Outsourcing Delivery Routes for Pool, Hot Tub, and Spa Distributors

Colby Morgan

June 21, 2022

Colby Morgan

Summer is the busy season for pool and hot tub distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers, and Curri’s outsourced delivery service makes it easy to keep your customers happy. We handle the deliveries so you can spend more time selling your pool parts and accessories. By outsourcing deliveries with Curri, you're ensuring your materials will always be delivered on time with user-friendly live tracking for you and your customers.

Let Curri Break Bottlenecks in Your Supply Chain

Congestion of your supply chain can cause customers to look for alternatives. Delayed deliveries are one of the most common bottlenecks experienced in the pool and hot tub industry. Our hotshot and daily route delivery options eliminate delivery delays and make sure you always exceed your customer's expectations. You can book last-minute and scheduled deliveries with the touch of a button. Whether you're in a pinch or need to schedule out weeks of deliveries with multiple stops, Curri has you covered with hotshots and daily routes.

How Curri Improves Operations for Your Business

Sell more products by always being able to fulfill deliveries! The days of pulling staff off the floor to deliver orders are over. Rely on an elastic fleet which you can scale up and down based on your demand. During the busy season, you can use daily routes to cover the additional business you're getting. Delegating daily routes and hotshots to Curri will help lower overhead costs associated with maintaining vehicles and hiring new drivers. We offer live tracking for you and your customer, eliminating any concern about where or when your products will be delivered.

Dedicated Routes for Recurring Customers

Do you have customers in need of weekly or daily deliveries? We understand recurring customers are vital to your business. Delayed deliveries can leave a sour taste and jeopardize customer loyalty. Our daily routes give you a dedicated truck and driver to operate. With Curri, our daily routes service allows you to schedule all of your stops with 4 and 8 hours options for our drivers. During the busy season, you can rest assured all of your deliveries will be completed on time.

Sell More with Same Day Hotshot Delivery Service for Rush Orders

During the busy summer season, it is challenging to anticipate when orders will pop up, and more than 80% of customers want same-day delivery. Customers have created a new delivery standard, and if same-day deliveries can’t be completed, they will take their business elsewhere. Our hotshot delivery service allows you to pick from any of our 13 vehicle types, from a car to a flatbed, and get your supplies delivered the same day. By using our Hotshot delivery service, you can sell more by always being able to deliver, even outside of your usual delivery radius.

Reduce Your Fleet Vehicle Expenses

Vehicle cost, maintenance, fuel, insurance, and drivers are a few of the many expenses incurred by operating your fleet. Our hotshots and dedicated routes align seamlessly with your current fleet so you can affordably scale your delivery operations as the busy season ramps up. By utilizing Curri, you no longer have to worry if you should accept an order based on mileage or other costs. Instead, you only pay for what you need with a vast selection of vehicles, from a car to a flatbed.

Fill Delivery Driver Staffing Gaps

Hiring and retaining drivers has become a major issue in 2022. It's essential not to allow staffing gaps to affect your store or brand’s reputation negatively. At Curri, our dedicated routes can fill the holes caused by staffing delays and allow your business to continue to thrive for however long you need us. In the event one of your drivers calls out or is a no-show, there is no need to pull additional staff from doing their jobs to make deliveries. Instead, schedule a hotshot delivery, and we will have a driver at your location to pick up and deliver your supplies.

Discover How Curri Can Enhance Your Delivery Operations

Our industry-leading Customer Success and Fleet Operations teams make it easy to outsource your deliveries with Curri. They are with you every step of the way to ensure your deliveries will be handled with the utmost care and attention. There are real people behind every one of your deliveries which you can easily get into contact with by calling or emailing. Not only does Curri make your life easier, but we also exceed your customers' delivery expectations. Always be able to deliver with our subscription-free delivery platform.

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