How Curri’s Advanced Logistics Help Small Businesses Compete

Larry Bernstein

April 3, 2022

Larry Bernstein

Between inflation, snarled supply chains, and employee shortages, businesses are facing multiple challenges. To meet the elevated expectations of the customer and get products and services to them in a timely fashion requires businesses to be focused on logistics. When businesses successfully handle logistics, it's more efficient, lowers costs, and increases customer satisfaction. Curri’s advanced logistics can help small businesses enhance their delivery operations.

People often sing the praises of small businesses - the backbone of the country. However, as every small business owner knows, competing against larger competitors is challenging. Partnering with Curri and its advanced logistics system and fleet helps small businesses level the playing field when it comes to delivery.

Why Big Businesses Have an Advantage in Shipping and Logistics

While bigger isn’t always better, big businesses enjoy certain advantages over small businesses due to scale. Shipping and logistics are one area where big businesses have an advantage. With access to more resources, big businesses have greater flexibility to handle issues. Among those resources may be a team of people dedicated solely to logistics. They can reroute fleets and reschedule delivery by turning to other resources the business operates.

A second advantage is pricing. Because big businesses do more business, their partners give them better rates. These cost savings may be applied to improving the logistics system further or for enhancing the bottom line. On the other hand, small businesses will pay higher rates for shipping and delivery services and be last in line should issues arise, leaving it more difficult to satisfy their customers.

How Small Businesses Can Regain the Advantage with Curri

In a small business, employees tend to wear many hats, which can be challenging and burdensome. By turning to Curri as their delivery partner, small businesses benefit from an advanced logistics system. Curri’s fleet network becomes their fleet, allowing them to scale up and meet the demands of their customers. Delivery of goods will be one less operation that small businesses must focus on since they have a reliable partner.

Same-Day Delivery

Customers, particularly in the construction industry, need same-day delivery. Falling behind due to a delay in delivery of parts/equipment is costly. Ensuring the right products get delivered to the correct construction site is a complex operation. By having Curri to help with the logistics involved, small businesses can feel confident that contractors will receive their orders on time, allowing them to move forward on their projects.

Improved Customer Service

Have you ever had a company give you a wide range of times of when they will show up with your delivery only to show up at the last minute or, even worse, not at all? When you are waiting for a delivery that is crucial for a construction project, a delayed delivery can be maddening. With an advanced logistics system and a large fleet, you can deliver greater certainty to contractors as they will get the goods in a reasonable amount of time as promised. That’s the type of customer service that will lead to happy customers.

Reduced Fleet Expenses

As a small business owner, you must focus on customer retention. When it comes to logistics and delivery, customer retention can lead to a bloated fleet. After all, you want to be ready at any time to make a delivery. This type of mindset leads to having a fleet that regularly sits idle – not to mention the drivers of the vehicles. By working with Curri, you only pay for delivery services when you need them. With our advanced logistics system, our fleet is ready to go whenever you need it to make timely delivery.

Flexible Staffing for Operations

Maintaining the right number of staff always involves a bit of guesswork. For a small business, one day the employee(s) may be focused on one element of the business, and the next day another. Heck, it could change hour to hour.

Flexibility is the key. When utilizing a partner such as Curri, employees can take delivery off their list of things to focus on. It allows employees to concentrate and grow their knowledge on other aspects of the business in which they are involved.

Break Supply-Chain Bottlenecks

If you Google ‘why are their supply-chain bottlenecks?’, you will get millions of answers. However, it comes down to one thing – logistics. Supply chain bottlenecks occur because of a breakdown in logistics. Products are not moving through the system at a pace that will produce enough supply to meet demand. To break supply chain bottlenecks and get your goods to the contractors in the field, you need to improve your logistics. Having a fleet on call to make deliveries means the end of the bottleneck on the final mile.

Live-Tracking and Proof-of-Delivery

Knowing products are being delivered can be a relief. With live tracking of delivery and proof-of-delivery capabilities, you and your customers get certainty. Contractors don’t have to wonder and hope about when a delivery will happen. And as a small business owner, you can assure your customer regarding delivery and prove delivery occurred. In addition to adding certainty, this adds credibility.

Scale Your Company Rapidly and Efficiently

Are you considering scaling your company? Maintaining logistics is one of the challenges when a small business scales up. Curri’s fleet network and advanced logistics system can help your business regardless of its size. Speedy delivery can be maintained, and your customers will receive the same high-quality service.

Curri for Manufacturers and Distributors

At Curri, we work with all kinds of businesses. Our advanced logistics system enables quick and efficient delivery and can help all types of businesses no matter what role they play in the development of products. Our fleet network is versatile and can move large or small quantities of products and get them where they need to go whenever they are required. Because we are a national company, we can move products anywhere in the country.

Sharpen Your Competitive Edge with Curri

Curri can help your business deliver construction products, whether it’s to contractors in the field or branch-to-branch deliveries. And when you partner with Curri, our advanced logistics platform allows you to compete with bigger businesses. You have a fleet at your disposal and on-call 24/7. Whether it's for an LTL, FTL, a daily route, or a hotshot, Curri can elevate your operations to the next level.

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