Return Delivery for Construction and Industrial Materials, Equipment and Tools

Larry Bernstein

August 29, 2023

Larry Bernstein

Time is the coin of your life. You spend it. Do not allow others to spend it for you. Carl Sandburg


Are you maximizing your productivity? Are you short-staffed? Have more jobs than you can handle? The way you and your business allocate your time may be a constant challenge. The need to return or send back building materials, equipment, and tools to a rental/retail facility is time-consuming. The return also takes time away from income-earning activities. Using a courier service to pick up and return construction and industrial supplies helps your business focus on money-making tasks.


The Benefits of an On-Demand Courier for Returns

When you use an on-demand courier for returns, you can minimize or even eliminate this element from your to-do list. Finished early or later than you planned? Have extra materials? Done with the equipment you rented? Fine. You don’t have to alter your work schedule when you work with an on-demand courier for your returns. It’s one less thing to organize/plan, which allows you to dedicate time, effort, and brain power to other more crucial tasks.


Same-Day Returns Are Easy with Job Site Pickup

There are those days when you need rental equipment to get the job done. Maybe you developed the work schedule around the activity that requires the equipment. When the work day ends, you and the crew are ready to go home. Going to the rental/retail store makes a long day longer. But the rental agreement is for a day. So, if you hold on to the equipment beyond the agreed time, your fee goes up, and your profit goes down.


A construction courier can pick up the equipment at the job site. So, there’s no need to plan or determine who gets stuck taking back the equipment. You can be happy that the job is done, send the crew home, and let the courier handle the return.   


Send Back the Wrong Product and Get the Right One Delivered

You and the crew are on the job site and ready to get going or are in the middle of a task. Then, you realize you got the wrong product/materials or didn’t buy the right amount. Now, you can’t move forward. Very annoying! It could mean an unproductive day and throw your schedule off.


Instead of wasting time going to the retail outlet to get the correct product materials, you can have a construction courier go on a hot shot. Arranging a local Curri hotshot can be done by clicking a few buttons. You can have the product/materials returned and the right ones delivered within a couple of hours. Minimize the loss of momentum with a hotshot.


Return Heavy Equipment to the Rental Company

Heavy equipment tends to be bulky. It’s not the type of thing you can throw into the back of your car and return to the rental outfit on your way home from the job site. Returning the equipment as soon as it’s no longer needed keeps rental costs at a minimum. Therefore, you have to consider the fleet at your disposal and ensure the right vehicle (and driver) is available to promptly return the rental equipment.


When you work with a construction courier to handle heavy equipment returns, there’s no need to plan the logistics. Curri can be at the job site within an hour and return the heavy equipment for you. They handle the return while you focus on completing construction and satisfying your customer.


Reduce Your Fleet Vehicle Expenses

The costs for just about everything have gone up recently. Gas, insurance, vehicle maintenance, and other costs associated with your fleet have risen. Minimizing your fleet reduces your monthly vehicle expenses.


You want to satisfy your customers and be able to move materials, equipment, and tools as needed. So, you either have an extra vehicle or two around for the busy time or for ‘just in case,’ or there are times when your fleet size hampers productivity.


But what about when there’s no emergency or rush period? The fleet sits on the lot (or wherever you store it – another expense). This is a waste of money. When you partner with a construction courier, you only pay when you use the service. Moreover, you have access to a fleet whenever it’s needed. There’s no scrambling during the busy times, and the fleet doesn't sit idle.


Keep Your Crew on the Job and Off the Road

You may be thinking, ‘Is a courier necessary? I can send one of the crew to handle returns.’ You’re right, but is it the ideal way to manage your team?


You’ve hired your crew because of their construction skills (or trained them). The value each crew member offers is based on their work on the job. When they go to the rental/retail outlet to return materials, equipment, or supplies, the skills they provide are no longer available. Their skills may not be needed when they leave, but they may be needed while they're out. And it's always helpful to have an extra set of hands around. Ultimately, breaking up the crew can be bad for morale and slow the team down.  


There are also costs. The crew members should be insured, even if they only drive occasionally. The crew is more productive when it's maintained, and you save money.


Streamline Rental and Retail Returns with Curri Hotshots

Returns are a regular part of your construction business. You can streamline the rental and retail return process with Curri Hotshots. Your time is valuable. By maximizing your time, you can add value to your business.


Partnering with Curri for your returns saves businesses time and money. Want to learn more about Curri Hotshots and how they simplify construction supply and equipment returns? Click here.

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