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Dry Van Trucks + Local Drivers = Your Virtual Delivery Fleet.

At Curri, we understand the importance of seamless last mile delivery for your business. Curri is designed to optimize the final leg of the supply chain, ensuring that your products reach their destination swiftly and efficiently. With dedicated professional drivers and advanced logistics technology, we streamline the delivery process, reducing transit times and improving customer satisfaction. Whether you need same-day deliveries or scheduled services, Curri is committed to providing reliable and efficient last mile logistics solutions tailored to your business needs.

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What is a dry van truck?

A dry van truck is a large tractor-trailer vehicle with an enclosed cargo area for protected cargo; dry vans may be climate controlled.

Can Curri provide multi-stop dry van truck routes?

Absolutely! Curri can provide multi-stop delivery routes with dry van trucks, streamlining logistics operations for increased efficiency.

Can I use dry van trucks for last mile delivery?

Yes! dry van trucks can be used for last mile delivery, providing secure transportation of goods to their final destination.

Can I schedule dry van deliveries with Curri?

Yes, Curri makes it easy to schedule dry van deliveries, ensuring your cargo is transported securely and on time.

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