APR Supply Co. Pennsylvania‍ Branches Gain 124 Productivity Hours

Meg Jorbel

April 26, 2023

Meg Jorbel

APR Supply Co.

“Like many in our industry, labor resources are constrained. By incorporating Curri into our operations, we’ve kept our workforce on the production floor while Curri handles the deliveries."

— Keith Northey, Regional Branch Leader

Company Size: Enterprise (200+ employees)
Industry: HVAC, Plumbing, Hydronics
Branches: 6 Branches across Pennsylvania
Platform Solution: Curri Dedicated for Driver Fill-Ins, Curri Hotshots

APR Supply Co. branches throughout Pennsylvania have experienced a remarkable increase of 124 productivity hours within a single year. This significant improvement has allowed them to reinforce their "customer first" approach, consistently ensuring timely deliveries and exceptional service through the seamless integration of Curri.

The Challenges

1. Disruption on the production floor

Managing significant labor constraints and ensuring employees remain focused on their core daily tasks, without being diverted to handle deliveries, in order to maintain optimal operational efficiency, productivity, and overall business performance.

2. Lack of resource during internal driver absences

Addressing the issue of maintaining timely and efficient deliveries when faced with workforce gaps due to vacations, illnesses, or other unforeseen circumstances, while minimizing disruptions to daily operations and ensuring customer satisfaction.

3. Time-consuming, congested markets to make deliveries

Overcoming the hurdles of navigating through dense urban environments, managing tight delivery windows, and efficiently allocating resources to ensure timely and consistent delivery of products to customers.

4. Outsourcing a dependable delivery provider

Finding a reliable, cost-effective, and scalable delivery logistics provider that can seamlessly integrate with existing operations, maintain high standards of customer satisfaction, and adapt to the unique needs of APR Supply Co.’s business.

The Curri Solution

“Curri ensured there was never disruption in service to our customers and transported APR Supply Co.’s materials to our multiple markets."

— Keith Northey, Regional Branch Leader

APR Supply Co. effectively utilized Curri Dedicated to fill in for drivers on vacation and manage full-day, multi-stop deliveries, while concurrently deploying Curri Hotshots for the swift transportation of smaller supplies in compact vehicles, catering to congested urban markets and branch transfers—saving valuable time and resources.

Gained 2.5 productivity hours per week

by utilizing Curri Hotshots for deliveries in congested markets and Curri Dedicated for full-week driver fill-ins. APR Supply Co. saved significant productivity hours within a year, kept their workforce focused on core tasks, and eliminated the need for employees to handle delivery duties.

Optimized daily operations, including streamlined branch transfers,

increasing productivity and a more efficient supply chain. Curri helped foster smoother communication between locations, promoting better coordination and collaboration for deliveries.

Significantly enriched the customer experience

as contractors promptly received essential unitary heating and air conditioning equipment with on-demand delivery early in the morning. This timely delivery ensures that their customers enjoy seamless installations and minimal disruptions to their daily routines.

Addressed congested markets with outsourced compact vehicles

with cars and SUVs from Curri’s driver network for smaller supply deliveries, while reserving the internal fleet of trucks for more substantial supply requests, to optimize resource allocation and enhance operational efficiency.

Ensured uninterrupted service to customers

with Curri Dedicated full-week driver fill-ins to accommodate internal drivers’ vacation time. Outsourced drivers from Curri’s network arrived punctually, operated APR Supply Co.'s vehicles, and carry out comprehensive daily deliveries, maintaining the company's high standards of efficiency and customer satisfaction.


“Our customers have come to expect that service commitment from us and Curri’s Dedicated driver fill-ins made the experience completely seamless to our customers and to our team."

— Keith Northey, Regional Branch Leader

APR Supply Co. gained significant benefits from utilizing Curri's delivery services, gaining 124 hours in productivity and streamlining their supply chain operations. 

Curri Hotshots and Curri Dedicated enabled APR Supply Co. to allocate resources more efficiently, while providing a seamless customer experience. Comprehensive delivery logistics solutions ensured uninterrupted service for clients, even when internal drivers were on vacation. By partnering with Curri, APR Supply Co. enhanced its operational efficiency, elevated customer satisfaction, and optimized communication between its branches.

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