Emissions Reduction in Last-Mile Delivery with Fleet Rightsizing

Larry Bernstein

March 2, 2023

Larry Bernstein

Why the Last Mile Is Key for Carbon Emissions Reduction

Early steps in the delivery process are more efficient than the last mile. Why? In earlier stages, items are shipped in bulk. For example, 1000 pieces of plywood can be transported from overseas on the same boat (along with many other items). When the plywood is in the US, it may be transported via a freight train to a warehouse or to a retail store.

Then, we get to the last mile. Each piece of plywood, along with many other items, is shipped individually to fulfill customer orders. Individualized last-mile delivery is convenient for the end customer, but it requires companies to make many trips. Each delivery results in carbon emissions.

In 2020, 41% of global transportation emissions were generated by the transportation sector, according to Statista. Coming in at number two on the list of vehicles that generates emissions were medium and heavy trucks. Smaller vehicles almost always produce fewer emissions than trucks and other large vehicles. Rightsizing delivery means the appropriately sized vehicle makes the trip.

Curri Can Help Make Zero Emissions Delivery a Reality

Zero emissions, i.e. releasing no greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, is an ideal that some environmentalists and scientists suggest should be the goal. Achieving this goal is a great challenge, particularly for an industry that relies on delivery.  

Work with Curri, and you can reduce your carbon emissions. Our nationwide fleet includes a wide range of vehicles, so each delivery is done in a rightsized vehicle. We also have zero-emissions vehicles in our fleet, so the delivery arm of your business can contribute to the ideal goal.

An Efficient Virtual Fleet - Sedans to Semi Trucks

What sized vehicle does your delivery require? Deliveries are not uniform. You may be shipping a single item to a regular customer, several items to a new customer, making multiple deliveries, or some combination of the above. When all types of deliveries can occur at any time, having the rightsized vehicle always available is nearly impossible.

However, when the rightsized vehicle is used for delivery, you increase efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and save money. Curri’s intelligent matching platform shops loads across a robust network of providers. Therefore, the rightsized vehicle, whether a sedan, a semi-truck or something in between, is always available to make the delivery without adding unnecessary emissions that come with using a larger vehicle than required.

Experienced Local Drivers - Nearby and at the Ready

Nearly everyone has a cellphone, so they have access to a GPS. Therefore, we always take the most efficient route, rarely get lost, and minimize the release of harmful emissions. If only… The best way to feel confident that a delivery is being made via the most efficient route, thereby minimizing carbon emissions, is to have local drivers who know the roadways in and out.

Curri works with locally experienced drivers with good driving records to make your last-mile delivery. These drivers may even know local roads better than a GPS, so they can get the delivery made quickly. They’re also ready when needed, so your customers get their material delivered promptly and keep their jobs moving.  

Advanced Route Optimization for LTL Freight

A customer places an order and needs the delivery. It’s a regular customer who you need to keep happy or a new customer with the potential to become a regular. Either way, you want to please your customer so that their next order is from you and not your competitor. You check your fleet availability and realize the rightsized vehicle is unavailable, and your delivery truck has left for the day. You’re left scrambling.

Sound familiar?

Curri can quickly make the rightsized vehicle available for delivery/deliveries. Therefore, you don't need to send freight with LTL, which leads to excessive carbon emissions. Best of all, Curri’s advanced route optimization software ensures delivery drivers use the most efficient route to minimize carbon emissions. Everyone wins – the customer gets their delivery, you keep your customer content, and there’s a reduction in emissions.

Reduce Fleet Operation Costs, and Your Carbon Footprint

Over the last couple of years, everybody has felt the sting of inflation on their bottom line. Any time you can reduce or at least keep costs stable, that's a win. Gas prices – regular and diesel – have fluctuated. Although prices are off their highs, they are still elevated compared to when they were in the early days of the pandemic-induced shutdowns.

Of the variable expenses related to fleet operations – maintenance, tolls, tickets, etc., gas is the most significant piece of the pie. Using the rightsized vehicle means using less gas and minimizing your carbon footprint. In addition, managing the fleet properly will reduce wear and tear on vehicles as they are being utilized the way they are designed. So, trips to the mechanic and the dealership are reduced. Ultimately, rightsized vehicles decrease fleet operation costs and carbon footprint.

Learn More About Curri

We all want to do our part to reduce emissions and contribute to a clean environment. Last mile delivery is a significant contributor to carbon emissions. A reduction in emissions while maintaining or improving delivery service for your customers can happen when you work with Curri.

At Curri, we always have the rightsized vehicle available for your last mile delivery needs. Our vast fleet of vehicles and drivers is ready to work with you. Contact us today!

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