Last Mile Carrier Tracking: The Final Mile Guide for 2024

Larry Bernstein

March 22, 2024

Larry Bernstein

Last mile carrier tracking essentially acts as the final check in a relay race to customer satisfaction. Remember President Harry Truman's sign, "The Buck Stops Here"? It's the same deal with last-mile delivery. This is where carriers either make good on their promises or drop the ball. 

No customer is interested in excuses. They just want their package on their doorstep, exactly when expected.

By using last mile carrier tracking, businesses gain a stronger grip on their delivery processes. In this article, we’ll show how last mile carrier tracking helps businesses, offering tangible examples and addressing its challenges alongside practical solutions.

What Is a Last Mile Carrier?

The last mile carrier is the party responsible for the final step of the delivery. The goods go from the last-mile carrier to the end user. Anyone who has ever received a UPS, FedEx, or Amazon delivery has interacted with a last-mile carrier. 

The last mile carrier is the most visible of those who handle the shipment along the supply chain. Because they are on the front line of delivery services, they need to manage logistics carefully. If there is a delivery issue, they will receive the blame – deserved or not. The buck stops with them.

What Is Last Mile Carrier Tracking?

Last mile carrier tracking is the technology that allows both businesses and customers to track the location of a shipment during its final journey to the delivery address. It turns the often frustrating wait for a package into an informed waiting period where you know exactly when to expect your delivery.

Last mile carrier tracking is crucial, especially when the timing of delivery is key—whether it's critical construction material needed on a job site or a vital part for repairs. It provides visibility into the package's journey, removing the uncertainty and anxiety associated with waiting. 

It answers questions like "Where is my package?" and "When will it arrive?" with precision and reliability.

Last Mile Carrier Tracking vs Final Mile Carrier Tracking

Final mile and last mile carrier tracking refer to the same process. Both terms can be used to describe the technology and systems used to monitor a package's progress during its last leg of delivery to the customer. 

Benefits of Last Mile Carrier Tracking for Customers

Last mile carrier tracking directly impacts how customers experience the delivery process. Let's explore the distinct benefits it offers.

Enhanced Visibility

Real-time last mile carrier tracking lets customers see where their package is at any moment, eliminating the guesswork of delivery times. This lets customers plan their own logistics around the expected arrival time. For example, imagine a construction job site waiting on a delivery of a specialized building material. With last mile carrier tracking, they can know exactly what time of day the material is expected and work around that. If they’re on the job site at 7 am and can see that the material isn’t arriving until 1 pm, they can plan to fill that time by working on a different part of the project.  

Increased Control

Options to reschedule or redirect deliveries put customers in the driver's seat. For instance, if a construction project faces unexpected delays or changes in site requirements, companies can swiftly reschedule deliveries of materials or redirect them to a different site. 

Image of a delivery driver sitting inside their vehicle and confirming delivery details on phone
Last mile carrier tracking gives companies the flexibility to make changes to deliveries

Efficiency Gains in Customer Service

Automated notifications via email or text enhance operational efficiency. Common customer questions about their shipment status are answered before they’re asked. This advanced communication reduces the need for manual responses to inquiries like "Has my package left the warehouse?" or "Is my delivery on schedule?".

Reduction in Missed Deliveries

With accurate delivery windows, customers can ensure they're available to receive their packages, significantly reducing the chances of missed deliveries. It's especially helpful for items that require a signature or are too large to leave unattended.

Peace of Mind

Last mile carrier tracking mitigates worries about package safety. Especially for high-value or time-sensitive items. Knowing the delivery status in real-time prevents the stress of potential loss, theft, or delays, ensuring customers can confidently plan for their arrival without unnecessary concern.

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How Last Mile Carrier Tracking Improves Operations

Last mile carrier tracking isn't just beneficial for customers; it also streamlines operations for companies, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs. 

Cost Savings

Optimized routes and reduced instances of failed deliveries translate into significant cost savings for companies. As the saying goes, "Time is money," and with last mile tracking, businesses can minimize wasted time and resources spent on inefficient delivery processes.

Improved Resource Allocation

With insights into delivery patterns and demand fluctuations, companies can allocate resources more effectively. Questions like "Which areas have higher delivery volumes?" or "Do we need to hire more drivers during peak seasons?" can be answered through data-driven decision-making.

Better Customer Service

Timely and accurate deliveries lead to happier customers, which in turn boosts brand reputation and loyalty. For example, a regional parts distributor company with reliable last mile carrier tracking can confidently offer a guarantee that customers will always know where their shipment is

Competitive Advantage

Companies that invest in advanced tracking technology gain a competitive edge in the market. 

For example, Company A uses a delivery service with last-mile carrier tracking, while Company B relies on an old truck with no tracking technology. 

Company A knows exactly where their deliveries are, giving accurate arrival times to clients and quickly adjusting to changes. 

On the other hand, Company B often operates in the dark, with clients left wondering about their delivery status. Without real-time tracking, delays are common, communication is filled with uncertainties, and overall efficiency takes a hit. 

Data-Driven Insights

Last mile tracking generates valuable data on delivery times, customer preferences, and traffic patterns. This empowers companies to make informed decisions. Questions like "Which delivery routes are the most efficient?" or "What are the peak delivery times?" can be answered with precision, guiding operational strategies.

Inventory Management Optimization

By accurately predicting delivery times and demand fluctuations, companies can optimize their inventory management processes. This enables them to maintain optimal stock levels, reduce storage costs, and avoid stockouts or overstock situations

Last Mile Carrier Tracking Solutions

Curri's last mile carrier tracking solutions are great for businesses that want to trim down their final mile delivery costs while enhancing service quality. 

