Heavy Machinery and Equipment Transport Services with Curri

Colby Morgan

June 22, 2022

Colby Morgan

With most heavy equipment or machinery, deliveries must be scheduled out weeks if not months in advance. In addition, getting quotes for these deliveries takes days or weeks. Curri’s nationwide fleet network is equipped to deliver heavy freight when you need it fast. With Curri, quotes are delivered by the next business day and our delivery operations team is always readily available to assist in anything they can. As 2022 ramps up staffing gaps continue to cause delays in the delivery of heavy equipment.

A Nationwide Team Equipped for Heavy Freight

Curri's nationwide network of local couriers is making a big difference for businesses across America. Whether you need to transport heavy equipment with an oversized flatbed, or you need to deliver a single replacement part, our extensive fleet network has the right vehicle for quick and cost-effective transport.

“Curri is an excellent fit for AED members as they, like many companies, are struggling with workforce shortages. Having a partner like Curri that can fill a critical role for last-mile delivery at a more economical price than having their own full time employees on staff to deliver products is key to their success. Outsourcing these services provide a value add to their organization allowing them to focus their staff on other essential services they provide to their customers.”

-Jon Cruthers, Vice President at Associated Equipment Distributors

Curri’s Heavy Equipment Delivery Team in Action

Our Delivery Ops and Customer Success teams are with you every step of the delivery process. You're always just a phone call or email away from having our experienced team assist you. Our Delivery Ops team works hard to deliver quotes back to you as soon as possible, which means you don't have to wait on long drawn-out quote processes. Work with real people, dedicated to helping you and your customer get heavy equipment delivered.

Rental Companies: On-Demand Pick-up and Return Service

What do contractors do when they need heavy equipment or machinery on the job site? They rent it! Curri can deliver the rented equipment on the same day, and keeping your customers happy. We can also return the heavy equipment or machinery when the job is complete. This allows rental companies to focus on core business, so you never miss a sales opportunity.

Rental Companies: On-Demand Delivery for Your Customers

When handling a large volume of orders, the chances that you’ll have delays in deliveries increases. Curri allows rental companies to focus on generating more revenue and fulfilling your customer's delivery expectations. Our fleet operations team treats every delivery with the utmost care and attention, so each delivery is a seamless experience from beginning to end. In addition, all of our deliveries are insured up to $25,000 with additional coverage easily available.

Manufacturers & Dealerships: Last-Mile Delivery for Sold Product

Last-mile delivery has become a thorn in the side for manufacturers. Customers have created the standard that they want your products as soon as possible. Late deliveries or lack of transparency can damage customer relationships that have taken years to grow. You’ll never have to worry about your brand's reputation, because Curri makes it easy to keep your promises and always deliver your product on time. With Curri, manufacturers can sell more by always being able to deliver.

Mechanics: Transport Services for Equipment Needing Repair

Curri also offers transport services for mechanics to get equipment delivered that needs to be repaired, serviced, or even remanufactured. We have a network of drivers and vehicles that can handle delivering any equipment needing a tune-up. Curri can pick up the equipment and deliver it directly to you so you can repair or service the equipment. We handle all aspects of the delivery so you can focus on what it is your best at.

Curri Capabilities Will Make a Difference for Your Business

Curri provides end-to-end transparency for all of your delivery needs. Our live tracking ensures you’ll always know where your heavy equipment or machinery is at all times. In addition, we provide notifications with updates regarding your delivery to you and your customer via SMS text or email. These features keep you and your customer updated in real-time. With every delivery you're provided with proof of pick up and delivery photos. These capabilities relieve you of stress and provide you with an over-the-top delivery experience to exceed your customer's expectations.

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