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Local Flatbeds + Drivers = Your Same-Day Delivery Fleet

Curri’s flatbed transport services are just the beginning. Of course, when you need a flatbed delivery, it’s easy to request one. But we also have cargo vans, semis, box trucks, sedans, pickups, bobtails, and much more.

Our fleet network is nationwide and always expanding, so you can count on Curri to handle any size or shape of delivery that you have.

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Where can I find a flatbed truck courier?

Curri offers reliable and professional flatbed truck couriers, making it convenient for you to find one in your area for efficient transportation.

Can I schedule hotshot flatbed deliveries with Curri?

Yes, Curri allows you to schedule hotshot flatbed deliveries, ensuring your time-sensitive cargo is transported swiftly and securely.

Can Curri handle last mile deliveries with flatbed trucks?

Absolutely! Curri has the expertise and equipment to handle last mile deliveries with flatbed trucks, providing reliable and efficient service.

Is flatbed hotshot delivery service available?

Yes, Curri offers flatbed hotshot delivery service, catering to the urgent transportation needs of large or specialized cargo.

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