Curri Hotshot Services

Industrial-Grade Hotshot Delivery

Hotshot deliveries are made easy when you book with Curri. Rest assured that with Curri you will always get your orders delivered safely, on-time, and accurately.

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Powerful Dispatch Logistics

Deliveries done, and
done right.

We’re the carrier you can trust to get your orders delivered professionally, reliably, and on-time

Fleet Elasticity

Our network has vehicles of every function, shape, and size to make sure we can handle any and every hotshot delivery you have.

Your Priority, Our Promise

With Curri, we offer a rush, same-day, or scheduled hotshot service. You won’t ever have to worry about making your local hotshot trucking deliveries again.

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Reduce Costs

With Curri you’ll save money, make customers happier, and reduce your time spent moving materials.

Get materials onsite, on time & reliably delivered.

Thousands of locations across the country have switched from low-tech local couriers to a tech-first courier: Curri. A local touch with a modern experience you've come to expect in this day and age.

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Experienced Local Drivers

At Curri, we’ve built a network of experienced drivers all over the country. When you use Curri, you’re getting insured and background-checked drivers who know how to handle your deliveries like a pro. Not only that, but they know your area and market like the back of their hand.

Flexible Fleet Expansion

Our Flexible Fleet Network has vehicles of every function, shape, and size to make sure we can handle any and every hotshot delivery you have. All you have to do is pick the right one for the job and we’ll handle the rest. Hotshot drivers drive pickups, cargo vans, flatbeds, straight trucks, and more.

As simple as 1. . . 2. . . and Go!

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Hotshot trucking at the push of a button

Input your locations, choose a vehicle, and fill out a bit of info about your delivery. We will assign an expert Curri Hotshot to get your delivery done fast and reliably.

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Choose your arrival time

Hotshot deliveries allow you to get your delivery done quickly. Get more of your work done and get your materials quickly in the meantime.

Finally, a platform bringing all vehicle types to a single interface

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Upgrade your distribution ops with Curri.

Gone are the days of "sales-guys-in-their-own-cars" or "courier-I-need-to-fax-to-set-up-a-delivery". Switch to Curri — the only industrial grade carrier with a seamless, online booking experience.

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What Is Hotshot Delivery?

Hotshot delivery is an expedited transport service for one-way transport of cargo. Hotshots are usually LTL deliveries (less than truckload).

How Fast Is Hotshot Trucking?

With Curri, local hotshot trucking jobs can be completed on the same day they are ordered, often within several hours.

How Can I Get Same-Day Delivery for Building Materials?

Curri’s hotshot courier service can deliver your building materials directly to their destination on the same day.

How Do I Find Hotshot Delivery Jobs?

There are many load boards with hotshot deliveries, but most require a monthly fee. Curri is a great way to get hotshot jobs sent right to your phone, and there is no fee.

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