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Whether you're local retail, regional distribution, or national enterprise, Curri was built for your business. We provide a complete fleet of vehicles, from light duty to heavy freight. There are no recurring fees or subscription costs - you only pay for the deliveries you book. Our customer service is second to none, so go ahead and get in touch. We're ready to get the job done.

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What Can I Transport With a Pickup Truck and Pipe Rack?

A pickup truck with pipe racks can transport everything a regular pickup can, plus longer items such as lumber, pipes, siding, and more.

Does Curri Provide Same-Day Hotshot Delivery Trucks with Pipe Racks?

Yes! With Curri, you can schedule hotshot deliveries for the same day using our nationwide fleet of pickup trucks with pipe racks.

Can I Schedule a Delivery Ahead of Time?

No problem! You can schedule your delivery weeks in advance, or on the same day!

Can I Use My Pipe Rack Pickup Truck to Earn Money Making Deliveries?

Absolutely. You can join Curri and become a delivery pro, earning money for every delivery you make.

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