Last-Mile Delivery Services for Building Materials and Supplies

With Curri, you can trust that your final mile deliveries will be carried out efficiently, securely, and with the utmost professionalism. We'll handle same-day last mile deliveries for your building materials and supplies, whenever you need us.

Last Mile Delivery

Last mile materials delivery and logistics for the construction industry.

The last mile problem is prevalent for distributors and manufacturers in the construction industry, and it’s a problem that Curri set out to solve. We’ve done this by putting together a network of drivers that spans the nation. With Curri at your side, you can expand your own delivery fleet using our platform. With Curri, you no longer have to set up your own delivery operations for last mile deliveries. Instead, you can trust that the Curri fleet has your back.

When you use Curri, you can just open the app and request a last mile delivery when you need it. You’ll have the entire delivery fleet in your area at your fingertips. You don’t have to worry about uncertainty and late deliveries anymore. Curri can take care of all your urgent and last-minute deliveries when it’s most convenient for you. We do this with experienced drivers and a complete fleet of vehicles.

Experienced Local Drivers with an Array of Vehicle Options

When you trust Curri to handle your final mile deliveries, you can rest easy knowing that you’re making the right choice. This is because Curri's network of drivers have the experience needed to get your deliveries done right, every time. Drivers will also be local to your area, meaning they’ll be readily available and they’ll know your area as well as you do. They’re insured, background checked, and monitored to ensure the high expectations of our B2B customers are met.

In addition to having the best drivers available to you, you’ll also have a fleet that includes every delivery vehicle you could imagine. Curri's extensive fleet network has vehicles of every size and function. You can choose pickups, sedans, flatbeds, cargo vans, straight trucks, and anything else you could need. Best of all, being able to pick the right vehicle for the job means you’re never overpaying for a vehicle that’s bigger than you need. You’ll get customized, flexible delivery every time.

Last Mile Delivery

Nationwide Couriers Solving the Last Mile Problem

Our nationwide network of couriers can improve your last mile logistics in every way. Since we offer such a large fleet, you can get local delivery wherever you are. When you have to schedule that last mile delivery, you don’t have to stress and scramble to make it happen. Just utilize Curri, sit back, and watch as your delivery is brought right to the job site at the time it’s supposed to be there.

As an all-in-one last mile delivery company, Curri truly works for any size construction business. Small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and enterprise-level businesses alike can all benefit from the cost-savings and efficiency that Curri provides. For example, you can save money on fleet maintenance with Curri fully integrated into your delivery operations.

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What Is Last Mile Delivery?

Last Mile Delivery refers to the final stage of the transportation process where goods are transported from the distribution center or hub to the end customer's doorstep or desired location.

What Is Final Mile Delivery?

Final Mile Delivery is another term used interchangeably with Last Mile Delivery, referring to the transportation of goods from the distribution center or hub to the ultimate destination, which is usually the end customer.

What Is the Last Mile Problem?

The Last Mile Problem refers to the unique challenges faced in the final leg of the delivery process, such as navigating through dense urban areas, managing delivery time windows, and ensuring customer satisfaction with timely and accurate deliveries.

Does Curri Provide Last Mile Fulfillment?

Yes, Curri specializes in Last Mile Fulfillment, offering efficient and reliable delivery services to ensure that goods are transported from the distribution center or hub to the end customer's location with speed and precision.