Curri Is Your Last-Mile Solution for Large-Scale Solar Logistics

Larry Bernstein

September 25, 2022

Larry Bernstein

The supply chain is among the subjects that people have become more familiar with. Where once we took logistics for granted and expected delivery to happen on the same day, delays have become the norm. Curri helps companies ensure that the last mile is not a hold-up in the delivery of items, including those needed for large-scale solar projects.

Last mile delivery is the most challenging and expensive part of the shipping process (it can make up over 50% of the total cost). While companies might want to scrimp on last-mile delivery costs, they need to get it right. The last mile is the logistical area that customers are most familiar with, so an issue with the schedule will lead to dissatisfaction. Curri helps companies improve customer satisfaction with its reliable last-mile solutions.

With Curri, you can complete every delivery on time, including items for large-scale solar projects.

The Rapid, Competitive Growth of Large-Scale Solar

Solar energy usage is rising in the United States, both in personal residences and businesses. The figures are nearly certain to rise given the government subsidies that encourage further use. With the costs for installation of solar/PV panels lessened, the time it takes to make up the costs (due to lower energy bills) is shorter. The brief period could serve to encourage people who were uninterested before the subsidies were available.

A second reason why the large-scale solar market is growing is people's increasing concern regarding the environment. The growing frequency of weather events has led some to decide they want to do more to help protect the environment. There’s a recognition that installing solar/PV panels is a simple way to reduce fossil fuel use and be environmentally friendly.

Logistics Challenges for Large PV Projects

A major challenge regarding the delivery of items for large PV projects is the fragility of PV panels. At each step of the supply chain, handlers need to be delicate with the panels. It’s easy to imagine an overworked employee rushing to meet the delivery schedule mishandling the panels and damaging them in some way.

Because the materials used for large PV projects are so sensitive and must be handled carefully, delivery prices may be exorbitant. Consider that a driver may make fewer trips or have to pack a vehicle especially carefully when delivering solar/PV panels. The extra time and effort subtract from delivery time and drives costs up.

As demand for solar panels grows, the supply chain is getting squeezed. Imagine you have a construction project, and you are waiting for solar panels. You’re finally going to get your delivery, and they arrive damaged. Then what? A delayed project drives up costs and drives down customer satisfaction.

How Curri Can Help

Curri offers reliability and flexibility. Deliveries can be made from 6 AM-10 PM Monday through Sunday. Plus, deliveries can be arranged 24 hours a day via the easy-to-use app. With that extensive availability, your customers can be confident they’ll have the items they need when they need them. They will be able to move forward on their large-scale solar project as planned.

Together, Curri’s network of drivers has a wide range of vehicles in all sizes. They are available to make deliveries of just about any size. In addition, Curri serves the contiguous United States. So, regardless of place, time, or items needed, Curri can solve delivery problems without delay. We can serve as a partner and keep your customers stocked with the materials they need to satisfy their clientele.

Dedicated Delivery Services for the Last-Mile

Last-mile delivery is known for being expensive, inefficient, and unreliable. Ever been given a multi-hour window of when you can expect your delivery? You wait around - despite having other things to do – and then the delivery happens at the last minute or later. Your project schedule is impacted, and you’re grumbling.

Curri’s primary focus is on last-mile delivery. Our on-call delivery service offers reliability and efficiency. We can handle regular or occasional routes or even serve as the exclusive delivery service for a business. We offer Proof of Delivery photos and live tracking to allow you to focus on your customers.

Same-Day Hotshots for Last-Minute Needs

A driver calls out, a regular customer has an emergency order… The need to make a delivery might not be predictable. For many companies, such bumps in the schedule throw off their logistics and lead to delivery delays. Work with Curri, and this will not be the case. You can schedule a one-time delivery or hotshot at the last minute. The items such as PV/solar panels will be delivered promptly, and your customer can maintain their construction schedule.

Trained, Insured, Professional Drivers

Working with an outside courier service provider means turning over a piece of your business to a third party. That’s a scary proposition since a botched delivery can lead to the fracturing of a relationship with a regular customer.

Curri’s network of drivers is reliable and trained professionals who undergo thorough background checks. They know the value of last-mile delivery and how delays can impact your company’s reputation. The drivers are fully insured and treat materials, including fragile equipment required for large-scale solar projects, with care. All Curri deliveries are insured up to $25,000. Curri can also provide higher coverage if needed.

GPS Tracking and Digital Delivery Confirmation

One of life’s challenges is dealing with uncertainty. Everything is easier for people/businesses to deal with when they know what’s coming. They can brace for the situation and make contingency plans.

Curri network drivers have an app that can be tracked. Therefore, you and your customer will know where the driver is and when they will arrive with the delivery. So, there’s no more staring at the clock, wondering if/when the last mile service will come. And once the delivery is made, you’ll receive a digital signature confirmation. This helps with customer disputes (as you can prove the scheduled delivery happened as promised) and offers peace of mind.

Streamline Solar Construction with Curri

Solar construction is growing rapidly. Curri helps with the logistics, so your last-mile deliveries are completed without delay. Want to check it out for yourself? It's free to sign up!

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