First-Mile Shipping for Materials, Supplies and Equipment

When shipping materials, supplies, and equipment, every leg of the supply chain counts. First-mile deliveries can be just as urgent as last-mile deliveries, and saving time and money on your first mile can make a huge impact on the efficiency of your delivery operations. But first-mile deliveries can often have varied load requirements and logistical issues you didn’t plan for. Curri is the solution to any first-mile logistical challenges.

First Mile Delivery

First mile delivery services and logistics for the construction industry.

As a distributor or manufacturer, your delivery ops are likely already planned out and doing what they’re scheduled to do. But what if you’re facing a bottleneck or you don’t have enough trucks for the job? What if there’s a last-minute delivery that didn’t get scheduled? Curri can help.

Curri’s fleet is nationwide and expanding every day. Using Curri means your delivery ops don’t have to spend time on first-mile deliveries anymore. You can leave it to Curri. No more hassle, stress, or uncertainty. You’ll always have an on-demand option at your fingertips.

Experienced Local Drivers With a Complete Array of Vehicle Types

Curri is the ultimate courier solution thanks to three crucial factors – an advanced platform, a vast fleet, and professional local drivers. You can always count on Curri to make your delivery operations as efficient as possible. Your driver will be local to the area, so they’ll know the best path to take to the destination.

Our network drivers are experienced, insured, and background-checked for your peace of mind. You can trust that your driver will exceed your expectations with their incredible service.

First Mile Delivery

Curri’s Couriers Are Solving the First-Mile Problem Nationwide

Curri is solving first-mile delivery problems for businesses all over the nation. There’s no stress or difficulties when you utilize Curri. You just get professional, efficient delivery services that you can count on.

Curri helps you look even more impressive to your customers too. When they learn you can provide them with same-day, on-demand delivery to their holding facility, they’ll become loyal customers for life. And you get all the credit! Curri is here to help your business look good.

Supercharge your supply chain

Want to see how Curri can help your business with our advanced software, vast fleet, and a nationwide team of crowdsourced drivers?

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What Is First Mile Delivery?

First Mile Delivery refers to the initial stage of the transportation process where goods are picked up from the source or origin point and transported to a distribution center or hub.

What Is First Mile Logistics?

First Mile Logistics involves the planning, management, and optimization of transportation activities in the first mile of the supply chain, ensuring efficient movement of goods from suppliers to the transportation network.

Does Curri Offer First Mile Delivery With Box Trucks?

Yes, Curri offers First Mile Delivery services with a fleet of box trucks, providing reliable and efficient transportation for goods from their source or origin point to the designated distribution center or hub.

Does Curri Offer Same-Day First Mile Delivery?

Yes, Curri provides Same-Day First Mile Delivery services, ensuring prompt and time-sensitive transportation of goods from the source to the distribution center, helping businesses meet their delivery timelines.