customers.

  • Materials delivered within 1-hour

Items arrived same-day to construction sites and homes within a 1-hour window of request.

What Mission Moulding Says About Curri

"Curri is definitely something the construction industry should look to because you can increase your margins by going with this service. It takes the stress off of the business owner and the manager.”

Alex Joy, Sales Manager

Mission Moulding

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