Optimize Last Mile Delivery for BODFS

Larry Bernstein

June 16, 2023

Larry Bernstein

‘The customer is always right’ is a phrase popularized by early 1900 successful retailers Harry Gordon Selfridge, John Wanamaker, and Marshall Field. While many employees may have grumbled at accepting the maxim, the need to satisfy customers remains. Today, customers are even more demanding. They expect same-day delivery within a matter of hours. To meet this demand, retailers need to ensure their last-mile delivery solution is up to the task. Bodfs (buy online deliver from store), a popular delivery service, is particularly challenging for retailers. Curri can help. 

Why Customers Love Businesses That Offer BODFS

Customers visit a business’ website, find the product(s) they are looking for and go through the checkout process. At the end of the process, they learn delivery will be delayed because the product is out of stock or shipping from some far-off destination. Frustrating!

 BODFS, on the other hand, lets customers get their items quickly. The products very well may be delivered from a local operation, so it’s reasonable to expect delivery within a couple of hours. Best of all, customers get their urgent purchases without leaving their location. 

Even if the customer has transportation and the time to get to the store/fulfillment center, they may need oversized items that don't fit into their vehicle. BODFS eliminates this concern, so customers won’t have to consider logistics. This solution adds convenience and removes worries from customers.


Why Companies Struggle With BODFS Logistics

Companies need to offer customers same-day delivery and even hours service. BODFS, in theory, makes it easier for businesses to do this. Rather than shipping items from far-off destinations or even centralized warehouses, products ship from nearby stores. By having inventory nearer to its destination, logistics and operations are, in theory, simplified.

However, close is not good enough. Like a doctor always on call, businesses need to be on constant standby. When the order comes, they need to make the delivery quickly. This requires sufficient staff and vehicles to fulfill BODFS service, which can be costly. Managing the logistics so that BODFS is a money maker requires lots of planning and flexibility.


How Curri Optimizes Last Mile Logistics

The last mile of delivery is the most expensive and challenging for businesses. The challenge is exaggerated with BODFS delivery. This is because it raises customer expectations related to the speed of delivery, with two hours becoming the new norm. BODFS adds a randomness to the delivery process, making planning the logistics nearly impossible.

Sure, BODFS trends may emerge that help companies organize the necessary services to handle customer demands. But trends are not definitive. Curri can help simplify the process (or even handle it completely) since our last-mile delivery service is available on-call. Companies are no longer trying to read the tea leaves to handle the logistics and operations challenges related to delivery. This helps companies optimize their budgeting as they only spend what they need for last-mile delivery. Operations doesn’t need to worry about ‘what if’ scenarios.


How Curri Improves the Customer Experience

Companies that operate by the mantra the customer is always right are laser-focused on the customer experience. Customers only know what is in front of them, and they act from a purely selfish perspective. I need something, I ordered it via BODFS, and I want it to be delivered within two hours as promised. If a company does not keep its promise, "I’ll take my business elsewhere."

When retail companies use Curri as their final mile delivery service, they keep their promises to their customers. Besides getting their products delivered on time, customers deal with Curri’s drivers, who are courteous and professional. Curri drivers take a picture upon delivery. If the customer is not around to accept delivery, they may worry if/when their items have arrived. The photograph of the delivery can set them at ease. Their products have arrived, and they can proceed. That’s a positive customer experience!


Fully Featured Logistics Software for Retail Delivery Operations

Again, the logistics related to BODFS delivery are complex, even more than the standard last mile. Curri’s logistics software helps companies improve their on-time stats and reduce costs. Our logistics software empowers us to employ dedicated drivers who have the right vehicle at the right time to make a retail delivery.

Curri’s logistics software solutions remove the stress related to last-mile deliveries. This is because our software, while powerful, is simple to use. Simply create a Curri account, log in, and start using our delivery services. For retail delivery options, select the dropoff and pickup location, choose a delivery time, specify the load size, and choose the size of vehicle needed. And then the Curri team makes a match.

Curri also allows clients to track their delivery, and we send confirmation once the job is complete. The worries associated with managing the logistics related to BODFS and the last mile are gone.

Simplify retail delivery options and confidently offer BODFS with Curri.

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