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Sprinter Vans + Local Drivers = Your On-Demand Fleet.

Curri provides you with a complete fleet for your business. If you’re needing a Sprinter van, we have plenty ready to go whenever you request them. We have box trucks, semis, flatbeds, sedans, pickups, bobtails, and much more. With Curri, you get the benefits of an expansive fleet without the maintenance, insurance, and vehicle purchase costs.

All you have to do is place your order and pick your vehicle. We’ve got it covered from there. Check out our fleet capabilities to see everything we can provide you for your next delivery.

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What is a cargo van hotshot?

A cargo van hotshot refers to the use of cargo vans for expedited deliveries, offering fast and dedicated transportation services.

Is there a cargo van delivery app?

Yes, Curri provides a convenient cargo van delivery app that allows you to easily book, track, and manage your deliveries.

Does Curri offer multi-stop sprinter van delivery routes?

Absolutely! Curri offers multi-stop delivery routes with sprinter vans, optimizing your logistics operations and saving you time and effort.

What is the difference between a cargo van and a sprinter van?

“Cargo van” and “sprinter van” are often used interchangeably, but “Sprinter” is actually a branded name for the Mercedes-Benz model of cargo van. So Sprinter vans are cargo vans, but cargo vans aren’t necessarily Sprinter vans.

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