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Same-Day Delivery and Logistics for Auto Parts Suppliers and Manufacturers

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A Complete Fleet: Sedans & Pickups to Box Trucks & Flatbeds

Curri's network of drivers can handle any auto parts delivery you might have. Our fleet network has a wide variety of vehicles that become available on-demand to you when you sign-up with Curri: sedans, pickups, box trucks, flatbeds, semi-trucks, bobtails, cargo vans, and much more. It doesn’t matter if you need one small part delivered or a multi-truck shipment. You can count on Curri's network of independent drivers to handle it.

Of course, our fleet wouldn’t be useful if there weren’t expert drivers behind the wheel. When you order a Curri delivery, you get the right vehicle for the job along with a fully insured and background-checked local driver to ensure your auto parts get from Point A to Point B safely and securely.

When you book a delivery with Curri, you never have to pay for a vehicle that’s bigger than you need. You save money on every route.

Supply Chain Solutions for the Auto Parts Industry

Curri's logistics platform streamlines delivery ops for businesses across the auto industry, including replacement parts, tools, machinery, vehicles, and more. We can handle every route, or we can step in for hotshots when you need us. Same-day delivery? No problem. Just enter route information and choose the most cost-effective vehicle from our extensive fleet.

Curri's advanced logistics platform, flexible pricing, and nationwide network of local drivers can simplify every step in the supply chain. From first mile transport for manufactured materials to last mile delivery for retail goods, Curri was built to make delivery ops less expensive and more efficient.

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What Is Auto Parts Industry Last-Mile Logistics?

Auto parts industry last-mile logistics involve the transportation and delivery of auto parts to suppliers, distributors, and end customers, ensuring timely availability and efficient supply chain management.

Can Curri Provide Same-Day Delivery for Suppliers?

Curri can provide same-day delivery for suppliers, ensuring quick and reliable distribution of auto parts.

Where Can I Find Regional Delivery for Auto Parts?

Regional delivery options are available for auto parts, enabling efficient and cost-effective transportation within specific areas.

Does Curri Provide Dedicated Delivery for OEM Distributors?

Curri offers dedicated delivery services for auto parts distributors, ensuring personalized and efficient distribution.

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