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Curri Cars + Local Drivers = Your On-Demand Fleet

Curri makes light-duty delivery logistics convenient. Our sedans and small vehicles are always ready and waiting. You don’t have to plan your deliveries out when you can always count on Curri to come in and get them to their destination.

Check out our fleet capabilities to see everything we can provide you for your next delivery.

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What is light-duty delivery?

Light-duty delivery refers to the transportation of smaller, lighter loads using vehicles such as cars, offering cost-effective and efficient solutions.

Is it more efficient to use cars for small deliveries?

Yes, using cars for small deliveries can often be more efficient, especially in urban areas where maneuverability and parking are crucial.

Can I schedule light-duty delivery services ahead of time?

Absolutely! Curri allows you to schedule light-duty delivery services ahead of time, ensuring your deliveries are well-planned and on time.

Can I add Curri cars to my virtual fleet?

Yes, Curri offers the option to add cars to your virtual fleet, providing you with expanded capabilities and flexibility in your logistics operations.

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