How On-Demand Delivery Drivers Reduce Costs and Improve Operations

Alice Warnier

June 11, 2024

Alice Warnier

Running a business that’s growing is great, but it also comes with increased costs. As you grow, things like delivery costs increase too and it gets harder to maintain tight operations. Managing a fleet of drivers can feel like juggling too many balls at once. And unexpected demand spikes and scheduling headaches eat into profits.

It’s not just you. Many businesses face these same hurdles. The high labor costs, fuel expenses, and vehicle upkeep can quickly add up.

On-demand delivery drivers are the solution. They’re a flexible, ready-to-go workforce that can step in whenever needed. In this article, we’ll discuss how on-demand delivery drivers can improve your business. 

What Do On-Demand Delivery Drivers Do?

On-demand delivery drivers are independent contractors with their own vehicle. On-demand delivery drivers step in whenever needed.  But these drivers are not just occasional extra help; they can handle all of your delivery needs.

When you have deliveries to make, instead of relying solely on a fixed fleet, you call on on-demand drivers. On-demand drivers handle everything from picking up items at your warehouse to making sure they reach their destination without issues. 

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Collecting items from your warehouse or storage location.
  • Driving specialized vehicles for safe transportation.
  • Making sure deliveries are made on time, every time.
  • Managing any specific delivery needs, like handling sensitive equipment.
  • Keeping you informed with real-time tracking and status updates.
  • Staying in touch with your team to coordinate smooth deliveries.

On-Demand Delivery Driver Use Cases

On-demand delivery drivers can change the way businesses handle logistics. Let's discuss some key use cases for on-demand delivery drivers in both first-mile and last-mile delivery.

First Mile Delivery

The first mile involves transporting materials from the supplier's warehouse to the initial distribution point.

Suppose a manufacturer needs to transport heavy equipment to a regional distributor. Using on-demand drivers allows manufacturers to increase deliveries during busy periods without straining their own fleet. Additionally, the ability to adjust to varying delivery volumes helps the company manage inventory better. 

Last Mile Delivery

During last-mile delivery, on-demand delivery drivers move materials from the distribution hub to their final location. Timing is crucial here because any delay can halt the entire project.

Suppose a construction crew suddenly requires additional supplies to meet a tight deadline. On-demand delivery drivers can quickly respond to these urgent requests. The use of on-demand drivers reduces downtime caused by waiting for materials.

Industries That Benefit From On-Demand Delivery

Here’s a look at some of the industries that benefit from on-demand delivery.

  • Tires: Delivery of tires to auto repair shops, tire dealers, and directly to customers for tire replacement services.
  • Auto Parts: Transporting engine components, transmission parts, and other critical auto parts to mechanics, dealerships, and parts stores.
  • Home Improvement: Delivering tools, paint, lumber, and other home improvement supplies to hardware stores and construction sites.
  • Roofing: Supplying shingles, roofing tiles, and other roofing materials to construction sites and roofing contractors.
  • HVAC: Transporting air conditioning units, furnaces, ductwork, and other HVAC components to installation sites and repair shops.
  • Building Materials: Delivering concrete, bricks, steel beams, and other essential building materials to construction sites and storage facilities.
  • Electrical: Supplying electrical wiring, circuit breakers, lighting fixtures, and other electrical components to electricians and construction sites.
  • Plumbing: Transporting pipes, fittings, water heaters, and other plumbing materials to plumbers and construction sites.

Curri’s On-Demand Delivery Drivers: How it Works

Here’s how on-demand delivery works on Curri:

  • Create an account with Curri.
  • Tell us what you need to deliver and where it needs to go.
  • We'll match you with an on-demand delivery driver to get it there.
  • Everything is tracked in real-time and insured.

