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Route optimization and logistics for construction and industrial supplies distributors

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Plan and optimize your deliveries

Our platform eliminates issues before they become logistical nightmares. When you need a human touch you can rely on our success team for support along the way.


Add drivers & fill gaps in your schedule with our nationwide network

Our route planner is backed by a nationwide delivery network of dedicated drivers, so your customer commitments are always met, no matter what.


Real-time notifications

Keep your customers in the loop on all deliveries with in-app, text, or email notifications. Curri's Route Planner makes it simple to keep your team, drivers, and customers all on the same page.


A fully-featured route planner

Operate a supply chain that drives up your bottom line, grows sales, and runs like a well-oiled machine.

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Plan, track, and optimize private and partner fleets in one interface


Integrate your existing systems without any hassle. Need help? We do that too.

Map-based drag and drop

Easily create routes with our simple drag and drop map Interface

Intuitive Driver App

Routing, signature collection, and PODs, with offline capability

Fleet Metrics, Data & Insights

Monitor fleet performance with real-time metrics, historical data & insights

Delivery Driver Safety Net

Tap Curri's delivery network for sudden driver shortages or demand spikes

What customers say...

“Route planner has helped us become more efficient with how we utilize our drivers. Multiple users can contribute persistent data forming solid record keeping. Having time stamped PODS with coordinates has been a game changer.”

Matt Hammond · OpS Manager, Greentech RENEWABLES

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Delight your customers, scale operations, and boost efficiency with our advanced route planning software.


A multi-stop route optimization solution that works like magic

If you have 100+ stops, it takes hours to map out the best route and will delay your drivers getting on the road — but, it doesn't have to be this way. Let our intuitive route building and planning interface do the work. So easy it will feel like magic.


Boost your fleet efficiency with truck route planning

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What is route optimization?

Route optimization helps businesses improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, enhance customer satisfaction, and contribute to environmental sustainability.

How do I optimize fleet routing and dispatch?

Use Curri’s advanced Route Optimization software that incorporates real-time data, traffic conditions, and delivery constraints, and leverage algorithms or AI to dynamically adjust and plan the most efficient routes for your fleet.

Will this help with last-mile delivery?

Yes, optimizing fleet routing and dispatch with advanced software and real-time data significantly enhances last-mile delivery by reducing delivery times, cutting costs, and improving overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

What vehicle types are supported?

Curri’s Route Optimization software supports various vehicle types, including cars, trucks, and vans, catering to diverse needs such as small parcel deliveries, and large freight transport.

Does Curri support multi-driver routes?

Yes, Curri supports multi-driver routes, allowing for efficient coordination and management of multiple drivers to optimize delivery schedules and routes across a fleet.

Can Curri handle multi-stop deliveries?

Yes, Curri can handle multi-stop deliveries. You can add multiple stops when booking a delivery, specifying pickup and drop-off points for each order, making it easy to manage complex delivery routes.

Does Curri’s software work for couriers?

Yes, Curri's software works for couriers. Curri provides a range of courier services, including same-day, rush, and scheduled deliveries, and supports various vehicle types like cars, SUVs, and light-duty vehicles, making it ideal for courier operations. Curri's platform also includes advanced logistics features such as real-time visibility, route optimization, and collaborative logistics, which enhance efficiency and reliability for courier services.