Curri’s Same-Day Delivery Makes Irrigation Jobs Easier

Larry Bernstein

September 4, 2022

Larry Bernstein

If irrigation business owners were polled about their favorite song, the winner would probably be “I’ll Follow the Sun” by The Beatles. Because good weather is vitally important to their workflow, irrigation and turf professionals must fully utilize each good weather day. Working to the fullest requires irrigation specialists to have all the necessary materials, tools, and equipment on-site, ready to go as needed. If there are issues with supplies, the process will be delayed, reducing the bottom line. Curri logistics and same-day delivery can help irrigation and turf professionals maintain their schedules and meet expectations.

From A to B: Materials, Tools, Equipment, and More

Your irrigation business is dependent on turnover. The quicker and more efficiently your certified irrigation contractor can complete a new system installation, maintenance or repair, the more he/she can complete in a day. Therefore, an irrigation business requires precision. Whether your irrigation business has one or multiple trucks in operation, acting with precision can be a challenge.

The first step is making sure all materials, supplies, tools, and equipment necessary for the job are in working condition and on-site as needed. If a crew is at a customer’s home ready to work, but something is amiss with the equipment (or something is missing), it leads to delays. Backups lead to longer hours and potentially missed jobs or imprecise work resulting in potential client dissatisfaction. It could also lead to the need to pay the crew overtime, which comes out of your pocket.

How Curri Makes Irrigation Jobs More Efficient

Curri’s all-in-one logistics platform helps manufacturers, distributors and retailers move material fast, reliably, and professionally. When all the necessary equipment and tools are on-site at the job site as needed, work can proceed efficiently. There’s no waiting around hoping supplies will arrive while the minutes melt away.

Curri is available to make deliveries from 6 AM-10 PM Monday through Saturday. So, there's no reason to be without equipment during the peak hours of an irrigation and turf business. In addition, deliveries can be arranged 24 hours a day.

Multi-Stop Scheduled Routes for Job Site Delivery

Need equipment, materials, etc. delivered to multiple stops? Not a problem. Curri offers vehicles in all sizes, so delivery of irrigation and turf necessities can be distributed to multiple locations – even at the same time. Just schedule the route using the Curri app.

Say your irrigation business has multiple crews operating simultaneously. You realize you need to get more equipment – rent or buy – to meet demand. It’s not worth it to have staff move the equipment. So, use Curri to get the needed equipment to the job site. This route can be scheduled in advance or the moment the need arises.

Same Day Hotshots for Maintenance Tools or Repair Parts

A successful business has people who are skilled planners. A business that constantly puts out fires due to unforeseen circumstances will probably not be around for long. However, there are bound to be surprises each day. In irrigation, the surprises could be equipment or tools breaking down. Rather than letting this mishap derail the irrigation technicians’ day, an irrigation business can schedule a hotshot with Curri.

Same-day hotshot service is available via the Curri platform. The simple delivery service can quickly get the needed maintenance tools or repair parts to the job site. With a hotshot delivery, the impact of unforeseen circumstance can be limited as tools and equipment can either be replaced or repaired, so work can continue as scheduled.  

Pick-up and Return Runs for Heavy Equipment Rentals

Maybe, you got a new job, a special assignment or your irrigation business is growing rapidly. To handle any of these circumstances, heavy equipment might be necessary. Before investing in heavy equipment, you may determine that renting is better.

Getting the rented heavy equipment to the job site might be a concern as you are concerned about damaging it, or you have limited space. Curri's network of drivers can step in and either take the equipment from the distributor to the job site or pick it up from the job site and return it. It makes moving the rented heavy equipment easy, so you can handle the new job, special assignment, and growing business needs.

Keep Your Team on Site Instead of on the Road

You’re at a customer's home and realize a need for materials. No problem - take someone off the job and send them to pick up whatever supplies are needed.

Sending a crew member works, yet there are issues with this solution. Does the insurance on the vehicle cover the crew member? Does the crew member know exactly what supplies are needed, where the distributor is located, and where in the store the supplies are? Each crew member is responsible for a task. By taking someone off the crew, the workflow will be negatively impacted, leading to a slowdown. Other crew members might be annoyed that a colleague is not on site and feel overburdened.

When you place an order for the supplies via the Curri app, you promptly get what you need. In addition, the crew’s structure is maintained.

On-Demand Service for End-Customer Home Delivery

Most people are very into their homes and are concerned about their appearance. So, meeting customer expectations about their irrigation and turf can be difficult. Arriving on-site at your customer’s home and not having the necessary equipment to complete the job so that your customer is satisfied can lead to lost business.

Curri’s service is available on demand. There’s no need to schedule delivery days or even hours in advance. The on-demand service means you can schedule a delivery via the app when you realize a need. Required materials can be delivered to your customer’s home, so you have what you need to complete the job.

Curri Is a Powerful Tool for Delivery Operations

You need to move materials quickly, whether it's an irrigation business, a manufacturer, or a distributor of irrigation-related materials. Between unpredictable weather patterns and demanding customers, irrigation businesses face significant challenges.

Curri’s same-day job site delivery service makes irrigation jobs easier and less stressful. You can be confident that all the equipment and tools will be on-site as needed. Maintain your schedule, keep your crew on the job site working, and have what you need.

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