Curri's Integration with ERP Systems: Streamlining Distributor Operations

Meg Jorbel

April 10, 2024

Meg Jorbel

In the competitive distribution landscape, especially within the construction and industrial sectors, operational efficiency and speed are not just advantageous—they're essential. Technological advancements can significantly benefit the journey from order placement to delivery, a critical aspect of a distributor's service quality. Integrating delivery logistics providers like Curri with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems becomes a game-changer.

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Understanding ERP Systems

An ERP system acts as an organization's technological spine, supporting various business processes such as accounting, procurement, project management, and supply chain operations. Its primary strength lies in its ability to centralize data and streamline workflows across different departments, enhancing efficiency and providing real-time business insights. For distributors, an ERP simplifies data management and improves decision-making processes by offering a holistic view of operations.

Customizing when a shipment is created and a carrier is dispatched gives companies flexibility to ensure deliveries are efficient and aligned with their operations.

Critical Need for Curri Integration in ERPs for Distributors

Curri, known for its efficient logistics and delivery services for construction and industrial supplies, emerges as a powerful ally for distributors aiming to refine their sales order processes. Whether meeting a customer’s emergency needs, reaching a customer not in the effective range of the distributor’s fleet, or flexing to meet higher demand, Curri’s delivery services allow a distributor to capture and protect their sales. Here's why integrating Curri with ERP systems is becoming increasingly popular among distributors:

Accelerated Sales Order Process

The seamless integration of Curri into an ERP accelerates the end-to-end sales order process. Distributors can easily access Curri's delivery network through their ERP interface when an order is ready to be shipped. This direct integration eliminates the need for manual data entry and separate systems for delivery arrangements, thus saving valuable time and minimizing errors. It also makes providing a delivery option like Buy Online Deliver From Store (BODFS) for customers a breeze.

Elimination of Inefficient Operations

"Swivel chair operations" refers to inefficient toggling between multiple systems to complete tasks. Integrating Curri into ERP systems eradicates this issue. Distributors can manage their delivery needs without leaving the ERP environment, ensuring a smoother, more efficient operational workflow and allowing employees to focus on their core responsibilities without the distraction of multiple interfaces.

Familiarity and Ease of Use

ERP systems are at the core of a distributor's daily operations. Employees are well-versed in navigating these systems, making the integration of Curri an intuitive step forward. This familiarity significantly reduces the learning curve and training requirements, ensuring that arranging deliveries is quick and user-friendly.

One System of Record

At its core, an ERP is meant to be the system of record. Integration not only enables integration and more efficient booking but also the capture of all delivery data. This means that employees can find proof of delivery photos and signatures in the original sales order, making future reference efficient and straightforward. It can also mean pulling delivery costs back into the sales order, which ensures the customer gets charged when necessary, protecting revenue loss. 

Transparent and live delivery rates integrated into the ERP allows companies to compare carrier costs and select the appropriate delivery method.

ERP Integrations with Curri

Curri's integration capabilities extend to several leading ERP systems tailored for distributors, such as Epicor-Eclipse, Epicor-Prophet 21, and DDI. These strategic integrations empower distributors to leverage Curri's delivery services directly from their existing ERP platforms, streamlining their sales order processes and enhancing overall operational efficiency. Direct integration into a customer’s ERP drives 4 primary efficiencies:

  • A Curri delivery can be requested directly out of a sales or purchase order (SO or PO) with just a few clicks
  • Live tracking and notifications can be pulled directly into that SO for easy access
  • Delivery costs can be pulled directly into the SO for billing the customer
  • Proof-of-delivery photos can be pulled back into the SO for easy reference

Streamline Your Operations: Integrate Curri with Your ERP

Ready to take your distribution operations to the next level? Contact us today at to learn more and start optimizing your operations for the future. 

Integrating Curri with your ERP system can transform your sales order process, streamline operations, and enhance customer satisfaction. Don't let manual data entry, inefficient workflows, and operational bottlenecks hold your business back. Embrace the power of strategic integration with Curri and unlock a world of efficiency and speed in your delivery processes. Explore how our solutions can elevate your distribution strategy and keep you ahead in the competitive landscape.

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