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Larry Bernstein

December 1, 2021

Larry Bernstein

“Remember when we first… and the last time this…” How many stories start with a recollection of a first-time or last time participating in an event or occasion. Firsts and lasts naturally lead to special moments. They are remembered and appreciated and live on into posterity.

Appreciation for firsts and lasts goes beyond events and occasions – it can even be seen in delivery. Many people are aware of and concerned about first-mile and last-mile delivery. Middle mile delivery, on the other hand, seems to be less discussed or considered. So, let’s give some attention to middle mile logistics and learn how distributors and manufacturers can handle this significant phase of the delivery process.

What Is the Middle Mile Logistics Problem?

Before trying to solve the challenge of middle mile logistics, it’s important to be clear about what exactly it is. To do so, follow a product - a piece of lumber - through the supply chain.

During the first mile of delivery, the lumber travels from a manufacturing facility to a warehouse or distribution center. At this point and location, middle mile delivery begins. The lumber is shipped from a centralized location to a retail store. And finally, there’s last-mile delivery which sees the lumber delivered from the store to the end customer. As can be deduced from this brief and simple explanation of the supply chain, final delivery is only possible if the other steps, including the middle mile, occur.

Why Is It Such a Difficult Part of the Supply Chain?

Middle mile delivery involves a certain level of routine. Routes need to be regularly handled to keep stores shelves filled. If stores are out of stock of items and do not have them available for same-day delivery, customers can take their business elsewhere. This is particularly true when it comes to construction which is time-sensitive. The need to get construction materials to the job site promptly drives contractors' purchasing decisions.

Although routes may be routine, items shipped via middle mile logistics vary greatly. It can involve any variety of items that are stored at the warehouse/distribution center that need to be at the store. The great variety of items that are shipped requires all those involved to be very organized. If not, items may be misplaced and not get on the shelf as needed leading to a loss of business.

How Can Curri Solve the Problem for Distributors and Manufacturers?

Curri can be the logistic solution for distributors and manufacturers who are trying to solve the middle mile challenge. Our ability to move construction material fast, reliably, and professionally can help retailers keep their shelves stocked.

Experienced Local Couriers

We at Curri are experienced local couriers who recognize the importance of middle mile logistics. Our goal is to be an extension of our customers. We do this by ensuring delivery exceeds the expectations of the customer of our customers. Whether the goods are delicate or durable, we handle all types of construction equipment and deliver it with the care it needs. Plus, the vehicles we use have the tools to make sure the delivery gets done right.

A Complete Fleet of Vehicles for Every Delivery

At Curri, we have a versatile fleet that can handle any middle mile delivery - big or small. Our drivers have every type of transport vehicle you can imagine: stake bed trucks, box trucks, straight trucks, semis, and more. With this wide range of vehicles available for middle mile delivery, our customers can feel confident about their shipping needs.

Same-Day, On-Demand Transportation

To meet the growing demands of customers, items need to be available on shelves or for delivery on-demand. At Curri, we understand that it’s a must to satisfy your customer. So, our courier team is available for same-day service. Plus, Curri has drivers across the entire lower 48 states. So, we can handle your middle mile delivery regardless of where and when the shipment needs to be delivered.

Flexible, Affordable Service on Your Schedule

Every middle mile shipment is unique, as are the needs of the distributor and manufacturer. Curri offers distributors and manufacturers flexibility to help them meet their customers’ middle mile requirements. We do this by offering every type of delivery service, whether it's FTL, LTL, hotshots, or daily routes. Our versatility enables us to offer middle mile delivery of any supplies at an affordable price.

Got a Shipping Challenge? Curri Can Handle It

So, if you have a shipping challenge involving middle mile logistics, know that Curri can handle it. We can simplify this increasingly difficult and complex part of the supply chain for construction materials manufacturers and distributors. Work with Curri, keep your promises, and be a hero to your customers. The middle matters too.

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