Once you make a request, drivers:

  • Head to the pickup location.
  • Load and secure items correctly.
  • Use our app for the most optimized route.
  • Take photos of items before and after delivery.
  • Obtain customer signature and update the app.
Screenshot of the Curri app showing the vehicle selection screen for delivery. 
Choosing your vehicle and route in Curri’s on-demand delivery platform

Curri offers:

  • Fleet Elasticity: Curri’s network includes vehicles of every size and function.
  • Priority Service: With Curri, you get rush, same-day, or scheduled hotshot service, making sure your deliveries are on time every time.
  • Cost Reduction: Using Curri helps you save money, make customers happier, and reduce the time spent on moving materials.
  • Simple Process: Input your locations, choose a vehicle, and fill out some info about your delivery. Curri assigns an expert driver to get your delivery done fast and reliably.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Choose your preferred delivery time to complete your work quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of On-Demand Delivery Drivers

On-demand delivery drivers offer a lot of advantages for businesses. They provide flexible and efficient solutions that save time, reduce costs, and improve operations. Let's explore some of the key benefits and how they impact businesses.

On-Demand Drivers Provide Immediate Staffing Solutions

One of the biggest benefits of on-demand delivery drivers is that they offer immediate staffing solutions. If you suddenly have a surge in orders or an urgent delivery need, on-demand drivers can step in quickly. This flexibility helps you handle peak times without the hassle of hiring permanent staff.

Temporary Delivery Drivers for Flexible Staffing

Imagine if one of your delivery drivers quit tomorrow. You have the fleet ready to go, but if you’re short on drivers, it doesn’t matter. So you need to bring another driver on staff. The hiring process takes too long though. In the meantime, you have customers expecting a delivery. They’re  not interested in hearing about your shortage of delivery drivers.

Our on-demand driver service provides a flexible staffing option for your business. You can use on-demand drivers when needed instead of maintaining a large fleet of permanent drivers and vehicles. 

With temp driver staffing, you can reduce labor costs and avoid the overhead associated with full-time employees.

Expanding Your Delivery Fleet with On-Demand Drivers

Fleets are expensive. On-demand delivery drivers allow you to scale up your operations without investing in new vehicles or staff. You get access to a wide range of vehicles and drivers as needed. Curri's fleet elasticity enables you to grow your business and meet increasing demand without the financial burden of expanding your own fleet.

Long-Term Partnerships with On-Demand Delivery Services

Building long-term partnerships with on-demand delivery services can provide consistent and reliable support for your business.

Curri offers dedicated trucking services, which provide a dedicated truck and driver exclusively for a single customer, typically for a specific route or set of routes.

Curri’s Fleet Capabilities

Curri's nationwide fleet of on-demand drivers and vehicles can meet a wide range of delivery needs. 

On-Demand Vehicle Variety

Curri offers a wide range of vehicles, from sedans to flatbed trucks. This means our drivers can deliver materials of all sizes. Our vehicles are equipped with tools like lift gates, landolls, moffetts, goosenecks, dovetails, and pipe racks to handle any delivery safely and efficiently.

Screenshot of Curri's vehicle selection options for delivery.
Vehicles available on Curri’s on-demand delivery platform

Whether you need a small car for light deliveries or a heavy-duty truck for large items, Curri has you covered.


Curri's fleet can scale to meet your demands. We serve the entire lower 48 states, so no matter where you are, Curri can help. You can schedule a delivery last minute via the Curri desktop app and specify the vehicle type you need. Our extensive fleet network will service your requirements quickly.

Book an On-Demand Delivery Driver with CurriAre delivery delays costing you money and upsetting your customers? Do you struggle with last-minute delivery needs? With Curri, you can solve these problems easily.

Experience the peace of mind of knowing your shipments will arrive safely and promptly. Save time, reduce costs, and keep your customers happy with Curri's on-demand delivery drivers.

Reserve a Curri driver today and watch your worries disappear.

FAQ About On-Demand Delivery

What is on-demand vs scheduled delivery?

On-demand delivery allows businesses to request deliveries as needed, often on short notice. Scheduled delivery, on the other hand, involves planning deliveries in advance at specific times or intervals. Curri offers both.

Scheduled delivery is ideal for regular, predictable delivery needs, while on-demand delivery offers the flexibility to handle last-minute or irregular requests.

Can Curri handle last-minute delivery requests?

Yes, Curri specializes in handling last-minute delivery requests. You can book a delivery at the last minute and our extensive fleet network will ensure your needs are met quickly.

Are on-demand delivery services available 24/7?

Curri provides around-the-clock service, ensuring that deliveries can be made at any time, day or night.

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