The Benefits of Courier Services for Construction Projects

Larry Bernstein

October 13, 2023

Larry Bernstein

If you’re a general contractor or construction manager, you know the challenges associated with construction projects. Today’s customers are more demanding, projects have become more complex, and schedules have become more condensed. Meeting these construction challenges is a constant burden. One way to help relieve the burden and smooth out the process is to use a delivery service to ensure all building materials are on the job site when needed.

A Tool for General Contractors and Construction Managers

Each challenge noted above comes down (at least in part) to time. When you, the general contractor or construction manager, have slack in your schedule, it’s easier to deal with demanding customers who require time and patience. Complex projects take more time to understand and construct. Finally, compressed schedules require work to happen more quickly, so time needs to be allocated for another task.

Using a delivery service for construction equipment and supplies provides multiple benefits, including saving time and ensuring the crew can focus on the project.

How Curri Delivery Improves Construction Management

Curri has delivered construction materials and equipment to thousands of worksites. Construction managers and general contractors who partner with Curri have seen sales increase. They can focus on what they do best – construction – and leave delivery service to Curri.

When construction managers and general contractors work with Curri, they know equipment and supplies will be on-site (or removed from a site) as needed. This is one less worry and one less thing that requires planning.

Consider other ways Curri can improve your business↓

Same-Day On-Site Delivery and Dedicated Routes

Some days, weeks, seasons, etc., are crazy busy. Holding everything together is a constant battle. During those busy times, regular deliveries are helpful.  

Curri can fit your courier needs as we offer a variety of delivery services, including dedicated routes. With dedicated routes, you reduce costs and offset risks. It includes a truck, a driver, route planning software, proof of delivery, and live tracking. Vehicles stay overnight on your lot to be loaded, so they are ready to go in the morning, just like your own trucks. A driver arrives daily at a designated time and is on their way.

You can use this service for as little as one day, which allows you to efficiently manage your transportation needs without committing to a long-term arrangement.

We Bring Building Materials and Supplies to the Job Site

Some delivery services deliver to centralized locations or the main gate of an area. Not Curri. We will deliver your building materials and supplies directly to the job site.

Plus, there’s no need to worry if the courier will find the location. Our drivers are locals, so they’re familiar with the area (plus they have a GPS). They’ll get your delivery exactly where you want it. So, there are no hold-ups, and time is not lost moving materials to the best location.

We Deliver Replacement Tools and Repair Parts

Pick up the wrong part? Did your list of supplies change? Something break? Nothing is more frustrating than the need to call time because you need replacement tools and/or repair parts. If you’re quiet, you can hear the clock ticking. Ugh!

Take the stress out of such situations with Curri. You can quickly place an order through the app and know that your replacement tools/repair parts will be arriving shortly. You can determine the best way to move forward on the project while waiting for the replacement/repair rather than trying to figure out how to get the needed tool/part.

We Pick Up and Return Vehicle and Equipment Rentals

Returning equipment can be more hassle than delivery – especially if it’s the end of the workday. No one wants to add on to the end of a workday for the delivery. Keeping the construction equipment rental beyond the agreed time is an unnecessary expense.

Call on Curri to return vehicles and construction equipment. No extra fees are incurred, so you will improve your bottom line. And no one needs to add even a few minutes to a long day.

We Help Your Team Stay On the Job and Off the Road

Ask any hiring manager about their job challenges in the last few years and be prepared to hear them go on about the struggle of finding employees. And construction has been one of the more challenging industries to staff. So, as a construction manager or general contractor, you may be dealing with an undersized team. Keeping them all on the job and off the road is essential to keep the project on schedule.

What about hiring drivers? Forget about it. Instead, turn to Curri. We employ a massive national driving network that becomes your partner when you work with us. So, keep the team on the job and let Curri drivers handle the road.

Reduce Project Delays and Increase Job Site Productivity

Remember those challenges noted above? The demanding customers rarely turn into repeat customers if there are project delays. Sometimes, delays are unavoidable, but those that are avoidable must be if you are to meet the demands of the challenging customer and maintain the schedule.

When construction materials and/or supplies are not available when needed, it negatively impacts productivity. Keep the crew busy and improve productivity when you employ Curri as your partner. The crew can focus on what they do best, so you give yourself the best chance to meet the construction schedule and satisfy even demanding customers.

A Complete Fleet: Sedans and Pickups to Semis and Flatbeds

Whether you need the largest piece of construction equipment or some minor supplies, Curri has you covered. With our wide-ranging fleet which includes sedans, pickups, semis, and flatbeds, we can deliver nearly anything you may need on a construction site.

We arrange delivery with the ideally sized vehicle, so your item(s) will arrive intact. Each driver and vehicle are fully licensed and insured. Drivers are screened and trained, so you work with a professional.  

A Powerful Solution for Construction Companies

General contractors and construction managers need partners to help meet their challenges. Curri software and delivery services help grow sales, reduce risk, and provide superior customer experiences. We will deliver your building materials and supplies to the construction site, so you can keep your team onsite and on the job. Improve productivity and give customers your best effort with Curri by your side.

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