Third Party Logistics Services for the Construction Industry

The modern construction industry needs reliable logistics solutions to transport building supplies. Curri is that solution. Using Curri as your third-party logistics service takes all of the stress and hassle out of scheduling same-day, first-mile, middle-mile, and last-mile deliveries.

Third Party Logistics

Nationwide delivery logistics for building supplies

At Curri, we set our service apart from other courier services on several fronts. First is our vast fleet of vehicles. Our fleet network includes vehicles of every shape and size to handle any delivery you may have. With Curri, you’ll have on-demand access to sedans, pickup trucks, semi-trucks, flatbeds, bobtails, cargo vans, box trucks, and much more. Whatever load you need to be delivered, we have a vehicle that can handle the job. Imagine having an entire fleet at your fingertips, without the cost of buying new vehicles, maintaining them, and insuring them. This is what Curri provides.

Another factor that makes Curri special is our network of local delivery drivers. Curri’s service is localized across the nation, and construction distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers can easily call on a local driver who will make sure your materials and supplies get delivered securely and on time. Our network drivers are fully insured, background checked, and offer incredible customer service. There’s no route too big, small, easy, or difficult for Curri.

How Curri Works

Curri is incredibly simple to use, yet there are advanced analytics and logistics software operating under the hood. But for our partners, our app is simply intuitive. First, all you have to do is create your Curri account. Then you can log in and start using delivery services.

To request a delivery, all you need to do is select your dropoff and pickup location, choose your delivery time, specify the size of your load, and choose the size of vehicle you’ll be needing for the job. From there, our customer service team will match you to the best vehicle and driver.

Curri provides you with tracking during delivery and confirmation once the job is complete. You'll save money on every route because you never have to choose a vehicle that’s bigger than you need for the job. You can count on Curri to make sure your delivery goes perfectly and that your materials and supplies get where they need to go at the most affordable rate.

Third Party Logistics

A Powerful Logistics Provider for the Construction Industry

Curri is a powerful logistics platform built for the construction industry and various other industries as well. When you partner with Curri, you’ll get powerful tools that can give you custom usage reports, driver performance metrics, GPS tracking, signed delivery confirmation, and much more. You’ll always have the analytics you need to see how Curri is working for you and how much time and money we’re saving for your business.

Supercharge your supply chain

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What Is 3PL?

3PL stands for Third Party Logistics, referring to the outsourcing of logistics and supply chain management functions to a specialized third-party provider, offering comprehensive solutions to handle warehousing, transportation, and distribution operations.

What Is a Third Party Logistics Company?

A Third Party Logistics Company is a service provider that offers a range of logistics services, including inventory management, order fulfillment, transportation, and distribution, enabling businesses to outsource their logistics functions and focus on core operations.

How Does 3PL Fulfillment Work?

3PL Fulfillment involves the end-to-end management of logistics operations, including receiving, storing, picking, packing, and shipping goods on behalf of a business, ensuring efficient order fulfillment and timely delivery to end customers.

Does Curri Provide On Demand 3PL Services?

es, Curri offers On-Demand 3PL Services, providing businesses with flexible and scalable logistics solutions to meet their immediate needs, helping businesses optimize their supply chain and improve customer satisfaction.