How Curri Can Help with Worker Shortages at Lumber Companies

Larry Bernstein

October 21, 2021

Larry Bernstein

The news these days is littered with stories about labor issues, staffing shortages, and supply chain snags. Many companies are raising salaries in the hopes of retaining current employees and attracting new ones. Yet, countless people have dropped out of the workforce and are reluctant to return to employment. So, the struggle to have sufficient staffing remains and is expected to continue into the foreseeable future.

The labor shortage leaves companies striving to find a creative means to fill the gap. One solution for short-staffed companies is to outsource work. By doing so, companies can feel confident that they will have the right amount of labor no matter their need.

Historic Employment Shortfalls at Lumberyards and Sawmills

The staffing shortage seems to be a factor across every industry. However, the employment shortfalls at lumberyards and sawmills have been particularly dramatic. The labor shortage has led some sawmills to close or reduce their hours of operation.

The price of lumber has see-sawed during 2021, primarily due to supply chain issues and labor shortages (as well as increased demand, particularly in the home renovation sector). Earlier in the year, lumber prices reached record prices, yet by the end of August, they were on the low end of what’s typical.

The extremes in the lumber industry have made it challenging for lumberyards and sawmills to project the optimal staffing levels. It’s not clear how the lumber market will act moving forward. Then, add in the pandemic which continues to be a factor for supply chains, “… even if the workers could be recalled in numbers approaching pre-pandemic levels, how the business of manufacturing boards could be operated safely to avoid liability should the virus spread among its workers posed a conundrum.”

Again, this unpredictability, along with other labor challenges, can be eased by outsourcing.

Supply Chain Problems Are Profitability Problems

Yes, everyone recognizes that there are labor shortages and supply chain holdups. However, answers such as tomorrow and next week may not be good enough when your customers ask about delivery time. They expect delivery of goods and services to occur as needed. Their business depends on your business and vice versa. So, if supply chain issues lead to a shortage of goods and you can’t supply the materials, customers will look elsewhere. Fewer clients equal less profitability.

Problems with the supply chain also leave companies looking for other suppliers. After all, more suppliers mean a greater chance of maintaining stock levels. New suppliers may charge more since ordering from them might be less frequent. If the cost of supplies goes up, companies can either pass those increases on to customers or eat them and cut their profit margins.

This is another example of fluctuation which can be eased by outsourcing.

Curri Delivery Drivers Can Make a Difference

With profit margins falling due to supply chain issues and rising labor costs, companies need reliable partners that can ease the burdens. Curri can be that partner for those in the construction industry as they provide certainty of delivery. With reliable outsourcing for construction materials delivery, Curri helps construction suppliers ensure that operations run smoothly.

By outsourcing delivery to Curri, construction supply companies no longer need to worry about staffing issues or a shortage of drivers. Supplies, which may already be late due to supply chain issues, won't sit on shelves or in the warehouse while construction suppliers scramble to find drivers. Instead, construction companies that outsource with Curri will have drivers available as needed to make timely deliveries to contractors.

Our Fleet Is Your Fleet - For One Run or Every Delivery

Because their profit margins are getting squeezed from multiple angles, construction supply companies may be reluctant to bring on an outsource partner. Contrary to what some may think, an outsource partner can reduce costs for a construction supply company.

Our versatile nationwide fleet is available on-demand and can handle any delivery, no matter the size or time of day. And Curri tailors its services to the needs of your construction supply company. You can completely outsource delivery to Curri – say goodbye to your fleet – or use Curri periodically depending on demand. We also offer daily routes where you can book a vehicle for an entire day.

With so many options, construction supply companies can ensure they always have enough labor. You don’t need to scramble to find drivers during busy periods and then have drivers sitting around during slow times. This helps minimize staffing needs without sacrificing the pace of delivery.

Augment Your Employee Roster with Curri

An employee shortage may very well persist for the foreseeable future. The challenges in staffing, on top of the supply chain bumps, may be affecting your construction supply company’s ability to satisfy your customer and your bottom line.

Curri, a one-stop-shop construction delivery service, can be your outsource partner. Have the right amount of labor all the time with drivers ready to make deliveries to your customers. Want to see Curri in action? Request a 15-minute demo or sign up for free.

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