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Oversized Freight, Industrial Pipes, Municipal Waterworks and More

Curri works for our customers because we make it easy to get materials directly to job sites and we make sure your shipments arrive on time every time. Whether you need oversized freight transport, industrial material shipments, extended length pipes or any other type of plumbing materials or supplies, we will make sure your delivery is completed efficiently and securely.

You can always trust Curri’s network of drivers to get your delivery done. When you use Curri, you’re getting a local driver who is fully insured, background checked and ready to exceed your customer service expectations.

Final-Mile Deliveries of Any Size: Small Orders, Bulk Shipments

When you’re in need of a final-mile delivery, you can trust Curri get it done. It doesn’t matter the type of shipment, and it doesn’t matter the size. We’ll cover your small orders and your bulk shipments. We’ve got it handled.

Those last-mile deliveries can be stressful for a delivery operations team. With Curri at your side, those deliveries become stress-free. You’ll get live tracking and delivery updates the whole way. That way you’ll get a notification right when your delivery makes it to its destination. No worries on your part — only results.

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What Is Last Mile Logistics for Plumbing Distributors?

Last mile logistics for plumbing distributors refers to the final stage of the delivery process, where plumbing supplies are transported from the local distribution center to the job site or customer's location.

Can Curri Deliver Plumbing Materials to the Jobsite?

Yes, Curri can deliver plumbing materials directly to the job site or customer's location, with a range of specialized vehicles and logistics solutions available to accommodate various sizes and types of plumbing supplies.

Does Curri Provide Same-Day Delivery for Plumbing Supplies?

Yes, Curri provides same-day delivery for plumbing supplies, with delivery options that can be customized to meet specific delivery needs and timelines.

Does Curri Transport Heavy Freight for Commercial and Industrial Plumbing?

Yes, Curri can handle heavy freight for commercial and industrial plumbing, with a range of specialized vehicles and logistics solutions available to accommodate large and bulk plumbing supplies.

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