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One day in late 2018, Matt & Brian got back home after a long day of talking with potential customers. A plumber by the name of Mike was working at Brian's house, re-plumbing a bathroom. They got to talking and asked him, "Mike, how does delivery work in your industry?"

Mike's eyes instantly lit up, and he proceeded to explain for the next two hours just how big of a problem delivery was in his industry:

"I make $80/hour. I drive a gas-guzzling truck. I would rather use my time finishing my client’s projects than driving around looking for supplies."

It was apparent that Mike was passionate about this topic, so Brian and Matt began seeking out more trades workers to talk with — sure enough, they were all singing the same tune.

And, that's the simple story of how they decided to go all-in on industrial delivery. They named their new venture Curri (of course) and embarked on the bold mission:

To be the way the world delivers construction and industrial supplies.

Matt Lafferty, CEO

Brian Gonzalez, CTO

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