How Regional Distributors Can Improve Middle Mile Logistics

Larry Bernstein

November 8, 2023

Larry Bernstein

The construction industry has dealt with multiple challenges recently, and some persist. The supply chain is one of those issues. Although supply chain issues have eased somewhat, they continue to be a factor the industry needs to deal with. Snags have occurred at each of the delivery points, including the middle mile. If materials are not moving in a timely manner from the regional distribution level, retailers, big box outlets, etc., will not be able to get the product to the consumer. Regional distribution outlets can turn to Curri to ensure delivery occurs as needed.

What Is Middle Mile Delivery?

As a reminder, middle mile delivery is the center of the delivery process and connects the first mile and last mile. During this delivery phase, goods and materials are transported from regional distribution centers to retail outlets or other facilities that will lead to the final customer.

This phase of the logistics sequence is often overlooked since end customers don’t deal with it directly. Despite this, the logistics involved with this delivery phase are complex and impactful. If goods and materials are not transferred to their next destination in the supply chain, end customers will be affected.

First Mile vs Middle Mile vs Last Mile

Because each step in the supply chain impacts the other, it’s helpful to be clear about what happens in each phase.

The first mile of delivery refers to the initial journey from where the goods and materials get transported from the warehouse where they’re produced to a regional distribution center. The fire mile cand include multiple steps.

The middle mile is the process of moving goods and materials from where they are produced to a regional distribution center to a retailer. During last mile delivery, the item will travel from the retailer to the final customer.

Mid-Mile Challenges for Regional Supply Chains

The middle mile is like the baton between the other two stages of the delivery process. Without it, the supply chain can’t function. One of the biggest challenges that come with the middle mile is bottlenecks.

Goods and services are coming into the regional distribution center and are sent to multiple locations to ensure each retail outlet has its needed supply. The longer supplies remain at the regional distribution center, the more time the final customer waits. So, trucks need to stay on schedule.

Another challenge is ensuring each retail outlet gets its correct shipment. Last-minute changes can be particularly challenging and complicate logistics.

Curri Simplifies the Middle Mile for Industrial and Construction Distributors

Curri offers companies a solution to their middle mile delivery challenges. Our flexible and reliable delivery service helps companies ensure construction materials are delivered as scheduled. The service is available as needed, and companies only pay for delivery when they use it. We have vehicles of all sizes available, so companies can work with Curri on any delivery, making logistics headaches disappear. They can do their part to minimize the supply chain challenges that have hit the construction industry.

Consider the benefits you get when you work with Curri.

Reduce Costs from In-House Delivery Fleets

Every vehicle that is part of the fleet is an added expense. There’s maintenance, upkeep, insurance, etc. It doesn’t matter if the vehicle is in use all day, every business day, or periodically. However, minimizing the fleet means a reduction in fixed costs.

Determining the correct number of delivery vehicles so you're always prepared to make the trip from your regional distribution center to the next step in the supply chain is nearly impossible. So, most companies will have extra – just in case. Again, that adds to fixed costs and reduces the bottom line.

Adding Curri to your team allows you to reduce or eliminate your fleet and not lose reliability and dependability. The only loss is fixed costs since you only pay for what you need.

Provide On-Demand Same-Day Transportation

Some days, you need an extra hand. Maybe, a shipment went out and was missing some industrial gear that a retailer needs desperately. Perhaps supplies of construction equipment have been out and finally came in. Your retail outlets can’t get enough of it, so distribution needs are through the roof.

With Curri’s industrial-grade hotshot deliveries, you can make one-off deliveries. Book vehicles easily and quickly, and rest assured that your orders will be delivered safely, on time, and accurately. Get the extra hand you need and keep the retail chains stocked.

Make Exception Management Quicker and Easier

Is stability too much to ask for? If every day was the same, management would have a much easier time handling logistics. It's the exceptions that cause management to pull their hair out as they try to find solutions.

Our platform manages delays, unexpected site conditions, and changes in materials availability to help you stay on schedule and within budget. It makes exceptions easier to handle for management. At Curri, we know exceptions are the norm, and our solution helps you make the hard decision more easily and quickly.

Plug Staffing Gaps and Bridge Driver Shortages

The United State has had a shortage of truck drivers for years. It grew in the mid-2010s and has stayed at an elevated level. So, hiring and retaining qualified employees is a challenge all employers face. A distribution center can’t function without drivers. Both insufficient staff and someone out for a limited time impacts delivery time.

You can partner with Curri to bridge long-term gaps in staffing. Our on-demand dedicated routes offer you the convenience of a dedicated driver and vehicle tailored to your requirements, available for a minimum of one day. This service is available while a long-term solution is determined. Whether it’s a local run or a long haul, we have staff available, so your distribution happens as needed.

Note you can choose from multiple vehicle types - straight trucks, dry vans, flatbeds, lowboys, pickups, box trucks, lift gates, stake beds, goosenecks, and more.

Take Curri’s Logistics Platform for a Test Drive

Don’t let goods and materials sit in a regional distribution center as you figure out how to handle middle mile logistics. Move construction materials as you need to with Curri. End the challenges you face with the middle mile when you partner with Curri. It’s a solution that will please your customers. Learn more about Curri here.

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