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Larry Bernstein

November 20, 2022

Larry Bernstein

It’s been well-documented that businesses in the United States are struggling to hire sufficient staff. Hiring drivers is especially difficult. In a February 2022 CDL Life article, a source said, “It’s one of the most difficult times that I’ve ever been through. I started this company 25 years ago, and hiring drivers right now is next to impossible.” Therefore, hiring a temporary on-demand delivery driver on short notice would seem impossible. Work with Curri, and we can be the solution to your fleet concerns and get you the temp delivery driver you need when you need it.

Curri Can Help: Common Customer Needs

While many companies may need temporary delivery drivers, circumstances vary. Whatever the situation, Curri can help. We have a large pool of on-demand drivers ready to handle your company’s fleet needs. We manage the complex logistics involved with making short-notice deliveries a snap. You can focus on what you do best while Curri provides temporary drivers to ensure delivery remains on schedule.

Just what delivery needs can Curri assist with? Check out the following.

I Need a Delivery Driver to Fill In ASAP

You’ve had a delivery driver call out last minute. With a depleted roster, the chance of finding a replacement is only slightly better than being hit by lightning. Even if you could have another employee take an extra shift, do you want to? You don't want to taxi the staff by calling on them on short notice. Because drivers are in such demand, they can easily decide to work for a competitor or in a different industry. So, you need to manage the staff delicately and not push them. Happy employees are more likely to remain with their employers.

Then, there are last-minute orders. Whether it's a regular customer whose business you value, or a new customer whose business you'd like to get, getting a delivery driver on short notice is essential. Curri has on-demand temp drivers available across the country 24/7. Simply schedule a delivery via the app, and we'll match a nearby driver with a relevant vehicle automatically.

I Need a Temporary Delivery Driver Until I Can Hire a New One

One of your delivery drivers quit. You have the fleet ready to go, but if you’re short on drivers, it doesn’t matter. If you decide you want to bring another driver on staff. The hiring process will likely be lengthy based on the shortage noted above.

In the meantime, you have customers who are expecting a delivery and are not interested in hearing about a shortage of delivery drivers.

Curri can help fill the gap in such a scenario. We can supply an on-demand temporary driver who will work until you hire a delivery driver. This solution can ease the pressure you feel to hire a delivery driver right away. Therefore, you can take your time and find the right person for your company. Curri's On-Demand Dedicated Routes offer you the convenience of a dedicated driver and vehicle tailored to your requirements, available for a minimum of one day.

I Need to Expand My Delivery Fleet for the Busy Season

Whether the holidays, spring, back to school, or summer, many businesses have a busy season. Ensuring you have optimal staffing levels to handle your busy season is tricky. Do you ask your staff to work overtime? Do you have extra staff during the year so there is slack that can be used during the busy season? Do you bring in temporary workers during the season? All of these options have their plusses and minuses.

Curri can be the solution to help you get through the busy season. You can have the right amount of delivery drivers available regardless of the size of your fleet. By working with Curri, you have temp drivers who can handle the busy season and drive on short notice. You only commit to these temp drivers as demands dictate. The service eliminates the debate about staffing and removes the challenge of handling the complexity of dealing with the logistics related to bringing on temp staff.

I Need a Long-Term Partnership with On-Demand Couriers

It seems like an oxymoron – long-term temp. However, this solution might work best for your business. Maybe, delivery demand regularly fluctuates. Or perhaps the need to make deliveries on short notice happens fairly regularly yet not often enough to be predictable. The challenge remains to satisfy customer demands and expectations while retaining the ideal number of employees. This also impacts the size of the fleet.

You don’t have to choose. Curri can be a long-term solution for your fleet needs. Our temporary delivery drivers can regularly be available on short notice. By working with temporary drivers, you also control costs better since you only pay for the service when it's used. Delivery drivers are not sitting around during slow periods. The fleet is kept at a minimum, which reduces the costs associated with maintaining it. Employing on-demand couriers can be a good choice for your business.

Curri Fleet Capabilities

Curri’s temporary drivers offer a versatile wide-ranging fleet. Vehicles of all sizes, from sedans to flatbed trucks, are available. So, our temp drivers can deliver building materials of all sizes. In addition, our drivers have vehicles equipped with tools to get the job done, such as lift gates, landolls, moffetts, goosenecks, dovetails, and pipe racks.

Plus, we serve the entire lower 48 states. You can schedule a delivery last minute via the Curri desktop app and note the vehicle type you need. Our fleet network will be able to service your needs.

Your Partner for Same-Day Delivery and Logistics

It’s hard to find temporary help. Delivery drivers are in great demand, and working with them can be difficult. Making sure deliveries happen as needed is stressful. You can do everything right and still struggle to get building materials to your customers ASAP.

Curri is a solution to this problem. Our network of temporary delivery drivers is professional and will make deliveries to your customers as needed. You can schedule delivery via the desktop app in advance or even on the same day.

Deliveries can be made on short notice, and you'll receive a digital confirmation when the product is delivered.

So, stop stressing over hiring/finding temporary delivery drivers. Get started with Curri and let us provide you with temp drivers available to make same-day deliveries.

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