Curri’s Same-Day Delivery Makes Landscaping Jobs Easier

Ariana Barboza

June 20, 2022

Ariana Barboza

Curri’s virtual fleet offers same-day on-demand delivery on a variety of landscape supplies, including mulch, soil and landscaping rocks. We understand how important time is when it comes to landscaping projects, and maintaining a competitive edge in the market, which is why Curri offers rush delivery services with the tap of a button. With the rising cost for vehicles and supplies, Curri can be not only a convenient option, but a more cost-effective and time-saving solution for your business’ needs. Essentially, the Curri fleet network can be seen as an extension of your company.

We Deliver Materials, Supplies, Tools, Equipment, and More

Using Curri as a last-mile delivery solution allows for your landscaping business to get all of your landscaping supplies, tools, and equipment delivered exactly where you need them, when you need them, due to Curri’s wide service area. In conjunction with providing a large service area, Curri offers you the option to select the right size vehicle needed when booking.

Whether you need 1 cubic yard of mulch delivered, or 100 yards, Curri can send the right vehicle from our network of drivers ranging from cars to flatbed trucks when you need it.

Curri Makes Landscaping More Efficient

Transport as a sector has been facing the most severe worker challenge. According to a study done in 2022 on Landscaping Business Trends by GoMaterials, the United States is short 80,000 truck drivers. Additionally, the competition from large eCommerce retailers is making it challenging to find trusted drivers to move delicate cargo such as perishable plants and trees.

Let’s imagine, it’s 9am and you are working at your job site, fully focused on installing rocks and stones for a client. You now realize you’re missing a couple of bags of rock to finish your project. Driving away from your job site to go purchase or pick-up the remaining bags needed is not only a waste of your time, but distracting. This is where Curri jumps in to help make your landscaping project more efficient by providing on-demand last-mile transport of materials and equipment needed straight to your project area, reducing the amount of time and materials potentially wasted. Our on-demand fleet is ready to accommodate your needs and be dispatched at your convenience.

Multi-Stop Scheduled Routes for Job Site Delivery

A multi-stop schedule or route is a great way to get deliveries to several locations in one trip. For instance, you can have a route that delivers mulch, compost, and stone to three separate addresses in one trip. Curri routes do not require a maximum or minimum number of stops to book and are fully customizable to your business’ needs. Our Curri Customer Success team members are ready to assist you in finding the right vehicle for your delivery and getting your routes booked.

Same Day Hotshots for Replacement Tools or Repair Parts

For fast and reliable deliveries, you can count on Curri’s Hotshot carrier option. In many cases, you may be on a time-sensitive schedule and utilizing experienced landscapers to make runs for broken parts or missing items can cost your business valuable time and money. In essence, you want to keep your team on site instead of on the road and let Curri handle the rest.

Pick-up and Return Runs for Heavy Equipment Rentals

Hotshots can also be a great resource for picking-up and returning heavy equipment and rentals like backhoes and other earthmoving equipment. Our network drivers can be at your location ready to help with prompt return and delivery of the equipment and with our wide array of vehicles available we have the carrying capacity for larger equipment.

On-Demand Service for End-Customer Home Delivery

When it comes to end-customer home delivery, Curri’s on-demand model is the most efficient way to get your supplies to your customers. The Curri experience, whether utilizing our Routes or Hotshot option, includes real-time delivery status updates and top-notch customer communication with our dispatchers via call or SMS, giving you peace of mind and the most reliable service.

Curri Is a Powerful Tool for Delivery Operations

Curri’s app-based virtual fleet is a great tool to have for delivery operations. Our diverse network of drivers can accommodate any size business for managing courier orders in real time. Our app helps businesses save time, money and boost productivity.

We make booking with Curri easy with friendly agents ready to help you out in any way they can. You can even try Curri without signing up. Book a delivery now!

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