How Does Curri Ensure High-Quality Drivers?

Jake Fanning

January 25, 2023

Jake Fanning

Delivery drivers are crucial to your business, and we know it.

Let’s face it, running a business even in the best of times is hard work. With so many components to juggle, issues with logistics can be a real nuisance. Add to that market uncertainty, increased hiring and fleet maintenance costs, and that nuisance can quickly become a nightmare.

At Curri, we understand that ensuring your goods and materials are handled properly and delivered on time is paramount to your business. With access to our nationwide network of drivers, be they dedicated drivers or even on-demand fleets, you can handle spikes in demand or degradation in your fleet without the stress.

How does Curri maintain such a large network of the highest-quality drivers?

At Curri, we use a three-step process to extensively vet potential drivers, onboard those approved with engaging and rigorous training programs, and ensure the utmost professionalism with a transparent driver rating system.

We also believe in doing our utmost to provide ample support to our active drivers as well as our customers. Through in-app chat, an ever-evolving help center, and a fully staffed Support Team, drivers are never alone on the road and you always know the status of your delivery. This also helps to ensure clear lines of communication between you, Curri, and the driver so that each and every job is completed on time with safety and care.

Our Background Check Process

When a potential driver signs up to join the Curri platform, we utilize a third-party background-checking service provider called Checkr. Our independent motor carrier company partners must run background checks on all of their drivers and confirm as much with Curri before drivers take their first delivery.

Curri’s background-checking practices are also subject to a number of different laws, most notably:

  • U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) standards applicable to commercial motor vehicle operators that prohibit individuals with certain criminal and motor vehicle violations in their past or licensing issues from operating a commercial motor vehicle.
  • Rules and guidance promulgated by the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).
  • Statutes included in the Prop 22 statutory scheme, applicable to Delivery Network Companies (DNCs) that prohibit individuals with certain criminal histories from performing deliveries for DNC.

Background check outcomes are determined based on a matrix Curri uses with Checkr to assess whether a particular individual’s criminal record disqualifies that individual from driving for Curri.

Onboarding and Training

Having been fully vetted, drivers are then welcomed into Curri’s onboarding process. As part of this process, drivers are required to complete an in-depth, tailor-made training program covering every aspect of the Curri driver's journey.

There, we cover the basics like how to use the Curri Driver app, as well as care and safety, proper attire, communication, and how to navigate their first delivery. Each section ends with a short skills assessment and a final overall test lies at the end of their training. Every driver should end our onboarding process with all of the skills and competencies necessary to complete any delivery.

Curri Driver’s Rating System

After drivers are approved and onboarded, they can begin taking jobs. To ensure high-quality performance, Curri manages a transparent rating system informed by customer reviews. With each completed job, a customer can rate a driver’s performance and give feedback. A higher score will increase the driver’s probability of being chosen for more deliveries while a lower score will lead to an intervention by our Support Team based on customer feedback. Repeated low ratings, major issues, or a violation of any criteria covered by a background check will lead to deactivation and the driver will not have access to the platform.

What does this mean for you and your business?

With Curri’s three-step process to screen, train, and evaluate potential drivers, you can rest assured knowing that your logistics needs are safe and professionally handled. Whether you are hiring for a one-off job or looking for a fleet to manage recurring routes, we make certain that our network of drivers is the best in the industry so that you can get back to the hard work of running your business.

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