Coburn's Branch Saves $150K Annually in Trucking Costs with Curri

Meg Jorbel

March 10, 2023

Meg Jorbel


“With your dedicated routes, we don't have to hire another full-time employee, carry insurance, or have the liability of driving around all day. Instead, we use Curri to go and pick up from vendors and other branches.”
- Dustin Babin, Regional Manager

Company Size: Enterprise (200+ employees)
Industry: HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Waterworks
Branches: Huntsville, Cranswick, and Conroe, TX
Platform Solution: Curri Dedicated, Curri Hotshots

Three Coburn's branches reduced operational costs by 15% while improving the customer experience for builders and contractors.

The Challenges

1. The high price of replacing a delivery truck

At a branch level, purchasing a new delivery truck at a branch level was difficult due to the high costs of financing, insuring, and maintaining the vehicle. 

2. Internal fleet unavailable to meet customer demand

Insufficient capacity to cater to rush or same-day delivery requests can negatively affect customer satisfaction and loyalty. Coburn’s wanted to extend their fleet to meet growing demand while avoiding the high costs associated with purchasing new vehicles or hiring additional drivers.

3. Finding a delivery platform with easy online usage

Coburn's faced the inconvenience of using courier services that had long wait times, making the delivery process cumbersome. In order to streamline the process, they sought an easy-to-use delivery platform that could provide immediate booking of deliveries online.

4. Preventative measure to not lose business

Contractors and builders need fast, reliable delivery that caters to their jobsite deadlines. Coburn’s looked to offer on-demand delivery as a preventive measure to ensure they didn’t lose customers to local competitors or big box stores.

The Curri Solution

We know that it's cheaper, by 15%, to use your service than to use our own trucks.”
- Dustin Babin, Regional Manager

Coburn's leveraged Curri Dedicated to streamline their recurring daily operations, such as vendor pickups and branch transfers, while utilizing Curri Hotshots to cater to demand from builders and contractors who required their supplies within hours to stay on track with jobsite timelines.

Saved $150K annually by avoiding the purchase of a new delivery truck

and the additional labor costs associated with hiring a new driver. Additionally, reducing the number of internal trucks required for their delivery operations led to significant savings in vehicle maintenance, fuel, and insurance.

Coburn's experienced a 10% increase in delivery requests

by outsourcing delivery trucks from Curri in order to streamline the delivery process for branch transfers and vendor pickups.

Reduced operational costs by 15%

by providing real-time delivery updates with live tracking and proof of delivery photos.

Saved over 3,300+ hours of time

for Houston area branches in Huntsville, Cranswick, and Conroe that would have otherwise been spent on deliveries, reducing overall operational hours. This would be the equivalent of having an additional full-time and part-time resource to hire.


That's probably the biggest point where you benefit our company, enabling us to go above and beyond customers' expectations.”
- Dustin Babin, Regional Manager

By exceeding customers' expectations, Coburn’s now ensures swift and efficient resolution for any jobsite needs, even when trucks are fully allocated. Whether customers are in a bind or require immediate attention, Coburn’s ability to provide prompt solutions now sets them apart from their competitors.

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