It’s National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day!

Meg Jorbel

March 29, 2022

Meg Jorbel

Our economy couldn’t run without small Mom and Pop Businesses. That’s why we celebrate these small business owners today! Small businesses accounted for 1.8 million net new jobs during the latest year studied and employed 47.3 percent of the private workforce. Each of our 30.7 million small businesses helps drive job growth and economic development in the United States. (1)

Mom and Pop Businesses have a real impact on their community. They provide local jobs and recycle the money they earn back into the local economy. They also take a special interest in each customer that comes through their door.

Mom and Pop Business Owners ensure every customer has a unique and enjoyable experience and shows enthusiasm for the materials and products in their store. It's a remarkable experience when shopping at a small business.

What Is Mom and Pop Business Owners Day?

On March 29th, we acknowledge the more than 30 million small businesses in our country and their place in our local communities. Everyone can celebrate today and honor all the good small businesses do in their community by shopping at a Mom and Pop Business.

Rick and Margie Segel established this national holiday in honor of their parents. They ran a successful small hat shop they opened in 1939. Their small business grew into a 10,000 square foot, $2 million dollar clothing shop.

How Does Curri Work for Small Businesses?

Curri helps small business owners create a better customer experience with local on-demand delivery and logistics. If your customer wants to purchase your merchandise, like a furniture set or remodeling supplies, they may lack the proper vehicle to transport it. And, like most consumers around the world, they want your items delivered quickly.

If not, potential customers will go somewhere else that can provide the high-valued service of delivery. They’re even willing to pay more to get it.

That's where Curri helps small business owners. We’re a subscription-free, pay-as-you-use delivery logistics service that understands your customers want same-day delivery.

Same-Day Delivery for Your Customers

Count on Curri as an outsourced delivery option to use as needed to win more sales. Instead of having a local customer walk out your door to a larger retailer, Curri can deliver your merchandise with same-day delivery.

Our network can deliver from your small business to a local residential home, commercial building, or construction site. Wherever your products are needed.

No matter the size of your payload or the distance, we deliver your products and materials into your customers' hands the same-day they purchase them from your store.

Real-Time Order-Tracking and Proof-of-Delivery

Curri’s delivery logistics platform is easy to use for every employee in your store. Just add the pickup and drop-off addresses, the vehicle you’ll need for the delivery, and the details of your payload.

After your driver arrives and properly secures the items, we keep you and your customer updated along the way with real-time order tracking and delivery notifications.

Small business owners will know exactly what stage the delivery is on: from the first-mile, middle-mile, to the last-mile. Every employee will be able to see how close the driver is to the customer with our Driver ETA feature from the tracking page.

Keeping to our full transparency, a Curri network driver will also take proof-of-delivery photos at the pickup and the drop-off locations. Small business owners have peace of mind items are delivered in the condition they are picked up.

Simplify Fleet Operations and Driver Staffing

The high cost of hiring an in-house delivery driver to use as-needed isn’t feasible for Mom and Pop Business Owners. Driver staffing is a huge expense with another employee to pay, proper licensing, registration, and insurance. For small business owners, that's money better not spent, especially on days where delivery isn’t needed.

Curri uses crowdsourced delivery. Think Uber, but for construction and industrial material. Available when and where you need us.

Crowdsourced Delivery is a fulfillment method that utilizes independent contractors as couriers who use their own vehicles to transport products. It offers your small business an opportunity to provide the value-add of same-day delivery for your community.

We have a nationwide fleet network with extensive vehicle options, from pickups to stakebed trucks.

You can always get your merchandise delivered while simplifying your fleet operations with Curri. Outsourcing delivery is a cost-effective option to get your materials delivered same-day to your customers and stay competitive with big-box stores.

Expand Your Market and Scale Efficiently

Small business owners tend to wear multiple hats. Outsourcing your delivery provider helps expand your reach in your community. You can stay focused on the day-to-day running of your business and provide delivery when needed. Expand your reach in your community with affordable same-day delivery to acquire more business from your retail customers and gain loyal customers that can count on you.

Curri Is Built for Small Businesses Like Yours

We are proud to support small businesses across the United States.

There are no membership fees or sign up costs to access our delivery logistics platform for your small business. You’ll never have to untangle yourself from a subscription.

You can sign up for a free account here and use our delivery platform as little or as much as you need. Only pay Curri when you need us for delivery.

Each delivery comes with the full support of a delivery operations specialist. You can call or start a live chat with one if you have any questions about your delivery. We have real people, ready to help.

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