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Local Pickup Trucks + Local Drivers = Your On-Demand Fleet

Curri is the most complete fleet available for outsourced delivery services. Our pickup trucks are always ready to go. So are our box trucks, flatbeds, dry-vans, semis, sedans, and specialty vehicles. Best of all, you don’t have to maintain, insure, or purchase new vehicles. Curri has everything you need.

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What is a pickup truck courier?

A pickup truck courier provides delivery services using pickup trucks, ideal for transporting smaller loads efficiently and cost-effectively.

Is there a pickup truck delivery app?

Yes, Curri offers a user-friendly pickup truck delivery app, allowing you to easily manage and track your deliveries with convenience.

Does Curri offer same-day delivery with pickup trucks?

Yes, Curri provides same-day delivery services with pickup trucks, ensuring your goods are delivered promptly and reliably.

Does Curri offer scheduled delivery with pickup trucks?

Absolutely! Curri allows you to schedule delivery services with pickup trucks, providing flexibility and convenience for your logistics needs.

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