AM/PM Plumbing & Heating Supply Saves 50% on Operational Costs with Curri

Meg Jorbel

March 10, 2023

Meg Jorbel

AM/PM Plumbing & Heating Supply

“With Curri, I don't have to deal with BS. I have less headaches, and the cost factor is tremendous.” - Anthony Cuccinello, President

Company Size: Small Business (1-25 employees)
Industry: Plumbing, HVAC
Platform Solution: Curri Hotshots

Plumbing and HVAC wholesaler AM/PM Plumbing & Heating Supply was looking for a more efficient way to run delivery operations for less. Their search for a solution led them to Curri. Since using Curri's logistics delivery platform, they have cut operational costs by 50% and increased retail sales by 10% for emergency contractor jobs.

The Challenges

1. Excessive overheads impacted the bottom-line revenue

As the small business employed drivers, owned, operated and insured box trucks year-round, it lost money on the overhead maintenance and operating costs associated with delivery.

2. Poor transparency threatened the customer experience

The absence of real-time updates on the delivery status of orders frustrated customers and compromised their overall satisfaction with the wholesaler.

3. High risk of financial loss caused by delivery-related liability

It was the business' responsibility to assume the risk associated with delivery. In the event that the driver is injured or causes an injury, the financial ramifications would be significant for the company. Damaged products during delivery would also result in a financial loss for the company.

4. Lack of focus risked retail sales

With a limited number of drivers and box trucks on hand, sales reps would perform deliveries as needed to accommodate customer demand. With today's hiring challenges, a small business such as AM/PM Supply had to be careful about resource allocation. Not having enough staff behind the counter could negatively affect customer service and thus result in fewer sales.

The Curri Solution

“Curri saves me from driver issues and timing issues. It just makes sense to use you.” - Anthony Cuccinello, President

AM/PM Supply leveraged Curri’s logistics delivery platform to considerably cut day-to-day operational costs with Curri Hotshots, thus improving their overall bottom line and enhancing their customer experience.

Delivery operational costs were significantly reduced by 50% within a year

when AM/PM Supply relied on Curri for on-demand, last-mile delivery. Through Curri, they were able to reallocate their operational expenses related to drivers and delivery trucks, increasing their bottom line.

Increased sales by 10% within a year with same-day, on-demand delivery

for a faster response to emergency plumbing and HVAC jobs for contractors who needed materials ASAP.

Improved customer relationships and increased delivery accuracy

by providing real-time delivery updates with live tracking and proof of delivery photos.

Enlarged delivery radius by 250 miles to enable delivery out of state,

making no address too far to win a sale.

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