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Driver activation is dependent on cleared background and MVR checks. Onboarding is based on delivery demand in your area.

What our drivers have to say

Sandra D.

Gig Driver - York, SC

"I have been driving for Curri since October of 2021. I wish I had learned about this amazing company before. I absolutely love it. People always ask about pay. Most of the time it’s $50 an hour for a round trip. Pretty good money for driving, seeing the sites, and meeting some pretty cool people!!! Don’t see myself stopping this gig anytime soon."

Robert B.

Gig Driver - Fort Lauderdale, FL

"I love the freedom to set my own schedule and work when I want. I love that Curri offers next-day transfer of pay or same-day if I so choose, I never have to wait to receive my compensation. Curri has been a reliable addition to my business."

Dana S.

Gig Driver - Boston, MA

"I’ve been an independent contractor on gig platforms for over 10 years and driving on the Curri platform for almost 2 years. Out of all of them, it’s been my favorite gig app to work with by far. The driver app functions excellently... jobs consistently pay well, the payouts are super fast after delivery completion, and in the rare cases of anything going wrong, support is great about fixing any issues."

Thomas T.

Gig Driver - Tacoma, WA

"I've been delivering for Curri as a contractor for almost two years. I am a retired disabled Army Veteran. The flexibility of Curri has been an amazing addition to my fixed income. It does not matter if you drive a passenger car, or large truck. There are deliveries to be had."

Anthony A.

Gig Driver - Mobile, AL

"Curri is the best gig job for extra money. They understand everything, and they answer your needs in a matter of time. I love them so much."

Amparo M.

Trailer Truck Driver

"I like that I am able to choose a delivery if it works for my schedule as a single mother. All of the customers that I have encountered have been great and very professional. In my free time, I can take care of my 1, 2, 3, 12 and 15-year-old children."

Millard N.

SUV Driver

"I love driving for Curri because the pay is better than any other gig jobs out there. Also, you meet a lot of great people at the stores, they all are very pleasant to work with. The best thing about Curri is that building materials don’t talk back! It's just me and the road..."

Ebony J.

Cargo Van Driver

"I completely love driving for Curri. I love delivering building materials over food, groceries, etc. because I feel like it's an untapped market. I would rate the app a 5 out of 5 stars. It's super easy and simple to use. To be honest, in my free time I wait for [more] orders."

Ed J.

Full Size Pickup Truck Driver

"Curri makes it very easy to drive for them! Other apps make you jump through a bunch of hoops and then wait a week to get paid. The materials being transported are higher in monetary value than, say, a bag of take-out food. That in itself really brings the general level of professionalism up overall."

Latoya M.

Flatbed Trailer Truck Driver

"I like the idea of instant pay once a delivery is completed. I also like the idea of how I play an important role in maintaining and building infrastructure. Delivering building materials gives me the opportunity to learn other industrial aspects of how this great nation is structured and built."

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Driver activation is dependent on cleared background and MVR checks. Onboarding is based on delivery demand in your area.