A Solution for HVAC Equipment and Part Shortages - Summer 2022

Davey Langham
June 13, 2022
Freon tanks delivery by Curri

Like everything else in the world the shortage of HVAC equipment was largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but how big of an effect has this had? Labor shortages are still a huge concern for most businesses but are slowly starting to normalize. Materials are in a “high demand - low supply” situation, and everyone in the world is fighting for a fractional share of semiconductor chips. Shipping has backed up and created a bottleneck effect that only enhances all delays. How long will this last? The answer to this is unclear, but we are starting to see some viable solutions to the shortages.

HVAC Supply Chain Issues Are Heating Up

Manufacturers are having a tough time getting parts and supplies, and this could cause prices to continue to climb throughout this year. According to Capital City Heating and Cooling General Manager Michael Murphysweet, HVAC prices have risen more than 80% over the last calendar year. Several reports published in 2021 were estimating that the supply chain would return to normal in Q1 of 2022, but it’s June and well… here we are. These supply chain issues are not only putting a strain on suppliers, and local HVAC businesses, but the homeowner is struggling with these price increases. It is estimated that the average HVAC unit costs $3,000 more this year than it did last.

Curri Is a Cool Solution for the HVAC Industry

For Manufacturers

HVAC manufacturers are not immune to all of the rising costs that have plagued many businesses over the past couple of years. The rising cost in materials has put a strain on the entire HVAC market and this starts directly at the top with manufacturers.

Everyone knows that there will always be a huge demand for HVAC systems, but one of the biggest problems for manufacturers is moving the units from their warehouses to their suppliers. Most of the largest HVAC manufacturers have completely switched, or at least partly switched to a courier-based delivery system. The reason for this is simple - Couriers will be able to fit delivery needs and provide precise tracking systems to cut down on delivery time and loss. Well… maybe not all of them. Courier services have their problems as well. Some companies can’t get the necessary vehicles needed to move freight such as HVAC equipment, or if they can get it the manufacturers may find themselves waiting in a long line of other companies needing to use these vehicles. How about trying to track freight orders? In most cases, the only option you have is entering the nine-digit PRO number into a search bar and hoping that a new scan has been logged.

How can Curri help with these problems? Curri has a nationwide network of drivers that can handle all manufacturers' needs. Flatbeds, stake trucks, and even semi-trucks, Curri will always be able to handle the load. Curri also offers tracking of your shipments that are updated in real-time. Curri is simple on the surface, making it extremely user-friendly, but under the hood there’s a powerful logistics program at work, giving you all the tools necessary to revolutionize your delivery ops team. With tools like scheduling, tracking, logistics, and many more you will always feel well taken care of with Curri.

For Suppliers

Curri can help suppliers in a variety of ways, but there are two main problems that Curri can solve. Curri has a vast delivery fleet, and a system to live track your shipments like no other. No order is built the same, and every customer's needs are different. Some customers may simply need a new set of blades or filters, while other orders may require full units, drain pans, or even coils.

Luckily, with Curri’s nationwide fleet of vehicles and drivers, we can fulfill any type of order anywhere. Supplier’s who use Curri significantly reduce the amount of time that it takes for orders to be fulfilled, which results in significantly happier customers. In an environment where prices have to be raised and margins are cut thin, Curri is here to help. By using Curri’s delivery fleet you will be able to fulfill more orders and fulfill them at a rapid pace.

For Contractors

There are several problems that the pandemic has brought on for HVAC contractors, but some existed long before 2020. One problem that all contractors face is the fluctuating busy periods. Peak busy season is in the Summer months, but even then there will be days when the phone rings off the hook and others when it is silent. When these busy days appear many are left scrambling to try and pencil the order in the schedule, or sadly on some occasions contractors simply have to respond with “I'm sorry, we are backed up today and won't have time to pick up the missing part for your job site until later this week”.

This is the worst thing that can happen, but unfortunately, it happens quite frequently. With Curri this will never be the answer. Curri’s fleet can handle all orders at a moment's notice. Curri’s “Hotshot deliveries'' will be picked up and delivered on the same day, which will allow you to keep your crew on site to finish the job instead of running errands.

Experienced Local Drivers - A Complete Fleet of Vehicles

When we say that we have a nation full of experienced Curri drivers, we mean it! Curri has drivers all across the country who will always provide quick and reliable deliveries. Curri drivers come equipped with a knowledge of your local area and market as well! Our drivers are unique in several ways, but one of the biggest is our fleet. Our fleet is able to handle all HVAC equipment no matter how big or small.

Using Curri is super affordable and will always ensure that you have an experienced driver ready to answer the call of transporting your customer's supplies. We have briefly touched on how versatile Curri’s vehicle fleet is, but that doesn’t do it justice! We have everything and we mean everything that your company could need to transport any type of HVAC equipment or supplies. Here at Curri, we have cars, semi-trucks, and everything in between, so you can always rest easy knowing that Curri will be able to handle any delivery that arises in your business. Our vehicles with pipe racks will be able to transport any and all pipes that are required.

Advanced Logistics and Tracking - Same-Day Service

At some point, you have probably run into a situation where you really needed a hotshot delivery. Curri is here to offer you assistance in these times. Whether one of the delivery drivers called in sick, you’re experiencing a day that is busier than most, or you just forgot to schedule enough drivers for deliveries - Curri is here to help. When you need a Hotshot delivery you genuinely don’t need it tomorrow or a week from now, you need it ASAP!

With Curri, we offer a same-day hotshot service. You won’t ever have to worry about making your local hotshot trucking deliveries again. Your customers will be thrilled with how quickly you can provide their materials, and will certainly be turning to your company again the next time they need any HVAC parts or equipment quickly. Not to mention that thanks to Curri’s advanced logistics tracking system, you will be able to see your delivery in real-time.

Curri Is a Hard Start Kit for Your Supply Chain

Imagine one of your customers calls in and says that their unit is struggling to start up and shuts off shortly after it starts up. The unit stutters and spurs before eventually starting up. This issue is not letting the unit run smoothly, or at its max potential, The solution may simply be that the unit needs a hard start kit. You could be experiencing the same problem in your business and Curri is your hard start kit. If you have units that can’t be delivered due to not having the right vehicles available then Curri’s vast fleet of vehicles is your solution. If the problem is you can’t find experienced drivers for all of your locations, then Curri’s nationwide network of experienced drivers is your solution.

Whatever your business may need, Curri can be the hard start you need to keep your business running smoothly and your customers happy!

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