United Rentals Bolsters Sales by 20% and Boosts Operational Efficiency with Curri Hotshots

Meg Jorbel

June 8, 2023

Meg Jorbel

United Rentals

"Curri extends the personal touch and reliability that other logistics platform services don’t provide. When you're moving $10-$20K worth of product for us, the assurance that my Curri rep is always reachable provides immense peace of mind."

— Tommy Fortkort, Branch Manager

Industry: Tool & Equipment Rentals
Branches: Sterling, VA and Halethorpe, MD
Platform Solution: Curri Hotshots

Two east coast United Rentals branches achieved a 20% surge in sales, saved over 1,000 in operational hours, and improved multiple branch transfers of tool products across several United Rentals locations.

The Challenges

1. Revitalizing route productivity

United Rentals sought a delivery provider to rectify inefficiencies in route planning across the DC and Baltimore areas. They needed outsourced drivers to facilitate time-sensitive sales, reduce excessive mileage, expedite turnaround times, and help internal drivers focus on their optimized routes.

2. Scaling up to meet customer demand

Growing customer demand called for an increased fleet of outsourced delivery drivers. United Rentals needed to bridge the gap between supply capabilities and escalating demand.

3. Streamlining branch transfers for sales optimization

An efficient solution was needed to replace the slow branch transfer process that posed a threat to potential sales. It was vital to have a system that could speed up these transfers and bolster revenue generation.

4. Live U.S. customer support

A delivery provider with live, U.S.-based customer support was required to swiftly address real-time concerns and queries.

The Curri Solution

"We're big fans of Curri. Our company, and even our area partners, are increasingly adopting your services."

— Tommy Fortkort, Branch Manager

Capitalizing on Curri Hotshots and multi-stop deliveries, United Rentals streamlined daily operations. This enabled secure, time-sensitive sales for customer pickups and on-demand job site deliveries, reinforcing their reputation for reliability.

An uptick of 20% in sales was achieved

through consistent delivery via Curri Hotshots. This underlines the importance of responsive logistics on sales and customer satisfaction.

Inter-branch relationships were strengthened

owing to the branch's dependability in swiftly transferring products to other United Rentals locations.

Significantly enriched the customer experience

as contractors promptly received essential unitary heating and air conditioning equipment with on-demand delivery early in the morning. This timely delivery ensures that their customers enjoy seamless installations and minimal disruptions to their daily routines.

1,000 hours of operational time were saved, which represents 6-months worth of a full-time driver,

was witnessed, with customers appreciating the guarantee of rush and same-day delivery with Curri Hotshots.

A 10% increase in delivery requests from builders and contractors

was witnessed, with customers appreciating the guarantee of rush and same-day delivery with Curri Hotshots.

The availability of live customer support, via chat or phone,

ensured United Rentals could always communicate with their Curri rep for delivery inquiries and status updates.


“Curri's capacity for rapid delivery makes a world of difference. The certainty that the product won't be left overnight or potentially get misplaced, and that it travels directly from point A to B, is invaluable.”

— Tommy Fortkort, Branch Manager

Now, United Rentals operates efficiently across various branches, swiftly transferring tool equipment to secure sales for customer pickups. When builders and contractors require tools and equipment urgently, United Rentals, powered by Curri, ensures delivery without delay.

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