Reduce the pain of a manually managed supply chain

We know the drill — a rolodex of local carriers, a sea of invoices, and drivers you can’t track, leading to a poor experience for your end users. With Curri, all of these woes go away. Turn your supply pain into a thriving supply chain.


Our technology replaces tedious work, reduces errors, and frees up your time

Intelligent Matching

We’ll find the optimal provider matching your requirements. Price, quality, and speed that make sense for your enterprise.

Exceptions Management

Our platform manages delays, unexpected site conditions, and changes in materials availability to help you stay on schedule and within budget.

Single Vendor

Streamline supply chain management, reduce your costs, and improve communication by working with Curri as your single vendor.


The proof is in the pudding (or just in the numbers).


Reduction in customer service and operations hours


More sales converted


Increase in customer retention


Saved on operational costs

Extreme Visibility

Think of it like a GPS for your construction materials delivery, except instead of giving you turn-by-turn directions, it provides you with real-time updates on the whereabouts of your materials, ensuring that you can sit back, relax, and focus on the other important aspects of your business.

Get real-time tracking, resolve issues quickly, and reduce delivery costs.


Intelligent Matching

Our platform intelligently matches your enterprise requirements with the best providers to get the job done.

Whether it is price, quality, or speed you are looking for, we will pair you with the best options for you business.

One platform. Super streamlined.

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