Curri mountains
Curri mountains

Fleet Capabilities

Curri is able to take care of all your construction and building materials delivery thanks to our versatile fleet. No matter how big or small your delivery, we’ve got a driver who can get it where it needs to go. This versatility means you can transport any of your supplies at the affordable price Curri can offer.

When we say our fleet is versatile, we mean it. Our drivers have any type of vehicle you can think of. Request a demo to find out what we can do for you, or take a look below to find out more about the Curri fleet.

When it comes to on-demand, 24-hour, efficient and affordable construction delivery, the Curri fleet simply can’t be beat. Our fleet is located nationwide and can complete any route and handle any delivery. Check out the array of vehicles we have in our fleet.

Curri mountains
Curri mountains

The Curri Fleet

  • Stake Bed Trucks

    If you have an oversized or oddly shaped load, a stake bed truck could be just what you need to keep things secure.

  • Box Trucks

    Need to protect your supplies from the elements but a cargo van isn’t big enough? Upgrade to a box truck to get the job done.

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  • Cars and Light Duty

    When you just need a small package or a few supplies delivered, a car or other small vehicle can easily get the job done.

  • Sprinter and Cargo Vans

    Ideal to transport a moderate amount of supplies or fairly large items, and to protect items from the elements.

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  • Pickup Trucks

    Pickup trucks are always a great transportation solution as they are sturdy and can handle a good amount of supplies.

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  • Pickup + Pipe Racks

    A pickup truck with pipe racks is a great solution for efficiently transporting longer materials such as lumber, ladders, and pipes.

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  • SUVs

    SUVs have plenty of trunk space and can handle the smaller deliveries that are still too big for a simple car.

  • Straight Trucks

    When you need to transport large or bulk items, but don't need the capacity of a semi, a straight truck is what you need.

  • Flatbed Trucks

    A flatbed truck is perfect for transporting heavy loads, large equipment, vehicles, and other oversized items.

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  • Semi Trucks

    When you need to make a bulk delivery or you’re transporting large materials, there’s no substitute for a semi truck.

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Fleet Equipment and Tools

If you need special transportation solutions, we’ve got you covered. Our drivers have vehicles equipped with the tools to get the job done right. Check out some of our transport equipment below.

A Single, Flexible Solution for Every Type of Building Material

Here at Curri, we’re your go-to construction delivery courier, no matter what type or size of building material you need to transport. You can find everything on our platform, making it easy to customize your delivery operations and make sure everything gets where it needs to be on time.

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With Curri at your side, you’ll be able to offer your customers on-demand supply delivery. This will take your delivery operations to the next level. Combine that with our extremely versatile and expansive fleet, and you’ve got a recipe for unparalleled customer service.