Screenshot of Curri’s last-mile carrier tracking
Curri offers last-mile carrier tracking on all deliveries

Here are a few ways how Curri last mile tracking helps:

Last-Mile Carrier Tracking for Every Shipment

Curri provides real-time carrier tracking for all deliveries. Curri's efficient route planning and communication streamline operations, cut costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. With real-time tracking, all parties—distributors, contractors, and customers—gain transparency. 

Curri customers have seen over 30% savings in operational costs, a 24% increase in sales conversions, and a 25% boost in customer retention. 

Reducing Final Mile Costs

Curri offers flexibility and optimizes delivery routes, which directly reduces expenses. Our logistics software enhances efficiency and reduces logistical overheads by offering rate shopping, route planning, and dedicated driver services. 

Companies switching to Curri for deliveries have seen a sales conversion boost of 24%. Brands like Ferguson, Johnson Controls, United Rentals, CED, Grainger, and Reece, among others, have already experienced these benefits firsthand.

Screenshot of Curri’s platform showing vehicle options for deliveries
Curri’s intelligent load matching helps you pick the right vehicle for every delivery

Curri's unified vendor system and intelligent load matching further reduce costs by simplifying billing and making sure the most economical shipping options are used. This allows businesses to select cost-effective services without compromising quality. 

Route Planning for Last Mile Carriers

Curri's route planner is designed specifically for the industrial supply chain. It ensures that businesses can save miles on the road, leading to reduced fuel costs and improved delivery times. 

Screenshot showing Curri’s route planner
Curri’s route-planning software helps you save miles on the road 

Real-time visibility of trucks on a map through the control tower view transforms how businesses manage their fleets. It eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly communication so that they can get the information they need with just a click. 

Moreover, Curri's commercial-grade app for drivers enriches the delivery process by providing seamless communication between drivers and the main route planner. 

Challenges in Last Mile Carrier Tracking

According to a survey by Bringg in January 2022, a staggering 61% of retailers reported lacking visibility once orders were out for delivery. Last mile carrier tracking presents several challenges for businesses that impact both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Here are some common last mile tracking challenges faced by companies:

Inaccurate Delivery Estimates

The traditional approach to getting delivery estimates often relies on guesswork and constant phone updates. This is inefficient and can lead to costly delays and dissatisfaction.

Curri solves the problem of inaccurate delivery estimates by providing real-time tracking of trucks and orders. You can see where your delivery is and when it will arrive with a simple click, avoiding the hassle of calling around. 

Slow Deliveries

Today's customers expect fast, reliable, and transparent delivery services. Projections indicate that 99% of retailers will offer same-day delivery by 2025. Currently, only 35% are able to do so.

Curri solves this challenge through our industrial-grade hotshot delivery service. We offer rush, same-day, or a scheduled hotshot service.

Screenshot showing Curri’s rush, same-day, and scheduled delivery options
Curri lets you choose your shipment’s arrival time

Route Inefficiency

Inefficient routing increases fuel consumption and also leads to longer delivery times. Curri’s route planner tackles this challenge head-on by optimizing routes for last mile deliveries. It ensures that each journey is mapped out in the most efficient manner to save valuable miles and time. 

Scalability Under Demand Fluctuations

Sudden spikes in demand can test a business's delivery capabilities. An existing delivery fleet might not be able handle a large number of orders over a short period of time. The opposite is also a problem. You don’t want to have a large fleet sitting around unused during a lull in orders.

Curri offers a robust solution to this challenge. We offer short-term dedicated drivers as well as on-demand fleets that can accommodate changes in demand. 

 Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of last mile deliveries, primarily due to carbon emissions from delivery vehicles, is becoming a growing concern for businesses aiming for sustainability. 

Balancing efficient delivery practices with eco-friendly initiatives poses a complex challenge that can influence a company’s market position and customer perception.

Strategies like better route planning, using the right size or electric vehicles, and flexible fleet options help reduce carbon emissions. 

Image of a pickup truck loaded with boxes for a delivery
Curri reduces environmental impact by matching deliveries with the right size of vehicle

Curri helps make deliveries more eco-friendly by finding the best routes, offering a range of vehicles for any delivery size, and allowing for deliveries from multiple stops in one trip.

Last Mile Carrier Tracking Examples

Businesses are always looking for better ways to deliver their goods. Curri's last mile carrier tracking has helped many companies do just that. Here are a few examples below:

Mission Moulding Delivers Fast and Grows Sales

Mission Moulding needed a cheaper way to deliver goods fast. Curri lets them book last mile deliveries easily, track them in real-time, and choose from many different vehicles for delivery. Thanks to Curri, they saw the following results:

  • They sold 10% more because customers liked getting their stuff fast.
  • Requests for deliveries went up by 40% because they could deliver in different ways.
  • They reduced delivery times to within an hour, making customers and contractors happy.

AM/PM Plumbing Saves Money with Curri

AM/PM Plumbing & Heating Supply wanted to spend less money delivering their HVAC and plumbing products. Curri helped them cut delivery costs in half. Here’s what else they found:

  • They sold 10% more because they could quickly send goods for urgent jobs.
  • Customers liked getting updates on their deliveries and seeing photos when their goods arrived.
  • They could deliver to places 250 miles away, even out of state.

Optimizing Last Mile Carrier Tracking with Curri

We know how important last mile tracking is to you and your customers. With Curri, you don't have to text or call to know where your deliveries are. Our system gives you a "control tower" view on your screen. 

Your customers can also see where their delivery is and when it will arrive. They get real-time updates, so they always know what's happening.

Curri can help make your last mile deliveries faster and more affordable with built-in tracking. You can get started by creating a free account or booking a demo.

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