How Mission Moulding increased sales and customer satisfaction

Meg Jorbel

Meg Jorbel

Mission Moulding increases sales and customer satisfaction with same-day delivery.


Mission Moulding needed a professional and affordable same-day delivery solution to acquire more business from retail customers and deliver more frequently to contractors at construction sites.

The high cost of hiring an in-house delivery driver to use as-needed and paying for auto insurance was not a feasible option.


Mission Moulding decided to trust Curri. They were impressed by the combination of intuitive technology, hands-on operations, and customer success teams, available to bookers at any time before, during, and after the delivery occurred.

They frequently utilized Curri’s same-day delivery with a 1-3 hour delivery window option. Bookers received live tracking links with pictures on pickup and drop-off.

The versatile fleet provided by Curri helped Mission Moulding match the right vehicle type for each delivery, including cars, box trucks, and trucks with pipe racks.


  • 10% increase in retail sales

Mission Moulding achieved more sales from customers who could get materials delivered.

  • 40% jump in delivery requests

A versatile fleet met the delivery demands of contractors and retail customers.

  • Materials delivered within 1-hour

Items arrived same-day to construction sites and homes within a 1-hour window of request.

What Mission Moulding Says About Curri

"Curri is definitely something the construction industry should look to because you can increase your margins by going with this service. It takes the stress off of the business owner and the manager.”

Alex Joy, Sales Manager

Mission Moulding

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