Distributors Embrace the Gig Economy to Fight Supply Chain Bottlenecks

Meg Jorbel

December 1, 2021

Meg Jorbel

Companies around the world are battling supply chain bottlenecks and have enlisted the help of third parties for deliveries. From a historic number of labor shortages to the rise in demand for same-day delivery, retailers big and small like Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon and PetSmart are enlisting the power of fleet augmentation from gig workers to keep the loyalty of their customers.

The flexibility and fast delivery capabilities of the gig economy have become a silver lining during ongoing supply chain problems for last-mile delivery of their materials and products. You may see the familiar names from the gig economy when you check out and choose the same-day delivery option.

Other distributors like to keep things simple and integrate gig economy services on their platform so contractors or retail customers may never know a gig driver was ever there.

If you're a distributor or supplier in the building materials and construction industry that wants to take a peek at what the gig economy has to offer, consider the following before you embark on a partnership.

Curri is the only gig economy platform that provides daily routes.

Getting your building materials delivered same-day or pre-scheduled is a must - and we make that happen daily with our hotshot deliveries. We also provide an essential service other gig platforms don't - Routes.

Curri Routes are full-day commitments to a specific truck to serve your delivery needs. Routes can be one-offs or repeated, for one day, the whole week, month or year.

Whether a short-term or a long-term need for the busy season, turn up and down our drivers with a flatbed or box truck on-demand and let us serve your daily routes.

The best selection of vehicles for building materials and industrial supplies.

While all gig platforms will provide cars and SUVs for transportation, Curri enlists a fuller suite of vehicles (including cars and SUVs) to accommodate the transportation needs of building materials:

  • Stake bed trucks
  • Box trucks
  • Sprinter and cargo vans
  • Pickup trucks
  • Straight trucks
  • Semi-trucks
  • SUVs
  • Cars

Do you need to protect your supplies from the elements, but a cargo van isn't big enough? Just choose our box truck for your delivery.

Even if you only need a car for a lighter load, you will always have a full selection of vehicles to choose from for your different delivery needs.

Are the right drivers handling my cargo for deliveries?

Not only do Curri drivers come equipped with the right vehicle, but they also have the right securement equipment to keep your load in the condition in which it is loaded.

Securement gear like straps, chains, binders, tarps, pipe racks, etc., ensure your cargo safely and securely makes it from point A to point B, leaving you and your customers happy.

There’s nothing worse than getting those dreaded phone calls from customers whose items get damaged due to poor transport. Our drivers and quality securement gear keep your phone from ringing.

Are there people I can actually call?

We are kind of obsessed with our technology. Our customers get live tracking to stay informed when materials will be picked up and delivered. You will also receive proof of delivery photos, signatures, and recipient names.

But when questions arise, or you want the peace of mind that comes with talking with someone, we know how frustrating it is to get a robo-chat with multiple hurdles until you can reach an actual person.

With our live delivery updates, we have people on the other end ready to respond nationwide.

Our Delivery Operations team helps ensure your cargo gets from Point A to Point B and is always available over the phone and live chat. No robo-chats, just hard-working people with no BS.

As a customer, you also have a dedicated Customer Success Associate to meet the requirements of every delivery need and provide custom quotes. Just give them a ring!

Trust Curri with your precious cargo.

The gig economy provides many options for distributors, but Curri knows your business and ensures you are satisfied every time with real support behind our deliveries.

We know how important building materials and industrial supplies are. A successful delivery means more business to you from contractors, builders, and retail customers nationwide - see how we helped one of our customers achieve just that.

Give Curri a try on your next delivery. Sign up here (no strings attached or subscription mess) or get a demo. You’ll see firsthand how cost-effective, fast and professional our fleet is.

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