What Is Logistics as a Service (LaaS)? - The Benefits of LaaS Fleet Solutions

Larry Bernstein

January 11, 2024

Larry Bernstein

Many know the term SaaS or software as a service since it entered the vernacular around 2000. However, few may be familiar with logistics as a service or LaaS. What is the definition of LaaS, and how can it improve fleet operations for your business?

Logistics as a service is a supply chain solution to logistic challenges. LaaS solutions utilize software and other forms of advanced technology to help businesses manage their logistics and improve delivery. The cloud-based platforms are customizable and allow companies to increase transportation reliability.

LPaaS vs LaaS

Let’s add another term to the mix: LPaaS - Logistics Platform as a Service (LPaaS). What is an LPaaS? The definition of a logistics platform (which could change depending on the context) – a centralized platform that can be accessed to direct all things related to logistics, transportation, and distribution of goods.

Putting two and two together, the definition of an LPaaS is a centralized platform that companies use to manage their logistics – the range of services can be specific or widespread. An LPaaS utilizes software and is accessible via the cloud.

Curri is an LPaaS. Our platform focuses on middle-mile and last-mile construction and industrial supply deliveries. The platform helps customers grow sales while reducing risk.

Curri’s Advanced Logistics Platform Is a Difference Maker

How does Curri deliver on the promises made above? The key is our advanced logistics platform, which allows us to activate our end-to-end logistics services and nationwide elastic fleet. We recognize your customers are racing against the clock, and therefore, you're also racing against the clock. The advanced logistics platform helps you win the race.  

The platform, which can account for tens of thousands of factors, matches customers’ delivery orders to drivers within minutes. The platform provides real-time tracking and advises drivers about the quickest route. Customers also get visibility into historical analytics and reporting, which is useful for effectively managing business operations.

So, your customers will get supplies delivered to them quickly. They also know when the delivery will happen, enabling them to plan accordingly and not waste a minute.

Examples of LaaS in Action

Sometimes, an example can make an unfamiliar concept clearer.

Consider this.

You’re a retailer with multiple locations and a few centralized warehouses. Your goal is to deliver goods to the retail locations just in time (you don’t want them sitting on the shelf). This makes delivery operations more stressful since there are a million issues that could occur with the fleet alone.

You can use a LaaS to track where your fleet is and how to utilize it to meet your logistical challenges. Some questions the LaaS could answer include:

  1. Where is the fleet currently?
  2. When will it return to the warehouse?
  3. Do you need more of the fleet at some of the warehouses?

By having insight into the fleet, you can make high-level decisions that help your business meet customer demands. LaaS customers can plan delivery operations with more confidence.

Offer Same-Day Delivery Within Hours

For many businesses, offering same-day delivery is table stakes. In the construction industry, time is money. If teams are waiting around on a job site for a delivery, the contractor will disappoint their customer. Moving a project forward helps them keep their customer content and allows them to get to the next job.

Customers who use our LPaaS solution don’t lose hours waiting for a delivery. Our vast fleet, which can handle delivery of goods ranging in size, is ready to go as needed. It’s easy to place a delivery order on the platform. Because the delivery typically happens within an hour or two, crews can proceed with their work and be confident that the required part will be there when needed.

Break Supply Chain Bottlenecks

Supply chain bottlenecks, which were a constant post-Covid, have eased. However, the challenge of last-mile delivery still exists for many companies due to the challenge of finding drivers.

Curri customers don’t have this worry. Supplies are not stuck at a centralized warehouse or in your backroom as you try to arrange a driver and a vehicle. Instead, you can access the Curri app and book your pickup. Our delivery drivers can help end the bottlenecks you face.

Optimize Last-Mile Delivery

Those involved with logistics know that last-mile delivery is the most challenging and expensive. It’s also typically difficult to track, travels via poor routing, and lacks transparency.

Curri helps you minimize each of these challenges. Curri can handle any delivery situation – regular route, hotshot, fill-in, - so you can keep your staff and fleet to a minimum. Also, our LPaaS allows you to track delivery so you know exactly when the delivery will occur. Route planning software helps drivers take a faster route. Finally, drivers take a picture when they make the delivery and share it with you. So, there’s no doubt or debate that the delivery has occurred.

Streamline Exception Management

If everything went smoothly… Never going to happen in life or business. That’s why there’s exception management, understanding why delays occur, and providing actionable data so they won’t occur in the future.

This requires data. With Curri’s LPaaS, you have the data to examine your logistical operations. Instead of scratching your head and wondering why, you can make the needed changes to ensure delivery operations happen as envisioned.

Scale Your Fleet Operations Up or Down

One of the delivery challenges is determining the optimal size of your fleet. How can you have the right-sized fleet for busy and slow times while minimizing costs? Answer: you can’t.

Curri helps you turn this answer to you can. Partner with us, and we can provide delivery as you need it. So, instead of always being ready for the rush, you can scale your fleet down. When you need to scale up, call on Curri. Whether for a busy season or a busy day, Curri makes operations planning simple.

Use Curri for a Completely Virtual Fleet

Want to get rid of your fleet altogether? You can do that too. Have Curri serve as your virtual fleet. We have the fleet size and drivers available to handle delivery services. Your customers will get the service you expect while you minimize fixed costs.

A Powerful Logistics Software Platform for Delivery Operations

Managing logistics is a complicated and time-consuming process. It can take you away from what you do best.

Partner with Curri, and LPaaS company, and make fleet operations a snap. Click here to begin working with Curri.

Thank you for reading this article. Please enjoy $40 off any Curri delivery by clicking on this link to sign-up.

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