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Construction supply & materials delivered to you within the hour.

Curri exists to make you even more profitable and productive by handling those time-consuming, costly supply runs.

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Our pricing is simple: you pay only for the time and distance of your delivery.
You know, we're like Uber for supplies.

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Unnecessary trips affect your bottom line. Let’s break it down.

The more time you and your team spend procuring supplies, waiting in line, and bringing them to the jobsite, the less money you make. Period.

🚚 1-2 hours per supply run

$30 an hour. 2 crew members. That's $60-120 down the drain.

🗑 3-4 trips per week per employee

$180 and 3-8 hours lost.

😬 Gain 20-52 days of work each year

What could you do with all that newfound time? We're here to help

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers.
Don't see your question below? Chat or call us at (805) 322-7086

When is Curri open and available?

We deliver M-F, 7AM to 5PM PST.

How do I pay?

Simply add a card to your account. We only charge upon succesful delivery.

Is Curri available in my area?

We currently serve Ventura County, offering express (under an hour) delivery to Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo, Ojai and Santa Paula. Non-express (under 2 hours) delivery to the other 5 cities.

What are some common use cases for Curri?

We can deliver parts from your supply store to your jobsite, from your warehouse to your jobsite, from one jobsite to another, or really from any origin to any destination. That's the beauty of Curri. We're also a great option for supply stores needing to send supplies to customers. Did a toilet just arrive that a customer ordered? Send it via Curri.

What can Curri deliver? Are there any size restrictions?

We deliver almost any item: from refrigerators to water heaters, or small pipe fittings to lumber. Book a Car or Truck based on what you need delivered.

Who are your drivers?

Curri is like Uber for construction supplies. Our drivers are insured, background-checked, and thoroughly trained. We keep our overhead low and pass the savings on to you.

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