What Is a Construction Courier?

Larry Bernstein

November 20, 2022

Larry Bernstein

What comes to mind when you think of a courier? Is it a person scurrying through a crowded city between office buildings delivering important papers? Former tennis star, Jim Courier? The 2020 movie, The Courier, starring Benedict Cumberbatch? None of these examples may fit your perception or definition of a courier. How about construction? A construction courier has become essential to the industry.

What is a construction courier? Consider this definition. A construction courier takes building materials from manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers to contractors at a job site. Just like the person scampering through the crowded city street to deliver papers, the construction courier delivers something of import to ensure construction can continue.

Why Are Courier Services Important for the Construction Industry?

Successful contractors are focused on scheduling. A major part of taking on a project is assessing how long it will take to complete the job. The more accurate contractors are in determining how long a project will take, the better they can coordinate their crews. If the crew is on a job site longer than the contractor anticipated, it has a cascade effect. Expected profit margins decrease, other jobs get delayed, and so on.

A construction courier delivers building materials from the manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers to the contractor at the job site speedily. The contractor can keep to the schedule, and the crew can focus on the work rather than be left waiting and wondering when building materials will be available.

On-Site, On Time: Examples of Construction Couriers in Action

Consider these examples of how a construction courier can be a difference-maker for a project. A team is redoing the siding of a house. Midway through the project, they realize that some of the sidings they intended on installing are damaged. Contractors can contact retailers, manufacturers, or suppliers who quickly arrange a courier to get more siding to the job site.

Maybe, you’re a contractor, and you paint. While you’re putting on the second coat of paint, the client insists that you put on a third. Since that was not part of the plan, you don’t have enough paint to complete the third coat. Rather than take time away from the job to buy paint or come back to the job site another time, you reach out to a supplier, and they send a construction courier.

Same-Day Hotshots for Contractor Job Site Delivery

The same-day hotshot is like the examples above. Manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers can work with construction couriers to deliver building materials to contractors for those periodic needs.

These one-shot deals are typically time sensitive and costly since they are a direct point A to point B type delivery. Getting them delivered to contractors quickly is greatly appreciated and can turn them into regular customers. Curri’s reliable drivers deliver the building materials to the job site quickly yet safely.

Multi-Stop Routes for Building Material Suppliers

Perhaps, multiple contractors require delivery of building materials. Each day is different. So, having the correct number of drivers so that each driver is occupied is not possible.

A construction courier from Curri is always available during business hours. Curri works with a network of drivers, and they have access to vehicles of all sizes. If you have multiple contractors who need a delivery, Curri can contact a driver with an appropriately sized vehicle to securely store the requested building materials. Therefore, they can handle multi-stop routes, and you don’t have to guess how many drivers you need each day.

Oversized Load and FTL Freight for Manufacturers

Couriers tend to make quick deliveries of small items. That’s not necessarily the case for a construction courier. If you have an oversized load or an FTL that needs to be delivered to or from manufacturers, Curri can help.

We work with drivers who have large vehicles, including flatbeds, box trucks, and trailers (gooseneck, lowboy, step deck, etc.). So, Curri can even serve as a courier for oversized loads of building materials.

Pick-up and Returns for Vehicle or Heavy Equipment Rentals

As part of the rental cycle, heavy equipment goes in the opposite direction of a typical delivery. Because speed, convenience, and safety still matter when transferring equipment from the job site back to manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers, a construction courier is a good option.

Remember, suppliers are anxious for the rented heavy equipment to be returned. Upon return, they can inspect the equipment and get it rented again. The more time the heavy equipment is at a job site, the less time it can be rented out and generate revenue.

Ship-from-Store Service for Home Improvement Retailers

Retailers are on the front lines of consumerism. Whether it’s the challenge of getting employees, keeping shelves stocked, etc., retail is often in the news. However, contractors that work with home improvement retailers are only interested in getting building materials from the store to the job site.

Curri can eliminate one of the challenges that home improvement retailers face. They have construction couriers readily available, so the retailer can offer ship-from-store service. Contractors or even do-it-yourselfers can get building materials delivered quickly and safely.

Get It From A to B with Curri

Whether you’re a manufacturer, supplier, or retailer, you want to keep your customers happy. When contractors need building materials on the job site, their biggest concern is how quickly it can happen. By working with Curri, a construction courier, you can get building materials from your location to the job site efficiently. Materials are handled appropriately, and they are delivered quickly. No items are too big or too small for delivery, as Curri has access to a great variety of vehicles. Get started with Curri and keep your customers satisfied.

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