Curri unveils its new integration with Epicor Eclipse, a premier ERP system for the industry

Brian Gonzalez

October 25, 2023

Brian Gonzalez
Curri, the forefront final mile delivery service catering to construction and industrial wholesalers, is excited to unveil its new integration with Epicor Eclipse.

Curri uses the native interface of Eclipse to enable quoting and booking of rush delivery directly out of a sales order.

This integration simplifies the logistics process by enabling Eclipse users to book Curri deliveries directly from their ERP dashboard, and is 100% free to install.

Key benefits:

  • Seamless booking within the Eclipse environment
  • Reduction in administrative tasks with no platform switching
  • A cost-free solution to enhance operational efficiency

Curri's features extended in Eclipse:

  • Instantaneous and transparent rates
  • Live tracking links
  • Proof of delivery photos and signatures attached to the sales order
  • Support for Solar notifications on delivery statuses

The integration is now generally available. For further details and to get started, fill out this form.

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