What’s the Best Trucking Load Board Online? Curri Is the Answer

Larry Bernstein

November 28, 2021

Larry Bernstein

People crave certainty. Uncertainty leads to anxiety and frustration. This longing for certainty is why many people enjoy a standard 9-5 type job. Where do I go, when do I go, when do I leave – these essential questions have clear-cut answers. A driver doesn’t have this certainty. They work when loads need to be delivered. To learn when loads need to be delivered, drivers need to check the load board. When there’s a match between shippers/freight brokers and carriers, drivers have themselves a gig.

Imagine having to check the load board every time you are ready to drive. Do I have a gig? When can I work? By the way, back in the day, load boards used to be done on pen and paper. Almost hard to imagine. It’s much easier for a driver to find a gig these days. Curri has the best free trucking load board. Our next-generation load board is a simple app that you download onto a phone. Let’s learn more about the load board and how it helps a driver.

With Curri, the Transportation Jobs Come to You

Getting more gigs should not mean you have to drop everything and dedicate yourself to staring at the load board till your eyes are bloodshot. With Curri, you can cure your load board staring obsession as our app makes getting gigs simple. One Curri driver said, “I used to spend hours and days scrolling load boards and the Curri team changed my life with their organization and brilliance.”

So, how does it work? When a booker makes a delivery request, we match them to a driver in our fleet. If that’s you, you’ll receive a notification that offers you the job. Nice and simple, since we make transportation jobs come to you, leaving you to spend more time working and handling your other responsibilities.

Loads for Every Vehicle: LTL Dry Van Freight to Oversized Flatbed Delivery

At Curri, drivers can get delivery gigs in all types of vehicles. There is no one size fits all to transport the construction equipment our customers need to be delivered. From an LTL dry van freight to oversized flatbed delivery, drivers can make deliveries as a part of Curri's extensive fleet. There are also gigs for drivers of box trucks, SUVs, and more. Whatever vehicle you drive, you can find work on our free app load board.

Gigs for Every Schedule: Recurring Daily Routes to One-and-Done Hotshots

As a gig driver, you may have many things going on besides driving. Whether it’s getting your kids to school, feeding your family at night, taking classes at night, or a full-time job, life can get hectic. So, how are you supposed to fit in driving or even make it your primary source of income when the schedule varies?

At Curri, we have gigs for every schedule. There are opportunities to secure a wide variety of routes from recurring scheduled routes to one-and-done hotshots. Use the free load board and maintain a schedule that works for you.

Great Pay Rates and Rapid Payments - No Broker Needed

While other apps make you jump through hoops and then wait a week or two before getting paid, Curri pays drivers quickly. Just how quickly? Once you upload your proof of delivery photos and complete the delivery, you should expect to receive your payment within 24 hours.

Not only do you get paid quickly, but you also get paid well. And by the way, there’s no broker needed, the load board is free, and there are no hidden costs. Earn what you get and get what you earn. Although there is not a set pay rate, Curri drivers are generally well paid and earn more than they do with other gig economy apps. By the way, the payment amount of the delivery is on the app, so you can see it before accepting the gig. Payments are determined by multiple factors though in general, the larger the load, the longer the distance, the higher the payout.

A Nationwide Load Board All in a Free App on Your Smartphone

Our load board comes in the form of a free app that can be easily downloaded on any smartphone. The free app, which is simple to use, makes it easy to drive with Curri. In addition to alerting you about gigs and letting you know how much you will be paid for the gig, it tells you the route to the job and how long it will take to get there. This makes it even easier to manage your time.

Since Curri delivers across the continental United States, the load board is nationwide. So, if you are in a different location than you regularly are, you can still pick up transportation gigs. Just set the free app to your location and note that you are available to make a delivery. And Presto - you can work from wherever you are.

See Why Curri Drivers Love Working With Us

Think about all the benefits of working with Curri. You don’t have to pay to check load boards to find gigs, instead, try our free app! There’s enough work to keep gig drivers – no matter their vehicle – busy as well as the flexibility to drive when you wish. In addition, Curri pays more and quicker than other gig economy apps.

What more info? Learn more about driving with Curri.

Ready to get started? Download Curri on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

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