Middle Mile Logistics and Transportation for Building Materials

Curri is the ultimate courier solution for businesses that want to streamline their supply chain and delivery ops. With Curri, middle mile logistics and transportation are incredibly easy.

Curri provides you with a same-day, on-demand courier who can get your supplies and materials to their destination. Best of all, Curri is very affordable and saves time and money on your routes. Plus, you get to look awesome because your retail centers can always count on you for on-time product restocking when they need it.

Middle Mile Delivery

A nationwide network for manufacturers, distributors and suppliers

Curri seamlessly integrates into your current supply chain operations. You’ll be able to solve your delivery ops issues, resolve delivery bottlenecks, and ensure that your deliveries are always on time. When you’re needing the middle-mile delivery to get done securely, quickly, and affordably, Curri is the solution you should turn to.

Part of what makes Curri the perfect addition to any supply chain operation is our awesome network of professional local delivery drivers. When you utilize Curri, you get access to local drivers in your area who are ready to take on your deliveries and get them to their destination without a hitch. Drivers are experienced, background checked, and fully insured.

A Flexible Fleet of Vehicles - From Sedans to Semi Trucks

With Curri, you get much more than just a team of professional drivers. You also get access to a full fleet of vehicles, available to you at any time with just the press of a button. When you utilize Curri, you can select from every size and feature of vehicle transport you could need, as well as specialty equipment like moffetts for those trickier shipments.

Our fleet network is equipped with sedans, SUVs, pickups, cargo vans, box trucks, stake-bed trucks, flatbeds and semi-trucks. Curri can take on your smallest deliveries or we can take on your big hauls. Check out our fleet capabilities to see everything we have available to our partners.

Middle Mile Delivery

Same-Day Middle Mile Transportation, On-Demand

When you’re needing your supplies, equipment, and building materials to make it from your warehouse to the retail hub or distribution destination, you can count on Curri. Our nationwide network of drivers is standing by and ready to provide you with local on-demand and same-day deliveries for your middle-mile transportation. It doesn’t matter if you’re scheduling weeks ahead of time or if you’re needing a delivery last minute. Our drivers will get there and get it done.

Supercharge your supply chain

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What Is Middle Mile Delivery?

Middle Mile Delivery refers to the transportation of goods between the distribution center or hub to the next destination, which can be retail stores, fulfillment centers, or other locations.

What Is Middle Mile Logistics?

Middle Mile Logistics involves the planning, coordination, and optimization of transportation activities in the middle segment of the supply chain, ensuring the smooth flow of goods from distribution centers to their intended destinations.

Does Curri Offer Same-Day Middle Mile Delivery?

Yes, Curri offers Same-Day Middle Mile Delivery services, providing businesses with fast and reliable transportation solutions to move goods swiftly from distribution centers to their desired destinations.

Can Curri Provide On-Demand Middle Mile Transportation?

Yes, Curri specializes in providing on-demand Middle Mile Transportation services, allowing businesses to have flexible and responsive transportation solutions to meet their specific needs and delivery requirements.