A Driver Recruitment Solution for the Tire Industry

Larry Bernstein

December 20, 2021

Larry Bernstein

If you own a car, repairs are inevitable. It’s those surprise repairs that are the most frustrating. A flat tire often seems to come out of nowhere and renders a car undrivable. Therefore, when a tire needs to be replaced, it’s nearly always an emergency. People don’t want to hear from the professionals in the tire industry, “We’ll have it for you tomorrow.”

That’s why tire distributors need to focus on driver recruitment along with hiring and retaining employees. Tire dealers need to regularly stock a wide variety of tires to retain and please their customers. And distributors need drivers to deliver tires to the dealers to retain their business. Employing enough drivers, however, can be a challenge.

Major Hiring Shortages Are Impacting Tire Distributors

Read the news these days, and you’re bound to hear about a shortage of employees. Despite the drop in the unemployment rate, many tire distributors are finding it difficult to hire staff. Employee shortages lead business owners to spend excessive amounts of time focusing on recruitment and hiring. When hiring and recruitment are the focus of a company, they are looking inward rather than outward. An outward-looking company focuses on expanding the business and general growth.

Hiring shortages tend to lead tire distributors and other companies to raise the wages of drivers. They increase wages to retain current drivers, who may be targeted by competitors who are most likely in a similar situation due to hiring shortages. Another reason to raise wages is to entice potential workers to join the company and become employees.

Being short-staffed can also lead to overworking those who are currently on staff, leaving them more likely to leave. Finally, hiring shortages lead to a loss of business since a company will struggle to fill the needs/demands of its customers.

Curri’s Flexible, Nationwide Fleet of Drivers Expands Your Workforce

What can a tire distributor do to ensure they don't get caught in the revolving door of driver recruitment? They can hire Curri. We can fill all your company’s staffing needs as we have a nationwide fleet of drivers.

When you work with Curri, our large professional team of drivers is accessible to you. Our delivery drivers have a wide variety of vehicles from semis to SUVs and everything in between. This enables us to match your cargo with the appropriate vehicle type. The drivers are experienced, trained, fully insured, and can handle any delivery you require.

So, the scramble to hire and retain drivers can be a thing of the past. By expanding your tire company’s workforce and breaking out of the cycle of perpetual recruitment, you can focus on growing their business and not driver staffing.

Your Schedule, Your Terms: Long-term Partnership or Temp Staffing

What if I don’t need a driver today? What if I have multiple routes that are unaccounted for? A driver shortage can be a stressful issue. After all, you are anxious to keep your customers happy and fulfill the promises you made.

Hiring a new driver – even if applicants are available – is a big decision. It’s an investment, because it means training the recruit and paying a regular salary, even if the business has its ups and downs. This can be expensive and a drag on operations.

Whatever your delivery needs may be – a regular route, temporary staffing – and everything in between, Curri can help. We can serve in a long-term partnership, or we can offer temporary staffing as needed. When you work with Curri, you can be assured that your delivery needs will be handled. Best of all, you can focus on growing your business and not on temporary staffing needs.

It’s Never Been Easier to Hire a Delivery Driver with Curri

When you work with Curri, it’s easy as clicking a button to hire a delivery driver. That’s because all our services are accessible from our software program. To start hiring delivery drivers for your tire company, you simply create an account. And you’re ready to get delivery services.

The driver request process is easy. You share the details of your load, enter your pick-up and drop-off location, the delivery time, and the appropriate vehicle for the job. Then, our drivers are notified. Within moments, you will have a delivery driver. And how do you know that your delivery reached its destination? Once the delivery is made, you’ll receive photographic proof, a signature, and who the package is left with. Boom! This on-demand same-day delivery service streamlines the staffing process.

The Curri Team Is Your Team, On-Demand

Whether the need for a driver is a temporary need to fill in for someone who is out for a couple of days, or for an extended time to meet the needs of the busy season, Curri can provide that driver. Any vehicle, any time, on demand.

Just think of the Curri team as your team. We’re happy to provide on-demand delivery for your tire distribution company and help your business flourish. Ready to get started? Sign up for free!

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